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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Ramanatha Brahmachari
« on: February 11, 2010, 11:53:06 PM »
Dear I,

If it is ok to ask, I would be glad to hear more from you, are you planning to settle down in Tiruvannamalai? Like are you planning to dedicate your life completely by staying in Arunachala? If yes, did your family agree?

Please do share more if you can and are willing to. Thank you.

Many don't get such wonderful opportunity.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Beautiful posts...

We should recognise even Non-Self as also the Self. Why do we need to, or where from this idea of Non Self originated? where from this difference originated? When we introspect and see, we will see that even the so called Non-Self is also part of the Self as a whole.

It is the grace of Non-Self, because of which we are able to recognise the Non-Self as the Whole. Dejection is also the Self, an experience of the Self itself. At any time, is there any other experience other than that of Self?

Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poornamudachchate
Poornasya Pooornamaadaaya Poornamevaava Shishyate

That (brahman) is whole
This (creation) is also whole
From that whole (i.e. brahman only)
This whole has come out (creation)
But even though this whole has come
Out of that whole
Yet that whole remains whole only

Self alone Is.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Is doing nothing meditation same as self-enquiry
« on: February 11, 2010, 06:28:30 PM »
At this moment, I have the conviction to say that even sufferings and pains are also the Self. It is just when we see them as rivulsive that we think we are separate from the Self and that we need to get Self Realised. Are we separate from Self At any point of time? Infact the recognition of even those moments when we feel separate from Self is also Self is the Truth, the feelings of Separateness is also only the feeling of the Self alone. These pains and sufferings are not different from Self. When we begin to recognise this and accept these sufferings and pains as Self completely, there will not be any separateness. Self alone is.

Sufferings, Pains, Happiness, Joy are all just the same energy or manifestation of the same Self. Like scientifically, one cannot know the temperature by touching extreme Heat and Extreme Cold, like they appear as just the same, similarly these sufferings and pains are the same..

And when such a recognition happens, we would stop hating others and getting angry on others for their so called mistakes, etc...

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Is doing nothing meditation same as self-enquiry
« on: February 11, 2010, 06:12:38 PM »
Dear I,

Yes, thats true, in Rig Veda, it is said - Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti. Truth is one, but ways are many. What I have realised is that, the differences etc... what each person perceives, the various ways or sadhanas one performs leads one to the ultimate Truth. Like all the way upwards in a mountain will lead only to the peak alone and no where else - all will reach at that peak in which ever way they come from. What happens is that when two or more people meet in one such junction of that journey, and when they speak and exchange views, it appears that one is going in one way and the other is going in another way, but when wisdom dawns to them, they will simply continue with their journeys without any doubt that both are going to reach the same Truth and are not different people as well.

I have realised that contradictions and difference of views etc... are all correct, there is nothing wrong at all, infact there is no right or wrong, this way or that way. Truth is such that it is absolutely attribute-less.

Both are correct. Therefore what ever we describe or talk, we are just talking about the Ultimate Truth alone. The Self is Unlimited. Even if a person is talking against the truth vehemently, it is still happening at the grace of the Self alone, and even if a person is talking about the beauty of the Self, it is still happening at the grace of the Self alone.

It is all the manifestation of the Self alone. There are so many instances, where Bhagavan himself has given completely different answers to same question to different devotees. On one hand, He cleared so many doubts and questions of so many devotees and on the other hand he has  also said, "all doubts will cease only when the doubter and his source have been found. Seek for the source of the doubter, and you will find he is does not exist"

The Truth is such a Truth that everything points only to truth alone, even if one abuses, even if one praises, what ever.... there is just truth alone. anything and everything is truth. Such is the conviction.

Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Is doing nothing meditation same as self-enquiry
« on: February 11, 2010, 11:21:25 AM »
The ultimate essence or aim of any meditation is to just focus on one thought and not let the mind outwards and remain inwards abiding as the Self. If one goes to describe this abidance, its nature, its state, it is going to be a futile exercise. Instead of analysing all and seeking answers and confirmations to all these queries, simply enquire the doubter. Like Ramana says, enquire who the doubter is and the doubter will vanish, there is no point in doubting, the doubter and his source has to be enquired upon.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Maha Siva Ratri - 2010
« on: February 11, 2010, 07:58:10 AM »
Pusalar, a Brahmin of Tiruninravur strongly desired to build a temple for Lord Shiva, but he did not have the money for it. So, he decided to construct a temple in his heart for Lord Shiva. Mentally he gathered the necessary materials for the purpose. He laid the fooundation stone on an auspicious day. He raised the temple and had even fixed an auspicious day for the installation of the deity in it.

