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   Success and failure are due to prarabdha karma, and not to
willpower or the lack of it. One should try to gain equipoise
of mind under all circumstances. That is willpower.



The fourth, ananda (bliss), is also called an obstacle, because
in that state a feeling of separation from the source of ananda,
making the enjoyer say, ‘I am enjoying ananda,’ is present.
Even this has to be surmounted, and the final stage of samadhana
or samadhi has to be reached, where one becomes ananda, or One
with the Reality, and the duality of enjoyer and enjoyment ceases
in the ocean of Satchidananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss) or the Self.


These are important for every Sadhaka's reflections Sir. thank you.



First one sees the Self as objects, then one sees the Self as
void, and then one sees the Self as the Self; only in this last
case is there no seeing because seeing is becoming.



what was once the means becomes itself the goal



We are not different from the Reality. We imagine we are different,
i.e., we create the bheda bhava (the feeling of difference) and then
undergo great sadhanas to get rid of the bheda bhava and realize
the oneness. Why imagine or create the bheda bhava and then destroy it?


General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: August 10, 2013, 12:08:16 PM »
chinna chinna kannanukku enna thaan punnagayo
chinna chinna kannanukku enna thaan punnagayo
kannirandum thaamarayo kannam minnum endhan kanna

O my sweet little one what a beautiful smile you have
Oh my little one with lotus like eyes and shining cheeks..

paal manakkum paruvathile unnai pol naan irundhen
pattadai thottilile chittu pol paduthirundhen
annaaLai ninaikkayile en vayadhu maaruthadaa
unnudan aadivara uLLame thaavuthadaa

During my infancy, I was so like you
I used to sleep like a doll in silk cot/cradle
(And)When I think of those bygone days.. I go back in time..
and my heart longs to join you in your play

oruvarin thudippinile viLaivadhu kavithayada
iruvarin thudippinile viLaivadhu mazhalayada
eerezhu mozhigaLile enna mozhi piLLai mozhi
kaLLmatra veLLai mozhi devan thandha deva mozhi

A poem is born with a beat of a heart
A child is born with when two hearts beat for each other
To which language does the baby talk belongs to?
It is an innocent language which is divine and bestowed by God

poo pondra nenjinilum muLLirukkum boomiyadaa
polladha kaNgaLadaa punnagayum veshamadaa
nandri ketta maandharadaa naanarindha paadamada
nandri ketta maandharadaa naanarindha paadamada
piLLayaai irundhu vittaal illai oru thunbamada

It is a world (or times) when there are thorns even in the heart that is like flower
The eyes can be so deceiving so as the smile ..
People are so thankless and I have learnt my lesson
If I had remained a child like you I would not have faced these problems

kannirandum thaamarayo kannam minnum endhan kanna
chinna chinna kannanukku enna thaan punnagayo

O my sweet little one what a beautiful smile you have
Oh my little one with lotus like eyes and shining cheeks..




  Our wanting mukti is a very funny thing. It is like a man
who is in the shade voluntarily leaving the shade, going into
the sun, feeling the severity of the heat, making great efforts
to get back into the shade, and then rejoicing ‘At last I have
reached the shade, how sweet is the shade!’ We are doing
exactly the same.


We are not going to create space anew. We fill up the
place with various articles. If we want space, all that we need
do is to remove all those articles and we get space.



The state we call Realization is simply being oneself,
not knowing anything or becoming anything.
If one has realized, he is That which alone is,
and which alone has always been.
He cannot describe that state.
He can only be That.


General Discussion / Re: Krishna and Rama - did they really live?
« on: August 10, 2013, 11:35:36 AM »


Arthur Osborne: Bhagavan was reclining on his couch and
I was sitting in the front row before it. He sat up, facing me,
and his narrowed eyes pierced into me, penetrating, intimate,
with an intensity I cannot describe. It was as though they said:
“You have been told; why have you not realized?”

(Fragrant Petals)

"You too must force your demand on the Divine Mother. She will come to you without fail.

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

This is truly a very important revelation, This is very essential along with all our sadhanas. Very easy way to get connected to the Bhava mandalam and plead with the Mother, who else do we have to resort to! It is only the Mother who accepts us as we are, with all our faults and kleshams complaints. Mother is the one who will fight the cause of Her child even if the child has committed a heinous offence.

Salutations to the Divine Mother

General topics / Re: Some questions about Hindu mythology
« on: August 09, 2013, 08:28:22 PM »
Somewhere Narada has played some trick :D which has resulted in such wonderful exchanges. Thanks for sharing... excellent!!!

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