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General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Last post by Jewell on July 17, 2018, 04:21:39 AM »

Proclaim the glory of God's name as long as life remains in you;
The dazzling splendour of His radiance Hoods the universe!
Like nectar streams His boundless love, filling the hearts of men with joy:
The very thought of His compassion sends a thrill through every limb!
How can one fittingly describe Him? Through His abounding grace
The bitter sorrows of this life are all forgotten instantly.

On every side- on land below, in sky above, beneath the seas:
In every region of this earth - men seek Him tirelessly,
And as they seek Him, ever ask: Where is His limit, where His end?
True Wisdom's Dwelling-place is He, the Elixir of Eternal Life,
The Sleepless, Ever-wakeful Eye, the Pure and Stainless One:
The vision of His face removes all trace of sorrow from our hearts.

from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

The Srimad Bhagavata / Re: Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam
« Last post by Jewell on July 17, 2018, 04:10:42 AM »
Krishna Rescues His Teacher's Son

S'uka said: 'Knowing that His parents were thinking that He would be the Supreme Personality, He said to Himself: 'This should not be so'. And thus He expanded His personal illusory potency His yogamaya that bewilders the people. Approaching them together with His elder brother, the Greatest Devotee of All, with humility bowed down to His parents in order to satisfy them and respectfully said: 'Dear father and mother!  Oh father, because of Us you were always afraid and have never seen anything of the toddler age, the boyhood and youth of your two sons. As ordained by fate We, being deprived of living in your presence, could not experience the joy of the happiness of children who live at home with their parents. A mortal person may never, not even for a lifespan of a hundred years, be able to repay the debt to his parents. He took his birth from them and by them he is maintained. They are the source of the body that is suitable for all goals of life. A son who, even though capable, with his resources and wealth does not provide for their sustenance, will after his death be forced to eat his own flesh. When one is capable of, but not maintains one's mother and father, the elderly, one's chaste wife, one's very young child, one's spiritual master, a brahmin or anyone seeking one's protection, one is a person who is dead even though he breathes. Because of Kamsa who always disturbed our minds, we could not honor you and have spent our days of youth without having been of any use to you. Please oh father and mother, forgive us the fact that, falling under the control of others, we from our part could not serve you so that the hardhearted one Kamsa could give you such a great pain.'

S'uka said: 'Thus bewildered by the words of Him, the Lord and Soul of the Universe who through His maya appeared as a human being, they raised Them upon their laps to experience the joy of closeness with their sons. Bound by the rope of affection crying a river they, with their throats full of tears ,overwhelmed could not say a word oh King. The Supreme Lord, the son of Devaki, who thus comforted His parents, then made His maternal grandfather Ugrasena, King over the Yadus. He told him: 'Please, oh great King, with Us as your subjects, take command, for because of the curse of Yayati  one being born as a Yadu should not sit on the throne.  When I am there as a servant to attend to you, the demigods and such will bow down before you to offer you tribute. Then what to speak of the other rulers of men?'

All His close relatives and other relations, the Yadus, Vrishnis, Andhakas, Madhus, Das'arhas, Kukuras and other clans, who disturbed in their fear of Kamsa had fled in all directions, were honored and consoled, for living in foreign regions had made them weary. He, the Maker of the Universe, brought them back to their homes and satisfied them with valuable gifts. Protected by the arms of Krishna and Sankarshana they in their homes enjoyed the complete fulfillment of their desires because, now that they day after day saw the loving, always cheerful, beautiful lotus face and merciful, smiling glances of Mukunda, with Krishna and Balar?ma the fever of a material existence had ended.Even the eldest ones were youthful and full of strength and vitality, now that they there time and again through their eyes could imbibe the nectar of Mukunda's lotus face. Thereupon the Supreme Lord, the son of Devaki, and Sankarshana approached Nanda oh great King. They, embracing him, said:  'Oh father, with the great affection and the fondling of the two of you, you have cared for us in a great way. The love the parents have for their children is truly greater than even the love they have for each other.  Those persons are father and mother who nourish, like they were their own sons, the children who were abandoned by relatives unable to maintain and protect them. Now you should all return to Vraja, dear Father. We shall come to see you, our dear relatives who suffer in separation from Us, as soon as we have given some happiness to your well-wishing friends. The Supreme Lord, the Infallible One thus appeasing Nanda and the people from Vraja, thereupon respectfully honored them with clothing, jewelry and pots and such.

