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Dear Udai

I picked this verse  from one of Sri Ramana Maharshi's books itself. Actually till date there is no single book published on Yoga Vasishta with Sanskrit and English translation. One some Mitra translated the entire Vasishtam in english (without Devanagari) in early 19th century but it is out of publication for many years now and is not available. What we now have is only Laghu Yoga Vasishtam and many eminent persons have written their commentaries on this.

The Brihat Yoga Vasishtam contains about 32000 verses. It is available in 2 volumes in Motilal Banarasidas publications costing 1995 (set of 2 volumes) It has commentary in sanskrit itself. I am not sure if Motilal Banarasidas is there in your city. But it is available here in Bangalore for I checked it some days back.

What you said is correct: the voice of Tripura Rahasya is 'distinguishing between the seer and the seen'. Infact the deepest voice of any scripture is this alone. every scripture has its own style and method of teaching but Tripura Rahasya is simply great in elucidating this great Truth.

Really I am very much fascinated by this book. Sri Ramana has said that this is one of the greatest works on Advaita. Bhagawans teachings are very much evidently available in this great work.


Koham Kathamayam Doshah Sansaarakhya Upagathe
Nyaayenethi Paramarsho Vichara Iti Kathyathe
Vicharat Gnaayathe Tattvaadvishraanti Aatmanah
Aatho Manasi Gnaantattvam Sarva Dukha Parikshayah

Who am I? How did this faulty samsara come into being?’
Such investigation is known as the ‘Path of Enquiry’ (Vichara).

By Vichara, Reality is understood, and such
understanding brings repose in the Self;
then follow tranquillity of mind and cessation of all sorrow.


Objects are cognised through the senses, not otherwise;
life is recognised by touch, and mind by intellect.
By whom is the intellect made evident? I do not know ....
I now see I am always aware. Realisation of that pure awareness
is obstructed by other factors (pertaining to the nonself)
butting in. Now I shall not imagine them. They cannot
appear without my mental imagery of them and they cannot
obstruct the glory of the Self, without appearing.
Thinking thus, he forcibly arrested his thoughts.

Instantaneously a blank superseded. He, at the
same time, decided that it was the Self, so became very
happy and once again he began to meditate. ‘I will do it
again,’ he said and plunged within.

Regaining human consciousness, he began
to wonder how this could happen: ‘There is no constancy
in the experience. The Self cannot be more than one. I
will repeat and see,’ he said and dived again. This time he
fell into a long sleep and dreamt wonderful dreams. On
waking up, he began to think furiously:

‘How is it that I was overpowered by sleep
and started to dream? The darkness and light which I saw
before must also be in the nature of dreams. Dreams are
mental imagery, so how shall I overcome them?'

‘I shall again repress my thoughts and see,’ he said,
and plunged within. His mind was still for a time. He was
sunk, as it were, in in a ocean of bliss.

Shortly after, he regained his original state,
owing to the mind again beginning to function. He
reflected: ‘What is all this? Is it a dream or a hallucination
of the mind? My experience is a fact but it surpasses my

Why is that bliss quite unique and unlike any that I
have experienced before? The highest of my known
experiences cannot compare with even an iota of the state of
bliss I was in just now. It was like sleep, in so far as I was not
externally aware. But there was a peculiar bliss at the same
time. The reason is not clear to me because there was nothing
to impart pleasure to me. Although I attempt to know the
Self, I do not do so. I see the Self differently now and again.
What can it be? Is it darkness, light or pleasure, etc. Or is
it possible that these are successive forms of the Self? I do
not understand it. Let me ask my recondite wife.’


Dear Silentgreen,

Your post is excellent :). What is nearest to you exercise is definitely an excellent Sadhana. Slowly It will lead the pursuer within and take strong hold of the seeker.


General topics / Re: Thyagaraja Kirtanas
« on: March 18, 2009, 09:37:58 AM »

Though you may have tens of thousands of rupees,
what you actually need is only a handful of rice.

