Author Topic: Guhai Namasivaya's Poems: (66)  (Read 1536 times)


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Guhai Namasivaya's Poems: (66)
« on: September 22, 2008, 02:39:23 PM »
Arunagiri Andati: continues....

1. O Arunachala!  Unless I contemplate on your lotus feet, what
avail is of all the knowledge, will it remove the bondage of karmas?
If one is having good birth, will it remove the disease of birth and
death?  O the merciful god, the eater of poison from the milky ocean?

2. O Arunachala!  King of Annamalai, if I chant Panchakshara,
that will show the way, that will take me to the goal, that will
confer me self knowledge, that will fulfil my life's ambition.

3. O Arunachala, if I contemplate your form, if I use my tongue
to chant your names, if I read the Siva scriputres,  these shall
take me to your golden feet, and the sins will not touch me.

4.  O Arunachala!  You are greater than the greatest gods.  O
king of Sonagiri, the devas could not conquer death, by running
away from the poison, you are deathless even after consuming the
poison, your devotees will also be deathless and live for ever.

5. O Arunachala!  What is the use of lives of those wastrels.
They do give alms to devotees.  They do not speak kind words.
They do not apply holy ash on their foreheads, thinking of the
consort of Unnamulai, who burnt the Tripura.

to be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.