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Dear I,

Thank you for your replies,

I felt that Bhagavan's reply to Sri Raghavachari is pretty different from most of his responses regarding the matter, specially his reply - "A walking stick that supports me is kept on by me but when I am asleep the stick falls off, by itself."

I felt this response has just much more than what it conveys at a single read, similarly, in the life of Sri Sundaresa Iyer, when he was overwhelmed at his samsara life and was wondering when he wold get good time to stay with Bhagavan always, and when he spoke about it to Bhagavan, He replied - "Aattam kalayattum, Piragu" meaning - "let the game get over, then"

These two answers convey just much more than how simple it looks.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

The follollowing incident is recorded in the life of Sri Raghavachari:

In 1911 when I was constantly seeing Maharshi, my wife and others got frightened that my disposition towards fortitude would mature into sanyasam by constant visits to Maharshi and so they went and told their fears to Maharshi and requested to tell him to tell me to remain with my family. So, I went to Maharshi next, he told me that contact with samsara or family is not got over by voluntarily giving it up. "A walking stick that supports me is kept on by me but when I am asleep the stick falls off, by itself."

I would like to hear from each one of you(as myself), your(as my) interpretations, for my(our) self.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras say:

Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhah

(mastering) the (art) of Vritti Nirodhah - Stopping the movements - (of thoughts, thinking) and attain perfect Samadhi our Natural State.

Which is what Sri Ramana says - the source or the root of all thoughts is I. The root of all sorts of Vrittis will be found whre 'I' springs from. Vrittis are nothing by 'I' ego.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Question concerning the path of surrender
« on: May 31, 2010, 01:17:23 AM »
Actually, or rather paradoxically, to Not Question is the only sadhana required to practice the path of Surrender

Salutations to Sri Ramana

That force or energy by which you are able to cognize that there is no idea about God, Guru, temples or scriptures etc,.. in sleep that effelgence by which you are able to cognize that when you wake up someday, you are blank for few seconds... and to whom the movement of mind or ego starts functioning, etc.. etc... That is the Self which is In All. And THAT by which you are now witnessing even this. That Effulgence is the Truth. Even to say that That effulgence is you would not be apt because, it is again happening in presence of effulgence itself.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

just in a lighter vien, you have made Ulladu naarpadu (40) into Ulladu nootri Naaarpadu (140)  :)

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General Discussion / Re: Sudden hair loss in Tiruvannamalai
« on: May 30, 2010, 11:50:31 AM »
Scientifically, Hair loss is also attributed to high tension as well, tension also includes too much dabbling of thoughts intellectually. Spiritual analytical thinking is also no exclusion to this as well!

Dear I,

Yes, these are very very touching incidents... really leads one to tears. But for Bhagavan its nothing, His life illustrates samatva of highest order and even beyond possible thoughts or ideas that we may even think of what Samatva. Samatva is his real nature.

Each time, I only land into bewilderment for in spite of reading/being with Bhagavan for some years now, I am still unable to cognize that Such Soul existed in flesh and blood and still exists as our real Self.

Sri Ramana, for me, is New everyday, everyday He rings bell in my heart in bewilderment. His eyes pull me like the Paasha Kayir (Yamas Death twine) his smile is thought stopping.

Death to I - ego.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Its worthwhile to again contemplate on the following words of Bhagavan to His Mother.

The Ordainer controls the fate of souls according to their destiny. what ever is bound to happen will happen try as you may to prevent it and whatever is bound not to happen will not happen do what you may to make it happen, the best course there fore is to remain silent.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Poorest of the Poor
« on: May 30, 2010, 10:50:33 AM »
When the Swami was in Pachaiamman koil he had with him only one Malayalam towel, it was given to him by somebody. When the top end became worn out, he would reverse it and use it, with the bottom end at the top. When his Koupinam  got torn he did not ask for another, as he usually did not ask anyone for anything. Privacy has however to be maintained. Where could he get a needle and thread available to mend the Kpoupinam? At last. he got hold of a prickly pear thorn for a needle, made a hole in it, took out a thread from the Koupinam itself, put it into the hole and thus mended the cloth, and so as to hide the place where it was mended, he used to fold it suitable before putting it on.

