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Once when Bhagavan asked Lakshmana Sarma if he had read Ulladu Naarpadu, the latter replied that he would like to study it if Sri Bhagavn would instruct him. Thus began a close association with the Master who began clarifying the deeper meaning of the verses. A lover of Sanskrit, Lakshmana Sarma endeavoured to compose Sanskrit verses according to Bhagavan's explanations. He would submit each verse to Bhagavan for correction and approval; if approval was not forthcoming. he would rework it, again and again, until Bhagavan was satisfied. In this way, all the verses of Ulladu Naarpadu were rendered into Sanskrit within a few months. But Lakshmana Sarma did not stop there: for two or three years he went on repeatedly redrafting the translations under Bhagavan's guidance.

Bhagavan once remarked, 'it is like a great tapas for him to go on revisiing his translation so many times.' Because of Sri Sarma'a repeated efforts to make a faithful Sanskrit rendering, he was blessed to receive personal instruction from Bhagavan on the subject of his core teaching.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

वीक्षा स्वस्य परस्य चेति गदितं ग्रन्थेषु वीक्षाद्वयं
तत्तत्त्वं किमिति ब्रवीमि घटते वीक्षा कथं न्वात्मनः।
एकत्वान्न स वीक्ष्यते यदि परं वीक्षेत को वा कथं
ईशस्यौदनभावमेव गणय स्वेक्षां परेक्षामपि॥

Two (types of) vision are mentioned in the sacred lore, namely, vision of the Self and vision of God. I shall say what they really mean: How can there be vision of the Self? Since He cannot be seen, for the reason that He is One (with the would-be seer), who is there to see God. (who is just the Real Self), and how? Know that the vision of the Self and the vision of God (alike) consist in (the ego) becoming food for God.

चैतन्यद्युतिमेष चिन्मयतनुर्मत्यै प्रयच्छन् स्वयं
आत्मत्वेन सदैव भाति हि मतेरन्तरस्तुरीयश्शिवः ।
तत् तस्मिन् विनियोजनं ह्रदि मतेरन्तर्मुखीकृत्य तां
हित्वा तं प्रभवेत् कथं वद परं मत्यैव मन्तुं नरः ॥

This blissful and transcendental Being, who is Pure Consciousness, is ever shining within the mind as Himself, the Real Self, imparting to the mind the light of consciousness. Such being the case, how can a man know Him by turning it inwards?

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Sri Bhagavan in Ramana Hridayam 25 says thus:

द्र्ष्टारं स्वमुपेक्ष्य पश्यति नरो रूपं परेशस्य चेत्
सा रूपस्य मनोमयस्य हि भवेद्वीक्षा न सत्या विभोः ॥
तत्वं स्वं किमु तं प्रपश्यति परं त्वस्येक्षको वा मुनिः
नष्टाहंकृतिरेष किंचिदपि नो भिन्नः परस्माद्विभोः ॥

When one sees a form of God, neglecting oneself the seer, that vision is merely the vision of a mental form; it is not a true vision of God. Does the Sage that has direct vision of the Self see that supreme Being, who is (the) Real Self? Having lost the ego, he (the Sage) is not in the least distinct from Him.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

very nice and concise post on Seer and Seen, Sri Shankara's Drik Drisya Viveka is very interesting work, that gives the subtle essence of Advaita Tatva very beautifully.

The universe is just a reflection of our own Self, The thoughts in the form of knowledge manifests itself as the world. When this Chitta or mind stuff is directed inward to Self, the external world is not!

The ideal interpretation would be, that the Self is neither the Seer or the Seen, as it is only the 'I' with ideas and knowledge that sees but Self is just Is.

Therefore through this wisdom, one needs to uplift oneself through ones own Self - Uddaret Atmanaatamanam.

Self is Sri Bhagavan, Self is our Guru.

