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Dear Sri Ravi, where and how are you? I have noted, truly speaking, with a sense of nostalgia, that you, of late, have stopped posting your insightful precepts and ideas and comments in this forum. If any post or comment or remark of mine or anybody else hurt  or offended you, please forgive, for as you are aware that this is done in sheer ignorance!! So, I would request you once again to start posting and enrich this forum which was designed by one of Sri Bhagwan Ramana's great devotee, Sri Graham Boyd, mainly to disseminate Sri Bhagwan's Life and Teaching.
Thanks very much, dear Sri Ravi Bhai Saheb.

Dear Sri Jewell,

Thank you so much, dear friend, Sri Jewell. I have downloaded and saved this important book for the second time in my computer.
Dear Sri Jewell, I will like to request you to spare some time from your busy schedule for this Forum as well, for your thoughts and profound poetry have always enriched it.
Dear devotees, the following passages give a picturesque demonstration of the gross mind's predicament and how Sri Bhagwan  subdues it, even during the conversation, His Presence Itself making the questioner see the error of his ways, and thus turning the questioner's gross mind into a subtle one.

"Once a few followers of a faith which vehemently condemns the use of idols, came to the Sage and started questioning him. Their aim was to obtain from him, an admission that it is wrong to worship God in an idol. Their spokesman asked the Sage, "Has God any form?" Bhagavan replied, "Who says God has form?" The questioner then said, "If God is formless, then is it not wrong to worship Him in an idol?" The Sage said, "Let God alone. Tell me if you have a form or not?" The questioner promptly answered, "Yes, I have a form, as you see." The sage said, "What? Are you the body, which is about three and a half cubits in height, dark in colour and moustachioed and bearded?" "Yes", came the answer. "Are you this in dreamless sleep also?" "Of course! For on waking, I find myself to be the same." "Also when the body dies?""?Yes." "If so, why does not the body say to the people when they are preparing to take it away for burial, "No, you must not take me away. This house is mine and I want to remain here?"" When at last the disputant realized his error, he said, "I was wrong; I am not the body, I am the life that dwells in it.""
"Then the Sage explained, "Look here, until now you quite seriously believed that this body is yourself; but now you see that you were wrong in this; understand that this is the initial ignorance, out of which grows inevitably all the ignorance that enslaves men. So long as this primal ignorance remains, it does not matter much whether you regard God as formless or having form. But, when this primal ignorance goes, then, with it will go all the rest.""

Dear devotees, I posted some content of the above conversation before also, but I again posted this to demonstrate as to how Sri Bhagwan zeroed on this disease of bondage to our desire and fear as stemming  from the root ignorance that the body is the self. This is confirmed by the observation that desire and fear arise because of the body. Therefore, the assumption that we are the body is absolutely untrue.  We are the Life Itself and not the contents of the Life. Mind as we know it, the body, the world, time, space, et al, are only the contents of the Life. Self is the only Life and only Existence, Being is the Self, and we are That. This, Sri Bhagwan has taught, is the whole Truth

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:39:13 AM »
Tiru Nelvayil Aratturai:

Verse  1:

கல்வாய்அகி லுங்கதிர் மாமணியுங்
    கலந்துந்தி வருந்நிவ வின்கரைமேல்
நெல்வாயி லரத்துறை நீடுறையுந்
    நிலவெண்மதி சூடிய நின்மலனே
நல்வாயில்செய் தார்நடந் தார்உடுத்தார்
    நரைத்தார்இறந் தார்என்று நானிலத்தில்
சொல்லாய்க்கழி கின்ற தறிந்தடியேன்
    தொடர்ந்தேன்உய்யப் போவதொர் சூழல்சொல்லே.

On the bank of the river Nilavu, which flows pushing, mixing the eagle-wood that is found in the mountain and big gems which shed rays.
the spotless Siva who dwells in the temple Arattuṟai in Nelvayil!
people of this world married wives who are good life-partners.
led a house-holder's life dressed foppishly became old.
Knowing well that these people pass out of this world being spoken like this and knowing the transience of human life.
I approached you please tell me a means to save myself from that talk by people.

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:32:49 AM »
Verse  11:

அடிகேள்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமென்
    றமரர்பெரு மானையா ரூரன்அஞ்சி
முடியால்உல காண்டமூ வேந்தர்முன்னே
    மொழிந்தாறுமோர் நான்குமோ ரொன்றினையும்
படியாஇவை கற்றுவல் லவடியார்
    பரங்குன்றமே யபர மன்னடிக்கே
குடியாகிவா னோர்க்கும்ஓர் கோவுமாகிக்
    குலவேந்தராய் விண்முழு தாள்பவரே.

In dire due dread of Mahadeva, the Lord of Immortals,
Aarooran confessed: 'We fear to be taken to slave for you'
and sang these six and four and one right now.
Servitors that chant and sing these with feel
sure shall stay in shade of the Supreme, the willing abider
in Paramkunram, and share in clover
with kings of lineage, empowered upon earth, exalted above
Devas in celestial beings demesne!

Padigam on Tiru Paramkunram completed.

