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General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: March 16, 2014, 07:08:59 AM »

Experience the Lord in the company
of other devotee

Singing the glory of Him
Who split the bird's bill and kill'd
And Him who pluck'd the wicked
        demon as a weed;
Girlies all reach'd the site of deity;
Venus ascended and Jupiter, had
        slept sunk;
Birds too clanged behold, belle gild:
Thy eye, is a la flower or deer flirting?
Yet asleep in bed,
Enjoin to dip and shiver in bath cold;
Shed off thy stealth untold
This day is auspicious, consider
        our damsel..

We have come singing in praise of
the bravery of the Lord, who ripped
apart the Asura (Bakasura) who came
in the form of a bird (crane) and the lord,
who destroyed the Ravana as if it were
child's play and now we have entered the
designated place to perform our vows.
The Venus has now risen and the Jupiter
has already set. Birds have started to
move in flocks in search of food .
Oh Young and naturally beautiful girl
with charming eyes resembling a flower
and that of a doe's, don't try to enjoy
Krishna all alone by yourself and it is
such a surpirse that you are sleeping in
the bed instead of joining us to take a
dip in the cold waters .

(Verse 13)

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: March 13, 2014, 07:12:41 AM »


Oh Younger sister of the rich cowherd ,
whose house is rendered muddy and slushy by
the profuse milk flowing from the udders of the
(unmilked) She-buffalo, who thinks of her calf ,
and with great affection spots out abundant milk!
Even when we have come all the way to the entrance
of your house , unmindful of the heavy dew-fall on
our head , and even when we sing (in chorus) to our
heart's content , the glory of the dear Lord (viz).,
RaamA , who has slain angrily the emperor of LankA
in the south , nevertheless, you do not respond to us
at all and have not opened your mouth . Atleast ,
kindly get up now ! Why do you prolong your sleep?
People in all other houses have already woken up .

(Verse 12)

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: March 11, 2014, 10:46:10 AM »


Oh Golden Creeper of a girl (the scion among the
maidens of this group)! You are a jewel among the
cowherds, who are:

(1) master craftsmen in the milking of ever so many groups
of young milch cows (at a stretch)

(2) skillful in warfare, namely, very much able to go against
and destroy their (strong) opponents and routing their
strength and

(3) thoroughly blemishless! Oh Charming peacock-like (beautiful)
damsel with the hips resembling the hood of a cobra! May You come
(and join our fold). When we - Your kinswomen and friends - have
come and entered the open front yard (without roof ) of Your house,
and when we are singing (in chorus) the names of the Lord of dark
cloud-like hue, what are you fast asleep for, without even moving or
giving any response, Oh rich and young girl ?

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 07, 2014, 09:07:14 PM »
Realisation, looking at Self, Being Self, and all the wonderful terms that are so often used is not a dry abidance. That is full of life force, that is tremendously connected with everything as One.

Gregory of Nyssa, a 4th century christian saint expressed it very beautifully:

When I see every hill top, every valley, every plain covered with fresh sprung grass, and then the various array of the trees, and at my feet the lilies, doubly furnished by nature, both with pleasant and with beauty of colour; where in the distance I behold the sea, to which the wondering cloud leads the way, my mind is siezed by a melancholy which is not without happiness; and and when in autumn the fruits disappear, the leaves fall and the boughs are left bare, we are absorbed in the thought of the eternal and continously recurring change in the accord of the marvellous forces of nature. Whoever apprehends this with this intelligent eyes of the soul, feels the littleness of man compared with the greatness of the universe.

What do we imagine, Sri Bhagavan was looking at Arunachala in stillness, is not something that is empty, dry, samadhi, it is an awe, in the Ashtakam he sings with great spirit:

Look, there it stands as if insentient. Mysterious is the way
it works, beyond all human understanding. From my
unthinking childhood, the immensity of Arunachala had
shone in my awareness....

We usually get so bogged with our own small spiritual world, while the universe is bubbling with life force, magnitude personified in various forms. If our spirituality doesn't give rise to this awareness of the greatness of universe, if it doesn't connect us with the massiveness of the universe, in its myriad forms, then we are on a wrong path.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 07, 2014, 07:41:23 PM »
Really what did we all deserve to be acquainted with these fellows -

and their mother, Mother nature!

