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Bhagavan once made some similar comments when somebody presented him with a bell that was to be used during the ashram pujas.   He tried its sound in various ways and laughed.

God wants us to make a fire of our past evil deeds and burn our karma in it.   But these people burn a small amount of camphor and hope to please the Almighty.   Do they really believe that they can get something for nothing?   They do not want to bend to God, they want God to bend to them.  In their greed they would swallow God, but they will not let him swallow them.  Some boast of their offerings.   What have they got to offer? Some idols of Vinayaka are made of jaggery.  Devotees break off a piece of these statues and offer it to him.   Are these pieces not his already? Clearing the mind of thoughts and remaining steady in the peace of Self; that is the only offering worthy of the Lord?.

Subbalakshmi amma , Kitchen worker, The Power of the Presence , Part III, David Godman


Q: You sometimes say that we should avoid bad company. That is not always possible. If one is working one has to mix with all kinds of people. One can't always avoid them.

Annamalai Swami: In such situations one should take the attitude of someone who is acting in a drama. Outwardly one should do whatever actions are necessary, but inwardly, one should always be aware of the center, the consciousness which makes itself known to us as the feeling 'I am'.

I say avoid 'bad company' but ultimately bad company is just a part of the mind. There is no bad company in the Self. While you are still trying to disentangle yourself from the mind it will be helpful for you to avoid bad company.

Whenever it is not possible make an extra effort to withdraw into the Self. If you can establish yourself there, the currents from other people's minds cannot affect you. If you do have to mix with unspiritual people, don't make any judgements about them. Don't think
'This is a bad person', or 'I don't like this person'. The less you identify with the mind when you are near such people the better.

Verse  6:

நெடியான் நான்முகனும் மிர
    வியொடும் இந்திரனும்
முடியால் வந்திறைஞ்ச முது
    குன்றம் அமர்ந்தவனே
படியா ரும்மியலாள் பர
    வையிவள் தன்முகப்பே
யடிகேள் தந்தருளீர் அடி
    யேன்இட் டளங்கெடவே.

Siva who remained in Mutukuṉṟam where tall Vishnu, Brahma of four faces, the sun-god and Indra, bow low to touch your feet with their heads, coming to the earth.
In the presence of this lady, Paravai who has a tenderness which is a model for other women. My deity!  Grant me the gold to remove the difficulty of your slave.

Arunachala Siva.
Verse 5:

மையா ரும்மிடற்றாய் மரு
    வார்புர மூன்றெரித்த
செய்யார் மேனியனே திக
    ழும்முது குன்றமர்ந்தாய்
பையா ரும்மரவே ரல்கு
    லாளிவள் வாடுகின்றாள்
ஐயா தந்தருளாய் அடி
    யேன்இட் டளங்கெடவே.

Siva who has a neck in which there is poison!
Who has a red body and who burnt the three cities of the enemies.
Who dwelt in eminent Mutukuṉṟu.
This lady who has sides like the hood of the cobra is pining away.
The master!
Give me the gold to remove the difficulty of your slave.

Arunachala Siva.
A Pilgrims' special train brought several visitors from Bengal. One of them said that he had read Mr. Paul Brunton's book and since then he was anxious to see Sri Bhagavan. He also asked: How shall I overcome my passions?

Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi: Find their root and then it will be easy. (Later) What are the passions? Kama (lust), krodha (anger), etc. Why do they arise? Because of likes and dislikes towards the objects seen. How do the objects project themselves in your view? Because of your avidya, i.e., ignorance. Ignorance of what? Of the Self. Thus, if you find the Self and abide therein there will be no trouble owing to the passions.

(Later) Again, what is the cause of the passions? Desire to be happy or enjoy pleasure. Why does the desire for happiness arise? Because your nature is happiness itself and it is natural that you come into your own. This happiness is not found anywhere besides the Self. Do not look for it elsewhere. But seek the Self and abide therein. Still again, that happiness which is natural is simply re-discovered, so it cannot be lost. Whereas the happiness arising from other objects are external and thus liable to be lost. Therefore it cannot be permanent and so it is not worth seeking.

Moreover craving for pleasures should not be encouraged. One cannot put out burning fire by pouring petrol over it. An attempt to satisfy your craving for the time being, so that the passion may later be suppressed, is simply foolish.

There are, no doubt, other methods for the suppression of passion. They are (1) regulated food, (2) fasting, (3) yoga practice, (4)medicines. But their effects are transitory. The passions reappear with greater force as soon as the check is removed. The only way to overcome them is to eradicate them. That is done by finding their source as stated above.