Though you may have immense quantity of clothes,
you need only one for wearing.

Though you may possess extensive territory, for laying
your body at rest, you require only three cubits of space.

Though you may have hundreds of varieties of cakes,
you can take only as much as your mouth can hold.

Though the lake may be full of water, you can draw
therefrom only as much as your vessel can hold.

Oh Mind! (In the pursuit after these) forget not
Hari, the essence of the Universe.


Dear Karthikeyan,

I would say don't get too much into intellectual and complications in your efforts or sadhana. somehow I or we have landed here with so much study or readings. The reality is that there is no difference between you and me in spite of the complications and extra intellectual learning from my side.

At the end of the day, if you are successful in tears dropping from your eyes out of devotion Bhakthi, nothing is equivalent to that. Just be as you are. Don't get caught in too much intellectualisation as well. Don't let yourself be confused. discard what is confusing as poison and keep going. Even mine or our posts. I would even go further saying don't even bother knowing further the doctrines of Advaita or Dwaita or Visishtadwaita and all. Just shower love.

Swami Vivekananda has said:

It is a man-making religion that we want. It is man-making theories that we want. It is man-making education all round that we want. And here is the test of truth --anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually, and spiritually, reject as poison, there is no life in it, it cannot be true. Truth is strengthening. Truth is purity, truth is all  knowledge; truth must be strengthening, must be enlightening, must be invigorating.

Keep it very simple, I have come to understand that love and loving others and above all FORBEARANCE is the ultimate realisation. thats what jnanis do. we should strive to relieve or help others of their pain, spread love. love is everything.

Thirumular has said all that needs to be told in 2 simple beautiful words the sum of all knowledge of all Vedas and scriptures of all religions. Refer to a post on Auvaiyar's Aathichoodi simple teachings in this forum. they make best set of principles anyone needs to follow.

Anbe Sivam Love, indeed is the all pervading God!

Truly there is nothing more to know at all even from Vedas or Upanisdhads or any other scriptures of the world.

As the saying goes:

PAROPARAKARYA PHALANTI VRIKSHAH -    The trees bear fruits to serve others.
PAROPAKARAYA VAHANTI NADYAH -             The rivers flow to serve others
PAROPAKARAYA DUHANTI GAVAH -               Cows give milk to serve others.
PAROPAKARTHAM IDAM SHAREERAM -           This human body is meant to serve others.

We should never forget these in our life and even in our spiritual quests, we may tend to get lost in our search by forgetting our real purpose (above)

Paropakaram is the beginning and the end of all knowledge and even Self Realisation.

This body is not ours so it is only for Paropakaram


one morning, an ignorant traveller came to the Ashram and, after
staying here for two orthree days, and in accordance with the
saying “satra bhojanam matha nidra” (eating in choultries, sleeping in mutts)
went away to eat and stay elsewhere, but was all the same
coming here for some days enjoying the bliss of staying near
and having the darshan of Bhagavan. Before leaving this town
he approached Bhagavan one day with great hesitation and
said, in humble tones, “Swami, the people sitting here always
ask you something and you give them some replies. When
I see that, I also feel tempted to enquire, but I do not know
what to ask you. How then can I get mukti?”

Bhagavan, looking at him endearingly and smiling, said,
“How do you know that you do not know anything?” He said,
“After I came here and heard the questions asked by all these
people and the replies Bhagavan is pleased to give them, the
feeling that I do not know anything has come upon me.” “Then
it is all right. You have found out that you do not know
anything; that itself is enough. What more is required?” said
Bhagavan. “How to attain mukti by that much alone, Swami?”
said the questioner. “Why not? There is some one to know
that he does not know anything. It is sufficient if you could
enquire and find out who that someone is. Ego will develop if
one thinks that one knows everything. Instead of that, isn’t it
much better to be conscious of the fact that you do not know
anything and then enquire how you could gain moksha?”

