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All efforts are directed to destroying doubt and confusion. To do so
their roots must be cut. Their roots are the samskaras. These are
rendered ineffective by practice as prescribed by the Guru.
The Guru leaves it to the seeker to do this much so that
he might himself find out that there is no ignorance.




                                        See what the Self is.


  A person begins with dissatisfaction. Not content with the world he
seeks satisfaction of desires by prayers to God; his mind is purified;
he longs to know God more than to satisfy his carnal desires. Then
God’s Grace begins to manifest. God takes the form of a Guru and
appears to the devotee; teaches him the Truth; purifies the mind by his
teachings and contact; the mind gains strength, is able to turn inward;
with meditation it is purified yet further, and eventually remains still
without the least ripple. That stillness is the Self. The Guru is both
exterior and interior. From the exterior he gives a push to the mind
to turn inward; from the interior he pulls the mind towards the Self
and helps the mind to achieve quietness. That is Grace.


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: August 29, 2013, 07:03:40 PM »
Stray thoughts...

The self can never be not-known. It is ever known, it cannot be not known! We just need to carefully and attentively see it, know it well, so that we do not lose a grip of it. Once known clearly, then even if it has to be forgotten it cannot be forgotten. The mind cannot rise to trouble, it has to automatically give up, as it realises its shallow nature and simply gives way to that which is.



The search for Atman is to know
that which is really Atman.



There must be one to know your mind.
That is the Truth always present
which is to be realised.



Do you take a light to find yourself?



Being That, what do you want to know?




No aids are needed to
know one’s own Self

We should have a dedicated place for our spiritual practices. Such a place is sanctified by our tapas, by our presence. What we fill this place purely depends on our selves. If we fill this place with pure satvic energies, so does the place emanate the same vibrations. If we fill the place with tams or rajas, so does the place emanate the same.

Which is why, our ancestors had highest acharam roughly 'cleanliness' - best practices.

Wash your limbs face before you enter this place.
Regular timely prayers,
Lighting camphor, incense sticks
Offering food to God.
Converse with God.


Arunachala / Re: Power of Arunachala-kshetra
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:42:06 AM »

Arunachala Panchamukha Darshanam

The five aspects of Shiva represent:

Ishana - Skyward Face:
The word Ishvara is form the root “Aisha – Aishwarye”. Total wealth means the total control and ownership of all the fourteen worlds. Such form of Shiva, who is the total owner of the fourteen worlds, is called as Ishana. This face is skywards. Which means it is on top of the other four faces which face the four directions. This fifth face of Shiva represents the creation; balance, annihilation energies and control and chaos energies. It is represented by pure crystal and signifies the top.

Tatpurasha - East Face:
The word “Tat” represents Paramatma. Tatpurusha means Saguna filled Para Brahma form. This represents the form of Shiva that is in meditation and Blessing the world. Hence this eastern face is considered as the first face. The word “Tatpurusha” means “his person”. One who is always behind a person to protect is Tatpurusha. It is represented by yellow and signifies the face.

Vama Deva – North Face:
The term Vama means Left or innocent. If we stand facing east, the north is to our left. Hence the north facing Shiva is worshipped as “Vaama Deva”. The left of a person is representative of the Shakti aspect. It represents “Maya and the feminine strength and beauty”, Hence in Ardha Nareeshwara aspect, we find the goddess on the left side. Represented by red and signifies the navel.

Sadyojata - West Face:
West is called as “Paschima or Pratyak”. The soul is called as “Pratyagaatma”. “Sadyaha” which means just now and “Jataha” means now born. Shiva makes his presence felt through the countless souls being born. Hence the apt name “Sadyosata”. This shows the creative aspect of Parameshvara. Since the very existence of any being starts from its birth, the Sadyosata aspect of Lord Shiva is prayed first. Represented by white and signifies the foot.

Aghora - South Face:
If we stand facing east, south is our right. Hence right side is called as “Bala”. As important as right hand is for humans, the South face is important to Lord Shiva. This is also famously known as “Dakshina Murthy”. Those who worshipped the Aghora form of Shiva were called as “Aghoris”. Aghoris generally live in graveyards and are naked, use things which the world has branded as “inauspicious”, and perform harsh penance; because their main belief is that there is no such thing called “inauspicious” in the world because all that exists if Shiva himself. Represented by black and signifies the heart.



I feel, we should not think much about these issues, we have to allow our nature to prevail. Our only duty is to continue with our sadhana. If mosquitoes bites and goes, just relieve the itch by a gentle scratch :D !!

Simple solution, light an incense stick and sit for meditation. if you have noticed, seldom we find mosquitoes in Puja Room that has been used daily to worship God with prayers, camphor, incense sticks. The potent of our prayers linger in the air and the vibrations too linger in the atmosphere in the Puja room. There seldom any mosquitoes are found.

