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General topics / The Advice of Yama
« on: March 28, 2009, 05:30:55 PM »
This universe which arose through Karmas will perish through Karmas only. The weapons with
which we can wield the destruction of the universe are the
former Karmas. There fore try to take hold of those Karmas
through which means you will be able to overpower them.

- Yoga Vasishta


General topics / The four means of Moksha
« on: March 28, 2009, 05:25:27 PM »
If the four sentinels that wait at the gates of Moksha (salvation) viz.,

Shanti (sweet patience or quiescence of mind),

Vichara (Atmic enquiry),

Santosha (contentment of mind) and

Sadhu-Sanga (association with the wise) be befriended,

then will there be any obstacle to the attainment of salvation ?

- Yoga Vasishta


‘I exist’ is the only permanent, self-evident
experience of everyone. Nothing else is so self-evident
(pratyaksha) as ‘I am’. What people call ‘self-evident’ viz.,
the experience they get through the senses, is far from selfevident.
The Self alone is that. Pratyaksha is another name
for the Self. So, to do Self-analysis and be ‘I am’ is the only
thing to do. ‘I am’ is reality. I am this or that is unreal. ‘I am’
is truth, another name for Self. ‘I am God’ is not true.

- Sri Ramana

How true... as long as we are just 'I am' there is absolute peace.

Devotee: If I am not the body am I responsible for the
consequences of my good and bad actions?

Bhagavan: If you are not the body and do not have the
idea ‘I-am-the-doer’ the consequences of your good or bad
actions will not affect you. Why do you say about the actions
the body performs “I do this” or “I did that”? As long as you
identify yourself with the body like that you are affected by the
consequences of the actions and you have merit and demerit.

Devotee: Then I am not responsible for the
consequences of good or bad actions?

Bhagavan: If you are not, why do you bother about the

Devotee: Then does that mean that if one has not the
sense of ‘I do this’ or ‘I am the doer’ one need not do anything
at all?

Bhagavan: The question of doing only arises if you are
the body.

             Simply Be...


Devotee: When I try to meditate, I am unable to do so because my mind
wanders. What should I do?

Bhagawan: Your question furnishes the answer. First, with regard to the first
part of the question, you say you concentrate, but do not succeed.
‘You’ means ‘the Self’. On what do you concentrate? Where do
you fail? Are there two selves, for the one self to concentrate on the
other? Which is the self now complaining of failure? There cannot
be two selves. There is only one Self. That need not concentrate.
You ask, “But then, why is there no happiness?” What is it that prevents
you from remaining as the spirit which you are in sleep? You yourself
admit that it is the wandering mind. Find out the mind. If its ‘wandering’
stops, it will be found to be the Self - your ‘I’-consciousness which is
spirit eternal. It is beyond knowledge and ignorance.


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Mandalasa Upadesha
« on: March 27, 2009, 09:44:11 PM »
Its very evident that the entire Scriptures are aimed at reminding one what he really is. Looking at the big picture one cannot but has to accept that one is to be reminded about his true nature. This has been the case with all the realised souls who kept their foot on the Earth.

Even Bhagawan was first reminded about his true Self by one of his Uncle, who when he came to his home, and Venkaraman asked where from he came? He replied "Arunachala"

This reminder was enough for Venkataraman!

Whereas for us, we have been reminding ourselves millions of times... but I just cant help type this word - "STILL"

Mandalasa begins to remind the baby right from its birth its true nature. Very beautiful verses. Looking forward to know more!


Dear Udai,

Very True and excellent examples! :)

We have to abide in this thought constantly! But to abide in this thought is also an idea, an effort...

Now we know the eternal "I" now.

After death experience, Ramanar knew who HE really was, then He was always able to remain as He is.

Can we say now that we now know what WE really ARE?

I know this is just an attempt to comparison! But  you see... cant help!!!

What Do 'I' want ??????????


General Discussion / Re: U G Krishnamurti
« on: March 27, 2009, 04:32:14 PM »
I have read a lot about UG and also his interviews. Yes he is known for his criticisms of Buddha, Shankara, Jesus and evrybody else. He is a very Vehement personality and whatever he said were always shocking! Initially I felt this guy is a nonsense idiot and a person full of dustbin! but... then deep inside my heart the truth's echoed and I just could not ignore the voice of truth, then onwards, his criticisms never bothered to affect me, but love, bhakthi towards Buddha, Shankara Jesus and others still lay intact, but there is deep significance to whatever UG stood for.

No doubt, he is a maverick, He comes running at you with a big sword to cut off your head and drink your blood. But I let it go, for it was eating away and drinking all my ego.

