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"May I request to post the wonderful Kabir Dohas in a separate thread?...They can be easily accessed by one and all and will be immensely beneficial...."

Dear Sri Ravi, I felt that this topic was mostly viewed by those who love Sri Bhagwan and were drawn to His Teaching. I felt that such seekers and devotees couldn't miss and would discern the message to man contained in these immortal Dohe or Couplets, which were composed in the language of the common people. I am also aware that these couplets are of utmost importance and precious for those who are familiar with Hind. So, it occurred to me that I should translate them, for I didn't see their adequate translation anywhere, and  was inspired to post them in this forum though I do not consider myself a good translator as you yourself are.
However, having said as above, I wish to say that you have also made a valid point of access to them. Therefore,  I have accepted  your suggestion, and am considering to open a new thread elsewhere where I shall naturally endeavour to post Sri Kabir's and other Poets' compositions.
एक शब्द गुरुदेव का, ताका अनंत विचार |
थके मुनि जन पंडिता, वेद न पावे पार ||

Ek shabd gurudev ka, taka anant vichar,
Thake muni jan pandita, veda na pave paar.

The one Word of Sadguru is pregnant with Infinite Meaning.  Munis and pandits, full of pride of their learning or knowledge, exhaust (थके) themselves trying to find its meaning. Even Vedas cannot fathom its profundity (depth).
(trans. by me-anil)

Dear devotees, Vedas establish the existence of God or Brahman, and indicates Way to It, while the Sadguru's  Word bestows real Experience of That which Is.

Note:  dear devotees,  a close, but very old relative died yesterday. Hence I will be scarcely visiting this forum for a few days.  Anil
"if it is false why should it perish ? 
if it is real it cannot perish"

Dear Sri Udai, do you really not understand what Sri Bhagwan meant by the word 'perish' in the holy Utterance "The false 'I' must perish", and do you mean to say that you need to be explained what really the word meant?

Dear Anil

Uday follow traditional vedanta and the methods prescribed there in.  to my knowledge the false I and real I are very very illuminary revelations that only Sri Ramana brought to the world.  that is why he was called a Maharishi because in one sense his teachings were not earlier propounded in that same manner.

so coming to the topic,  the way Bhagavan Ramana and his disciples Sadhu Om , Muruganar has clearly stated his teachings is not exactly the one concurring with traditional vedanta methods .  though the goal is the same.  so it is not that useful to explain Uday or Uday explaining us because we are taking different paths within the fold of self enquiry.

"Your translation, in my view, is much more meaningful, more fulfilling and more profound. And I say this not simply in praise, but this is an expression of my feeling. For, it certainly conveys the theme in a more organised manner"

I understand what you are expressing devotees we appreciate the intrinsic worth of the inner content and surely no flattery is involved in this...and we appreciate a translation that comes close to the original not just verbally but in spirit and expression...and the person translating is only is true that the translator has to savour the flavour of the original and bring its essence in the translation and this is no easy task at all.

In a lighter vein,we may do self enquiry here!...What is there to call it as 'my translation'?....The Languages are acquired/ borrowed from others(both Tamizh and English)...the content is also borrowed...and soon computers would be adeptly doing such translations (there are already translation programs available although the refinement is not yet up to the required standards) all that we can say is that it has been channelised through our mind...and along with this if we have imbibed the spirit of it, we may to that extent not detract from the spirit of the original...and the value subtraction would be minimal!....and such a translation may be more acceptable to oneself and others...and leave one in peace...ha ha.

General topics / Re: Reality and Fact
« Last post by paul on November 17, 2017, 12:59:33 AM »
Hi Shivam, you?ve asked the question of all of us on this forum why we are not living a reasonably wise life here with the acceptance of the fact that there is going to be some desire, some anger some attachment, anxieties and worries in life. The simple answer is we are all living just like that.

However, the difference between your situation and ours in that we have a faith in the teachings of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Why should we? The evidence from the first hand accounts of people who lived in Sri Ramanasramam with Bhagavan is overwhelming. How his grace was dispersed widely to all those who came to see him, animal and human alike. The documented evidence of his teachings on self enquiry and the spiritual benefit of Arunachala.

Each of us are working towards the goal but we know that we should never judge as to whether spiritual progress is being made or not, and we also know it may take one thousand rebirths for that goal to happen.

We also know as Graham has documented on the first page of the website:

Those who set out upon this quest are fulfilling the true purpose of life itself. This is not an easy path to follow, but be assured that every step taken in pursuit of Self-realisation, accumulates merit that is carried from birth to birth, until that final step is accomplished. This is the testimony of the Sages and doubt should never be allowed to divert you from your course.

That is the difference, we are patiently and quietly working towards the goal, each of us in our own way.


General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Last post by Jewell on November 17, 2017, 12:29:41 AM »

I look at myself and see such painful longing
I look at love and see how pleased she is watching me.
Once you are in that house of Beauty
abundant grace awaits you.

I overheard the stars whispering
that if ever one of them
caught a glimpse of that Beauty,
to tell the others at once.
But the lovers guard their secrets jealosly
for they know that when that Moon rises
everything will set.