During the last days of Sri Bhagavan, He said "Where could I go, I am here"

That 'I' which Sri Bhagavan meant was not Himself, but the Self which is One, which is our True Self, which is Always effulgent

Salutations to Sri Ramana

24 March 1931

Lord, Master of Primal Cause,

By Bhagavan’s Grace, we are, as it were constantly immersed in the effulgence of Bhagavan’s compassion. Sat-Vidya has been returned by post corrected and improved as far as possible. Kapali has not yet begun his commentary on Sat-darsana. He is just now making a critical study of the work in its entirety to scrutinize the pros and cons of its contents. Whichever portion of my rendering of the original he doubts as exceeding or deficient, I am revisiting and setting aright. Our Viswanatha also is of help to us in this task.

Bhagavan, Slayer of Maya’s offspring, the sense of separate existence in me has not yet vanished. I know that one flash of your wish could bless me with the experience of Absolute identity with the Universal. And I know also that no wish whatsoever could step in by itself at your Heart. None but the Lord of the Universe could generate such an urge from your Heart. One might ask, “Why this roundabout way? Could not God Himself bestow His Grace directly on any one? Why should He bother to cause such an urge arise in someone else?” True. This mystery only a blessed few could comprehend. When the person incarnate is present, it is through Him alone the Lord operates and not by Himself. That is the tradition. The person incarnate alone bears the burden for which He is born and not any other being celestial or human; for such indeed is the command He has got from the Lord Supreme. Therefore, my Lord, I pray to the Supreme to impel that such an urge of Grace arise from your heart.

I am,
Your brother, ever with you from the past.

Dear I, (ramanaduliji)

Yes, you are correct, I have heard that quote in some Avvaiyaar movie, I had forgotton where I had heard it. They made such brilliant movies during that time, Kandan Karunai, Thiruvarutchelvar, Thiruvilayaadal, Thirumaal perumai, etc... they are all my favorites.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

There is one saying in Tamizh, by Tirumoolar I suppose, Please correct me if I may be wrong.

"Arindadu chiridalavu Alavu, Ariyaadadu Ulagalavu" What we know is just very little, and what is unknown is as much/big as this universe.

Thats why Sri Thyagaraj sang, "Endaro Mahanubhavulu"

general meaning of the song goes thus:

In this gem of a poem, Thyagaraja, described the greatness of the devotees through the ages. He pays his salutations to the great men who live in all the ages, A yogi attains and enjoys paramananda by reaching the stage of samadhi when in the course of sahasra chakra the power of kundalam and maheswara are joined  together from where at flood of nectar is released. In the soundarya Lahiri , Shankara Bhagwat Sahesrarey praises ambal as “Padma Sahahasi, Padya Vihase”. True devotees are persons who have attained this stage.

Rama is handsome like manmada, He has a majestic walk, and we should see him clearly. Those who are engaged in Samagana should do Rama's bhajan through music based on ragam, bhava and laya, The poet says that devotion means to surrender you lotus like mind at his feet,

We should understand that paramatma lives in all the living things and therefore we should live with love and friendship. We should understand the meaning and greatness of the religion after careful study and praise the glory of Rama with a peaceful mind There will be many men, Who knowing the greatness of Shri Rama, have understood that religion without bhakti is meaningless. There will be any devotees who fall into the above category who by means of true bhakti are able to derive boundless joy by meditation on him.

I bow to all these great men and my salutation are to the immortal men who through bhakti are totally devoted to Rama and who are close Thayagaraja. My salutations to his dear followers and worshippers

Internet sources

Salutations to all great souls of all ages

My beloved Ramana, Salutations to you, in whom who I see all

स्वतो भवति कः परः किमपि कोऽपि चेत्स्वं प्रति
वदेद्भवति तेन किं गदितवत् स्वयं तद्भवेत् ।
भिदामनधिगच्छतः स्व इति चान्य इत्यव्यये
स्थितस्य सहजे पदे स्थिरतया परस्मिन् शिवे ॥
Ramana Hridayam (84)

Who is there other than the Self? If someone says anything about oneself,
(whether in praise or censure), what does it matter? It is just as if it was said by oneself.
For the Sage who is firmly established in His own natural State of Bliss which is unforfeitable
is unaware of the difference between himself and another.