Thus being addressed by the two of Them, Nanda engulfed by affection, embraced Them with tears filling his eyes and went together with the gopas to Vraja. The son of S'urasena [Vasudeva], oh King, then arranged for a priest and brahmins to properly perform the second-birth initiation of his sons.  For their remuneration he donated in worship fully decorated cows with golden chains and ornaments, complete with calves and linen wreaths.  Magnanimously he gave them in charity the cows that were stolen away by Kamsa, the same cows he previously had donated within his mind the very day that Krishna and Rama were born.  After having been initiated into the twice-born status, They, of proper vows, took the vow of celibacy from Garga, the preceptor of the Yadus. The Lords of the Universe who are the source of any form of knowledge, concealed in Their human activities the perfection of Their omniscience that is not founded on any knowledge from the outside. They nevertheless then desired to reside in the school of the guru and approached a native of Benares called Sandipani, who dwelt in the city of Avanti. Thus obtaining the company of these self-controlled souls, he was by Them respected as if he was the Lord Himself. Doing this They in Their devotion formed an irreproachable example of service to the teacher. That best of the twice-born souls as Their guru, taught Them, contented as he was with Their pure love and submissive acts, all the Vedas with their corollary literatures and philosophical treatises [Upanishads], the Dhanur-veda [military science, archery] along with all its secrets [the mantras], the dharma [the codes of human conduct, the laws] and the nyaya [the methods of logic] as also the anvikshikim [the knowledge of philosophical debate or tarka] and the six aspects of political sciencei.  As the best of all first class persons and as the promulgators of all knowledge They, oh ruler of man, fixed in concentration, fully assimilated with simply having heard it only once, the complete of the sixty-four arts in as many days and nights and satisfied Their preceptor, oh King, by offering him compensation [gurudakshina]. Oh King, the bramin in consideration of the amazing greatness of Their superhuman intelligence, after consulting with his wife, arrived at the wish to see his child again that had perished in the ocean at Prabhasa.'So be it' the two great warlords of unlimited prowess said and next mounted a chariot to head for Prabhasa. Having arrived there, they walked up to the shore and sat down for a moment. The god of the ocean recognized Them and offered Them tribute. The Supreme Lord said to him: 'Present Us at once the son of Our guru, a young boy you have seized here with a mighty wave.'

The god of the ocean said: 'It was not I who took him away, oh Lord, it was a powerful Daitya named Pa?cajana, oh Krishna, a demon who moves through the water in the form of a conch. He who lives here indeed has kidnapped him.' Hearing that the Master quickly entered the water and killed him, but He could not find the boy in his belly. Taking the conch shell that had grown as a part of the demon, He returned to the chariot and went to the beloved city of Yamaraja [the lord of death] known as Samyamani. Arriving there, Janardana together with the Lord who has a plow for His weapon [Balarama] blew loudly on His conch shell so that Yamaraja, he who restrains the living beings, could hear the sound. Overflowing with devotion Yamaraja worshiped Them elaborately and humbly bowing down said to Krishna who dwells in each his heart: 'What can I do for the two of You, oh Vishnu who, for Your pastime, has appeared in the form of human beings?'

The Supreme Lord said: 'Please bring Me the son of My guru who was brought here because of his karmic bondage, oh great King. It is My command that should be given priority.'

'So be it' he said and brought forward the preceptor's son. The Best of the Yadus gave him back to Their guru whom They then said: 'Please make another wish.'

The honorable guru said: 'My dear Boys, I am completely fulfilled by the remuneration for the guru the two of You have offered. What else would there be left for the spiritual master to desire from someone like You? O heroes, now please return home. May Your fame sanctify the world, and may the Vedic hymns be ever fresh in Your minds, both in this life and the next.'

Thus by Their guru permitted to leave, They, on Their chariot as fast as the wind and thundering like a cloud, reached Their city. The citizens who had not seen Balarama and Janardana for many days, all rejoiced to see Them again, like having regained a lost treasure.'

Book 10,Chapter 45

General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Last post by Jewell on July 17, 2018, 02:42:54 AM »

La forza/The power
You know, there's a star
In the night for me,
It lights up my way
To eternity,
It's my guide,
That never leaves me
In the immensity
The power of destiny
Makes me hover,
The time of happiness is near,
Is our affinity
A dream or reality
On the pink wings of Love
When I go down this road,
I always feel free,
I wish everything around us was
A fairytale,
Our love
Will be our guide
To the infinity,
The power of destiny
Makes me hover,
The time of happiness is near,
Is our affinity
A dream or reality
On the pink wings of Love

 Elina Nechayeva
This is the video of this song and beautiful performance

Dear Devotees and Seekers,

What is 'Aham', and what is 'aham-vritti? Bhagwan Sri Ramana has taught that the word 'Aham' Itself is suggestive, for It comprises of the alphabet 'A' and 'HA', which are the first and the last alphabets of the Sanskrit Alphabet, conveying that 'Aham' comprises all there is. That is, 'Aham' signifies Existence Itself.

