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General Discussion / thought, action, sin
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:04:40 AM »
Thoughts arise and may be spontaneously. Suppose I see a new car. A thought may come up that it looks nice and it will be nicer if I can drive it. ? Should we judge our thoughts and then discard them? Does it not become a constant self condemnation as a sinner.
I want to learn  about the thought management which leads to an action and also, perhaps, committing a sinful kind. Sins are normally committed with full knowledge that a sin is being committed as most of the time we are not all conscious [at a mortal level] about what we are doing. When you get irritated and shout at someone it is almost automatic - there is no thought of how it will hurt the other person instantly, per se.  There seems to be some self contradiction in that statement.
Bhagavan says to find out whose the thought is  and be done with It and to continue so at every thought as it arises.
vis a vis bhagavan's teaching my i know how to deal with a thought at mundane level till one gets enough  wisdom .

General Discussion / performing rituals to the departed
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:11:16 AM »
 I request all readers to give a patient reading of this post [ sent to me by friend of mine] so that they I and he will comprehend the truth and correctly understand.I apologies if my statement might sound shocking and rude to most of the well read members of this beautiful forum 
        Vedas are considered to be the highest authorities of  INDIAN PHILOSOPHY. In all the four VEDAS consisting of 20000 +  mantras there is no mention of after death rituals.
       " ANTYESTI or the final disposal of the dead body is the last of the SHODASHA SAMSKARAS described in the Vedas. Burning, burying , throwing in water,  leaving the dead body in the ground or high altitudes to be eaten by eagles etc are the usual practices.
 Vedas are silent after Antyeshti. They do not speak of the 14 day rituals which are widely practiced among traditional Hindus especially devout Brahmins. Also no ref to the Vaikunta samaradhana done on the 14th day of death of a person. This ceremony claims to give sadgathi or moksha  or liberation from all sins done during his/ her  lifetime and directly send him/her to VAIKUNTA the abode of lord VISHNU.
                     Even the followers of other gods and goddesses other than LORD MAHAVISHNU like shiva , parvathi,ganesha  etc who never chant the name of Vishnu during lifetime also want to enter Vaikunta after death !! Is it possible ? Is it so easy?
                  I am not  discriminating between devotees of LORE SHIVA OR LORD VISHNU or  devotees of OTHER GODS .  I have utmost respect for all forms of god not only of Hindus but also of other religions. I am only questioning whether getting liberation or moksha is so easy for any one irrespective of his / her karmas or ACTIONS  performed  while alive.
             If by performing Vaikunta samaradhana ,anybody can get salvation  why spiritual sadhanas, mantra japa, pooja , religious practices, charities etc  are required ? soon after the death, the 14 day ceremony would suffice !
        Can any body who leads an  adharmic or unpious life while living get moksha after performance of these rituals ? If yes, will it not violate the basic TENETS  OF THE LAW OF karma ?
           ;   The VEDAS, DASOPANISHADS, BRAHMA SUTRAS  and BHAGAVAD GITA do not agree with or accept the above rituals as helpful for the departed soul. It is only in the PURANAS  you can find stories of  such rituals being performed and  departed souls liberated. Due to high level of interpolation the Puranas  are not considered as authorities on spiritual matters. I strongly feel and believe that these  meaningless rituals & means  nothing.  Did these rituals became a source of exploitation in the hands of some vested  whose words mattered much in religious matters from times immemorial .
           ;  The following Gita verses make my point more clear .  verse 13 of ch 4 says , according to the guna, karma and svabhava of a soul it gets re birth in chatur varnas (NOT CASTES ) . Krishna says further, the souls by virtue of their Actions done in the past  lives create eligibility for being classified into any one of the  4 varnas and that the lord does not randomly select anyone for any Varna.
            Verse 23 of ch 7  says lower form of rituals are only for the dull headed ? alpa medhasas.
        Verse 25 of ch 9 says those who worshiplower forms of  gods do not get into higher levels after death. But , those who worship me i.e the supreme Brahman only get liberated. Those who do after death rituals like SHRADDHA ,  PITRU TARPANA for the departed nearest and dearest souls  etc  reach only PITRULOKAS . No mention is made of the dead people for whom all these rituals are done. At the most,  this  can give psychological satisfaction to the performer of these rites and a sense of relief from guilt feelings if any . for not looking after the departed ones with love and affection while living. It may also be  because of the thankfulness for  the departed ones for leaving behind  them inherited properties.
  Verse 4 of ch 17  speaks of devotees of sattvik, rajasic and tamasic dispositions  who worship  gods ,demigods, spirits ,demons etc respectively get those destinations only and never get liberated.
             Having Vedas as the yardstick , should we not reject / discard all AVAIDIC  RITUALS  for our own good, failing which we are wrongly lead and  exploited? 
            Since the  effects of after death rituals are  are not to be confirmed by the departed souls   this may remain an unresolved question for ever. Only people with analytical skill and wide reading of scriptures can accept the truth of my words.
   Rituals , if , for the dead body is useless and  if for the soul , it  is meaningless because SOUL is immortal ! !

