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Dear amiatall,

When you watch movies, some real movie fully packed with all kinds of emotions, passion, anger, revenge, crying, fighting, fast heart beats, suspense, etc... anything, we also tend to cry, passion arises, we also get angered, we feel a want of taking revenge! don't we? Please observe this, all these emotions experienced is not yours, but its of the character in the movie, but without knowing this, we experience all the emotions shown in the movie experienced by the character. Infact the character is you, not even the movie's. You become the Hero, you experience all the action shown in the movies as You. we even forget that we are watching a movie.

But, for a moment if you realize this truth that, "what is this?, Why am I feeling the same emotions as the Hero in the movie? How is this? I am just sitting here in the theatre in my seat, eating my popcorns, wait a minute, what is happening? I turned into the Character, I became the Hero for so long, and thats the reason why I have been experiencing all those emotions of the Hero-Character's. I don't have to experience them.

This is Consciousness. So long, due to ignorence, you were thinking that I am the Hero, and hence you were experiencing all those emotions. The moment when you became aware of the grand Truth, you are disconnected from the Character association of the Hero shown in the movie. The one that has been experiencing the emotions is the ego and not you. The one that became aware of this truth is you. IN reality both are one only, its you. Its just that you are awakened from the Maya of association with the Character.

Similarly, in real life too, its the same scenario. we tend to associate with real life characters, like you know - I have to be a perfect guy, I have to lead my life just like my father, I want to lead a life just like my idol, I want to be a Hero like Brad Pit, I want to be a Rajinikanth, like this, we have mistaken identity of ourselves, which we are not. When this knot is broken, we are detached from the mistaken identity. I want to be a great Spiritual practicer like xxx, I want to be like Muruganar, I want to be like Kavyakanta, etc... By this mistaken identity, the Ego gets its satiation, if circumstances do not create an appropriate scenario to be like who you want to be then, we suffer the emotions of the mistaken idenity character, like we can't write poetry like Muruganar or Kavyakanta, howmuch so ever we try. We try to Be like somebody all the time. This is attachment.

We want to be a Guru, teach others, give spiritual discourses, clear doubts of others,.... all these, these are just few examples, but you see, this mistaken identity is so very very subtle, we don't even know, or realise this fact, by enquiring deep, we will realise that what this? how stupid I have bee, I have been trying to be like somebody all along, this is Samsara. being attached with your mistaken identity.

Once when this realisation arises, we are detached, detached from our mistaken identity. Jnana arises, from now on, the Sadhana is only to abide as our own pure Self rather than again being identifyied with the mistaken identity and being the mistaken character. This is what is actually Vasanas, by virtue of our mistaken knowledge of our mistaken identity so long, we keep forgeting this truth that I am not this But only
"I AM" This is True Sadhana. This is the real essence of the "Who am I?" enquiry of Bhagawan, this Mistaken identity is the Ego and you are not that. You are pure without any character association.

Hope this helps


Dear Mohan,

Ramana Maharshi says just be silent. meaning, just accept things as they are, there is no change required, nothing to become.. in this way, its best not to have any sorts of plans as to withdrawing our world into ourself or merging back to infinity or continuing with the creation game... Just be.... As it is...

Ramana has said, the destiny of souls are controlled by the ordainer, what ever is bound to happen will happen do what you may and whatever is bound not to happen will not happen try as you may, the best course is to be silent..

So what can we do? whatever is happening is happening by the order of the ordainer alone. We mistakenly take the Doership Never have any Doership at all. If at all there is Doership then be aware thats its not you, its the Ego, by this we will be able to accept things as they are. Doing anything would mean to go away from the Self for it will be Doership/Ego in play

Just Be...


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Death Of Mind!
« on: June 08, 2009, 07:55:46 PM »
Dear Ramanaduli

If you are feeling any emotions like sadness, happiness, then you are not really witnessing because you have become the actor. If you are really witnessing, then all the emotions will not affect you for you will be just aware of them just like watching the emotions in the movie.

If you are consciousness, then, you can only be more sharper as no emotions affect you for you are now aware that they are not yours. So you are effectively able to use your equipment - Body.

There is difference between Happiness and Bliss. only the actor feels happy whereas the consciousness is always in Bliss. Happiness can be perceived as there is perceiver, but there is no one to perceive Bliss because Bliss itself is Consciousness. Please see this difference.

All kinds of emotions - happiness, sadness, anger ... is all only the actors and not yours, if one is feeling these then he is actually not really witnessing as Consciousness.


General topics / Re: A Spider and a Bee
« on: June 08, 2009, 07:34:23 PM »
Dear Paul,

Well thats all is in our hands, just watch. What else can we do? The one that had the thought of whether to save it or leave it or the thought of no being able to help all creatures is the Ego's. The Consciousness is least affected by all these.

That which gets affected is only the Ego because its agenda of saving it, not saving it, not being able to do anything is affected.


