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General Discussion / Re: Shirdi Sai Baba Teachings & Assurances
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:45:25 PM »


“Baba, why don’t You allow the old Haji to step into the Masjid, while so many persons freely come and go, after taking Your darshan; why not bless him once?”

Baba replied, “Shama, you are immature to understand things. If the Fakir (Allah) does not allow, what can I do? Without His grace, who will climb into the Masjid?

General Discussion / Re: Shirdi Sai Baba Teachings & Assurances
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:35:15 PM »


leave off all cleverness, and
always remember “Sai” “Sai”.
If you did that, He said, all your
shackles would be removed and
you would be free.

Self-enquiry, ‘Who am I?’ is a different technique from the meditation – ‘I am Siva’, or ‘I am He’. I rather emphasise Self-Knowledge, for you are first concerned with yourself before you proceed to know the world or its Lord. The ‘I am He’ or ‘I am Brahman’, meditation is more or less mental, but the quest for the Self of which I speak is a direct method and is superior to it. For, the moment you get into the quest for the Self and begin to go deeper, the real Self is waiting there to receive you and then whatever is to be done is done by something else and you, as an individual, have no hand in it. In this process all doubts and discussions are automatically given up, just as one who sleeps forgets all his cares for the time being.



Iruntha padikke iru

Be as you are.

Guru aruL chelutthum vazhikke sel

(In the worldly matters)
go as per the directions of the Guru.

OdukinRa neeril kiLLipotta ilayai pol iru -

Be like that bit of leaf thrown on the running waters.
Go as the waters take you; do not resist.

Dear Ramanaduliji and Sri Ravi,

Here is one from talks:

Sri Bhagavan recounts the anecdote of Parvati testing Rama. The story is as follows:

Rama and Lakshmana were wandering in the forest in search of Sita. Rama was grief-stricken. Just then Siva and Parvati happened to pass  close by. Siva saluted Rama and passed on. Parvati was surprised and asked Siva to explain why He, the Lord of the Universe, being  worshipped by all, should stop to salute Rama, an ordinary human who having missed his consort was grief-stricken and moving in anguish  in the wilderness and looking helpless. Siva then said: “Rama is simply acting as a human being would under the circumstances. He is nevertheless the incarnation of Vishnu, and deserves to be saluted. You may test him if you choose.” Parvati considered the matter, took the shape of Sita and appeared in front of Rama, as he was crying out the name of Sita in great anguish.

He looked at Parvati appearing as Sita, smiled and asked, “Why, Parvati, are you here? Where is Sambhu? Why have you taken the shape of Sita?” Parvati felt abashed and explained how she went there to test him and sought an explanation for Siva saluting him. Rama replied: “We are all only aspects of Siva, worshipping Him at sight and remembering Him out of sight.”

Rama replied: “We are all only aspects of Siva, worshipping Him at sight and remembering Him out of sight.”

Sri Vasishta teaches Rama in Vasishtam in essence what Bhagavan has said in Ulladu Naarpadu Anubandham 27:

Seeming to have enthusiasm and delight, seeming to have excitement and aversion, seeming to exercise initiative and perseverance, and yet without attachment, play, O hero, in the world. Released from all bonds of attachment and with equanimity of mind, acting outwardly in all situations in accordance with the part you have assumed, play as you please, O hero, in the world.

Bhagavan willing if come across the verse from Vasishtam, i shall post. Where Vasishta asks Rama to cry, when he has to cry, laugh when he has to laugh, ...


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: August 23, 2013, 11:36:05 AM »

"Go away! It is you who are making all this fuss. Let me go in."

General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: August 23, 2013, 11:06:49 AM »


"O Mother," he said, "worship has left me, and japa also.
Please see, Mother, that I do not become an inert thing.
Let my attitude toward God be that of the servant toward
the master. O Mother, let me talk about Thee and chant
Thy holy name. I want to sing Thy glories. Give me a little
strength of body that I may move about, that I may go to
places where Thy devotees live, and sing Thy name."



Dear Sri Anil ji,

Just saw your wonderful response. So much warmth and love, i would be doing injustice if i say thank you or something in the likes of that as it divides. what can i say? these words are not enough, our human language is so limited, afterall how much can words convey! I too share the same feelings for Sri Anil ji :) That is most eloquent that transcends words, mouna! what just remains is simply sheer bliss of expression as Sri Jnaneshwar sang.

Dear Sri Anil ji,

I would like to apoligise if there has been a misrepresentation of wt you have conveyed.

I just had to convey just one point which i hv underlined below from your post -

 Sri Bhagwan: THINK  “I, “I”,” I”,  AND  HOLLD  TO  THAT  ONE  THOUGHT  TO  THE  EXCLUSION  OF  ALL  OTHERS.Besides, dear Sri Nagaraj Ji, effort is necessary. Sri Bhagwan has taught that just as water is got by boring a well, so also one realises the Self by investigation. WE  ARE  HAZILY  AWARE  OF  THE  SELF.  AS  WE  SEE  MOISTURE  ON  THE  SURFACE,  DIG  DEEPER  AND  OBTAIN  THE  WATER,  LIKEWISE   WE  MUST  PURSUE  THE  HAZY  AWARENESS  OF  THE  SELF,  TRACE  IT  TO  SOURCE  AND  REALISE  THE  SELF.  When the effort ceases, the self shines forth. 

Thanks so much dearbsri anil ji.

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2013, 07:28:41 PM »
Thanks so much sri ravi.  :) frm mobile.