                           NAHI    JNANENA SADRUSHAM  PAVITRAMIHA VIDYATHE ?.Gita verse  38    ch  4""


General Discussion / want contact details
« on: April 27, 2014, 02:22:28 PM »
dont know if i can ask any body to help me:
looking for contact details of smt geetha ravichandran and salem sethu kumaran,
these two writes in ramanodhyam and have incidentally written wonderful articles in april issue.
om namo bhagavathe sri ramanaya

i am looking for athma saakshathkara prakaranam by Sri Raman Bhagavan. this is in Ramana asram' library  not in book stall. can any one help me getting it or a lnik which can be dowmloaded. the slokas by sri raman followed by meaning transliterations in tamil and english. thank you

General topics / requesting
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:35:38 PM »
can some informed  member/ give me  the following in tamil , ideally

[1]ஆத்ம வித்யா விலாசம்,

[2] சித்தாந்த கல்பவல்லி

 kind regards

Health & Welfare Issues / assured therapy for diabetic
« on: January 19, 2014, 03:44:45 PM »
 though many may be aware of ,
i read some time ago, from  an authentic source, a simple home made recipe using just two our kitchen ingredients. when i recommended to to my relatives and friends  most chronics  got far better while border and  others totally cured. at  no appreciation to me i am prepared to share it when i am contacted either over phone[9731833455] or at mail               i am positive about the goodness of this.

General Discussion / watch/observe the thoughts
« on: January 18, 2014, 06:11:36 PM »
"watch the thoughts , not participate in it" is the slogan for meditation." just be an observer" is also a synonym. For me., if i start to observe i e watch there is no thoughts.  there is nothing for me to observe/watch. Empty. As long as i am able to hold on to it i get no thoughts. but i am aware i am having no thoughts. but in a split second with out my knowledge thoughts recur & i am pulling it back to no thought level. this goes on and on.. Am in the right track.? who is that which is  aware there that there is  no thoughts. is that the ego or the Self. What is the end point   till which i should be going on withe the exercise ie observing , if strayed bring back etc etc . Can some one  help me so that i stand  understood  the crux and go on by Bhagavan's Grace.   thank you.

General Discussion / THe RIBHU GITA
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:50:17 PM »
i have bought a book from Asram book dept ,'The Ribhu Gita' [sixth amsa of sri siva rahasyam], first opened page reads,' translated by dr lingeswara rao and dr anil sharma' supported by Sri T venkateswara Rao"
i hear also  a version  by Prof N R krishnamurthy iyer.
now what i seek to know are
[1] are they different.
[2] dr L and A  translated from where
[3] which one is to be read and  reflect upon  or both?
may i have me clarifications addressed clearly with more info, as reqd.
thanks and namaskaram

Find devotees in your area / devotees in bangalore city
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:41:51 PM »
sir, can you give , if possible, names with  contact details Of Bhagavan's devotees in bangalore. i live in begur road which is, close to silk board,madiwala, koramangala, vijaya bank lay out &  bannerghatta road. thank you 

Arunachala / visting thiruvannamalai
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:06:37 PM »
namaskaram and wish you all a happy sankaranthi.
i am a new member and stand thrilled and excited as i am bound  to have an experience with you all members, By Shri Bhagavan's Grace.
I am to go  to thiruvannamalai Ashram in 10 days time from my home , bangalore ;but i understand the bus travel from krishna giri to T V malai is very painful and tiresome. is it so?. if yes, is there any alternate better bus route i can take.
i request any to give me their kind views please.
thanks and kind regards

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