The king of Kanchi, who was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva, had built a magnificent temple. By chance he had also fixed the date which Pusalar had mentally chosen for the installation of the Lord in his temple. The Lord wanted to show the king the superiority of Pusalar's great devotion. So, the Lord appeared in the king's dream and asked him to postpone the installation ceremony in his temple. He said He could no be present for the installation as He was going to attend another installation at the same auspicious time, the would be at the temple constructed by his devote at Tiruninravur.

The King woke up from sleep and was intensely eager meet the devotee mentioned by the Lord and also have a look at the great temple he had built, which he thought would be far superior to his own temple.

The king came to Tiruninravur and searched all over the place for the temple but he could not find any. Then the kind enquired about Pusalar. He found out Pusalar's house and the king fell in full prostration at his feet. Narrating to him the wonderous dream wrought by Shiva he requested to be taken to the new temple built by him. Pusalar's surprise knew no bounds, he was stunned on hearing this. Recovering slowly, he remarked, "sir, I am a pauper. I could build the temple inly in my mind. Blessed am I, thatShiva was pleased to enter His shrine. And indeed you are blessed too with his darshan.

Pusalar performed the installation and consecretion ceremonies a the appointed time and felt that the Lord was firmly seated in his heart, which became a temple.

Ramana says in Upadesa Saaram,

KaayaVaagmaanah KaaryaamUttamam
Pujanam JapasChintanam Kramaat

Ritualistic worship, chanting and meditation are done with the body, voice and the mind; they excel each other in that order.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Yes, no where in Bhagavatam is it mentioned about the points I mentioned, all I was trying to mention was that It cannot be seen at all that Krishna suffered. He was above all these. One cannot know at all that there was suffering in Krishna's life. I just mentioned few instances which could go to prove in usual sense as to ho much Krishna could have suffered. These are hidden Tatvas, according to me. No where is it mentioned any where in Bhagavatam or in Mahabharata, but a careful study will certainly lead one to the truth, like for instances, Balarama did not agree to several ways of Krishna, He never visited back the Gopikas, only instance we come across is that Sri Krishna sends Uddhava to Gopikas in the Uddhava Gita or the last skanda of Bhagaavatam.

The subtle point I was trying to make is this that though in ordinary eyes, it may appear that Krishna had to sufferings with so many shackles that happened in his life, but He being Krishna, the very personification of Sthithaprajna, conduted himself as a sage all throughout, he gives us the glorious teachings of Bhagavad Gita as to how to conduct ourselves giving light to the eternal Self.

Nobody could spot any pain or suffereing in Krishna as it was not there for him at all.

Like, our beloved Ramana Maharshi, who had to undergo surgery, I have heard that He had his first surgery even without anesthesia as well. He remained so unmoved to all these bodily sufferings and he remained composed as Self inspite of all the sufferings that seem from our eyes. Krishna was like this throughout, He being like Ramana, never really was sufferings though there were several instances. Please do correct me, if I am wrong anywhere.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Yes, I have always been fascinated by the irony, everybody always talk much about the sufferings of Rama and Sita. But I have always felt (not a comparison) that Krishna is the one who has really suffered it a lot. Un Imaginable sufferings, it appears to me, that Rama's sufferings are nothing in front of Krishna's (Please do not take amiss, both are one and the same, not comparing)

1. Krishna was born in Jail to Devaki and Vasudeva
2. Sent to Nanda and Yashoda
3. He leaves Nanda and Yashoda for ever and never comes back
4. He never gets to stay with his real parents at all
5. He never had a single house
6. He had severe disputes with his most loveable brother Balarama. They never talked to each other.
7. He never got to live with any of his queens at all. He was all alone all the time
8. The little good friendship he had with Arjuna also did not last much as it as bungled with war and deaths
9. Nothing was ever concrete in his life.
10. His entire clan Yadavas are destroyed
11. Gandhari curses him that he is the one who induced war between Pandavas and Kauravas, and the reason for the death of her 100 sons
12. He is the reason behind Yudhishtra's having to lie about the death of Ashvattaama to Drona
13. Infact many people hated him to the core excepting a very few people who are prominently known through the study of Bhagavatam and Mahabharatha.
14. He left the Gopikas Mad. Never ever visited them again.
15. He left Radha. Never met her again.
16. He was the reason behind Duryodhana's death.

These points apart, each and every points mentioned above has beautiful Tatvams, which is very clearly available in Bhagavad Gita.