As for the 'aham-vritti', Sri Bhagwan has revealed that 'I'-ness or the 'I Am'-ness, by usage,  is known as 'aham-vritti'. Though it is known as the 'aham-vritti', He has given a great clue that the 'aham-vritti' is not quite a vritti like the other vrittis of the mind, because unlike the other vrittis which have no essential interrelation, the 'aham-vritti' is essentially related to each and every vritti of the mind. Moreover, without the 'aham-vritti' there can be no other vritti whatever, but the 'aham-vritti' can subsist by itself without depending on any other vritti of the mind. Therefore, we must know that the 'aham-vritti' is fundamentally different from the other vrittis of the mind.

Dear devotees and seekers, where from arises the 'I'-ness or the 'I am'-ness in us? Where else but from the Heart (Heart Am I), Which is the undifferentiated Consciousness of the Pure Being. Therefore, the primary datum of all our experiences, that is, 'I'-ness or the 'I am'-ness arises from the Heart. So long as the 'aham-vritti' has not connected with the other vrittis of the mind after arising from the Heart, that is, by itself, in itself, that is, per se, it is Sudha-Sattva in character.

Sri Bhagwan has revealed that it is in this Sudha-Sattva swarupa, uncontaminated by rajas and tamas, that the 'I' (pure ego) appears to subsist in the Jnani, which is like a burnt rope which retains its form but cannot be used to tie something with it. 

Thanks very much.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 12:01:31 PM »
Verse  5:

சிரமேற்ற நான்முகன்றன் றலையும் மற்றைத்
    திருமால்தன் செழுந்தலையும் பொன்றச் சிந்தி
உரமேற்ற இரவிபல் தகர்த்துச் சோமன்
    ஒளிர்கலைகள் படவுழக்கி உயிரை நல்கி
நரையேற்ற விடையேறி நாகம் பூண்ட
    நம்பியையே மறைநான்கும் ஒல மிட்டு
வரமேற்கும் மழபாடி வயிரத் தூணே
    யென்றென்றே நானரற்றி நைகின் றேனே.

t is thus,
even thus,
I cry and cry and melt in love: "O supreme One that cut off the great head of the Four-faced and the lovely head of Vishnu!
You knocked out the teeth of the mighty Sun!
With Your foot You crushed and rubbed the digits out of the Moon!
Then You granted them their lives!
Adorned with serpents You mounted the white Bull!
O the Diamond-pillar of Mazhapaadi hailed aloud
By the Vedas--the recipients of Your boons!"

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 11:56:34 AM »
Verse  4:

ஊனிகந்தூ ணுறிக்கையர் குண்டர் பொல்லா
    வூத்தைவாய்ச் சமணருற வாகக் கொண்டு
ஞானகஞ்சேர்ந் துள்ளவயி ரத்தை நண்ணா
    நாயேனைப் பொருளாக ஆண்டு கொண்ட
மீனகஞ்சேர் வெள்ளநீர் விதியாற் சூடும்
    வேந்தனே விண்ணவர்தம் பெருமான் மேக
வானகஞ்சேர் மழபாடி வயிரத் தூணே
    யென்றென்றே நானரற்றி நைகின் றேனே.

They abjure flesh-eating and carry their food in a sling.
They are Jains,
cruel and un-tamable.
their mouths stink.
I was friends with these.
He is the King that sports in grace the river--rich in fishes--.
He rules me,
even me -- the cur,
As though I am of some worth,
though I did not go near Him,
The Diamond of Wisdom.
It is thus,
even thus,
I cry and cry and melt in love: "O the Diamond-pillar of Mazhapaadi
The tops of whose mansions reach the clouded heavens!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 11:50:41 AM »
Verse 3:

உரங்கொடுக்கு மிருண்மெய்யர் மூர்க்கர் பொல்லா
    ஊத்தைவாய்ச் சமணர்தமை யுறவாக் கொண்ட
பரங்கெடுத்திங் கடியேனை யாண்டு கொண்ட
    பவளத்தின் திரள்தூணே பசும்பொன் முத்தே
புரங்கெடுத்துப் பொல்லாத காமன் ஆகம்
    பொடியாக விழித்தருளிப் புவியோர்க் கென்றும்
வரங்கொடுக்கும் மழபாடி வயிரத் தூணே
    யென்றென்றே நானரற்றி நைகின் றேனே.

