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When the false 'I' is reminded that it is NOT, there arises a tremendous fear of oblivion, of non existence. The false 'I' does not want to let go its identity - the characters it has been playing. It cannot imagine itself without any attribute. This fear keeps the false 'I' going.

This is the real fear of Death, the scriptures talk about, not the clinical death. The death of 'I'.

When Bhagavan faced the death experience, he was down with some fever and he faced it upfront and realised the true Self. There was no more necessity for Him to play any more roles, the false 'I' just dropped of like a dry leaf in a tree.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Arunachala, is our true Self. Sri Bhagavan has said that our Self is our True Guru. Arunachala, as our Self is a grace of our True Self, which keeps reminding us about our true nature. It is reminding us to descard the robes of all the character we are playing and just remain as Self. When we really descard all roles we are playing, what role do we have to play? That is when we will be truly naked. Spatika!

Arunachala, is verily our own Self. It is reflection of our True Self.

The very first Shloka in Aksharamana Malai goes thus:

Arunachalamena Ahameninaippavar Ahattaiveraruppay Arunachala.

1. Thou dost root out the ego of those who meditate on Thee in the heart, O Arunachala!
2. Thou dost root out the ego of those who dwell on their (spiritual) identity with Thee, O Arunachala!

Eventually even rope has to go. The Rope which is mistaken for a snake is verily our selves - our false self.

Even that a Rope is existing is also a knowledge.

That I real Self is beyond any description, attributeless. There is absolutely no second to it, to even compare. For even for knowledge, we need a second to make it as a knowledge.

It itself is.


The possibility that the rope is mistaken for a snake exists because of existence of knowledge of snake and ideas about it. Even the ideas about happenning or not happening is all because of some already existing knowledge of events and similarly about the illusions of a magician.

Existence of Mithya basically is because of some already preconceived knowledge about the subject matters.

There for who is the one that has been possessing all these knowledges? That is the repository of all knowledges sum of all total past lives of ours. Who is that 'I' then?

That 'I' is itself found to be Mithya!

Mithya exists only for Mithya !!!!!!

Dear I,

Where is butter to be found in Curd? is not butter found in Curd itself after Kaivalyam? The need for Japa ends involuntarily, there is already ajapa japa in the form of silence, Mauna. Therefore Japa does not really end actually. Is not Silence, Mauna a japa? can there be a Japa better than Mauna?

Thats the Kaivalyam, we begin by mentally doing Nama Japa, Pranava Japa, etc... and then just like how butter is removed from Curd, that silence is arrived at, that Navaneta, that shuddha Spatika. that silence or blankness is the real ajapa japa.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Very nice post..

I would like to add further, some of my experiences, after such an enquiry as to where from the sound originates, the need to utter the mantra, naama or Om, ends invariably. what is left thereon is simple awareness, we could simply say, an awareness of blankness! "I am" feeling. Just I am !

After a while, this awareness turns its attention on that which is in movement, begins to simply observe the breath in and breath out and then the only other thing there is awareness about is the heart beats.

At this stage, I find myself, that in no way could I stop the perception of my own heartbeats and the movement of prana. There is tremendous relaxation, the breath is normalised. The movement of body gets reduced, as in there is no more any need to move the body for any purpose. the only purpose for which the muscles seem to move is intake and outake of air and heart beat.

On further observationm, may be voluntarily or involuntarily, the breath in and out frequency reduces drastically i.e. in a minute(vague idea), of an average of only about 4 - 6 breaths.