As the material was flimsy it became worn out withing two months and was torn in several places. Pazhani Swami was not in town, the Swami had therefore to look affer the cooking and all other domestioc work. As he used to dry his feet and hands with towel every now and then, it got all sorts of colours. Its condition would be seen if he used it as a cover for the body. So he used to roll it and keep it near and hand. What did it matter to him? It was enough if the required work gets done with its help. After bathing, he used to dry himself with towel, and then put it out to dry. He used to guard it carefully so that no one else would know about it.

Pne day a mischievous little boy saw when he was drying it, and said, "Swami, Swami, this towerl is required by the Governer. He has asked me to get it from you. Please give it to me." So saying he mischievously streatched out his hand, "Oh, dear! This towel! No, I cannot give it.nGo away!" The Swami replied.

He used to wash and dry it in a place between two rocks (which was never visited by any of the devotees who were with him then) and after drying it, hid it in a hole in the trunk of a tree within the temple precincts.

One day, when he went out somewhere, Sheshaiyer and others, while searching for something else, happened to search that hole in the tree trunk, and found the towel. Seeing its condition and blaming themselves for their neglect, they began offering profuse apologies when he returned. "What is the matter?" he asked. "It is this towel with a thousand holes that you are daily drying your bodywith after your bath? Shame on our devotion that they had allowed such a state of things to happen, that they had committed an inexcusable sacrilege (apachara) and so on they lamented. They had with them in trunk, whole pieces of clothe and many towels etc., all meant for him. They did not know how badly torn his towel and cod-piece were, other wise they would have replaced themlong before. When they offered about six cod pieces the Swami took only one and returned the rest.

This incident was later poetically described by Muruganar in his Sannadi Murai. The Swami had Indra for his Towel (a towel with a thousand  eyelets or holes - Indra the lord of devas purported to have endowed with a thousand eyes - hence the metaphor).

 - (Arunachala's Ramana)

Koupinavantu Khalu Bhaagyavanta

Salutations to Sri Ramana

There is so much difference in the change... "Nanum Avanil Ondre"  is filled with so much devotion... How much alive Jnaanis are... unlike us mortal souls (ego - I)

Naanum Avanil Ondre...  


Both Shankara and Ramana were excellent composers. The need of the hour for Sri Shankara required him to compose so many works to revive the Sanathana Dharma, whereas, Sri Shankara himself as Sri Ramana had already composed so many compositions, so he limited it all to quite a few compositions on Arunachala.

I read in Glory of Arunachala, somewhere, Sri Shankara also has written about Arunachala as well, one of the 108 names of Shiva he composed also has this name:

Giri Pradaskhina Priyaaya Namaha

Salutations to Sri Bhagavan Ramana

So nice...   :)

one more connection, Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi, Paramacharyal of Sringeri, who was a great Jivan muktha, during his childhood days, his mother used to ask him get vegetables from the market in Sringeri. Chandrashekhara Bhartahi used to chant Atma Vidya Vilaasa of Sadashiva Brahmendra and forget himself, lose his body consciousness and would keep walking, walking, walk past even the market, and even town, and after few hours, he would come back to consciousness and would return back home. His mother would remain waiting worried.

Thinking about Sri Ramana, Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra, Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi and Saraswathi Swamigal, I get goosebumps.

its pleasantly SHOcKING to even grasp that such soul have been here in flesh and blood. My heart is beating hard even now thinking about them.

Salutations to Sri Bhagavan Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Shankara and Ramana
« on: May 27, 2010, 10:26:55 AM »
I have always been bewildered at parallels in the lives of Sri Ramana and Sri Shankara.

Shankara is said to have lived for 32 years, Ramana for 70 (allmost double)
Shankara left his house at the age of 8, Ramana at the age of 16 (double)
Shankara lost his father at the age of 5 - 6, Ramana lost his father at the age of 12 (allmost double)
Shankaera graced his mother with Vaikunta Darshana and gave her Moksha, Ramana also gave Moksha to his mother.
Shankara came back to his mother during her last days, Mother came back to Ramana to spend the rest of her life.
Shankara preached/lived Advaita, Ramana lived Advaita
Shankara revived Vedanta, Ramana revived Vedanta

... so many more....

Salutations to Sri Bhagavan Ramana

This post reminded me of Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra as well, the grace of Guru is such that, even by remembering one great devotee, you are reminded about so many other great souls.

Sri Ramana reminds me more of universal compassion, samatva, grace, love than of Self Enquiry, Aatma, etc. The latter is more for intellectual, rather egoistic need but the former is universal, divine - "Ramana Hridyam"

Salutations to Sri Bhagavan Ramana

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