These are just a few to quote, there are so so many more....

But he was a Sthithaprajna of the first order. Living in midst of Kshatriya clan, Yadavas, Brahmanas, chaos, war, politics, treachery, etc...

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Please refer these posts:

I absolutely don't know any thing about this organisation. Please use your prudence in venturing further. We can never really question any body's intentions about his/her spiritual quest or foundations or organisations.

Bhagavan takes everyone to where one has to be led to.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: temples and priests
« on: February 09, 2010, 11:17:13 PM »
Dear I,

Not really, I have been staying in Bangalore since my birth and I myself have not been to several historical and famous places in the city, whereas, people who come from some foreign land, know much more of the city's heritage and have visited several places than myself!

This is a classic case of what kabir has sung:

Kasturi kundal base, mrig dhoondhe van mahi' - The kasturi - a fragrant is in naval of a particular specie of deer, but the deer having its fragrance runs in search of that in whole of forest!

In Udupi, Krishna turned backwards just to give Darshanam to Kanaka Dasa who was not allowed inside the temple.

Temples are commercialized these days, I do not say, Bhagavan is not there in those commercialized places, He is there and he is more nearer and so very near within ourselves. We really need not take it to heart about these days affairs in temples. We are all the time having the Darshan of Bhagavan, only we are not looking at him.

Like when you are reading the news paper, we only focus all our attention towards only the contents, the reports, the news content written, but we forget the very paper on which all the print matter is printed.

Bhagavan is very very near, so near to you, that He is You itself.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Maha Siva Ratri - 2010
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:59:22 PM »
Dear I,

I would say, it may not be proper that one stays awake without ones body mind and soul's one-ness. It comes by sadhana. Can one who has not practiced swimming, go to a swimming completion and jump into the waters?

Take for example, muslims, they, every year do the fasting on Ramzan time.

These rituals are not to be blindly followed. They are laid down systematically, not just for one day, one special day like Shiva Raathri. One who follows the Shastras, like observing many other Vrathams like Ekadashi Vratham, Shashti Vratham etc... would have tuned his body, mind so well, that during such a time like Shiva Raathri, one would be able to experience or have Sat Darshanam.

Can we just expect to stay awake, fast whole day? without tuning our body mind and soul? Truly, this is blind belief. But yes, there are some exceptions, where in due to the grace of Bhagavan even a person without any previous Sadhana or even tuning body mind and soul would have Sat Darshanam.

Listen to your heart and consciousness and do what ever you can with utmost love. God does not evaluate Time, He is Akala, Timeless, He does not see how long you are able to stay awake, how many time you are able to chant Om Namah Shivayah. All that is important is how sincere, heartfelt is your prayer. He is melted very easily on a true devotion. Look at Bhagavan, tears used to flow at just hearing some bits about Kannapa Nayanar or any of the 63 Nayanmars.

There is one small story, two yet to become sages meet at Ganges, before they had their bath and finished all their other obulatins, they both discussed both their experiences, and one said, that I have committed so many sins, and I need to chant Sri Rama Nama Japa for 1 crore times to attone my sins. I have not yet been able to complete my japa, the other got surprised and said to him - "What, do you need to chant 1 crore times of Rama Nama to attone your sins? Yes I too have committed sins, but wont just chanting the Name of Rama just once suffice to purify yourself?, Such is the Efficacy of Rama Nama"

This conviction matters!

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Maha Siva Ratri - 2010
« on: February 09, 2010, 05:18:41 PM »
Shivarathri always falls on the Chaturdasi day of Krishna (Dark) Paksha or waning phase of the moon. The next day being Amavaasya. I feel its the dilution of the dualness into nothingness (amavasya). On the 14th day there is a small moon presence which is the sense of I - ness after all the austerities performed so long during the Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayana. This great day by staying awake the whole night the I gets merged into the Amavasya.

Amavasya is completely pure without any attributes.

People who long for Liberation do the Giri Pradakshinam on the Amavasya day and people who wish to enjoy the worldly (Loukika) life in their varnaashramas do the Giri Pradakshinam on the Pournami day (full foon day)

Shiva also stands for Pralaya, Death etc... all these events like death, pralaya according to our Shastras are considered as 'Mangalam' or auspicious events. Pralaya is dissolution of the world and merging back into where it came from. similarly on this Shivrathri day the I merges into Itself Siva.