Dear Sri Anil ji,

Thanks for the opportunity. These exchanges provide food for right and uplifting contemplation. i just would like to update you that i will not be available for few days, therefore may not be able to pursue this enlightening contemplative exchanges. i however would be able to just read via mobile, if providence permits.

Thanks so much

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2013, 05:21:34 PM »
Thanks Sri Ravi, i will be following the posts from mobile for some days, as i will be out of town and therefore will be inactive.


Dear Sri Anil Ji,

Thanks for your response. I would like to share my observations below:

Although this body is lying as a speechless and breathless corpse, undoubtedly I am existing, untouched by this death! My existence is shining clearly and unobstructed! So this perishable body is not ‘I’ I am verily the immortal ‘I’ (Self))!! Of all things, I alone am the Reality! This body is subject to death; but I who transcend the body am eternally living!
An Excerpt from the Death-Experience

Who will look at what? We are the Self and the Self is that which is self-shining in the form ‘I AM THAT I AM’. Therefore, it is not appropriate to imagine our Source something other than ‘I’ or outside of ourselves, such as this Light or that Sound. Imagining and thinking thus is itself bondage. Self is the Self- Consciousness that transcends light and darkness and therefore cannot be imagined in any form or light of any kind whatever. We are the Existence-Consciousness and therefore there is nothing but ‘We’.  We verily are the Source.

Dear Sri Anil ji,

I would like to bring to our contemplation and observation, as to where was this Self Attention, holding on to 'I' in deep sleep. As we know deep sleep is absolutely devoid of anything.

Therefore, Dear Sri Anil, what is just present in the waking state is not the end in all. Therefore, This feeling of 'I' consciousness that we hold on to during the waking state is nothing but the arisen mind, it is therefore of our best interest to not conclude that that this feeling of 'I' consciousness shines in the form of 'I AM THE I AM'

As Bhagavan has said that waking state is merely a longer dream state, therefore, the 'I' that is felt here ought not to be concluded as the end all. Therefore the source of this ought to be looked at at all times, and not holding at this feeling of 'I' conscioousness, but its source.

Looking at the source of 'I' consciousnessm  --> looking infers to put attention on the source of this 'I' feeling rather putting the attention on this 'I' feeling. This i am able to clearly conclude is not an imagination, but rather is very clear is what i have understood from the teachings of Bhagavan.

On one hand assuming holding on this 'I' feeling as observed by you, this holding on to 'I' consciousness has to continue even in deep sleep. Does it continue? If it does, then this discernment is appropriate and on line with the teachings of Bhagavan, as i humbly feel.

A devotte asked Bhagavan in Day by Day:

“They say that jivanmuktas are always having brahmakara vritti. Would they be having it during sleep? If they have it, then who is it that sleeps in their case?”

Answer: “Of course, the jivanmuktas are having brahmakara vritti always, even during sleep. The real answer to the last question and the whole set of questions is that the jnani has neither the waking, dreaming, or sleeping avasthas, but only the turiya state. It is the jnani that sleeps. But he sleeps without sleeping or is awake while sleeping.”

Therefore, This holding on to the 'I' feeling is merely holding on fast on the 'ego' it is not the pure Self and it would be incorrect to assume this feeling of 'I' consciousness as shining as 'I AM THE I AM'

These are all the modifications of mind in the waking state. It is, therefore, prudent i humbly assume to put all attention on the source of this feeling of 'I' consciousness, or we can even say the throb of 'I' - ness.

Having got this clear knowledge of 'I' feeling which we are able to hold on to, is as Bhagavan said, is Brahmakara Vritti.

The yogis call it Kundalini Sakti. It is the same as vritti 1 of the form of God (Bhagavatakara vritti) of the bhaktas and vritti of the form of Brahman (Brahmakara vritti) of the jnanis. It must be preliminary to Realisation. (Talks)

The Brahma akara vritti helps to turn the mind away from other thoughts. (Talks)

i humbly felt, this 'I' feeling is still an arisen state of self, termed as mind or ego, which by holding on to with great zeal is arresting of arising mind but is not to be confused to be the only thing to be done. But diverting our complete attention to the source of this feeling 'I' is what, i have humbly understood from the wonderful teachings on Bhagavan.

I would like to conclude here again by bringing our focus on deep sleep, this feeling of 'I' is not found in deep sleep to hold on to. Who is it that is striving to hold on to this feeling of the 'I' consciousness. That source is what we ought to put our attention on and not this feeling of 'I' consciousness.

Which as i expressed in my previous posts, would also mean that we would go on for ever merely holding on to this 'I' feeling ignoring the source of this feeling. Therefore Dear Sri Anil ji, i am still convinced to stick to the observation that

Superior to holding on to the 'I' thought or the 'I' consciousness, is looking at the source of this holding on/clinging on to the 'I'

Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity.


General Discussion / Re: Krishna and Rama - did they really live?
« on: August 11, 2013, 12:50:52 PM »
Is it true that in some Versions of the Ramayana Rama is not an Avatar of Vishnu but an exemplary human being?

Dear Jyothi,

Such an exemplary human being is the real 'Being' which is God.

Was't Jesus an exemplary human being too?

Jesus and Rama are the same.

Hope this anaogy helps.

General Discussion / Re: Krishna and Rama - did they really live?
« on: August 11, 2013, 12:24:08 PM »
Just musings...

To be a perfectly ordinary human being is the highest avatara. It is equivillent to being the God.

What is big or small what is great or ordinary. Is there truly a difference between God and us, a irdinary human being as we seem to see????



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