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Find devotees in your area / Re: Devotees from Hyderabad, India
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:54:59 PM »
Dear Vinod,

I am from a village near guntur. Nice to meet you.

Can any body help to get accommodation in ashram i am visiting from 21 st January 2018 to 23 rd January 2018.

Dear Praviprolu,
I guess it's hard to get accommodation in Ashram guest house.
You can happily stay at "Siva Sannidhi" which is exactly opposite to Ramana Ashram.
I have stayed there couple of times in 2013.
During that time they didn't charge me anything and i donated the amount i wished to.
They provide accommodation and food as well.It should be the same now.
More details here.


General topics / Re: Self depends upon "I"
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:25:21 PM »
Dear Nishta,

My fictitious  mind was thinking the other way  :-\
Without the Self(big S) "I" can't exist

The point to be appreciated here is : yukti is not mere reasoning , its really about the vision or insight : its the insight gained through connecting the dots , the sruti or vision provided by guru has to be internalized through this process of connecting the dots and really looking at the world in that way.
Thus one gains insight ... wisdom.
it is this wisdom that allows the mind to settle down and also vanish altogether , if i may be allowed to use that phrase.

Dear Udai,
What is the case of aspirants who doesn't have the intellectual maturity to get the vision or insight ? I mean to say people whose intellectual abilities are limited to connect the dots?
Isn't the elaborate study and analysis of Shastra's itself is an escape of the mind  "Just To Be" ?

Yes we are living like aliens forgetting where we belong to   :D

Can thinking be silent, such as a flower, completely open, letting the beneficial rays of the Sun envelop her and still, when some form of communication is needed, to respond in a natural way with a wholeness of being?

In fact, this is what life asks of us ceaselessly - to respond only when such a response is needed. The rest of the time, the being should be silent and watch in all serenity.

                                                                      Ilie Cioara

General topics / Re: What is truth? Who can know?
« on: November 18, 2017, 12:55:28 AM »
I am just exploring to see, if there is something else really, to which we can strive for!

Dear Shivam Sir,

I would like to suggest you to ask yourself honestly why did you thought of exploring to see if there is something else really which we can strive for ?
Does it become routine(or got bored) to live the life like the way you/we are living ?
Or are you not happy the way you are living life ?
Or did you read somewhere or got some idea that there is something better than current way living and try to explore the new idea ?
Or You are completely happy with the current way of living, but just exploring new ideas for fun ?
Or You are happy the way you are living but you have an inner feeling of incompleteness ?

If you can honestly answer the above questions yourself and further explore the answers to yourself that will be the best way.
As Scriptures and Bhagavan put it Atmavai Guru hu.


General Discussion / Re: material pursuits and sadhana
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:24:01 AM »
Dear Friend,
Ravi and Slight green already conveyed the message beautifully.

Two cents:

Ask honestly whether the interest in spirituality is an escape from the worldly issues we are facing ? what is the real motive ?
It was a great wake up call when i first realized  that hankering in spiritual world is an escape from worldly sorrows.I really don't want to get rid of the worldly pleasures.
I want worldly pleasures and when i face issues in pursuing them i shift to spirituality as an alternate to over come them or as a solution to fix the worldly pleasures.
This understanding was a real honest wake up call. It helped me started to see my motives clearly and provided me a starting point to check myself what i am really after in my day to day activities.

Secondly as Sri Rama Krishna put it the level of increase in spirituality is inversely proportional to the level of over attachment to the world. How will we realize the truth the better we are.

Thirdly i feel cultivating Bhakti is more essential.To cultivate bhakthi we need to better understand bhakthi. Listening to few talks on bhakthi helped me a lot.

Fourthly we should continue sadhana as periyava puts it in advatik sadhana.

This is the perspective from my side. May or may not be helpful as the path would be different for each.

General topics / Re: Upadesa Saramu (Telugu) book
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:36:09 PM »
Thanks Prashant garu,

I would like to hear from the people who actually had a look into this book. Thanks for your information.


General topics / Upadesa Saramu (Telugu) book
« on: November 11, 2014, 07:49:49 PM »
Dear Friends,

I see a new Telugu book titled "Upadesa Saramu (Telegu)" in ashram book store online.

There is no description about the book except the picture of the book says "Telugu Commentary on Bhagavan's writing".
Does any one saw or bought this book ? Would any one here give me more details about the book like the translator/author, whose commentary etc...


Thanks for your quick reply sir

Arunachala Shiva

Dear Subramanian,
Thanks for your reply. I stay in bangalore only. Would you please give me the devotee address if you can recollect.That would be helpful.

Arunachala Shiva

Dear Friends,
I would like to get Indian Edition of Michael James printed book Happiness and the art of being. I didn't find it in the ashram book stall during my recent visit. Does any one on the forum have it ?  I tried to called the indian publisher with the phone no given in Michael's site but didn't get any response. Pleas let me know how to get the indian edition of print book if any knows ? I have the PDF(Free to dowlnload), but i would like to have the printed book

Arunachala Shiva

General topics / Ramana Bhakta Mandali Bangalore
« on: April 13, 2013, 10:35:15 AM »
Dear members,
I would like to know about Ramana Bhakta Mandali Banglore. Does any of members here are part of it ? I just gone through their blog. I would like to know about them a bit more and things happening at the mandali. Please let me know the information you know.

Arunacahala siva

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