The sound of Damaru in Sivas hand is one of the primordial sounds just like Aum, both sounds if carefully observed will begin with 'hmm...' and end with the same 'hmm...' humming sound from and into silence.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General Discussion / Re: The Great search
« on: February 09, 2010, 05:12:41 PM »
Dear I,

The paradox is that, like how Ramana Maharshi says, that a person who is in Arunachala keeps asking the way to Arunachala.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

It is good to have firm belief in advaita theory.
But do not apply it to daily life as long as you have 'I am the body' idea.
If you are Bhagavan, do we have to listent to your words as Bhagavan's words?
I am just saying that using Bhagavan's photo as your profile image is so disrespectful to Bhagavan.

Firstly, Advaita is not a theory. If you see it as a theory, you are intellectualizing it. Advaita is nothing but anoother name for Self!

Please see,

1. who is the 'I' that feels that this is disrespectful to Bhagavan.
2. Please see who is the 'I' that thinks one has 'I am the body' idea
3. Please see who is the 'I' that thinks 'It is good to have firm belief in advaita theory. But do not apply it to daily life as long as you have 'I am the body' idea.'

Please see, the question whether 'I am the body' idea is within yourself. Enquire who is the 'I' who identifies with 'I am the Body' idea. I am Bhagavan, You are Bhagavan, everyone is Bhagavan! Tell me who is not Bhagavan? Where is Bhagavan not?

When you recognise this Chaitanya, that Chaitanya is all pervading. everything, just like how a string passes through all pearl beeds, so does this. It is the same Chaitanya that shine here within, that shines within you. I am you, You am I.

This question, that I am not Bhagavan is not here, and I am not priding about, I am at most humble, at saying this, because, I have total conviction about the fact, that I - Am Bhagavan without an iota of doubt, for Where is Bhagavan NOT?

To recognise that the other is not actually other but yourself is the recognition of this Divya Chaitanya. In Bible, we have 'Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself' Why? because, Thy neighbor is yourself. By hurting your neighbor, you are hurting yourself, by loving your neighbor, you are loving yourself. By seeing God in your neighbor, you are seeing God in yourself! You are God, Aatma, Chaitanya, You are that Self.

Please enquire to whom are all these thoughts are arising to. Who am I, Who am I to whom these questions are arising.!

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

I get opportunity to visit Ramana Maharshi allmost everyday by reading Sri Subramanians post everyday, even other such wonderful posts by other members as well. These posts reflect pure Love, Compassion, eternity, the splendor of the unending Self. The wonder of True Realisation that it Is.

Why Vishnu had to take 10 Avatars? He could have done off with just only one avatar?  Why do you want Ramana Maharshi, when so many saints have already to come to earth?

Why do we eat everyday? why not we just eat only once and be done with it for entire life? Why do we need to breathe again and again? why not just breathe just once and be done with it?


I would like to say one thing, which is not relevant to this topic.
I hope you would not use Bhagavan's photo as your profile image,
unless you are Bhagavan himself.  

I am impelled to respond to this, because, even though, this has not been addressed to me, and since, I too have the picture of my beloved Bhagavan, I am urged to say that,

The division that Bhagavan is not here in me is not there at all. Tell me where Bhagavan is not in first place? Or tell me where Only is Bhagavan so that I can keep the picture there!

Please see, that you are not able to see Bhagavan here, so you have to enquire as to who is Bhagavan, Who am I to whom this question is arising, Who am I, who is the doubter...

There is no harm, it is absolutely not any matter of pride if one profess to say that He is Bhagavan, because, when wisdom dawns, one will realise that Ego I is by itself God as well! Where from the moon derives the light? The moon derives the light from Sun! It is the same light that shines forth everywhere and in everything.

It is foremost to see God first and foremost in every human being and failing so is not a sin, but a grace in itself for wisdom to dawn. Every division that exists is only there to reveal the Self.

I would like to quote a note from Bhagawan -

Searching who this ‘I’ was,
Soon I found
You only standing as the heaven of bliss,
You only, blessed Lord! — (Thayumanavar)

(2) Not knowing who I was,
I used to speak of ‘I’ and ‘mine’
But I am You and mine is You,
Lord whom all the gods adore. — (Nammalvar)

Though I have become You and You alone exist
Undestroyed the ‘I’ persists
As I within that knows
And I that turns to what is known,
The many things knowing and unknowing

Bhagavan added that many similar quotations could be
found elsewhere among Alwar’s songs. Dr. S. Rao took the
book (Tiruvoimozhi) from Bhagavan’s hand
and said, “I see there is a commentary also.” On this stanza
which says, “I discover that I am You, and all that I called
mine is You,” the Visishtadvaita commentator said, “I reached
so near God as to regard I and mine as God himself.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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