Author Topic: Guhai Namasivaya's Poems - (10)  (Read 1480 times)


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Guhai Namasivaya's Poems - (10)
« on: September 20, 2008, 02:12:21 PM »
1.  O What avail of you, if you do not say, Siva, Siva, everyday
and think about Arunachala which is greater than Kailash?
Do you not know the stories of the spider, the elephant, Sivakosa,
and the hunter?

(The story of the spider and the elephant, has been already
posted by me.  The story of the Hunter Kannappa, who did
pooja in Sri Kalahasti, has also been given by me, once, at the
request of Sankar.  The story of Sivakosa is:  Sivakosa was a
brahmin boy, who was herding the cows in the forest at the
instance of his father.  In spite of having a good amount of
grass everyday, the cows were not yielding adequte milk.  The
father was puzzled and one day he went behind Sivakosa,
without the latter's knowledge to the forest.  He saw his son
doing pooja for a Siva Lingam, under a tree, after oblations with
pots of milk given by the cows!  The father found the reason for
cows not yielding sufficient milk everyday.  He kicked the Siva
Lingam and the pots of milk.  Sivakosa got angry and with his
sword, cut the legs of his father!  Siva appeared before him and
took him to His abode.)

2.  O Arunachala!  Having a deer in your matted locks and an
everflowing Ganga too, and when you have got a pick axe and
fire on your hands (The pick axe is to cut the deer and fire to
roast it!), why did you ask for the poor Hunter's roasted meat in
Kalahasti?  Is your appetite so unending?

(Hunter Kannappa's story, I have already given at the request
of Sankar.)

3. Why are you praying to multitude of gods who die at the end
of eons and take births at the beginning of every eon?  Do you
now know Aruncahala who is never born and who never dies?
Pray to Him and conquer your death and birth!  He is the merciful
God who gives liberation for you.

to be contd......

Arunachala Siva.