Dear Silentgreen, Sri Ravi, absolutely, the Sun and Nature are the visible manifestation of God! nothing consoles better than the nature, the gentle caressing touch of the Mother in the form of the air, gentle breeze, the soul touching sounds of the leaves moving with the breeze, the moving clouds watching us, the touch of the cool water. She feeds us with her milk of fruits and vegetables, she gives us water, the green mother, is ever near us, plays with us, speaks and blessing constantly, if only we are able to feel it.

How can we ever be thankful enough? Let us ever ever be indebted to the Mother.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 07, 2014, 07:30:39 AM »
Dear Silentgreen

your name always reminds me of nature, lustrous greenery. The very first name of Goddess of Prosperity, Mother Lakshmi is Prakruti. The colour She likes the most is Green :-)

i did notice the changes in the last few posts, but did not quite see it deliberately, as Sometimes it is difficult to understand the conversations between them :D .

But then, it flowed out yesterday :-)

Remembering the Mother, a lover of nature, Green colour today, auspicious one, the day Bheeshma waited to discard his body, also happens to be Madhvacharya's Jayanti too


General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: February 07, 2014, 07:19:28 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

Master TGN's expressions really a treat, as a tamizh lover, surely can sense the blood of Mahakavi, and the insights that are gained by the various interpretations of tamizh words are really so wonderful for the heart, even though i am just a layman in reading and understanding tamizh. Had i, even more proficiency in tamizh, i would have loved to read aplenty but am content with what little juice i get as they are filled as much as more.

Good day to one and all


Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 06, 2014, 11:07:33 AM »
I am reminded this incident -

Sri Sadaasiva Brahmendral was an exalted Jivanmukta. People around him who watched his behaviors thought that he was insane. They proceeded to his guru and reported, "Your disciple has gone mad". To this, the guru replied with grief:

उन्मत्तवत् सञ्चरतीह शिष्यस्तवेति लोकस्य वचांसि शृण्वन् ।
खिद्यन्नुवाचास्य गुरुः पुराहो उन्मत्तता मे नहि तादृशीति ॥

unmattavat  sancaratIha shiShyastavEti lOkasya vacAmsi shRuNvan .
khidyannuvAcAsya guruh purAhO unmattatA mE nahi tAdRushIti ..

I am only wondering when I can also attain that state. Even though I call myself his guru, I am yet to attain that state. He is a great soul." So exalted was the state of Sri Sadaasiva Brahmendral in which he was absorbed, Likewise, the Gopika girl was totally engrossed in her mental chanting. Reciting the divine names is a form of devotion.

:D wonder if something likewise is transpiring here :D


Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:58:45 AM »
sometimes it appears the roles of cguru and d are interchanged :D

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: February 06, 2014, 06:33:16 AM »

(excellent characteristics of good Sri Vaishnavas)

Oh girl, who observes vows and reaches heaven,
why is that you are not responding to our calls to
open the door? The Lord, who has a fragrant head
gear made of tulsi, whose glory is being sung by us
year after year, who gives us the much desired service
to Him by our vows, who is an embodiment of truth,
who made Kumbagarna fell into the mouth of death.
Have you defeated that Kumbakarnan who in turn
passed on his sleepy nature to you? Oh sleeping
beauty, who is adorned with glittering ornaments
please come and open the door.

(Verse 10)

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:33:03 AM »

॥ आदित्यहृदयम्॥

ततो युद्धपरिश्रान्तं समरे चिन्तया स्थितम्।
रावणं चाग्रतो दृष्ट्वा युद्धाय समुपस्थितम्॥ १॥

दैवतैश्च समागम्य द्रष्टुमभ्यागतो रणम्।
उपागम्याब्रवीद्राममगस्त्यो भगवान् ऋषिः॥ २॥

राम राम महाबाहो शृणु गुह्यं सनातनम्।
येन सर्वानरीन् वत्स समरे विजयिष्यसि॥ ३॥

आदित्यहृदयं पुण्यं सर्वशत्रुविनाशनम्।
जयावहं जपेन्नित्यम् अक्षय्यं परमं शिवम्॥ ४॥

सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्यं सर्वपापप्रणाशनम्।
चिन्ताशोकप्रशमनम् आयुर्वर्धनमुत्तमम्॥ ५॥

