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« Last post by srkudai on Today at 11:52:47 AM »
Dear Nishta,
   :) That is misunderstood basically.

There is one place where he said : 1) world is unreal, 2) brahman is real, and 3) world seen as brahman is real ... but this does not mean the world is real. when i say the snake seen as rope is real it means snake is not there at all :)

This is actually called "baadhaayaam saamaanaadhikaranyam"

In darkness i see a stump of tree and take it to be a thief. and then to such a person its said "the thief is the stump alone" , that is like saying "all this here is indeed brahman" ... another example: in twilight i see a snake on a rope, and then am told the snake is only the rope. this is actually a negation ... the reality is of the rope, not the snake. the statement "thief is a stump",  "Sthaanurayam purusah" is actually correcting an error in perception where the stump is  mistaken to be a thief or a person. We are not qualifying the word "Sthanu" or Stump with the word Purusha or person/thief here.
The setence only negates the idea that there is a thief out there, and only stump remains.
Similarly when one says "all that is here is purusha/brahman", everything is swallowed or devoured, and the brahman remains.

In Bhagavan's three statements 1) world is unreal is told to a person who sees the world is real. then the person asks what is real ? 2) brahman... but he still does nto see brahman , where can brahman be seen ? 3) here , all this is brahman alone ... which is to see all this as pure presence ... motionless , changeless ... changeless in and through the changes because the changes are unreal. so what do u mean by the world ? if it is brahman its real but it is not names forms and changes [brahman is changeless], if it is not brahman , names, forms , changes they are all unreal. 


Tiru Avatuturai:

Verse  1:

நிறைக்க வாலிய ளல்லளிந் நேரிழை
மறைக்க வாலிய ளல்லளிம் மாதராள்
பிறைக்க வாலப் பெரும்புன லாவடு
துறைக்க வாலியோ டாடிய சுண்ணமே.

This girl who wears ornaments fitting her beauty is not pure enough to diffuse all over the body the holy ash, she had in her body by embracing Kapali in Āvaṭutuṟai who has the crescent moon, the skull and the big water on his head. This girl has not the strength to hide it.

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  10:

எடுத்த வாளரக் கன்திறல் வண்ணமும்
இடர்கள் போற்பெரி தாகிய வண்ணமும்
கடுத்த கைந்நரம் பாலிசை வண்ணமும்
அடுத்த வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

Siva in Aiyāṟu will be the strength of the demon, who had a sword and lifted the mountain, Kailash, the nature making the mountain to be too big, like the sufferings, to be lifted. Seeing him singing song, using the guts of his hands which are twenty in number and the nature of having bestowed his grace on him.

Padigam on Tiru Aiyaru completed.

Arunachala Siva.
Verse 9:

செய்த வன்திரு நீறணி வண்ணமும்
எய்த நோக்கரி தாகிய வண்ணமும்
கைது காட்சி யரியதோர் வண்ணமும்
ஐது வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

He has the beauty of besmearing himself with the holy ash, as he appears to be performing Yoga, the difficulty of looking at him carefully and adequately, the difficult nature of seeing him like a thing placed on the hand and the subtle nature. 

Arunachala Siva.
Verse 8:

ஊழி வண்ணமு மொண்சுடர் வண்ணமும்
வேழ ஈருரி போர்த்ததொர் வண்ணமும்
வாழித் தீயுரு வாகிய வண்ணமும்
ஆழி வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

He has the nature of being eons.  He has the nature of being the bright lights of sun, moon and fire.  He has the nature of having the form of the fire that rises and destroys the world at the time of destruction, and the nature of being the ocean. His race is compared to the ocean.

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  7:

விரும்பும் வண்ணமும் வேதத்தின் வண்ணமும்
கரும்பின் இன்மொழிக் காரிகை வண்ணமும்
விரும்பு வார்வினை தீர்த்திடும் வண்ணமும்
அரும்பின் வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

He has the nature of being loved by all, the nature of the Vedas, the beauty of a lady whose words are as sweet as the juice of sugar-cane.  He the nature of completely removing the Karmas of those who love him.  He the nature of buds. 

Arunachala Siva.
Verse  6:

இண்டை வண்ணமு மேழிசை வண்ணமும்
தொண்டர் வண்ணமுஞ் சோதியின் வண்ணமும்
கண்ட வண்ணங்க ளாய்க்கனல் மாமணி
அண்ட வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

He has the beauty of a circlet, the beauty of the fundamental seven notes.
He has the nature of the devotees, the beauty of being the light being the aforesaid things that he created.  He has the beauty of the ruby that is like fire, and the world.

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  5:

இழுக்கின் வண்ணங்க ளாகிய வெவ்வழல்
குழைக்கும் வண்ணங்க ளாகியுங் கூடியும்
மழைக்கண் மாமுகி லாகிய வண்ணமும்
அழைக்கும் வண்ணமு மாவரை யாறரே.

He has, if one deviates from the right path and commits evil acts having the nature of making feeble the impurities of the soul like the hot fire, inflicting pain on him,
being united with him.  He is of the nature of being the big cloud that has rain in it,
granting his grace inviting his devotees.

Arunachala Siva.
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