I have not met him though, for I only got to know him after he passed away in 2007. I got introduced to him by a stranger.


Is there a need within us ('you' 'I') to be acknowledged from somebody that we ('you' 'I') am/are realised?

Its this need that leads us to endless cycle! We may never be able to get such an acknowlegement for there has to be somebody apart to acknowledge something!

Like how Knowledge by itself is its own authority, it does not need and there is no other authority apart from itSelf!


Dear Udai,

Exactly :), There is pain but not making it a suffering is accepting that the perception of the pain(perceived) and preceptor is one and the same!

Deeply if we think about this, we will find that "When someone calls me a fool" it also arises from the Self itself. When we get to know that someone calling me a fool is false. there is actually no somebody at all for our ego to function.

Just like how everything originates from the Brahman (Self). The Self alone is the reason for everything.

When we enquire who am I, we will come across millions of thoughts moving around. we see that all these thoughts have been originating from me alone and slowly we let these thoughts pass knowing that they have originated from the eternal 'I' similarly the other persons etc also will be found to originate from the Self alone when we enquire deeper

Can there be any hate, anger, etc on our Self? Hence when anyone calls me a "fool" I would not let it affect me. Who is actually calling Whom a fool? is one and the same.


General Discussion / U G Krishnamurti
« on: March 27, 2009, 03:15:30 PM »
Has anybody read about UG Krishnamurti?


If this is understood. (even understanding is wrong word to use) then we will stop this very moment all our efforts towards realisation, and at the same time the Samsara would not affect us. Since Perception and Perceived are one and the same, we will not get affected by whatever is happening to us... it will only remain like a movie - whatever happens in the movie will not affect us, we will cease to become the character in the movie and just be!

Even if there is left over Vasanas to get identified or become the character in the movie, since we are aware that it is just a movie, we will know behind that I am just crying because I am now become the character in the movie. We will cry, but there wont be any pain!

We will stop making things happen rather we will be one with whatever is happening and make no effort to change anything.


Bhagawan Ramanar appeared in a time when questions began to raise within people if Moksha, Jeevanmuktha etc... in reality is it possible?  Ramanar came as God Himself. He is the ultimate truth. He is the one! He came here to show to people the essence of Vedanta, Upanishads etc... in Human flesh with exact descriptions as mentioned in the Vedas Upanishads etc...

Its possible! to become a Jeevanmuktha. Its possible to attain Moksha etc...


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Swayambhu Lingam
« on: March 27, 2009, 01:08:11 PM »
Dear Subramanian,

Truly, none like Sri Ramana! Ramanar is unique, not only in our times but unique throughout the evolution of the universe. No one like him!

I have also heard that Ramanar did not even take the anesthesia during operation? is this true?


It is enough to know what you are not. You need not know what you are. For as long as knowledge means description in terms of what is already known, perceptual, or conceptual, there can be no such thing as self-knowledge, for what you are cannot be described, except as except as total negation. All you can say is: ‘I am not this, I am not that’. You cannot meaningfully say ‘this is what I am’. It just makes no sense. What you can point out as 'this' or 'that' cannot be yourself. Surely, you can not be 'something' else. You are nothing perceivable, or imaginable. Yet, without you there can be neither perception nor imagination. You observe the heart feeling, the mind thinking, the body acting; the very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive. Can there be perception, experience without you? An experience must ‘belong'. Somebody must come and declare it as his own. Without an experiencer the experience is not real. It is the experiencer that imparts reality to experience. An experience which you cannot have, of what value is it to you?

 - Nisargadatta Maharaj


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Swayambhu Lingam
« on: March 27, 2009, 12:20:56 PM »
The small tumour which showed itself on the left upper
arm of Bhagavan began to grow day by day and it
became as big as a marble.

a retired surgeon, Dr. Srinivasa Rao, pointed it out
to Bhagavan and offered to remove it by a small surgical
operation. Bhagavan however did not agree to it. As it
continued to grow rapidly, the doctors got perturbed and
somehow prevailed upon Bhagavan to agree to its removal.
Accordingly the first operation was performed.

All the devotees wanted the bandage to be covered so as
not to be visible to outsiders. But then, was there an upper
cloth to cover it? Was there a shirt to wear? The only thing
Bhagavan had was a white cloth, half-a-yard wide and threefourths
of a yard long. He tied it around his neck so as to
conceal the bandage. Still the bandage was visible through
the gaps. When some people who had the courage to ask him
what the matter was, Bhagavan used to reply with a laugh,
that he had worn a bracelet on the arm or that a Lingam had
been born there, or that it was a Swayambhu Lingam