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General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2014, 02:08:38 PM »
One's experience is enough for oneself but may not be enough for others.

yes, absolutely agree, but along with it wrt above quote, from that center, ones own genuine experience will benefit immensely for any other, for everybody is same as oneself. Everybody thinks and feels the same. then we would do on to others what we would do to ourselves. It may so happen to be that we would share the very words of saints as it is as that is what we we do for our own selves. But even otherwise, it would only do 'Hitham' to others, what ever one does to oneself.

Bhagavan says in Nan Yar -

"All that one gives to others one is giving only to oneself.
If this truth is discerned, who indeed would refrain from giving?"

So, i feel, if we are in tune with ourselves, we would be of same help to anybody, along with the words of Saints as it is. It need not be that our genuine experience would be of use not just to oneself but verily others, who are but oneself.



When one surrenders there is no kartrtva bhava i.e., there is no sense of agency in him. There will be "udasina bhava" and he will not feel any anxiety about acts or results. He does not commence any work, for his own sake, and he becomes "sarva arambha parityagi" (Gita Ch 14) He will have no "ahamkara" (feeling of 'I'). The feeling of 'I', ahambhava will vanish either by jnana-marga or by saranagati.

(from the records of KRK Murthy)


This Asramam is a place where people can stay and improve themselves and not remark or criticize. In the beginning people come here with the best of intentions to secure the grace of the swami. After a time, they begin to comment, 'this is not right, that is not right', and engage themselves in some kind of activity and run after power and position and, as it were, forget for what they have come here.

(from the records of KRK Murthy)


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2014, 12:09:28 PM »
Shankara's Ekashloki -

किं ज्योतिस्तवभानुमानहनि मे रात्रौ प्रदीपादिकं
स्यादेवं रविदीपदर्शनविधौ किं ज्योतिराख्याहि मे ।
चक्षुस्तस्य निमीलनादिसमये किं धीर्धियो दर्शने
किं तत्राहमतो भवान्परमकं ज्योतिस्तदस्मि प्रभो ॥
इति श्रीमत्परमहंसपरिव्राजकाचार्यस्य

Guru: How do you see (What is that light/power which helps you see?)
Sishya: I see with the help of sunlight
Guru: How do you see in the night?
Sishya: I see with the help of a lamp
Guru: Let that be so. How do you see the light? How do you see (your visualizations) even before you open your eyes?
Sishya: It is with my intellect
Guru: What helps you see (know) that intellect?
Sishya: This is me (me as pure consciousness)
Guru: (Indeed) You are that supreme light
Sishya: I realize that I am

Ulladu Naarpadu Anubandham (7)

Master : By what light do you see?
Disciple : The sun by day, the lamp by night.
M : By what light do you see these lights?
D : The eye.
M : By what light do you see the eye?
D : The mind.
M : By what light do you know the mind?
D : My Self.
M : You then are the Light of Lights.
D : Yes, That I am.


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:59:43 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

What i was trying to say is that, (just to illustrate the essence), when one has just learning german language, and goes to Germany, he constantly refers to the reference book for all his conversation purposes. but at sometime, he has to discard his reference book, only so that he gains confidence in speaking the german language without any help. There would be some diffidence initially, but unless he let goes of the reference book, he would only delay in speaking the language confidently without any help of any reference books. The diffidence ought to be overcome.

All that i was saying is that one has to give life to ones own aparokshanubhuti as well - ones own direct experience. Just to illustrate, suppose we are in some place, where we have no access to any books and references, then we have to depend on the light from within. This is what i was trying to convey. And absolutely yes, nothing comes without divine will, as the Master says. the essence of what i was trying to say was that we should not entirely get dependent on the Guru and books alone. The Guru would not want the aspirant to be bound to Himself or the scriptures as well, He says, we are not merely just the philosophers stone which converts any material that it touched into Gold but verily He makes the aspirant another Chintamani stone itself that is capable of converting any material into another chintamani itself. For it we have to stand naked, stripped of everything and face it upfront by the grace of the Guru. But all these do not transpire by ones own effort artificially, it would happen, when time calls for it.

The Mother bird when it sees that her young bird does not fly, it pushes the young bird from the nest so that it learns to fly. Similarly, Guru is a vaidya, once He has give us the Vidya medicine, by His grace, this Vidya ought to be nourished, this Vidya is beyond the scriptures. And this does not mean one goes to become a Guru and so on. just verily in ones own day to day affairs, in ones own activities, This vidya is to be nurtured.


General topics / Re: Satvik Food
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:41:46 AM »
Dear Anand,

Always resorting to home food at any cost is best practice, especially cooked by oneself or ones closest relative. It is a tapas to not eat from outside. Outside food is to be rejected at all costs, no matter how satvic they may seem. outside food is outside. Avoiding onions and garlic is a practice followed since the time immemorial, by the practice of aspirants.