Therefore, even further, I feel, it is essential to enquire where form the sounds of heart beats is originating and where from is the need to breath air in and out is originating. It is so very subtle, I have not been able to go in further.

and then, due to the pull of Vasanas, after some time, slowly the awareness begins to move back to the world. Prarabdha

Salutations to Sri Ramana

and just as a conclusion to it, I wish to add these verses as well, of Sri Lakshmana Sharmas' Ramana Hridayam from the Advaita Prakaranam:

को देवः स्याद्यो मनो वेत्ति सोऽयं जानाम्येतज्जीवनामाहमेव ।
तस्मात् स त्वं वक्ति साक्षाच्छ्रुतिश्चाप्येको देवः सर्वभूतेष्वपीति ॥

'Who is God?' 'The One that knows the mind','
(But) I myself, as the individual soul, always know the mind!'
'Therefore thou art thyself God, (not an individual);
Revelation itself says that God is the one Self in all creatures.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

In Ramana Hridayam of Sri Lakshmana Sharma, we have:

विश्वं दृग्दृश्यभिन्नं स्थितिलयजननान्येति छित्तेन साकं
स्वप्ने जाग्रत्यपीदं  भवति च विलयं गच्छतीदं सुषुप्तौ ।
एवं विश्वं समस्तं भवति हि मनसो वृत्तयो नित्यभाने
जातं लीनं च यस्मिन् भवति मन इदं तत् स्वतत्त्वं विशोकम् ॥

The universe, diversified as the seer and his spectacle, has its rising, (interval of) manifestation, and setting along with the mind; it appears in the states of dream and waking; in dreamless sleep it disappears; thus the whole universe is just the mind's thoughts (and nothing more); that constantly shining One, in which the mind has its existence, is the Real Self, untouched by unhappiness.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

An actor who has set out to enact a character in a drama, forgets that he is the actor and continues to play the character thinking it to be Himself. This is Mithya. Anything else that is associated with this character, the happennings everything though it seems real, is all Mithya. all the incidents around that character seems so real, but it is just 'enacting' and not real. This is Mithya. Forgeting oneself, the Actor, thinking the character to be real, which is actually 'Not Real' or 'Not True' is is Asat.

In our daily life, we are actuallly playing so many roles, so many characters, at home we play the role of son/daughter/brother/sister/father/mother etc... and at work, we play the role of administrator, manager, programmer, etc... and as a friend, soulmate, husband, wife etc...

Life is such a big cinema made in such a massive scale, so many roles, each one of us are super hero, actor, enacting so many roles, characters.

We just stay put in one of those characters always... depending on our thinking and emotional pattern - as a wife, husband, friend, btother... what ever.. as the case may be. your current thinking would determine your character your are playing.

All these roles are Mithya, they appear to be real, but we are none of these roles, characters! are we? am I a husband? am I a wife? am I a friend? no... I am beyond all these...

Now, since all the drama happens around only those roles and not you, they dont belong to you, the Role, character is Asat, its not real. After all days hard work, when we go to sleep, all alone, nobody by our side, who are we? who am I then? am I any of those characters? if yes then which of those character is going to sleep? is it husband? wife? daughter? son? brother? administrato? manager? friend? ?? who is going to sleep?

none of these are going to sleep...

what is Asat is all those roles we play, all those characters are really unreal.

I am the one, on whose presence, all these are happening.

I am that Sat - the unambiguous, eternal silent witness without any judgement. Just that awareness of truth. Awareness, Consciusness. Continues, Bliss.

That I am

Any informations pertaining to Sri Kavyakanth and Sri Bhagavan is very inspiring and divine and special because, Sri Bhagavan Himself used to address Kavyakantha as 'Nayana'. Here are some letters mailed by Sri Kavyakantha to Sri Bhagavan. I am happy to share it with you all.

10 March 1931

Lord, Guha Incarnate,

Bhagavan should have already known about my life of Tapas here with my followers through the letters from Sundara Rao Pandit, Viswanatha, and Kapali. Since the past three days all of us here are having blissful experiences; I am particularly happy of my own experiences. Many have had the vision of Bhagavan in their dreams. All of us are of the firm conviction that this progress is entirely due to the gracious glance of the Bhagavan. Lord, my present inner experience, achieved by Bhagavan’s look of grace, I understand to be inherence in the Vijnana-Atman, the sphere of pure intellect. I clearly experience my Self in the cave of the heart quite distinct from the body; yet, I have not ceased looking upon the world as different from myself. And, so I consider that this is not the complete and ultimate inherence in the Self. May Bhagavan Himself bless me with that Purna-Nishta by His gracious look, capable of traversing any distance. My experience of ecstasy hitherto was particularly dynamic; it was pure and simple flow of power. But now it is perceived to be a flow of light giving a sense of utmost lightness. My faith is getting strengthened that the Deities are working upon for the fulfilment of the great task, impelled by Bhagavan Maharshi’s look of Grace. May Bhagavan send me as a reply, His Look, full of compassion. Kapali with his wife, Mahadeva, Viswanatha, Ranga, and Sitaram’s daughter are residents of the Ashrama here. Sundara Rao Pandit, his sister and Devendra Sarma join us usually every morning and evening. All of us pray for the Gracious Look of Bhagavan.