Dear Mohan,

You got a right doubt, but how to ensure that it is not the mind witnessing itself but it is the real "I" watching the mind?"

Since you got this doubt, enquire if there are two I's, is there one Witnessing and one I being witnessed. Is there Seer and Seen?

Ramana has said:

First the Self sees the Self as Objects,
Then the Self sees the Self as Void
and then finally the Self sees the Self as the Self.
Only in the last there is no seeing because seeing is being.

Find out the enquirer, who is enquiring

Ramana has also said:

That which makes the enquiry is the ego.
The "I" about which the enquiry is made is also the ego.
As the result of Enquiry, the ego ceases to exist and only
the Self is found to exist.

Who am I enquiry will destroy all the thoughts and will finallly kill itself.

Ramana has said:

All doubts will cease only when the Doubter and its source have been found.
Seek for the source of the Doubter and you will find that he is Non Exist.

Ramana has also said:

Ask yourself to whom this ignorance has come and you will discover that
it never came to you and that you have always been Sat Chit Ananda.
One goes through all sorts of austerities to become what one already is.

In Nirvana Shatkam

Aham Bhojanam Naiva Bhojyam na Bhokta

I am neither the Observed nor the observation or the Observer.

Then who are you? Enquire? who can you be when you are not the Observed, Observer or the observation?


General Discussion / Re: World Inside The Hill
« on: June 08, 2009, 12:52:28 PM »
Dear Mohan,

The Self alone is the Holiest place, space, what ever we may like to call it than any other holy places. There is one stoy. A Guru with all his students went to the Ganges to have a holy bath. The Guru and all his students went into the water and were having their bath, suddenly the Guru was being swept away from the current of the river, he shouted for Help and also told that only the one who is absolutely sinless to the core can and has to save him, otherwise others will also drown! Hearing and seeing the Guru, all were shocked and scared and were totally not at all confident about themselves of being absolutely Sinless.

But, among them, one of the students without any second thoughts swam forward and saved the Guru. Later, all the other students were so surprised about the confidence of the boy. Then this boy told them, What about Sins? as soon as I stepped into the Ganges all my sins vanished immediately the moment I kept my foot inside the water.

Like this, its only the matter of ones faith alone, If the Self wills, even a battlefield becomes Holy. Abiding as Self alone is the Holiest of all. In Mahabharata, the soldiers used to do Arghya Pradhana using mud due to non availability of water.

Yes travelling to Holy places help due to the Vibrations of the Eternal Brahman in such places.


General Discussion / Re: World Inside The Hill
« on: June 08, 2009, 12:36:25 PM »
Dear Soham, Mohan

What I understand from Sri Ramana's statement is that Arunachala is the Centre of the Universe, it is the heart of the Universe. In it abides everything. By this What Ramana Maharshi meant is that Arunachala is none but you alone, the real eternal 'I' and when the Ego is about to merge with this eternal Brahman, i.e. Arunachala, the Ego I is welcomed by the Brahman, and this is what is meant when Ramana said sages and all the other wonderful things seen inside Arunachala.

Sri Ramana has always said that only the I exists and everything else is only a shadow or Maya.

That Heart or Arunachala is within you, all the sages, etc.. is within the I itself.

Sri Ramana, told the whole Vedantha Saaram in two simple lines:

Hridhaya Kuhara Madhye Kevalam Bhramha Mathram
Aham Aham Ithi Sakshath Athma Roopo Bhavantham

Deep inside the cave (hollow) of heart Heart, there resides only Brahmam, Atman. And in this Atman - Brahman is the Entire Universe.

What Ramana Meant by going inside through the Tunnel is the Self Enquiry, through the Tunnel of Self Enquiry, We are waiting to be received by the All Glorious Brahman in which contains all the Universe.

Sri Ramana, explained the nature of Bhramham. He says that in the cage of the heart, Inside Arunachala, The Hill (Rocks, Mud Sand, etc) is our Body an what is to be found inside is the Heart - Brahmam resides, which is always exhibiting itself as "Self" or "Aham" - (All Sages, Cities, etc...), which is nothing but the Athman.


Mr. Ekanath Rao, an Engineer, asked Sri Bhagavan if solitude is
necessary for vichara.

M.: There is solitude everywhere. The individual is solitary always.
His business is to find it out within, and not seek it without.

D.: The work-a-day world is distracting.
M.: Do not allow yourself to be distracted. Enquire for whom there
is distraction. It will not afflict you after a little practice.

D.: Even the attempt is impossible.
M.: Make it and it will be found not so difficult.

D.: But the answer does not come for the search inward.
M.: The enquirer is the answer and no other answer can come. What
comes afresh cannot be true. What always is, is true.


D: How to know the ‘Real I’ as distinct from the ‘false I’.

M: Is there anyone who is not aware of himself? Each one knows,
but yet does not know, the Self. A strange paradox.
If the enquiry is made whether mind exists,
it will be found that mind does not exist. That is control of mind.
Otherwise, if the mind is taken to exist and one seeks to control it,
it amounts to mind controlling the mind, just like a thief turning
out to be a policeman to catch the thief, i.e., himself. Mind persists
in that way alone, but eludes itself.