At all times, there is only conversation between 'I' and 'I' alone.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

17 March 1931,
Sirsi, N.Kanara

Lord, Preceptor Universal,

An urge from within prompts me to write a letter to Bhagavan’s presence every week. As it was on the night of a Tuesday I got established in my Self by Bhagavan’s grace, fixed that day itself for writing my letters. All are well here. Viswanatha has received the letter from the esteemed Swami Niranjanananda. There was some information in it somewhat depressing. But Viswanatha and others here got consoled at heart by the remembrance of the immortality of the real Self.

The Sanskrit verse of Sat-darsana was finished on Saturday. The import of Bhagavan’s verses in Tamil Venba metre has been brought out in it to the best of my ability. I bow to Sriman Lakshmana Sarma who led me to take up this work. Perceiving the restriction of my hands in correcting His rendering, I myself began composing and have completed it. If there be any excellence in my verse rendering, it is Bhagavan’s Grace.

From the Saturday my vision became distinct. I may say that I see everything as the manifestation of One Existence. It is my prayer to Bhagavan that this vision may culminate as spontaneous experience unassailable. I see as bubbles in water all formation in one existence; and I try to discard the former and experience pure existence alone always.

Sat-darsana was sent on Sunday and I hope it would have reached the presence of Bhagavan before this letter. Chiranjeevi Kapali has begun his Tika (commentary) on Sat-darsana today. May Bhagavan bless this endeavour so that it may be completed unhampered. I request the manager of Sri Ramanasramam to wait for the completion

of the commentary and get Sat-darsana printed with it and not before without it. Mahadeva is continuing his stay here. Everything is alright.

Praying for Bhagavan’s grace,
I am, Vasishtha

But, I really feel, these days, animals are much better... :)

Infact, we all should learn to love each other like Dog. What compassion and faith does a dog have to its people. We humans are lesser to animals these days...

Really, subconsciously, most of the spiritual aspirants, even though they may not even be associated with "these" organisations which give enlightenment certificates, they still get caught in Self Realisation, trying to become "Something" which is endless.

Its simply wisdom. It is our nature. Instead we try, try and keep trying....

Sharanagati, thats the best way, Giving up. Just be.

All else will happen. So what for us, the real Self. why to analyse them, everything is perfect and happening perfectly.

quiescence of mind is our nature. Where nothing raises up. whenever 'I' raises up, just get it back in to Self.

The Self being tutor, watchman, police to Self itself. Let not the 'I' escape out. Let it be in the divine prison and let it get merged with Self.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

"That which makes the enquiry is the Ego; the Self about which the enquiry is made is also is the Ego, as a result of enquiry Ego ceases to be and only Self is found effulgent"

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Honestly, the very need to know or find out if one is realised has to end.

Firstly, why do we need such indicators? After all who are we to determine or say ok, Such and such a person has such qualities, He is a Liberated soul.... Why ...

What are we going to gain by knowing whether a person is realised or not?

If he is a realised person, how does it affect us or if he is not realiased person how does it affect us?

There is no need to know if one person is realised at all...

Even for that matter, To me it does not even matter to me whether Sri Ramana Maharshi is realised or not. It is only the pull of love or compassion that is worth looking into.

This entire business of Realisation, etc.. is all only the play of our limited 'I' In the name of realising itself (false 'I') it is just continuing.

Sharanagathi is the only way for this limited I.

The only thing the limited 'I' could do is to just realise its limitedness. That is all.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Who is the one that is seeking Self Realisation here? is it not the false 'I' again? Does the Self ever require to realise itself ?

and moreover,

If hunger, thirst etc are non-existent (mithya), why does the jnani continue to have food and drinks?
If yesterday we had a dream, we cannot say that the dream was non-existent. The dream took place and it ended. Only the dream world which I saw
    yesterday is non-existent today. If the dream itself was non-existent, we will say "yesterday I did not have a dream".
Pot is made up of mud. If matter and mind are mithya, what are they made up of?

all these only exists on the seer's mind and never for a Jnani. The Jnani only sees Self in everything (infact, there is no everything at all) The Jnani sees only Self and Self alone. This "Everything" exist only in the Seer's mind

For a Jnani, the Seer and Seen are just One as Self

So long there is a Seer, so long there would be a Seen.

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