I am,

Bhagavan’s servant
Vasishtha Ganapati

P.S: Lord, I shall scrutinize Sat-darsana 2 tommorrow
onwards and send it soon to your holy presence.


M.: It is done by practice and dispassion and that succeeds only gradually.The mind, having been so long a cow accustomed to graze stealthily on others’ estates, is not easily confined to her stall. However much her keeper tempts her with luscious grass and fine fodder, she refuses the first time; then she takes a bit; but her innate tendency to stray away asserts itself; and she slips away; on being repeatedly tempted by the owner, she accustoms herself to the stall; finally even if let loose she would not stray away. Similarly with the mind. If once it finds its inner happiness it will not wander outward.

Its like a Sugar patient trying to give up having sweetmeats. Even after knowing that eating sweets is not good, one has to put in sufficient effort and develop will to stop eating sweets.

In this manner we are all diabetic to 'I' and we can only give it up with Shradha and Saburi - with Patience and faith only.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

This very conversation or discussion about Mithya is itself a Mithya... and Asat...

Thats a paradox///   :-X

Bhagavan would ask to enquire into the I


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Tapas - Upanishads
« on: June 14, 2010, 08:18:37 PM »
When Sri Kavyakantha approached the Virupaksha Cave where Brahmanaswami lived on the 18th of November 1907. Prostrating before the young Sage, he pleaded with a trembling voice: "All that has to be read I have read. Even Vedanta Sastra I have fully understood. I have performed japa to my heart's content, yet I have not up to this time understood what tapas is. Hence, have I sought refuge at thy feet. Pray enlighten me about the nature of tapas."

For fifteen minutes Sri Ramana Maharshi silently gazed at the Muni. He then spoke: "If one watches where the notion of 'I' springs, the mind will be absorbed into that. That is tapas. If a mantra is repeated and attention is directed to the source where the mantra sound is produced, the mind will be absorbed into that. That is tapas."

Regarding Tapas, we have a mantra in Maha Narayanopanishad which goes like this:

ऋतं तप​-स्सत्यं तप​-श्श्रुतं तप​-श्शान्तं तपो दम​-स्तप-श्शम-स्तपो दानं तपो यज्ञं तपो भूर्भुवस्सुवर्ब्रह्मैतदुपास्यैतत्तपः

Right is austerity. Treading the right path always is austerity
Truth is austerity. Uttering the truth all times at any cost is austerity
Understanding of the scriptures is austerity. Always doing Self enquiry even at work is austerity
Subduing of one’s senses is austerity.
Restraint of the body through such means like fast is austerity.
Cultivation of a peaceable disposition is austerity.
Giving gifts without selfish motives is austerity.
Worship is austerity. The Supreme Brahman has 0manifested Himself as Bhuh, Bhuvah and Suvah.
Meditate upon Him. This is austerity par excellence

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Pearl String
« on: June 14, 2010, 05:29:07 PM »
Dear I,

Today, it just occured to me, we all, Bhagavans devotees, (not only Sri Ramana Devotees, but others as well) are like pearls beeds strung together with "Sri Ramana" thread.

Really how fortunate are we? to be strung with Sri Ramana thread !

Sometimes, its like, one who stays in Arunachala forgets how fortunate one is to be in that great town even residing there! Similarly, we all are just so fortunate to be in Sri Ramana family...

really wonderful...


Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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