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hear from tiruvannamalai as under:
ARUNACHALA has worked its GRACE on everyone.
Our stay order is standing. The Judge said NO TREES WILL BE CUT. The govt has to come up with another plan.
The Collector for TIRUVANNAMALAI was transferred last night. We now also need to wait for new Collector.
Next Court date is 17th August!
Keep praying for the beautiful life giving trees and a green, shaded walkable for all Girivalam Heritage Path.
Did you know that this path was laid over 600 years ago?! Yes, there's proof! Awesome!!"

Thanks to all who have worked for this result. The trees will remember you long after we, mere bodies are gone. But WE, of course, will always be there ever
Thanks to all  honorary foreigners who serve Ramana with love.

om namo bhagavathe Sri ramanaya

The below article appears in today?s "The Hindu", regarding a strike in Tiruvannamalai scheduled to take place on July 20, 2016 in response to the serious deforestation of Arunachala Girivalam forests.
Token strike on July 20 over girivalam project

General Discussion / Stellar devotee passes away
« on: July 18, 2016, 08:00:39 AM »
there is  a sad report that:

"Ashram is served by many devotees who don?t live in the ashram. One such devotee is T V Venkatraman. He rendered invaluable proof-reading service from his residence in Chennai. All ashram publications in English were carefully and meticulously proofed by him. We are sad to report that this great devotee attained the lotus feet of Bhagavan on Friday July 15th. He was 87 years old and is survived by his daughter and son.
During the early days of penury at the ashram Venkatraman?s help was enormous. They used to print the books first and allow the ashram to pay according to its financial convenience. Swami Ramanananda Saraswati (formerly T N Venkatraman and former president of Ramana ashram) used to affectionately call him ?Jupiter? because he was associated with Jupiter press. His greatness can be judged by the reactions of those who for whom he offered his professional service. The editor of the Mountain path Chris Quilkey writes ?I am in deep shock. This is news I did not want to hear. He was a rock to us all and now it is gone. But I am happy for T V Venkatraman as I am sure he is now in a better place after a lifetime of service. What a wonderful person. He helped me so much in the beginning with his humble and respectful ways. Michael Highburger the editor of Saranagathi newspaper writes ?Too sad. But , you know, that day we took the photo together back in May, you could feel that it was the last time we would see him. He even almost said it. Thankfully we got to see him one last time. What a wonderful soul. I shall truly miss him?.Anand Ramanan remembers the day about 30 years ago when he wept to witness the sale of Jupiter press in Mount Road. He says ?Venkatraman was a pillar of strength to the ashram. KVS mama says ?very unassuming, self-effacing devotee. He was a perfectionist when it came to proof-reading. He would not even miss a comma.?

May his soul rest in Eternal Peace.

i get an update from thiruvannamalai as under:

 "The below article dated July, 11 is from a National newspaper about the ongoing controversy concerning the deforestation of trees along the Arunachala Girivalam Pathway.

The article reads:

?Despite by the stay order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) against felling of trees along the Girivalam for the road widening project, the young trees, sacred grooves saplings and branches of-grown trees have been continuously facing the axe.

On Saturday night, two well-grown trees Forest Flame and Villam adjacent to Chandra Lingam were uprooted using an earthmover by the contractors on the Girivalam path. The uprooted trees were found dumped in Sriharam Lake.

Advocate and petitioner in the case P K Dhananjeyan said that he spotted the contractors uprooting the young trees and clearing the shrubs on the stretch at about 8 pm on Saturday.

He intervened and questioned the contractor for carrying the works despite the NGT order and District Collector's order. In the meantime, the environmental activists also reached the spot. Sensing the situation, the contractor and workers winded up the work.

'Though the workers tried to cover up the illegal felling of the trees, we searched and found the uprooted trees dumped in Sriharam Lake near the Girivalam path today (Sunday) morning," said Dhananjeyan.

The Collector, after conducting an inspection along the path on last Monday, said that the work along the Girivalam path should be stopped. Contradictory to the Collector's statement, the work has been still going on.