Perseverance is the key to every problem that we may encounter. By increase in our Tapas, regular worship, meditation, no being will disturb us.


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:32:36 AM »
Sri Ravi, thanks for such wonderful accounts of your visit.
Bhagavan willing one day i would like to visit Anandashram.

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: August 28, 2013, 06:45:28 PM »
அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா
என் மனம் மிக அலை பாயுதே
உன் ஆனந்த மோஹன வேணுகானமதில்

alai pAyudE kaNNA en manam migha alai pAyudE
un Ananda mOhana vEnugAnamadil

நிலை பெயராது சிலை போலவே நின்று
மிக விநோதமான முரளிதரா
என் மனம் அலை பாயுதே

nilai peyarAdu shilai pOlavE ninra
nEramAvadariyAmalE migha vinOdamAna muralIdharA
en manam (alai)

தெளிந்த நிலவு பட்டப் பகல் போல் எரியுதே
திக்கு நோக்கி என்னிரு புருவம் நெரியுதே
கனிந்த உன் வேணுகானம் காற்றில் வருகுதே
கண்கள் சொருகி ஒரு விதமாய் வருகுதே!

teLinda nilavu paTTappaghal pOl eriyudE
un dikkai nOkki enniru puruvam neriyudE
kaninda un vENugAnam kATril varugudE
kaNgaL shorugi oru vidham varugudE

தனித்த மனத்தில் உருக்கி பதத்தை
எனக்கு அளித்து மகிழ்த்த வா
ஒரு தனித்த வனத்தில் அணைத்து எனக்கு
உணர்ச்சி கொடுத்து முகிழ்த்தவா!
கணைகடல் அலையினில் கதிரவன் ஒளியென
இணையிரு கழல் எனக்களித்தவா!
கதறி மனமுருகி நான் அழைக்கவா
இதர மாதருடன் நீ களிக்கவோ
இது தகுமோ? இது முறையோ?
இது தருமம் தானோ?
குழல் ஊதிடும் பொழுது ஆடிடிடும்
குழைகள் போலவே
மனது வேதனை மிகவோடு

kaditta manattil urutti padattai
enakku aLittu magizhtta vA
oru tanitta vanattil aNaittu enakku
uNarcci koDuTTu mugizhtta vA
kalai kaDal alaiyinil kadiravan oLiyena
iNaiyiru kazhal-enakkaLittavA
kadari manamuruga nAn azhaikkavO
idara mAdaruDan nI kaLikkavO
idu taghumO idu muraiyO
idu dharumam tAnO
kuzhal UdiDum pozhudu AdiDum
kuzhaigaL pOlavE
manadu vEdanai mighavODu



My mind is all aflutter, Oh Krishna,
listening to the joyous,
enchanting music of your flute,
My mind is all aflutter!


Transfixed, I stood there like a statue,
oblivious of even the passage of time,
hey, mysterious flautist!


In this clear moonlight (that makes a day of the night),
I strain my eyebrows hard and look in your direction,
the mellow tunes of your flute come floating in the breeze...
my eyes feel drowsy and a new feeling sweeps my being

Come! Mould my tender heart, make it full and fill me with joy!
Come! take me to a lonely grove and fill me with the emotions
of ecstatic union!

You are the one who danced and made merry on the sun-bathed
waves of the ocean! Am I to go on pleading for you with melting heart,
While you are enjoying yourself with other women? Is it right?
Is it proper? Is it what dharma is? My heart dances even like your
eardrops do when you blissfully play the flute! (My sad heart is all aflutter)

(OotukkaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar)

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: August 28, 2013, 06:05:24 PM »


भज रे यदुनाथं मानस भज रे यदुनाथम्

bhaja re yadunāthaṁ mānasa bhaja re yadunātham

Oh mind, chant the name of Krishna the lord of Yadavas.


गोपकिशोरं-अद्भुतलीलम्  (भज रे)

gopakiśoraṁ-adbhutalīlam  (bhaja re)

He is delightful in the company of Gopikas.
He exhibited many leelas(divine sports)
astoundingly to the shepherd boys.

कपट-नाट्य-कृत कुत्सित-वेषम् (भज रे)

kapaṭa-nāṭya-kṛta kutsita-veṣam (bhaja re)

He appeared in the disguise of an ordinary human.
His inumerable acts in various forms are dramatic.

प्रणव-पयोधर प्रणव-स्वरूपम्  (भज रे)

praṇava-payodhara praṇava-svarūpam  (bhaja re)

He is the embodiment of the true nature of the hearts of
supreme Yogis. He is the embodiment of Omkara.
He is Pranava himself like water-bearing cloud.

(Sadasiva Brahmendral)


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