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:28:22 AM »
Verse  10:

பாரோடுவிண் ணும்பக லுமாகிப்
    பனிமால்வரை யாகிப் பரவையாகி
நீரோடுதீ யுந்நெடுங் காற்றுமாகி
    நெடுவெள்ளிடை யாகி நிலனுமாகித்
தேரோட வரையெடுத் தவரக்கன்
    சிரம்பத்திறுத் தீரும செய்கையெல்லாம்
ஆரோடுங்கூ டாஅடி கேள்இதுஎன்
    அடியோம்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமே.

Earth to bear, Skies to arch, Worlds and snow-slobbered hills,
Seas and winds that mill everywhere
and boundless vasts of vast and soil and salt, elements all,
you be, become and beam!
For his car to wheel unbarred, your Kailash the demon tried to perk!
You crushed his heads ten, their pride!
Such acts of yours match with no one's! My God!
We caught in dread, fear to slave for you!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:24:12 AM »
Verse  9:

கோளாளிய குஞ்சரங் கோளிழைத்தீர்
    மலையின்தலை யல்லது கோயில்கொள்ளீர்
வேளாளிய காமனை வெந்தழிய
    விழித்தீர்அது வன்றியும் வேய்புரையும்
தோளாள்உமை நங்கையொர் பங்குடையீர்
    உடுகூறையுஞ் சோறுந்தந் தாளகில்லீர்
ஆளாளிய வேகிற்றீர் எம்பெருமான்
    அடிகேள்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமே.

Once a killer elephant you slew; nothing short of a peak
of a hill is your ivory temple tower to abide!
You eyed Manmatha and flame-tested him to naught
for his having lust loosed upon your abstinence!
Yet, lithe bamboo shouldered Uma, you cherish in your part!
No clothing you give us to cover
nor any eat to live on, but take us in toto at your best! In dread
we fear to be taken to slave for you!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:20:39 AM »
Verse  8:

பிணிவண்ணத்த வல்வினை தீர்த்தருளீர்
    பெருங்காட்டகத் திற்பெரும் பேயும்நீரும்
துணிவண்ணத்தின் மேலும்ஓர் தோலுடுத்துச்
    சுற்றுநாகத்த ராய்ச்சுண்ண நீறுபூசி
மணிவண்ணத்தின் மேலும்ஓர் வண்ணத்தராய்
    மற்றும்மற்றும் பலபல வண்ணத்தராய்
அணிவண்ணத்த ராய்நிற்றீர் எம்பெருமான்
    அடிகேள்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமே.

O, Lord, you never unshackle us from off our fell deeds to grace!
In ranging charnel woods ghosts and you feature forth
undaunted; a skin you put on, a serpent for tie, ash for talcum
to smear upon, you are sapphire in hue
with hues over and over; yet for all your red in chaotic show
you fare fair to surprise us!
Hence we, your subservient ones for ever
fear to be taken to serve for you!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:16:18 AM »
Verse  7:

சிங்கத்துரி மூடுதிர் தேவர்கணந்
    தொழநிற்றீர்பெற் றமுகந் தேறிடுதிர்
பங்கம்பல பேசிடப் பாடுந்தொண்டர்
    தமைப்பற்றிக்கொண் டாண்டு விடவுங்கில்லீர்
கங்கைச்சடை யீர்உம் கருத்தறியோம்
    கண்ணுமூன்றுடை யீர்கண்ணே யாய்இருந்தால்
அங்கத்துறு நோய்களைந் தாளகில்லீர்
    அடிகேள்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமே.

Though garbed in Hunter's Lion's hide, you wing to soar in view
for Devas to worship! Willingly you ride a bare Bull
though many pester to know why at all you keep an elect
in vassalage ever! You snare the servitors that sing you well
but release them not for good! With Ganga wet locks are you!
We know not still your true intent! You have three eyes
to view how we stay put but don\'t cure our ills! We never dare,
We slaves do fear to be reckoned to serve you, Lord!

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on September 19, 2018, 10:11:52 AM »
Verse  6:

தென்னாத்தெனாத் தெத்தெனா என்றுபாடிச்
    சில்பூதமும் நீருந் திசைதிசையன
பன்னான்மறை பாடுதிர் பாசூருளீர்
    படம்பக்கங்கொட் டுந்திரு வொற்றியூரீர்
பண்ணார்மொழி யாளையொர் பங்குடையீர்
    படுகாட்டகத் தென்றுமோர் பற்றொழியீர்
அண்ணாமலை யேன்என்றீர் ஆரூருளீர்
    அடிகேள்உமக் காட்செய அஞ்சுதுமே.

Goblin gang sing their pop ' thennaa thenaa thettenaa'
and guffaw in rampant way around amid where
varied Vedas four you chant! Though in Paasoor, seems,
you tap the drum 'padampakkam' in overt Otriyoor.
In part you are the tuneful woman of sweet speech
and look a householder; yet you give up not
your ghoulish haunt! Annamalaiyer stays covert in Aaroor!
O, Waverer! We fear to be taken to serve you, Lord!

Arunachala Siva.
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