रश्मिमंतं समुद्यन्तं देवासुरनमस्कृतम्।
पूजयस्व विवस्वन्तं भास्करं भुवनेश्वरम्॥ ६॥

सर्वदेवात्मको ह्येष तेजस्वी रश्मिभावनः।
एष देवासुरगणाँल्लोकान् पाति गभस्तिभिः॥ ७॥

एष ब्रह्मा च विष्णुश्च शिवः स्कन्दः प्रजापतिः।
महेन्द्रो धनदः कालो यमः सोमो ह्यपां पतिः॥ ८॥

पितरो वसवः साध्या ह्यश्विनौ मरुतो मनुः।
वायुर्वह्निः प्रजाप्राण ऋतुकर्ता प्रभाकरः॥ ९॥

आदित्यः सविता सूर्यः खगः पूषा गभस्तिमान्।
सुवर्णसदृशो भानुर्हिरण्यरेता दिवाकरः॥ १०॥

हरिदश्वः सहस्रार्चिः सप्तसप्तिर्मरीचिमान्।
तिमिरोन्मथनः शम्भुस्त्वष्टा मार्ताण्ड अंशुमान्॥ ११॥

हिरण्यगर्भः शिशिरस्तपनो भास्करो रविः।
अग्निगर्भोऽदितेः पुत्रः शङ्खः शिशिरनाशनः॥ १२॥

व्योमनाथस्तमोभेदी ऋग्यजुःसामपारगः।
घनवृष्टिरपां मित्रो विन्ध्यवीथीप्लवङ्गमः॥ १३॥

आतपी मण्डली मृत्युः पिङ्गलः सर्वतापनः।
कविर्विश्वो महातेजाः रक्तः सर्वभवोद्भवः॥ १४॥

नक्षत्रग्रहताराणामधिपो विश्वभावनः।
तेजसामपि तेजस्वी द्वादशात्मन् नमोऽस्तु ते॥ १५॥

नमः पूर्वाय गिरये पश्चिमायाद्रये नमः।
ज्योतिर्गणानां पतये दिनाधिपतये नमः॥ १६॥

जयाय जयभद्राय हर्यश्वाय नमो नमः।
नमो नमः सहस्रांशो आदित्याय नमो नमः॥ १७॥

नम उग्राय वीराय सारङ्गाय नमो नमः।
नमः पद्मप्रबोधाय मार्ताण्डाय नमो नमः॥ १८॥

ब्रह्मेशानाच्युतेशाय सूर्यायादित्यवर्चसे।
भास्वते सर्वभक्षाय रौद्राय वपुषे नमः॥ १९॥

तमोघ्नाय हिमघ्नाय शत्रुघ्नायामितात्मने।
कृतघ्नघ्नाय देवाय ज्योतिषां पतये नमः॥ २०॥

तप्तचामीकराभाय वह्नये विश्वकर्मणे।
नमस्तमोऽभिनिघ्नाय रुचये लोकसाक्षिणे॥ २१॥

नाशयत्येष वै भूतं तदेव सृजति प्रभुः।
पायत्येष तपत्येष वर्षत्येष गभस्तिभिः॥ २२॥

एष सुप्तेषु जागर्ति भूतेषु परिनिष्ठितः।
एष एवाग्निहोत्रं च फलं चैवाग्निहोत्रिणाम्॥ २३॥

वेदाश्च क्रतवश्चैव क्रतूनां फलमेव च।
यानि कृत्यानि लोकेषु सर्व एष रविः प्रभुः॥ २४॥

॥ फलश्रुतिः॥

एनमापत्सु कृच्छ्रेषु कान्तारेषु भयेषु च।
कीर्तयन् पुरुषः कश्चिन्नावसीदति राघव॥ २५॥

पूजयस्वैनमेकाग्रो देवदेवं जगत्पतिम्।
एतत् त्रिगुणितं जप्त्वा युद्धेषु विजयिष्यसि॥ २६॥

अस्मिन् क्षणे महाबाहो रावणं त्वं वधिष्यसि।
एवमुक्त्वा तदागस्त्यो जगाम च यथागतम्॥ २७॥

एतच्छ्रुत्वा महातेजा नष्टशोकोऽभवत्तदा।
धारयामास सुप्रीतो राघवः प्रयतात्मवान्॥ २८॥

