Author Topic: Guhai Namasivaya's Poems: (65)  (Read 1588 times)


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Guhai Namasivaya's Poems: (65)
« on: September 22, 2008, 02:28:55 PM »
Arunagiri Andati: continues......

1. O Arunachala!  I shall do the poojas, as per the directions of
four Vedas, and ever contemplate on you.  I shall never forget
the louts feet of invincible Annamalai, who has got poison in his throat.

2. O Arunachala!  I shall only wait for your arrival.  Who else is
there for this lowly dog?  Annamalai is my mother's lap, O Father,
the only cure for the wounds of my life.

3. O Arunachala!  I shall ever seek your feet, the wearer of
'konrai', and crescent moon and the concorporate of Uma,
the Mother.  Then, even god of death will be afraid to come near me.

4. O Arunachala!  What can be compared to your lotus feet?
The god of death is on one foot, the eye of Vishnu on the other,
and if I look up,  the garland of Brahmas' skulls on your shoulder.

5.  O Arunachala, the Primal Guru, the effulgence of knowledge,
king of Sonagiri, even if one knows all the scriptures, if he does
not keep the Guru in his mind, there is no use and all their efforts
are a waste.

to be continued....

Arunachala Siva.