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General topics / Re: What is truth? Who can know?
« Last post by srkudai on November 19, 2017, 08:03:33 AM »
Thanks Ravi, I feel, if i can sustain enough faith so as to last till my life, that much would be enough!

But again, this faith in me happens to be "the spirit of living" and lesser, as a faith in God! At the same time this does not mean that I am standing here to prove the non existence of God or the unreality of Enlightenment of Self. I just happen to see in my life that there has been nothing more meaningful than living your life wisely and intelligently while it lasts, given with the acceptance that this life is mixed with some good and some bad elements, which we have to accept, face it and move on! I am just exploring to see, if there is something else really, to which we can strive for!

Dear Shivam ji,
        What is living life "wisely and intelligently" ? How do we "Accept that life is mixed with some good and some bad elements" ? and how do we face these ? More importantly how is "good" and "bad" decided ?

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« Last post by srkudai on November 19, 2017, 07:57:42 AM »
Dear Ravi ji,

You are very correct in saying that mostly the differences are in vocabulary and the usage of the words rather than in content.

A small correction from my side [i should have articulated more clearly] , when i said "i perform my own inquiry" it was in response to ksksat ji's statement that "udai is a traditionalist" ... i was just trying to mention that i do not really fit into that. :) it was not in relation to Self Inquiry.

Self Inquiry : its 100% as explained by Bhagavan. :) There is no difference. 

Dear Sri Udai,

"I follow my own inquiry ...
I do accept the false-i, real-i idea ... i do not agree its originally by Ramana ... but then ... that much is fine ..."

False-i is an idea, but not the Real 'I', which is Existence. It does not matter whether it was originally revealed by Sri Bhagwan or not. What is important from the sadhak's standpoint is to ensure that the false-i does not has power to disturb one from the natural state of mediation, and get entangled once again in the labyrinth that is the world. 

"There a subtle difference in my outlook however. The fact that it is false means one need not fight it, one need not kill it. this is my main moot point. It has sanction in Annamalai Swami's lectures."

Dear Sri Udai, yes, just as it is not necessary to kill the rope which one imagines to be snake, so also, there is no need to destroy the mind. Knowing the form of the mind makes the mind disappear.

"When i say "This is difficult" , i am actually giving it a reality. This reality is my belief and this belief in the reality of a false self and then if i go to fight it out, it is going to not work."

Those who follows Sri Bhagwan's Teaching, in my view, do not nurture beliefs of the kind as you have mentioned. 

"The path of Self Inquiry is really reverting back to relaxed "let-go" state again and again as long as there is a tendency to "do" !"

Yes. Once a nest of squirrels was above Sri Bhagwan's couch. A cat had eaten the mother of the young squirrels and therefore He Himself took over the responsibility for their care. The little squirrels didn't know that wisdom lied in staying in their nest. They kept attempting to come out. However, each time a young squirrel came out, He kept putting it back in its nest. In this way He has taught that if the mind is not externalized, but remains sunk in the heart, then there would be only happiness. But the mind keeps moving out on account of force of residual tendencies.

So, yes, when the mind moves out, one must draw it back and sink it in the heart, till it learns the happiness of staying at home. This is Sri Bhagwan's Vichara.

Therefore, when the residual tendencies compel the mind to move out and the mind takes one in the realm of 'doing', one must draw it back, focus onto oneself, and be. For,

Thanks very much, Sri Udai.

"so it is not that useful to explain Uday or Uday explaining us because we are taking different paths within the fold of self enquiry."

Dear Sri Krishna,

Why do you say so? Sri Udai is a seeker par excellence, and it is always useful, in my view, to share understanding and experience among devotees and seekers. Is it not? Sri Udai is my good friend, and I love his wonderful spirit of enquiry. He elucidates the truth brilliantly. So, without doubt, he belongs here, for he is, after all one of us. Is he not? Yes, sometimes he comes hard at it, but then that is his wont. Yes, sometimes we are not able to reconcile with each other, and our understanding and insights appear irreconcilable. But so long as the ego-mind has not perished, that is, if one has not known the true form of the mind experientially, such differences are bound to surface time and again. These differences do not drag us back, but takes us forward.

Thanks very much.
कबीर सब जग निर्धन, धनवंता नाहि कोय |
धनवंता सोई जानिए, राम नाम धन होय ||

Sri Kabir

Kabir sab jag nirdhana, dhanwanta naahi koye,
Dhanwanta soi janiye, ram nam dhan hoye.

Sri Kabir says that the whole world is poor, no one is truly rich. Know that only he who has Ram's Name (God's Name) in the heart is rich alone. 

Dear devotees, the material wealth or things and the ego-mind which imagines that it owns them are all transient and ephemeral. To go on amassing wealth during, the brief sojourn in this word, is to forget the real purpose of life and get lost in the jungle of materialism which is akin to get entangled in a labyrinth. The Path of true prosperity therefore is that which confers the Awareness of the Indwelling Spirit within, and establishes one in Its Fullness of Unity. 
General Discussion / Re: Gems from The Holy Mother,Sri Sarada Devi
« Last post by Ravi.N on November 18, 2017, 09:17:37 AM »
Whether you jump into water or are pushed into it, your cloth will get drenched. Is it not so? Meditate every day, as your mind is yet immature. Constant meditation will make the mind one-pointed.

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
General Discussion / Re: Gems from The Holy Mother,Sri Sarada Devi
« Last post by Ravi.N on November 18, 2017, 09:13:02 AM »
One who makes a habit of prayer will easily overcome all difficulties and remain calm and unruffled in the midst of the trials of life.

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
General Discussion / Re: Gems from The Holy Mother,Sri Sarada Devi
« Last post by Ravi.N on November 18, 2017, 09:06:07 AM »
Pray to God with tears in your eyes whenever you want illumination or find yourself faced with any doubt or difficulty. The Lord will remove all your impurities, assuage your mental anguish, and give you enlightenment.

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
General Discussion / Gems from The Holy Mother,Sri Sarada Devi
« Last post by Ravi.N on November 18, 2017, 09:04:53 AM »
Open your grief-stricken heart to the Lord. Weep and sincerely pray, 'O Lord, draw me towards You; give me peace of mind.' By doing so constantly you, will gradually attain peace of mind.

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
"I have accepted  your suggestion, and am considering to open a new thread elsewhere where I shall naturally endeavour to post Sri Kabir's and other Poets' compositions".

Thanks very much...have noted that you shall be abstaining from writing  here for some days on account of bereavement.

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