Eating very hot and very cold food (refrigerated) is not satvic, microwave food is not recommended. The food should not be very spicy, should be of very lesser salt and lesser of tamarind as well.

It is said in the shastras, food must be eaten like this - "Half stomach food, one fourth is water and one fourth is for air - left free"

We have to cultivate nurture our selves to become masters of our tongue. All Sages have said that all good things begin to happen when  the tongue is tamed - by way of what we eat and by way of what we talk (speak less) Hence, observing vratas like Ekadasi is highly recommended. Ekadasi vrata is just not about not eating, all the senses are to observe vratas, the stomach observes fast, the mouth observes fast by not speaking much, the mind observes fast by not thinking worldly, the ears observe fast by not listening to the sundri, the eyes observe fast by not looking at sundry, and so on. this alone is true ekadasi vrata.

When the tongue is mastered, all vasanas are over come without much struggle by the grace of God.

Not eating at all is bad, eating too much is also bad. one has to discern ones own moderation suitable to ones body, biologically.

Auvvayar says eat only when you are hungry, and you need not eat just because it is eating time.

At the same time, one should not resort to extremes, one has to be wise and discriminative as the situation demands, but such demanding situations are to be carefully discerned.

What is very easily digestable is basically satvic!

If body permits, it is best advised to sit on the floor and eat, eating from table is only secondary. There is science in this.

Also while eating food, one should avoid seeing TV, and such other disturbances. Eating food is worship of Lord, it is a sacred and ought to be carried in a slow and quietly.

Finally, inorder to follow these virtues, if it is thrusted on family members against their wishes, there is no bigger mistake or sin. One has to take it step by step and it is Tapas, nothing happens over night. Win every ones trust by way of love and tapas.


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 11, 2014, 12:26:25 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

yes, i agree about the fidelity of laying down the words of a Master. What i have expressed was different topic itself, well, it is just another musing for our own contemplation.

Vedas are preserved, but to elucidate Vedas, Upanishads came, to elucidate upanishads, Enlightened Master came, and keep coming.


General Discussion / Re: Bharathiyar Poems
« on: August 11, 2014, 12:01:02 AM »
வேதங்களை நம்பு, அவற்றின் பொருளைத் தெரிந்து கொண்டு பின் நம்பு. புராணங்களைக் கேட்டுப் பயனடைந்து கொள். புராணங்களை வேதங்களாக நினைத்து மடமைகள் பேசி விலங்குகள் போல் நடந்து கொள்ளாதே.

தமிழா, உனது வேலைகள் அனைத்திலுமே பொய்க் கதைகள் மிதமிஞ்சிவிட்டன. உனது மதக் கொள்கைகள் லௌகிகக் கொள்ளைகள், வைதிக நடை எல்லாவற்றிலுமே பொய்கள் புகுந்து தலைதூக்கி ஆட இடங்கொடுத்துவிட்டாய். இவற்றை நீக்கிவிடு. வீட்டிலும் வெளியிலும் தனிமையிலும் கட்டிடத்திலும், எதிலும், எப்போதும் நேர்மை யிருக்க வேண்டும். எல்லாப் பேறுகளைக் காட்டிலும் உண்மை பேறுதான் பெருமை கொண்டது. உண்மை தவங்களுக்கெல்லாம் உயிர். உண்மை சாஸ்திரங்களுக்கொல்லாம் வேர். உண்மை இன்பத்திற்கு நல்லுறுதி. உண்மை பரமாத்மாவின் கண்ணாடி ஆதலால் தமிழா, எல்லாச் செய்திகளிலும் உண்மை நிலவும்படி செய்.

தமிழா, எழுதிப் படிப்பதெல்லாம் மெய்யுமில்லை. எதிர் நின்று கேட்பதெல்லாம் பொய்யுமில்லை. "முந்திய சாஸ்திரந்தான் மெய், பிந்திய சாஸ்திரம் பொய்" என்று தீர்மானம் செய்துகொள்ளாதே. காலத்துக்கும் உண்மைக்கும் எதிரிடையாக ஓர் கணக்கு ஏற்பட்டிருக்கிறதா? "தகப்பன் வெட்டிய கிணறு என்று சொல்லி மூடர்கள் உப்பு நீரைக் குடிக்கிறார்கள்" என்று பஞ்ச தந்திரம் நகைக்கிறது.


