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              THE  HOLY  WAR

When the battle was over the war was lost
And in that defeat was my victory
I fought and fought only to perish
On the ashes of my dead self
Was the resurrection of the Divine
The fight was indeed a noble one
In which the warrior was crucified to death.
And that death was another
Name of God, truth of love.

Source: On the Wings of Ecstasy

Dear devotees, it is true that the Enquiry is first undertaken by the ego, but the moment this little ego-self tries to know itself and as the Enquiry progresses, it begins to change its character and progressively partakes more and more of the consciousness and less and less of the jada (insentience) in which it is absorbed. The Enquiry, which in truth is a Battle Royale, in which not only all the wrong notions and imagined stories of the self are demolished one by one, but the warrior or the pseudo self itself offers shame-facedly for crucifixion at the Altar of the Sanctum  Sanctorum of the Heart. This crucifixion is essential for the revelation of the truth of God and truth of love.

"you are telling a story based on what you imagine it would be like to stop telling the story of the self and concluding it is not enough .
the little self and the story of the self are the same ... just thoughts .
there really is no little self , only a story about it in the mind . when the mind is silent there is no story and no little self .
"simply stop telling the story of the self and see who you are without it" ...  is a pointing to the silence , the truth of who we really are"

Dear Sri Beloved Abstract,

Yes, my understanding is the same with this difference that I also understand that only a very advanced seeker can straightaway, upon being told, can plunge deep and reach the core of one's very existence, and see and be the Self that he really is. Yes, certainly, on the path of Vichara, some intellectual understanding is essential, if not imperative, for most of the seekers, while within the relativity, which is undoubtedly nothing more than sheer imagination and dream-like. I am also deeply aware that most of the devotees and seekers, before and after His Mahasamadhai, though had glimpse and foretaste of the Atma-swarupa, yet they pursued the sadhana unswervingly till the out-going tendencies of the mind was completely arrested and the mind was rendered irreversibly quiescent, which led to flowering  and expansion of the Consciousness culminating in Realization. Therefore, it is common experience that remaining in the relativity and enjoying objects of the world, one cannot straightaway put aside the ego and see without it who really one is. This is attainable in a trice by somebody as great and advanced a Soul as Bhagwan Sri Ramana Himself who put this troublesome, unreal, non-existent and phantom-like ego away and saw, realized and remained as the Self thereafter forever. Though unreal and non-existent, if someone transcends the ego in a trice and is one with the Silence of the Self, such a one is certainly a great one, otherwise this is merely a wishful thinking. Yes, nothing whatever can be predicated to Self, for in the state of being, there is only and only the Silence, the Silence of the Self. No discussion is possible there, nor can one come with a one-liner unless one has attained Sahaja like Sri Bhagwan.   

However, having said that, I wish to express my admiration that if you have been able to transcend the individuality and its story, and seen who really you are without them and without any sadhana whatever, you certainly are a great one!

Thanks very much.
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Narayana Guru

There is a profound beauty in the sequence of how things openly unfolded so gracefully in Bhagavan's presence. This was an obvious divine play that unraveled itself gracefully. By participating in it, we realize that it is not merely external. This pattern begins to enjoin us too. This is the beauty of being in satsang with a sage or learning about their life. It brings one's attention back to the here and now.
Bhagavan stayed at Skandashram, higher up on the hill, between 1916 and 1922, during which time serious spiritual aspirants slowly started streaming in. It was in this period that Bhagavan, with a single glance of grace (Darshan), was able to establish each one in Arunachala, the spiritual Heart. During this time there lived a saint in Kerala called Narayana Guru, who was so renowned that even Mahatma Gandhi thought it a privilege to spend a few moments with him. This sage rarely went anywhere. In fact, other saints came to him to pay respects. Yet he visited Bhagavan at Skandashram along with his disciples, where Bhagavan cordially received him and invited him to share lunch. Narayana Guru replied gladly, ―Oh yes! I will share the Maharshi's Prasad.

Bhagavan then bestowed his glance of grace on Narayana Guru, and for a long time they both sat and shared ecstatic silence. When it was time for him to leave, Narayana Guru, absorbed in Bhagavan's state of sahaja Samadhi, prayed to him, ―Let this state be bestowed on me also. Bhagavan graciously granted this wish. Right there, he wrote five verses in Sanskrit extolling the state of the Sahaja Nishta. When he went back to Kerala, he was so captivated with Bhagavan that he wrote another five verses?the first was called Nirvriti Panchakam, and the second, Municharya Panchakam.