आदित्यं प्रेक्ष्य जप्त्वा तु परं हर्षमवाप्तवान्।
त्रिराचम्य शुचिर्भूत्वा धनुरादाय वीर्यवान्॥ २९॥

रावणं प्रेक्ष्य हृष्टात्मा युद्धाय समुपागमत्।
सर्वयत्नेन महता वधे तस्य धृतोऽभवत्॥ ३०॥

अथ रविरवदन्निरीक्ष्य रामं
मुदितमनाः परमं प्रहृष्यमाणः।
निशिचरपतिसंक्षयं विदित्वा
सुरगणमध्यगतो वचस्त्वरेति॥ ३१॥

॥ इति आदित्यहृदयम् मन्त्रस्य॥

             Aditya Hrudayam

Tato yuddhaparishraantam samare chintayaa sthitam.
raavanam chaagrato dr.ushtva yuddhaaya samupasthitam.1
Rama, exhausted and about to face Ravana ready for
a fresh battle was lost deep in contemplation.

Daivataishcha samaagamya drashhtumabhyaagato ranam
upaagamyaa braviidraama magastyo bhagavaan rishhi. 2
The all knowing sage Agastya who had joined the
Gods to witness the battle spoke to Rama thus

Raama Raama mahaabaaho shrnu guhyam sanaatanam
yena sarvaanariinvatsa samare vijayishhyasi. 3
Oh Rama, mighty-armed Rama, listen to this eternal secret,
which will help you destroy all your enemies in battle

Aaditya hrudayam punyam sarva shatru vinaashanam
Jayaavaham japennityam akshayyam paramam shivam. 4
This holy hymn dedicated to the Sun deity will result in
destroying all enemies and bring you victory and never ending supreme bliss.

Sarvamangalamaangalyam sarvapaapapranaashanam.
Chintaashokaprashamanam aayurvardhanamuttama. 5
This hymn is supreme and is a guarantee of complete prosperity
and is the destroyer of sin, anxiety, anguish and is the bestower of longevity.

Rashmimantam samudyantam devaasuranamaskrutam.
Puujayasva vivasvantam bhaaskaram bhuvaneshvaram. 6
Worship the One, possessed of rays when he has completely risen,
held in reverence by the devas and asuras, and who is the Lord of the
universe by whose efflugence all else brighten.

Sarvadevaatmako hyeshha tejasvii rashmibhaavanah.
Eshha devaasuraganaa.nllokaan paati gabhastibh. 7
He indeed represent the totality of all celestial beings.
He is self-luminous and sustains all with his rays. He nourishes and
energizes the inhabitants of all the worlds and the race of Devas and Asuras.

Eshhah brahmaa cha vishhnushcha shivah skandah prajaapati.
Mahendro dhanadah kaalo yamah somo hyapaam pati. 8
He is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Prajapati.
He is also Mahendra, kubera, kala, yama, soma and varuna.

Pitaro vasavah saadhyaa hyashvinau maruto manuh.
Vaayurvahnih prajaapraana ritukartaa prabhaakarah. 9
He is the pitrs, vasus, sadhyas, aswini devas, maruts,
manu, vayu, agni, prana and, being the source of all energy and light,
is the maker of all the six seasons.

Aadityah savitaa suuryah khagah puushhaa gabhastimaan.
Suvarnasadrsho bhaanu rvishvaretaa divaakarah. 10
He is the son of Aditi, creator of the universe, inspirer of action,
transverser of the heavens. He is the sustainer, illumination of all directions,
the golden hued brilliance and is the maker of the day.

Haridashvah sahasraarchih saptasaptirmariichimaan.
Timironmathanah shambhustvashhtaa maartandam anshumaan. 11
He is the Omnipresent One who pervades all with countless rays.
He is the power behind the seven sense organs, the dispeller
of darkness, bestower of happiness and prosperity, the remover of
misfortunes and is the infuser of life.

Hiranyagarbhah shishirastapano bhaaskaro ravihi
Agnigarbhoaditeh putrah shankha shishiranaashanah. 12
He is the primordial being manifesting as the Trinity. He ushers
in the Day and is the teacher (of Hiranyagarbha), the fire-wombed,
the son of Aditi, and has a vast and supreme felicity.
He is the remover of intellectual dull-headedness.