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:56:29 PM »
Dear Sri Ravi

once the Real is known, even the pointing finger becomes false. So at some point, one has to just drop it off and express straight from ones own recognition,  the spirit of it can never be wrong. It may feel to be egoistic because it may seem to carry a thought that 'the real is now known (by me)' but, even this has to be transcended, i heard somewhere, to be very humble is also ego in the end, well we can say, a good ego. Unless we begin to express from the light within, we would continue to remain just as the moon receiving its light from the Sun. Like the leela that happened to Namdev, where Gorakumbar taps his head and tells it is an unbaked pot. A zen saying goes "When the moon is pointed, do not worship the finger"

Well, as the saying goes, one does not become a doctor without killing some thousand people :) at some point, persons like namdev have to begin to depend on the light from within. Ultimately, only Namdev knew what Jnandev was trying to convey.


General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:54:44 PM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

True, Unfortunately, we are at such loss, minimally, for we are to find some discrepancies as all the records of are only recorded by the listener. Sages such as Ramana, Ramakrishna or Shirdi Baba who art verily the highest personification fathomable by human mind, least strive by themselves to write or record something of what they have seen, for they really do not see another. They are for ever immersed in themselves which is the "whole" from our understanding. Even the Upanishads, if we see, are basically conversations between the Guru and Shishyas, and the Upanishad itself only presents the glimpses of the conversation that took place at that moment by the onlooker (my own rambling) Even if we See Gaudapadacharya, No real records are to be found, Such Sages are beyond any formalities, what they speak rarely are the Uchchishtams of knowledge that poured in some rare slumber of kaarumyam from our understanding alone. And we can at most work our contemplation to term such exalted state of such Sages as some thing.

knowledge is only for ignorance, light is only for darkness alone. Those that are beyond these see no light or darkness, therefore,  knowledge that is gathered is only from the darkness or from the one who is seeking light alone, and never from the beyond. So in this sense, each of us have to make our journeys all alone from some point, where we have to record our own upanishads, irrespective of whether we record it or it becomes popular :D

Viswanatha Swami's records of Talks, i have also heard that He had recorded the very words of Bhagavan uttered by Him as it is. If not all, at least quite a few. Others, we have to content with the recordings as per the grasp. Fortunately, at-least these records have pulled us up so much above.

Like what they call a poetic licence, in the same way, we would come across many such poetic observing like Krishna Bhikshu, which, if we get to know Ramana or Ramakrishna or Shirdi Baba even a little bit, then we can fathom from our own poetry, as to what could have really transpired or not even transpired.

I also do come across, many such things, sometimes may not concur with our own poetry! But eventually, everything is just a poetry in the end!

some musings...

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:19:38 PM »
Dear Subramanian Sir, Sri Ravi,

it appears in "The Bhagavan I Knew" by Krishna Bhikshu, the original version is given below -

When people would complain to Bhagavan about some mischief or other done in the Ashrama, Bhagavan would say:
"I have not come here to punish people. If I start punishing people, even a black crow would not remain in this place. People come here, each with his own purpose, and each may find his purpose fulfilled. Why don't you take care of your own purpose? Why do you pay attention to what others do?"

as you have observed rightly, Bhagavan never used phrases like He has come to grace, and never He has even shown Abhayam, or even has He given a least bit of importance to any miracles and so on.  He ever sat on the fire of "knowledge and of absolute surrender"


When Bhagavan was still on the hill, a postcard came in which the sender wrote: "I am a poor elementary school teacher. My mother is old and my salary is so small that I cannot look after her properly. Kindly see that I get a raise." Bhagavan laughed and said: "Well, why not?" Another card came after some time in which he wrote: "By your grace my salary was increased. Now there is a vacancy in a higher grade. If I am given that grade, I shall earn more and make my mother very happy." Bhagavan had a good laugh and said: "Good." Again after some days, another card: "My mother is bedridden and there is nobody to nurse her. If I could get married, my wife would look after her. But I am a poor man. Who will give me his daughter in marriage? And where shall I get the money for expenses? Bhagavan may kindly arrange." Bhagavan laughed and said: "Well, let it be so." After some months another postcard came: "By your kindness I was married quite easily. My wife is already with me. My mother wants a grandchild before she dies. Please provide. "Why not?" said Bhagavan. After some months another card: "My wife gave birth to a child, but she has no milk for it. I cannot afford milk for the baby. Please get me a promotion." Then another card: "I got a promotion and an increment. The child is doing well. I owe everything to your kindness." Bhagavan remarked: "What have I done? It is his good karma that all goes well with him." After some days another card: "Mother died. She worshiped you before her death. "Well," said Bhagavan. After a month, another card: "Swami, my child has died." "Sorry," said Bhagavan. Another month had passed and a card came saying: "My wife is pregnant again." Then another card: "My wife gave birth to a child. Both died." "Ram, Ram,'' said Bhagavan. "Everything seems to be over." Then another card: "Due to family trouble my work was very irregular and I was dismissed. I am completely destitute now.'' Bhagavan said, heaving a deep sigh: "All that came has gone; only his Self remained with him. It is always like this. When all goes, only the Self remains."

