Author Topic: Arunachala Pilgrimage - (7)  (Read 1875 times)


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Arunachala Pilgrimage - (7)
« on: September 18, 2008, 12:43:00 PM »
This time, I could watch a special event inside the Siva Temple.
On the outer precincts of the temple, a lady was keeping a
large vessel of 'idlis'- rice cakes, with two bucketful of 'sambhar'
and 'chutneys.'  She was asking the pilgrims to buy one plate
of 5 idlis, and give them to poor people, who are waiting there. 
In these days of hyper inflation in India, you would not believe,
that a plateful of 5 idlis cost just Rs 5.00 (US Dollar 0.125!).
The Pilgrims, each of them, can buy any number of plates and
give them over to poor people waiting.

After giving away some plates to the waiting people, I almost
shed tears at the divine play of Mother Unnamulai, the goddess.
Sri Sankara says in Sri Soundarya Lahari, that she is the one
who holds the universe in her womb, and bring it out after each
eon, and feed the entire living beings in the universe, with two
measures of grains on her hand!   But she is called Unnamulai,
the Mother whose breasts have not been suckled by her children!
Her husband, who has got Kubera as his attendant with all his
treasures, is wearing in his large matter hair, the athi flowers, the oomatham, the konrai, the erukku, the grass, and the cactus.  As if
these are not enough, he is wearing the Ganga, the serpents, the crescent moon and the skeletons of Brahma, on his head.
He has no attire, excepting the directions, Dikambara, and perhaps
a cod piece which are Vedas.  He has got Vishnu as his bow and
pinaka, the serpent, as the arrow.  He is begging for food everywhere!   

These two divine parents are also feeding the poor with idlis on
the outer precincts of Sri Arunachaleswara Temple!

Arunachala Siva.