Vyomanaatha stamobhedii rig yajuh saama paaragah.
Ghana vrishhti rapaam mitro vindhya viithii plavangama... 13
He is the Lord of the firmament, dispeller of darkness. Master of all the
vedas, he is a friend of the waters and causes rain. HE has
crossed the vindya range and sports in the Brahma Nadi.

Aatapii mandalii mrityuh pingalah sarvataapanah.
Kavirvishvo mahaatejaa raktah ssarva bhavod hbhava. 14
He, whose form is circular and is colored yellow, is intensely absorbed
and inflicts death. He is the destroyer of all and is the Omniscient
one being exceedingly energetic sustains the universe and all action.

Nakshatra grahataaraanaam adhipo vishva bhaavanah.
Tejasaamapi tejasvii dvaadashaatman namostute 15
He is the lord of stars, planets and all constellations. He is the origin of
everything in the universe and is the cause of the lustre of even the
brilliant ones. Salutations to Thee who is the One being manifest
in the twelve forms of the Sun.

Namah puurvaaya giraye pashchimaayaadraye namah.
Jyotirganaanaam pataye dinadhipataye nama. 16
Salutations to the Eastern and western mountain, Salutations to the
Lord of the stellar bodies and the Lord of the Day.

Jayaaya jayabhadraaya haryashvaaya namo namah.
Namo namah sahasraansha aadityaaya namo nama. 17
Salutations to the One who ordains victory and the prosperity that follows.
Salutations to the one possessed of yellow steeds and to
the thousand rayed Lord, and to Aditya.

Namah ugraaya viiraaya saarangaaya namo namah.
Namah padma prabodhaaya maartandaaya namo nama. 18
Salutations to the Terrible one, the hero, the one that travels fast.
Salutations to the one whose emergence makes the lotus blossom
and to the fierce and omnipotent one.

Brahmeshaana achyuteshaaya suuryaayaadityavarchase.
Bhaasvate sarvabhakshaaya raudraaya vapushhe nama. 19
Salutations to the Lord of Brahma, shiva and Achyuta, salutations
to the powerful and to the effulgence in the Sun that is both the
illuminator and devourer of all and is of a form that is fierce like Rudra.

Tamoghnaaya himagnaaya shatrughnaaya amitaatmane.
Kritaghnaghnaaya devaaya jyotishhaam pataye nama. 20
Salutations to he transcendental atman that dispels darkness,
drives away all fear, and destroys all foes. Salutations also to the annihilator
of the ungrateful and to the Lord of all the stellar bodies.

Tapta chaamiika raabhaaya haraye vishvakarmane. Namastamo.
abhinighnaaya ravaye lokasaakshine 21
Salutations to the Lord shining like molten gold, to the transcendental fire,
the fire of supreme knowledge, the architect of the universe, destroyer
of darkness and salutations again to the effulgence that is the Cosmic witness.

Naashayatyeshha vai bhuutam tadeva srijati prabhuuH.
Paayatyeshha tapatyeshha varshhatyeshha gabhastibhi. 22
Salutations to the Lord who destroys everything and creates them again.
Salutations to Him who by His rays consumes the waters, heats them
up and sends them down as rain.

Eshha supteshhu jaagarti bhuuteshhu parinishhthitah.
Eshha evaagnihotramcha phalam chaivaagnihotrinaam. 23
Salutations to the Lord who abides in the heart of all beings keeping awake
when they are asleep. He is both the sacrificial fire and the fruit
enjoyed by the worshippers.

Vedaashcha kratavashchaiva kratuunaam phalameva cha.
Yaani krityaani lokeshhu sarva eshha ravih prabhu. 24
The Sun is verily the Lord of all action in this universe. He is verily the vedas,
the sacrifices mentioned in them and the fruits obtained by
performing the sacrifices.

Phala stuti

Enamaapatsu krichchhreshhu kaantaareshhu bhayeshhu cha.
kiirttayanh purushhah kashchin naavasiidati raaghav. 25
Raghava, one who recites this hymn in times of danger, during an affliction
or when lost in the wilderness and having fear, he will not
lose heart (and become brave).

Puujayasvainamekaagro devadevam jagathpatimh.
Etat.h trigunitam japtvaa yuddheshhu vijayishhyas. 26
Raghava, worship this Lord of all Gods and the Universe with one-pointed
devotion. Recite this hymn thrice and you will win this battle.