He felt happy at that and went his way. That questioner
might or might not have understood the essence of that
Bhagawathvani (the voice of the Lord) but, for us people here,
those words were echoing in our heart of hearts like
mantraksharas (letters of the gospel).

(Source: Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam)


General topics / Re: Mankuthimmana Kagga (Song of Mankuthimma)
« on: March 17, 2009, 11:31:42 AM »

The imperfect beauty perceived by us
Are the ocean waves of happiness and essence
Sun is far away, his rays are reachable
Are waves sign of maturity? - Mankuthimma

If beauty and relationship are not true
Where in the world is the perfect truth?
The fragrant breeze comes from the flower
Oh philosophy, no doubt about it - Mankuthimma

Won't half a moment's experience melt the mind?
Won't it ripen the life's essence?
Can you say this essence affecting our
Heat and coolness is false - Mankuthimma

Something is good, something is beautiful
Seeking something in different directions
Life experiences in the inner soul
Call of sentiment's origin - Mankuthimma

Like a dog seeking and sniffing
The foot-smell of his missing owner
God's coquetry is making us look here and there
To find good in this poor world - Mankuthimma


General topics / Re: Thyagaraja Kirtanas
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:50:52 AM »

Oh my mind! Tell me truly, which conduces greatly to happiness -
wealth or the sight of the Lord? Which is more delicious -
milk, butter and curd or the nectar of the worship and contemplation
of Sri Rama?

Which is happier - the control of the senses and forbearance which
are comparable to a bath in the Ganges or the bath in the well with
the mire of low sense enjoyments?

Which gives more happiness - flattery of mere men bound up in their
own conceit or the singing of the Lord who has been praised by the
wise Tyaagaraaja?


General topics / Thyagaraja Kirtanas
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:37:26 AM »

Protect me, Rama! If one gives up meditating on you, even a grain
of your grace will not be available to him. How long am I to suffer
and how long to bear it? A jasmine flower on the hand cannot
withstand a stone. A cucumber fruit cannot bear an iron belt.
Could a poor parrot be assailed with a Brahmaastra? If parents
abandon a son, what other way is open to him? Can butter stand
a sword-blow? Oh Rama, my refuge!


As long as you are contaminated with notions of me or mine
(eg., my home, my body, my mind, my intellect), the Self will not be
found, for it lies beyond cognition and cannot be realised as 'my Self'.

Retire into solitude, analyse and see what those things are which are congised
as mine; discard them all and transcending them, look for the real Self.

For instance, you know me as your wife and not as your self. I am only
related to you and not part of you, much less your very being.
Analyse everything in this way and discard it. What remains over,
transcending it all, beyond conception, or relinquishment - know That to
be the Self. That knowledge is final emancipation.

Truly all these people are deluded! Not one of them knows even the fringe of
the Self! But all are active for the sake of their own selves! Some of them
recite the scriptures, a few study them and their commentaries; some are
busy accumulating wealth; others are ruling the land; some are fighting the
enemy; others are seeking the luxuries of life. When engaged in all this
selfish activity they never question what exactly the Self may be; now why
is there all this confusion? Oh! When the Self is not known, all is in vain and
as if done in a dream. So I will now investigate the matter.

My home, wealth, kingdom, treasure, woman, cattle none of these is me,
and they are only mine. I certainly take the body for the Self but it is
simply a tool of mine. I am indeed the king's son. with goodly limbs and a fair
complexion. These people, too, are taken up by this same notion that their
bodies are their egos.

Reflecting thus, he considered the body. He could not identify the body as
the Self, and so began to transcend it. ‘This body is mine, not me'. It is built
up of blood and bones, and is changing each moment. How can this be
the changeless, continuous me. It looks like a chattel, it is apart from me as
is a waking body from the dream, etc. ‘I’ cannot be the body; nor can the
vital force be the Self; mind and intellect are clearly my tools, so they cannot
be ‘I’. ‘I’ am surely something apart from all these, beginning from the body
and ending with the intellect.