Calling the act of the contractors as a total disregard for the NGT order, activist Kumar Ambayeram of Tiruvannamalai said that the State Highways have been destroying the ancient and native forest in the name of the development project. "Several hundreds of the trees, sacred grove and shrubs were destroyed under the disguise of clearing the bushes by the officials. They are continuing the work and causing irreparable damage to the ancient forest,' he said.

The drainage laying work is still in progress. The contractors have been digging up the pit to a depth of five to six feet and pouring the concrete mixture. In the process, they have knocked down several young trees and caused severe damage to the roots of the trees.?

our chief minister Ms JJ is  pious and will reverse the order in favour of not felling the trees once she is given the right information and  losses thereon. Is there any who can ensure direct appointment with CM?. there are  activists whom i met there who are ready to go and  meet CM with a  memorandum requesting her intervention at this juncture .Any influential  in this forum who can secure a direct appointment with CM???

very much worth relating now...................

எங்கே செல்லும் இந்த கிரிவலப் பாதை??

correct,shri nagaraj .we have to be with the momentum.
practising cleanliness, hygiene and being fellow citizen's centric >>>> dont know when we will learn!!! 

a friend  from thiruvannamalai writes:
"Rs. 65 crore Girivalam Path expansion: the so-called "drainage ditch" with the bottom lined with mixture of cement concrete and granite gravel. According to reports in the media, a new 7 to 10 metre wide roadway will be situated to the right of the "drainage ditch". This will intrude upon all manner of lands, private and public, temple and forest, with utter disregard of the long-established sanctity of the Holy Hill as historically defined by the 14-km pradakshina road. Please look forward to the new and expanded Girivalam Path, coming soon to your neighbourhood."

National Green Tribunal, Chennai Bench, suo moto stay order till 20th July.

The insanity of bureaucrats and businessmen is mind boggling...I wonder if these people are can someone not love a tree and that too those in the most sacred place of the world which keeps on giving and giving and not demanding anything from any one living....I will never understand the cause to fell

Girivalam road tree cutting issue taken by green tribunal Chennai. Honourable justice Jodhi mani took this case as a sumoto case and gave stay order for tree cutting and gave the notice to the collector, polution control board, pwd, forest department this adjourn to 20 th July because of the English Hindu News this was possible.
Thanks to all friends who supported and joined hands.................. :)

girivalam trees saving chain

A petition was presented to the Collector at Tiruvannamalai asking that no more trees be cut around the Arunachala Girivalam Roadway in connection with further road development of this area. The Petition reads:


"Sir, The proposed widening of the Arunachala Girivalam / Pradakshina road by the Tiruvannamalai administration will lead to an irreplaceable loss of ancient trees, forest lands, sacred groves, and cause considerable damage to sacred tanks and temples. The farmers whose lands will be acquired for the project will also be severely affected. Any relocation or shift of this ancient walkway, will also be an incalculable loss of our historical and cultural heritage to presThe project, which in some places involves re-routing of the road, will cause irreparable damage to the Sona-Giri sacred grove, the only intact sacred grove on mount Arunachala. It is home to Spotted Deer, Langur, Indian Porcupine, Jungle Cat, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet and more. Over 70 species of birds, monitor lizards, numerous snake species and the endangered Indian Star Tortoise can be found there. This rich number and diversity of wildlife, which is already protected under longstanding Indian laws, has been put in harm?s way by the proposed Girivalam Road expansion which will also adversely affect the two sacred thirtams within the grove.

The project will also lead to the loss of a number of ancient tamarind trees that provide shade to the barefooted pilgrims who undertake the Girivalam and many Sadhus who live under them. Even if new trees are planted in their place, they will take decades to reach a similar size and stature. Already some 30 tamarind trees have been lost as a direct result of the pavement construction on the left side of the Girivalam Road in recent years.

The present route of the Arunachala Girivalam path follows one that dates back centuries. It was formally marked during Pandya times centuries ago following a route already long in existence at this time. The marker stones laid down by the king were still visible until recently. Any change in this route will be a loss of cultural and historical heritage, cherished by pilgrims around the world.