Asminkshane mahaabaaho raavanam tvam vadhishhyasi.
Evamuktavaa tadaa.agastyo jagaama cha yathaagatam. 27
O mighty armed one, you shall truimph over Ravana this very moment.
Having spoken this, Agastya returned his original place. Raghava
became free from worry after hearing this.

Etachchhritvaa mahaatejaa nashhtashoko abhavattadaa.
Dhaarayaamaasa supriito raaghavah prayataatmavaan. 28
He was greatly pleased and became brave and energetic.

Aaadityam prekshya japtvaa tu param harshhamavaaptavaanh.
Triraachamya shuchirbhuutvaa dhanuraadaaya viiryavaan. 29
Gazing at the sun with devotion, He recited this hymn
thrice and experienced bliss.

Rraavanam prekshya hrushhtaatmaa yuddhaaya samupaagamath.
Sarva yatnena mahataa vadhe tasya dhritoabhavat. 30
Purifying Himself by sipping water thrice, He took up His bow
with His mighty arms. Seeing Ravana coming to fight, He put
forth all his effort with a determination to destroy Ravana.

Atha ravi ravadanam nirikshyam raama Muditamanaah paramam prahrishhyamaanah.
Nishicharapatisa nkshayam viditvaa Suragan amadhyagato vachastvaret. 31
Then knowing that the destruction of the lord of prowlers at night (Ravana)
was near, Aditya, who was at the center of the assembly of the Gods,
looked at Rama and exclaimed 'Hurry up' with great delight.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 03, 2014, 09:08:31 AM »
Stray thoughts...

The Lord yearns for his beloved devotees that he suffers Himself to enjoin Himself wherever that Jivatma may be just like Lord Rama yearned for Sita went to Lanka, just like Krishna yearned for Radha would always be in her remembrance.

The Lord is so gracious that he becomes Himself a Jivatma and makes the Jivatma, a Paramatma in order to simply undergo the same yearning as His beloved devotee.


Dear Krishnan, some thoughts...

From your post, it appears to me, to relieve yourself from a thorn that has pricked you in your foot, you are wanting to remove the entire foot itself. Like that, the real problem or question may be much simpler than what it is being made to be, and when the question is thus generalised, it will be of little help not serving the very purpose at all. No quotes of Gurus and words of Lord may be of real help then.

I would like to ask you to really find out, what and where the real problem is. What your real question is. For all which, we need to go deep and see where the trouble begins, what instigates this friction within. Perhaps being unable to discern this very point, we tend to ask bigger generalised question(s), which seldom attend to the real issues.

What do you (I) want really?

Otherwise, if you are surrendered to your Sadhana, dilute these questions into your Sadhana what ever you may be doing, japa, dhyana, etc. into the fire of your sadhana. Then you don't even need answers, knowing well that all happens right in the will of God.

To be happy is to be clear.


General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: February 01, 2014, 10:05:58 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

it reminded me the following:

From Bible, Matthew -

"Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you, for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others. Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye? How dare you say to your brother, "Please, let me take that speck out of your eye,' when you have a log in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

Also, it is a matter of fact that Gods creation is his doings are always perfect, only it appears faulty from our vision camouflaged with self interest and strong views and opinions of good and bad.

in the word of Satya Sai Baba -

"All the plans of God are meant only for the welfare of others. God always does only good, which may appear to be bad to some people. The mistake lies in their vision, not in God’s creation. Whatever God does, it is always meant to help you and develop your sacredness."

Somewhere, Swami Vivekananda has quoted the following (appx) -

"Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself' Why? because, Thy neighbor is yourself. By hurting your neighbor, you are hurting yourself, by loving your neighbor, you are loving yourself. By seeing God in your neighbor, you are seeing God in yourself! You are God, Aatma, Chaitanya, You are that Self."

Sringeri Swamigal, Sri Bharathi Theertha quoted in one of his Anugraha Bhashanam -

If your concience concludes that "I have not erred today in any sense," only such a day is well-spent. When such days increase in number, it is indicative of the extent of purity of the mind."

Everyone commits a mistake some time of other. Hence once with immense power must have patience."


Ashrams / Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:55:18 AM »
Dear Krishnan,

Your post recollecting your visit produced a smile in my face of happiness :)

it was nice.

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