When descending the hill along with his disciples, Narayana Guru was in ecstasy. He turned to his disciples and declared joyfully, ―Maharshi is a raja sarpam, a king cobra. In the Hindu religious and spiritual parlance, saints are often referred to as sarpam or cobras. Narayana Guru, a saint himself, did not categorize Bhagavan as yet another cobra; instead he gave Bhagavan the exalted status of ―king cobra. This Truth emanated from his Heart. He summoned two of his disciples, one a wealthy man and the other an erudite scholar, and said these beautiful words:

―Maharshi's spiritual state is such that even a single glance from him is enough to liberate anyone. Now he remains unknown to the world, like a lamp hidden in a pot. He should be recognized, so that this spiritual treasure is plundered by many aspirants. You both should stay here for six months and make necessary arrangements for food and accommodation for visiting pilgrims, thus letting many visit the Maharshi every day and benefit spiritually. Allow Maharshi's awakening to be known in the circles of scholars and earnest aspirants by going to them and speaking about the awakening.

On his return, Narayana Guru fell ill, and coming to know of that, Bhagavan sent Kunju Swami with a lemon, saying, ―Go and give this to him. Narayana Guru received it gratefully, put it on his eyes, head, and chest, and was in tears that Bhagavan had sent this Prasad for him. Whenever he had a visitor from Tamil Nadu, he would ask, ―Have you had Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's Darshan? If the answer was no, he would raise his voice and say, ―Why did you come here? You must go back and have Darshan there. He is the raja sarpam, king cobra. We are all ordinary snakes. Why did you come, leaving the raja sarpam? Bhagavan offered Kunju Swami not only the lemon, but knowing that Narayana Guru was to attain mahasamadhi, he also gave instructions about how Narayana Guru's body should be preserved. Narayana Guru was a jnani, a realized saint, and Bhagavan wanted his tomb to be built accordingly. Kunju Swami was to give Bhagavan a report on whether the Samadhi was built satisfactorily. When the news of Narayana Guru's death reached Bhagavan, he said, ―Narayana Guru is a purna, a fully blossomed one.

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Just came across this link to the Quiz on Gospel of Ramakrishna ( English Version ) . There is a separate quiz for the Tamil Version of the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
you are telling a story based on what you imagine it would be like to stop telling the story of the self and concluding it is not enough .
the little self and the story of the self are the same ... just thoughts .
there really is no little self , only a story about it in the mind . when the mind is silent there is no story and no little self .
"simply stop telling the story of the self and see who you are without it" ...  is a pointing to the silence , the truth of who we really are
"simply stop telling the story of the self and see who you are without it"

So long as self remains, how can you bring its story to a grinding halt?

Therefore, as long as the little self remains, telling its story is sure to go on.

To stop telling the story of the self, it is not enough to see only who you are without it, but you need to merge this self in Your-self, that is, the Self, such that it does never, never raises its obnoxious head again to tell its story, for, then there would not be a story at all nor its teller, not even an one-liner for there would not be an Abstract one to coin it

Dear Devotees,

Therefore, the Reality is forever Here and Now, because the next thing is simply the rise of the root 'I'-thought and its myriad impending, associated thoughts. This is why Sri Bhagwan taught:

Sri Bhagwan: You must distinguish between the 'I', pure in itself, and the 'I'-thought. The later, being merely a thought, sees subject and object, sleeps, eats, wake up and thinks, dies and is reborn. But the pure 'I' is the pure being, eternal existence, free from ignorance and thought-illusion.

Dear devotees, for me, there has never been a more real indicator to the Presence than the above Teaching, for the 'I' in every one of us is so evident, so immanent, so continuous without a break (It is there even during deep sleep, is it not?), and therefore so undeniable. As far as I know, Bhagwan Sri Ramana at once pointedly zeroed upon and indicated to this Reality, which is so evident, so immanent, so persistent and so undeniable, to all earnest seekers who came to Him for spiritual instruction and guidance. He always, untiringly, focused their attention on to the truth of their own self, and in many, many cases, depending upon sincerity, earnestness and maturity of a seeker, granted even a glimpse into that Reality of their-self. I do not know anyone or anything indicating so directly and so pointedly, AND AT ONCE, to the Presence to one and all. SUCH  IS  HIS   GREATNESS!!!

Thanks very much.
far out , man .......    8)
" there's two kinds of music , the blues , and zippity doo dah " ......... townes van zandt
Dear All,

There is a posting on the " Tiru Community"  Facebook page on August 16, 2017 at 6.01 a.m. about the beating of animals and ill-treatment of sadhus and poor people in Ramana Ashram. 

There is also something on the Arunachala Grace blog at

I personally have witnessed Sadhus and poor people, especially if they are women, being treated very badly in Ramana Ashram. Even the women workers in the kitchen are treated so badly by men cooks.  Complaints to the management have not helped.

The only way for us NOT to  incur the karma is to stop donations to Ramana Ashram until they treat the sadhus with love, respect and kindness. The same goes for the women and the animals.  They are all children of Arunachala, like we are. 

The donations we are giving is making these workers very arrogant and helping them to go on a power trip. Please let us put an end to it.

We want Ramana Ashram Management to ensure that the Sadhus, women workers, poor people and animals are treated with love, respect and kindness.  Arunachala and Bhagavan are in all of these people. Maybe they have come disguised to see how much compassion and respect we have for them.

with love to all,
Child of Arunachala
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