Dear Subramanian,

Bhagawan's words are simply so lucid! We are all very much indebted to him for taking us all under his folds. How fortunate we are all? indeed very fortunate!

I have been reading the Tripura Rahasya for the last few days and I have thoroughly been enjoying every moment of reading it. Its an amazing work from our scriptures. Such in depth and clear explanations. It actually clears a lot of hidden questions within. No wonder Sri Ramana asked devotees to read this grand work.

This work is also known as Harithayana Samhita.


What is known as the mind is, after all, always like a restless monkey. So the
ordinary is always afflicted with troubles. Everybody knows that restless mind
is a channel of endless troubles; whereas one is happy in sleep in the absence
of such restlessness. Therefore keep your mind steady when you listen to what
I say. Hearing with a distracted mind is as good as not hearing, for the words
serve no useful purpose, resembling the fruit-laden tree in a painting.

Appropriate effort must follow right discussion; for a man profits according to
the zeal accompanying his efforts.

Guided by proper deliberation, accompanied by zeal and engaged in individual
efforts, one must make one's own unfailing way to emancipation.

There are said to be many ways to that end. Choose that one among them
which is the surest.

Choice is made by right discussion and according to the experience of the wise.
Then begin the practice immediately

Investigate the nature of the Self with intellect made transparently clear

It is not an object to be perceived, not described; how shall I then tell you
of it? You know the Mother only if you know your Self.

The Self does not admit of specification, and therefore no teacher can teach it.
However, realise the Self within you, for it abides in unblemished intellect.

It pervades all, beginning from the personal God to the amoeba; but it is not
cognisable by the mind or senses; being itself unilluminated by external agencies,
It illumines all, everywhere and always. It surpasses demonstration or discussion.

How, where, when, or by whom has it been specifically described even
incompletely? What you ask me, dear, amounts to asking me to show your own
eyes to you.

Even the best teachers cannot bring your eyes to your sight. Just as a teacher
is of no use in this instance, so in the other. He can best guide you towards it
and nothing more. I shall also explain to you the means to realisation. Listen attentively.


General topics / Re: Mankuthimmana Kagga (Song of Mankuthimma)
« on: March 16, 2009, 09:58:16 AM »

Making the fallen stand up is the potency of humans
Won't the sky clean the earth again and again by rain
Won't the fields give away crops when it is ripe
Build the fallen house - Mankuthimma

Respect life, respect energy
Don't discriminate thinking it is somebody else's world
Fighting for abundance in life is for yourself
This is the way to flourish soul - Mankuthimma

Think of life's work as work in the garden
If laughter shines in every face in the world
Because of fruits of labor of intelligence and emotions
This itself is serving God - Mankuthimma

What emotions spring in mind seeing a rose blossom
Hurt? Happiness? Look, that thorn in life is the crown
For the flower, this is the handiwork of time
This is the core of life - Mankuthimma

Gardener digs, puts manure and waters
And tolerates the stinging of thorns. Rose smiles
For half a minute; the life is over after the smile.
Smile is the satisfaction for toil - Mankuthimma


A little more to add from my previous post...

Sri Vaishnavas understand the Vedas to teach that Sriman Narayana is the Supreme Brahman, and that meditation and surrender to him is the only means to moksha.

The Tamil heritage of the Sri Vaishnavas also teaches them that Narayana alone is the supreme entity. With these as a background, the question of worshipping Siva as envisioned in temples and puraanas cannot even arise, since according to the Vaishnava tradition, Siva is not God as such.

This is somewhat contrary to the smaarta view that both Vishnu and Siva are merely subjective and ultimately false conceptions of the formless, undifferentiated Absolute.

According to me these differences arises form the doctrine stand point of view. Just like how Jesus is for Christians, Vishnu was to Vaishnavites, He is the only supreme God Vushnu is the only Brahman. Whereas from Shankaras stand point of view, Vishnu, Shiva are only representation or manifestation of the supreme reality or Bharman.


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