Dear devotees, as long as there is identification with the body, desire, passion, craving, anger, fear, etc., are inevitable for obvious reasons. We need to be aware of being, only then we can find permanent respite from passions and negativity, such as lust, anger, craving, fear, etc. , which are inseparable from the 'I- am-the-body' idea. Merely assuaging fears and satisfying desires will give respite temporarily and one cannot escape from the emptiness and incompleteness one feels due to limitation caused by the identification with the body and the mind with such temporary measures. Therefore, one needs to establish contact with one?s being, for holding the feeling that we are (I Am) reveals who really we are. Only completeness or perfection can establish in Beatitude free form all negativity and passions.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 7 of Saint Sundaramurti Swamigal:
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Verse 4:

இளைப்பறி யீரிம்மை யேத்து வார்க்கம்மை செய்வதென்
விளைப்பறி யாதவெங் கால னையுயிர் வீட்டினீர்
அளைப்பிரி யாவர வல்கு லாளொடு கங்கைசேர்
முளைப்பிறைச் சென்னிச் சடைமு டிமுது குன்றரே.

The Lord in Mutukuṉṟam who has on his head matted locks, coiled into a crown, adorned by a young crescent moon and a lady, Ganga, in addition to the lady who has a private part like the hood of the cobra which never leaves the anthill!  You do not understand the fatigue of your devotees. What is there for you to do in the next birth for those who praise you in this birth? You destroyed the life of the cruel god of death who did not know the result of his action.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  3:

தொண்டர்கள் பாடவிண் ணோர்க ளேத்த உழிதர்வீர்
பண்டகந் தோறும் பலிக்குச் செல்வதும் பான்மையே
கண்டகர் வாளிகள் வில்லி கள்புறங் காக்குஞ்சீர்
மொண்டகை வேள்வி முழக்க றாமுது குன்றரே.

You wander when devotees sing your fame and the celestial beings praise you.
Is it proper for you to go to every house to receive alms? In the past,
the Lord in Mutukuṉṟam where the sound of the famous sacrifices where ghee is poured by the hand and which is guarded by people who hold daggers, big swords and archers!

Arunachala Siva.
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Verse  2:

ஏரிக் கனகக் கமல மலரன்ன சேவடி
ஊரித் தனையுந் திரிந்தக் காலவை நோங்கொலோ
வாரிக் கட்சென்று வளைக்கப் பட்டு வருந்திப்போய்
மூரிக் களிறு முழக்க றாமுது குன்றரே.

Will the red feet which are like the golden lotus feet blossomed in lakes, ache, if they wander in all these places in this world!  Or will they not ache?
The Lord in Mutukuṉṟam where the roar of the strong elephant which goes away escaping with great difficulty, surrounded by hunters who capture elephants fallen into the pit dug for that purpose never ceases.

Arunachala Siva.
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Look at my shallow face, but say nothing.
Look at this infinite pain, and for God's sake, say nothing.

Look at this bleeding heart, eyes like the River Jeyhun.
No matter what you see, pass by. Don't ask, say nothing.

Yesterday you appeared at the door of the heart's house.
Your image knocked and said: Come, open the door, say nothing.

I put my hand to my mouth and said: Woe to my broken heart.
He said: I'm yours, don't bite your hand, say nothing.

 Since you are my surna, don't sing without my lips.
Until I play you like a harp, not a word about music. Say nothing.

I said: How long will you drag my soul around the world?
He said: Wherever I drag you, come quickly. Say nothing.

I said: While I say nothing, do you want me
to burn? Are you saying: Come in and say nothing?

He smiled like a rose and said: Come in and see.
This fire is jasmine, green leaves and roses. Say nothing.

 The fire became roses and spoke. It told me:
Except for our beloved's love and kindness, say nothing.

D 2217 Chehre-ye zadrd-e

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: I-am-the-body idea and enquiry
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Dear Rajat,

The conviction that You are not the body will come,all Your efforts in the search of Truth,,meditation,reflections,and in the end,selfenquiry itself will bring it. Do not worry. All Your doubts will go with it.
Sure, there is no second or other 'I'. Bhagavan many times pointed this fact,and asked us to see for ousrelves what this 'I' is and does it exist at all. Off course,in this very search we will discover many apparent I's,and this was my difficulty also.  And this difficulty will leave only when we understand that any 'I which involves the mind is false 'I.
You have asked: "But which I is the I in I Am pointing to? -That I which You truly are. And You will recognize false 'I' easily with time,so to say, since the Self is free of mind, and all conclusions and knowledge are irrelevant since they belong to mind realm and this very error that we are the doers of all actions. Where no mind is,there is the Self.

Dear Rajat,Your entusiasm for this search is what is important,so i feel You are going in good direction if You only keep this inner fire bright.

With love,

Like our friend Kskat said 'We need to keep it simple. Whenever we catch ourselves in the net of thoughts,we are out of selfenquiry.
Sure,this process is needed also. There is some power in it too. After all, everything is the Self only.
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