General Discussion / Re: World Inside The Hill
« on: June 06, 2009, 11:44:04 PM »
I guess not Dear Soham, it will interest only those who are on their path to become Jnani's alone.. Archaelogists will only find rocks, stones and sand and mud. They will only find inert things, but only aspirants will see the glorious Sun in it.


General topics / Re: Arunachala Akshara Mani Malai
« on: June 06, 2009, 08:08:15 PM »
Thanks Dear Subramanian,

I was trying to read the Tamizh rendering of Akshara Mani Malai. Its so beautiful. Unfotunately, I have not learnt Tamizh thought its my mother tongue as I was bought up here in Bangalore. But due to personal interest, I learnt Tamizh myself, Though I manage to read easy tamizh reading and understand most of it, still I find it little difficult to understand few words in all tamizh works of Bhagawan. I have to stick to English and learn the meanings, thats the only resort now :)


Dear Mohan,

Yes, faith is the word. Sharaddha. The world functions only on faith alone.

Enquire what is External and Internal. Probably, we may come to understand that what we see is external, but then what is Internal then? If we say internal, then something must be inside something - for us to call it internal, roughly, we can say what is inside us, we could even further simplify as what is inside our body.

Can we say then that you are the median between the External and Internal? In between the External and the Internal who are you?



Look at the picture above, You are the line in between the External and Internal. Is the External and Internal separate from the Line? Infact they exist only when you are there, i.e. when we put a line, then we say this is External and this is Internal. Now look at this



Now, here you (Line) are/is not there, can we give any meaning to Internal, External? What is External and Internal now? It makes no sense, now, Nobody is there to say the difference. You are not there, The one that was differentiating between the External and Internal is you, its the ego, which is so subtle.

You are that which is neither Internal, nor External or both Internal and External.

Hope this bit helps..


General topics / Arunachala Akshara Mani Malai
« on: June 06, 2009, 03:25:55 PM »
I wanted to enquuire whether Akshara Mani Malai has been rendered in Sanskrit?


General topics / Re: To have a near glimpse of the Brahman
« on: June 05, 2009, 08:22:30 PM »
One more way that flashed to me today to have a glimpse of Brahman is this - In night or in day, just cover all the windows with really dark curtain so that not a dot of light comes in. Let there be absolute silence. not even fan running. Just sit still in darkness. what can we see? abosolutely nothing. Blank, Darkness. we cant even see our own body, we cant see our own self we cant see anything.

Now see who is seeing, your body also cant be seen, but somebody is seeing. even thoughts reduce, it does not jump like monkey.

This when you observe is "I" consciousness, it is even something behind your thoughts for it can see even thoughts.


General topics / Re: To have a near glimpse of the Brahman
« on: June 05, 2009, 08:16:34 PM »
Dear Mohan,

I feel we can't say people in earlier yugas "Starved", but you see, the body requires its fuel in the form of food and water, but how much is required is something which needs to be thought about. Sri Ramana Maharshi had just handful of food in the afternoon and thats it, he just had a cup of coffee in the evening and thats all. His intake was only minimal, the  body just requires that much. Because of his realisation, he knew how much is enough. Another point is that most of us, definitely eat more than required and its mostly impelled by our tongue, we eat for taste more than for body.

But we don't have answers for several mysteries, like why Shankara, Vivekananda lived only 30 - 40 years. Elders say that once they finish their reason for their coming down here, they depart. But we don't know. Mysteries are best left as mysteries! Where as saints like Chandrashekhara Saraswathi of Kanchi Math lived for 100 years, I have heard of many siddhars living in Tiruvannamalai who are more than 100+ years....

Elders have said Sadhana has been changing from ages  to ages. In Kali Yuga, Very tough and vigorous Tapas during Treta Yoga, Sacrifice and Yajnas during Dwapara Yuga and simply Nama Smarana during Kalli Yuga....

For example, definitely whatever Dharma prevailed some 400 years back, same quality of Dharma would have deteriorated 200 years back and we can't say same Dharma prevails now as it was some 200 years back... similarly, we cant say today's Dharma to prevail some 100 years afterwards.

Really in such complicated life as today's who could have understood the Brahma Tattva of Vedanta and of Shankara in age of Commerce, Computers and only money.... If not for Sri Ramana Maharshi advent on Earth, Vedanta would have diminished drastically. Ramana Maharshi's inflluence is far wide than it is grasped. Even people of other maths and saints in North India and others even if they don't know who Ramana Maharshi is, they still talk and teach their students about this "I" which Ramana Preached. He simplified the Brahma Jnanam just by 3 simple Statements - "Who am I"

Glory be to Ramana. What Ramana has done will stand like a thousand fold pillar for many Yugas to come. He will and is the SUN for aspirants at all times all Yugas.


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