(Ramana Smriti Souvenir)

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: August 10, 2014, 07:33:29 PM »
ज़िंदगी एक सफ़र है सुहाना
यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना

हँसते गाते जहाँ से गुज़र
दुनिया की तू परवाह न कर
मुस्कुराते हुए दिन बिताना
यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना

मौत आनी है आएगी इक दिन
जान जानी है जाएगी इक दिन
ऐसी बातों से क्या घबराना
यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना

चाँद तारों से चलना है आगे
आसमानों से बढ़ना है आगे
पीछे रह जाएगा ये ज़माना
यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना

   Zindagi Ik Safar Hai Suhana
Yaha Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana

Hanste Gaate Jahaa Se Guzar
Duniya Ki Tu Parvaah Na Kar
Muskurahate Hue Din Bitaana
Yaha Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana

Maut Aani Hai Aayegi Ik Din
Jaan Jaani Hai Jayegi Ik Din
Aisi Baato Se Kya Ghabraana
Yaha Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana

Chaand Taron Se Chalna Hai Aage
Aasmaano Se Badhna Hai Aage
Peechhey Reh Jayega Ye Zamaana
Yaha Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana

   Life is a beautiful journey
Who knows what will happen tomorrow

Go through this world with laughter and singing.
Do not worry about what others say.
Spend your days smiling.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow!

Death is inevitable. Death will come some day.
Life has to end. It will end some day.
Why worry about these things?
Who knows what will happen tomorrow!

Have to walk beyond the moon and the stars.
Have to go beyond the skies.
The world will be left behind.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow!

(Shailendra Singh)

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: August 10, 2014, 07:22:31 PM »
आने वाला पल जाने वाला है
हो सके तो इस में
ज़िंदगी बिता दो
पल जो ये जाने वाला है

एक बार यूँ मिली, मासूम सी कली
खिलते हुए कहा
खुश पाश मैं चली
देखा तो यहीं हैं
ढूँढा तो नहीं हैं
पल जो ये जाने वाला हैं

एक बार वक़्त से, लमहा गिरा कहीं
वहाँ दास्तां मिली
लमहा कहीं नहीं
थोड़ा सा हँसाके
थोड़ा सा रुलाके
पल ये भी जाने वाला हैं

   Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai
Ho Sake To Is Mein
Zindagi Bita Do
Pal Jo Ye Jaane Wala Hai

Ik Baar Yu Mili, Masoom Si Kali
Khilte Hue Kaha
Khush Paash Main Chali
Dekha To Yaheen Hai
Dhoondha To Nahi Hai
Pal Jo Ye Jaane Wala Hai

Ik Baar Waqt Se, Lamha Gira Kaheen
Wahaan Daastaan Milee
Lamha Kaheen Naheen
Thoda Sa Hansa Ke
Thoda Sa Rula Ke
Pal Ye Bhi Jaane Wala Hai

   The incoming moment is about to go away.
If possible,
spend a lifetime in the present moment.
This moment is about to pass away.

Once I met an innocent bud.
Blossoming, it said,
"I'm in a state of bliss!"
If you open your eyes, it is right here.
If you're searching, it is not there.
This moment is about to pass.

Once, a moment fell from (the vastness of) time.
A story was discovered there.
The moment was nowhere to be found.
Making us smile a little,
making us weep a little,
this moment is also going to fade away.


General Discussion / Re: Bharathiyar Poems
« on: August 10, 2014, 06:15:54 PM »
குன்றத்தின் மீதே-அந்தக்
குன்றத்தின் மீதே-தனி
நின்றதோர் ஆல நெடுமரங் கண்டேன்.

பொன்மரத் தின்கீழ்-அந்தப்
பொன்மரத் தின்கீழ்-வெறுஞ்
சின்மய மானதோர் தேவன் இருந்தனன்.

புத்த பகவன்-எங்கள்
புத்த பகவன்-அவன்
சுத்தமெய்ஞ் ஞானச் சுடர்முகங் கண்டேன்.

காந்தியைப் பார்த்தேன்-அவன்
காந்தியைப் பார்த்தேன்-உப
சாந்தியில் மூழ்கித் ததும்பிக் குளித்தனன்.

ஈதுநல் விந்தை!-என்னை!
ஈதுநல் விந்தை!-புத்தன்
சோதி மறைந்திருள் துன்னிடக் கண்டனன்.
பாய்ந்ததங் கொளியே;-பின்னும்
பாய்ந்ததங் கொளியே;-அருள்
தேய்ந்த தென்மேனி சிலிர்த்திடக் கண்டேன்.


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