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Guhai Namasivaya's Poems _ (35)
« on: September 21, 2008, 12:57:41 PM »
Vaazhthu Venba - continues....

1. O Arunachala!  You are the one with everliving glory.
You are the one with a temple of ruby*   Ever pleasant to
your devotees.  Ever feeding the devotees.**  One who
calls on the Sages in the Hill. I pray to you.  Glory to you.

(*  The temple is called Ruby, because the Hill itself which is
Siva Linga is red in colour, made of magentite red stones,
with great antiquity.  The geologists estimate the age of
the Hill as several billion years.  It is the oldest mountain,
older than Himalayas and Mount of Sinai, in Israeli-Egypitan

** The puranas say that Siva gave two measures of rice to
Uma to feed the poor and he himself went to begging.  Uma
is said to have fed all the poor devotees with that two measures
of rice and also performed 32 dharmas!  The 32 dharmas are
described in Tiruppugazh a collection of poems on Muruga, by
Sagge Arunagiri, who again lived in Tiruvannamalai, about
200 years before Guhai Namasivaya.  Some of the 32 dharmas

1. Feeding the poor everyday
2. Giving them clothes, whenever needed.
3. Giving them drinking water.
4. Giving the poor shelter for prayer and sleep.
5. Giving milk to the poor children.
6. Giving comb and hair cream for the poor.
7. Giving them footwear.
8. Giving them butter milk for quenching thirst.
9. Giving them medicines while being sick.
10.Conducting weddings of poor couples.
11.Giving gold for the bride's ornaments.
12.Giving the poor children writing aids for education.
13.Giving them books and scriptures.
14.Singing songs for poor and sick children to sleep.
15.Conducting funeral rites on behalf of poor who has deceased.

to be continued.....

Arunachala Siva.