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Guru Namasivaya's Poems - (1)
« on: September 23, 2008, 04:45:54 PM »
Guru Namasivaya is the disciple of Guhai Namasivaya and lived
in Tiruvnnamalai till he attained liberation.  He must be a few
decades younger than his Guru, Guhai Namasivaya.  As regards
poems of Guru Namasivaya, we have only got his Annamalai
Venba, 100 songs on Annamalai.  No other poems of Guru
Namasivaya is available.



To enable me sing on Annamalai in 100 Venba songs, O God
with lotus feet, and who mounts on a rat, and who is the head
of Siva's retinue of bhoothas, please walk before me!

1. O Annamalai, the ancient dancer before creation, and who
was searched by the two, the god who wears fire, crescent
moon, and serpents, I bow you.  You are owner of the Hill
of divine justice and who calls sages of great tapas!

(Bhagavan Sri Ramana has also said that the Hill would call
the sages of great tapas to Tiruvnnamalai.)

2. O Annmalai!  You are the one who erases the further births
of devotees and who increases the births of sinners.  You are
the one with love and grace.  You are the one who came as
Sarabha to quell the anger of Narasimaha.

(This story has already been given under Guhai Namasivaya's poems.)

3. O Annamalai!  You are the one who kicked the god of death.
You are the one who built sandbeds on the banks of the river,
to stop its flooding.  You are the one praised by Arooran*  You
are the one who has forgot all the evil deeds of this great sinner.

(* Arooran refers to Saint Sundaramurthi, because he hailed from
Tiru Aroor, a place in Tamil Nadu.  He has sung Tevaram, and his
poems come under the 7th Holy Section of Saiva canons.)
4. O Annamalai!  You are the one who always takes pity on poor
citizens.  You are the one who gives anything that is wanted by
the devotees, without hesitation. You are the one who removed the
skin of the elephant*.  You are the one who gave a half of your
form to the Mother.  You are the medicine for all ills.

(* This story has already been explained under Guhai Namasivaya's

to be continued.....

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Guru Namasivaya's Poems - (1)
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2010, 02:31:33 PM »
Guru Namasivaya is the author of other works such as Chidambara Venba and Paramarakaciya Maalai, but I have no idea where these works can be found. He is believed to have died either in 1592 or 1607 in Chidambaram. He is mentioned in epigraphs in the temple there. The only known date for Guhai Namasivaya's life is 1548, but while many sources cite it, I don't know what the authority is for this date, or which event in his life it refers to.

In his deposition on the ownership of Arunachala, made in 1938 in Ramanasramam, Bhagavan states that Guhai Namasivaya and Virupaksha Devar came to Tiruvannamalai from Karnataka 'about 400 years ago'. In 1938 that would be around 1538.