The planned expansion of the path also cuts into a number of ?Rest-a-While? parks created by the administration for the benefit of pilgrims and local wildlife. These parks provide a tranquil resting spot for those doing the 13 km Pradakshina, and enhance the protective buffer for adjacent Reserved Forest lands.

Unchecked development around the Arunachala hill has already placed extreme pressure on the forest areas and the wildlife therein.

We appeal to the relevant authorities to immediately stop all tree felling, and devise an alternative plan that will preserve the irreplaceable existing forests, avenue trees, and sacred groves; to make improvements to the pilgrimage experience by regulating the vehicular traffic thus creating a peaceful atmosphere, without the loss of forest or revenue land around the sacred hill Arunachala. Thank you. On behalf of concerned devotees"


The above photo has relevance to the below text posted  by a friend of mine in FB
"I have been trying to post this morning's story all day, but for some reason it is not posting. It is just sitting and spinning on my iPhone.. So rewriting from memory on this iPad while my phone keeps spinning.
There were over 100, someone said 200, people at the Girivalam road this morning, including media. Mostly Tamilians. We stood in a long line holding hands while the media clicked and videoed away. People spoke. The bulldozer man came also and was spoken to and said he wouldn't doze until after our meeting with the Collector at 10am, so he went up the road. As we were standing there speaking, we noticed that he was working as his lights were on, and we went up the road to see that he had knocked down an old tree. Very angry, the people told him to stop and then staged a road-roko and sat down and blocked the road. The police came and words were spoken. Finally they promised to not doze till after the Collectors meeting. Gauri and I "occupied" the bulldozer, as the driver went down the street, until the police came and told us to get out!!!! 😝
We then went to the Collectors and had our meeting with him. At 10am, about 30 of us went and met the Collector. He told us the plans. Then many people spoke of why this should not happen this way, to doze down the old trees, destroy the environment, the sacredness, legality, practicality. He listened and agreed to stop the destruction now and wait until our next meeting. He also doesn't want the trees cut.
When our next meeting is we don't know yet, but I bet not too long from now.
I feel, we, as a community, need to come up with alternate, creative and workable plans to fulfill the proposed plan in effect: ambulance road or way to hospital, toilets, rest areas for the pilgrims during Girivalam. Plans that don't include cutting down the trees to make this happen.
Don't forget, this is basically to fulfill a once a month occurrence, so no need to cut trees, but we need to be part of the solution, not only complain of the destruction. We need to put our heads together on this. I already have some ideas. We all need to help. We need to do this now.
I was told there will be a Facebook page on this and a WhatsApp group, so we can talk and share ideas. Please join.
Also, if anyone sees the dozer working on Girivalam road, please get in touch with one of us, as we need to stop it. Dev Gogoi, Sanda, Vijay Karthik, Me, Armand..... There are many.
All I can say is such sadness for the trees already brought down... 😔
....... Let there be Peace ..... Let there be Peace ..... OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ....."

done,.. shri nagaraj.
Also have posted in face book requesting all my contacts to support
namo ramana

General Discussion / Re: meditation with open eyes
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:38:39 PM »
thank you very much mr  ravi for all references

warm regards

so kind and  nice of you, Sister

you are doing yeoman service by   choosing to  continue  the spiritual legacy of your father,  our dear Graham.

I pray Shri Arunachala Bhagavan to blesss you in all your endeavours

General Discussion / Re: shri Graham Boyd attains Bhagavan's abode
« on: June 17, 2016, 09:15:51 AM »
i  have had many  opportunities of meeting shri graham almost all times whenever  i go asram. when he was well he used to visit   computer center in the morning @8.30. he is known  to me as  very gentle, unassuming , down to earth person. when i met him as usual  during oen of my visit he did share with me  the cancer which has shown its presence  and he  said he would be going next day to vellore to  get it properly diagnosed and to know about the treatment. i only knew how much i was taken back on hearing him so.though i kept communicating to him subsequently, in mail, i know, he could not respond.  that was of my last seeing him after that he did not [could not] come to asramam also, i think  ......................namo ramana :'(

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