General topics / Re: What is truth? Who can know?
« Last post by Ravi.N on November 16, 2017, 08:07:38 PM »
You have asked a very valid and fundamental question...In earlier times it was broadly categorized and cut out, organized as it was along the varnashrama dharma lines...The Profession also used to be a hereditary affair...The son of a priest used to take to priesthood,the son of a carpenter used to be a carpenter,the son of a goldsmith used to be a goldsmith,etc...and this was a simpler affair.
In our present times such a clear cut succession does not obtain...If software profession is paying more,everyone aspires to become a software professional...If chartered accountant/auditor is a paying profession,everyone aspires to be a CA/auditor...Ditto with Doctors,Lawyers,etc...So,the aptitude and attitude are never a consideration and only monetary gain,comfortable lifestyle and luxury and style are the motivators....and no wonder excellence has given place to mediocrity aplenty!
This is not sva-Dharma...Sva-Dharma is that which is good for oneself and this is to be determined based on one's attitude and aptitude and potential for growth as A HUMAN BEING and not just as a SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT...Currently the education as it obtains in the schools and colleges are slanted towards churning out PRODUCTS/SERVICES...and are not aimed at educating humans to be a human being...and this has to be taken care by us as parents ...We are responsible to ensure that our children are steeped in the principles of Dharma...and these principles ever remain the same...they do not change with the times...The Principles of Truthfulness,Moral rectitude and uprightness,not coveting another's wealth,Being helpful to others and not causing harm,etc are very much essential and are part of Sva-Dharma .
In short Sva Dharma means to look up to oneself for one's need and comfort and base one's  living in such a way that does not conflict with others ...not look at another and calibrate one's 'Need' which is nothing but greed!...This principle if applied will be a good place to start with as a quick 'Go' 'No Go' check...The measure of this would be whether we feel fulfilled and peaceful in whatever we undertake...or whether we are caught up in conflict and confusion.

This needs tremendous earnestness on one's part...and clarity would come out of this earnestness...and the conviction to live upto it.
In a deeper sense,Sva Dharma means to live according to our true nature as the firm conviction that our real nature is the Self and this life's prime purpose is to give maximum priority and energy towards realizing this potential...All living has to be aligned with this purpose and the rest is only incidental...This is Sva-Dharma.

I would request you to understand the fundamental point as to what constitutes and contributes to Real and lasting happiness...Understanding that is key to understanding what sva-Dharma is...Whatever promotes that is sva-dharma and what goes against it is para dharma. do we go about it?....Just apply the KISS principle....Keep it simple and short to begin with...Understand what all contributes to our confusion and unhappiness....Try to set that in order in small incremental steps...These steps if rightly undertaken  would clarify and add greater strength to take it up in greater measure and bring about the course correction in our living...and this is all that we can do and must do...and faith is the strongest staff in hand to stabilize us and stick to this orderly living....Dharma is essentially this orderliness.

General topics / Re: What is truth? Who can know?
« Last post by Shivam on November 16, 2017, 07:04:26 PM »
Thanks Ravi, but what really constitutes Sva-Dharma? How do we distinguish our real duty?
General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Last post by Jewell on November 16, 2017, 05:11:31 PM »
Thank You so much,dear friend!

How kind of You! Everything You wrote is so sweet and beautiful...

And these words of wonderful,wonderful they are!
And i cannot even convey how deeply they touched me...

With LOVE,

A boy of eight and a half years sat in the hall at about five in the evening, when Sri Bhagavan went up the Hill. During His absence, the boy spoke on yoga and Vedanta in pure, simple and literary Tamil, quoting freely from the sayings of saints and the sacred scriptures. When Sri Bhagavan entered the hall, after nearly three-quarters of an hour, only silence prevailed. For the twenty minutes the boy sat in Sri Bhagavan's presence, he spoke not a word but was merely gazing at Him. Then tears flowed from his eyes. He wiped them with his left hand and soon after left the place saying that he still awaits Self-realization.

D: How should we explain the extraordinary characteristics of the boy?
Sri Bhagwan: The characteristics of his last birth are strong in him. But however strong they may be, they do not manifest themselves save in a calm, still mind. It is within the experience of all, that attempts to revive memory sometimes fail, while something flashes into the mind when it is calm and quiet.

Dear Devotees,

Why did the eight year old boy, a prodigy, wept  and tears flowed from his eyes when he sat in Silence in Sri Bhagwan's Presence? The prodigy was, in my view, in an advanced stage of spiritual growth, as is also obvious from Sri Bhagwan's Utterance as well.  And when soul speaks to soul, tears are its soulful expression. Is it not? Hence, it is soul's stirring when it came into contact with the Divine. 

Dear devotees, much as we try, it is common experience that the attempt to revive memory sometimes fails, while something flashes of its own accord into the mind when it is calm and still. This is because  intuition arises in a calm and still mind only. All major discoveries and inventions have happened in calm and still minds only.

Thanks very much.
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