It is thus,
even thus,
I cry and cry and melt in love.
"They are the able-bodied and dark ones.
They are cruel and un-tamable.
they--the Jains--are of stinking mouths.
I was friends with these.
Even then You smote my weighty sins and ruled me as Your servitor,
O mighty Pillar of Coral!
O Pearl inlaid in fresh gold!
You smote Tripura.
By Your look You reduced to cinders the body of nefarious Manmatha.
For ever You grant boons To the earth-born.
O the Diamond-pillar of Mazhapaadi!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 11:43:21 AM »
Verse  2:

அறைகலந்த குழல்மொந்தை வீணை யாழும்
    அந்தரத்திற் கந்தருவர் அமரர் ஏத்த
மறைகலந்த மந்திரமும் நீரும் கொண்டு
    வழிபட்டார் வானாளக் கொடுத்தி யன்றே
கறைகலந்த பொழிற்கச்சிக் கம்பம் மேய
    கனவயிரத் திரள்தூணே கலிசூழ் மாட
மறைகலந்த மழபாடி வயிரத் தூணே
    யென்றென்றே நானரற்றி நைகின் றேனே.

You blessed the adoring,
celestial Gandharvas with the ruler-ship of the ethereal world as they hailed You in the heaven with the ound of flute,
Montai Vina and Yaazh and also with Vedic mantras and holy water.
It is thus,
even thus,
I cry and cry and melt in love.
"O puissant Pillar of diamond abiding at Kacchikkampam girt with cloud-capped groves!
O Diamond-pillar of Mazhapaadi rich in mansions where the Vedas are ever chanted!"

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 09:19:21 AM »
Tiru Mazhapadi (2):

Verse  1:

அலையடுத்த பெருங்கடல்நஞ் சமுதா வுண்டு
    அமரர்கள்தந் தலைகாத்த ஐயர் செம்பொன்
சிலையெடுத்து மாநாகம் நெருப்புக் கோத்துத்
    திரிபுரங்கள் தீயிட்ட செல்வர் போலும்
நிலையடுத்த பசும்பொன்னால் முத்தால் நீண்ட
    நிரைவயிரப் பலகையாற் குவையார்த் துற்ற
மலையடுத்த மழபாடி வயிரத் தூணே
    யென்றென்றே நானரற்றி நைகின் றேனே.

He is the great One who quaffed as nectar the poison of the billowy sea and saved the lives of the celestial beings.
He is the opulent One who shot the arrow of Agni from His bow Mount Meru wrought of ruddy gold --,
that had for its string the many-headed serpent,
and gutted with fire the triple towns.
it is thus,
even thus,
I cry and cry in melting love: "O hill-like Diamond-pillar Of Mazhapaadi wrought of plentiful," ever-during aAnd ever-fresh gold,
pearls and planks of blazing brilliants!

Arunachala Siva.
General topics / Re: Saiva Canons of Tiru Navukkarasar. Canons 4,5, and 6:
« Last post by Subramanian.R on July 16, 2018, 09:14:33 AM »
Verse  10:

ஒருசுடராய் உலகேழு மானான் கண்டாய்
    ஓங்காரத் துட்பொருளாய் நின்றான் கண்டாய்
விரிசுடராய் விளங்கொளியாய் நின்றான் கண்டாய்
    விழவொலியும் வேள்வொலியு மானான் கண்டாய்
இருசுடர்மீ தோடா இலங்கைக் கோனை
    யீடழிய இருபதுதோ ளிறுத்தான் கண்டாய்
மருசுடரின் மாணிக்கக் குன்று கண்டாய்
    மழபாடி மன்னு மணாளன் றானே.

As peerless light He became the seven worlds.
He is the inner meaning of AUM.
He stood as spreading light and as bright luculence.
He became the festive sound and the sound of Yaaga.
He crushed the twenty shoulders and quelled the puissance of the King of Lanka over which move not the two lights.
He is a hill of coruscating ruby.
He is the lordly one of Mazhapaadi.

Padigam on Tiru Mazhapadi (1) completed.

Arunachala Siva.
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