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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Bhagavan & Squirrel 4
« on: August 21, 2010, 04:07:53 PM »
Bhagavan said, "They communicate with me. Sometimes, if I am having a nap they draw my attention to them by gently biting my finger tips. They have their language of their own. There is one great thing about squirrels. You may place any amount of food before them, they will just eat what they need and leave the rest behind. Not so the rat, for instance. It will take everything it finds and stock it in its hole."

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Bhagavan & Squirrels 3
« on: August 21, 2010, 04:00:07 PM »
One day a few squirrels came on to Bhagavan's sofa for their share of cashew nuts. The nuts in the tin, which used to be near Bhagavan, had been exhausted. Therefore, Bhagavan instead gave peanuts, but the squirrels would not eat them. They refused to eat and began to express their discontent in all possible ways. Bhagavan cajoled them. "We don't have cashew nuts my dears(I guess he must have said 'Kannuagala' or 'kuttigala'). What to do?" he said, but they could not be appeased. The squirrels showed their displeasure by crawling over the legs and hands of Bhagavan continuously.

Seeing their plight, Bhagavan asked his attendant Krishnaswami to go and find out if there was any stock of cashew nuts in the store room. Krishnaswami went to the kitchen and returned with a few cashew nuts. "Is that all?" asked Bhagavan looking at the cashew nuts.

Krishnaswami said, "Tonight, cooks are preparing payasam and they said that they can spare only this much."

Bhagavan was annoyed and said, "I see, payasam will not be less tasty if the cashew are a little less in quantity than usual. What a pity! These squirrels do not like anything else, and they are worrying me. The store keepers have declined to give cashew nuts saying that they will have to put them in the payasam. Who will be worried if there are no cashew nuts in the payasam? See how these children are worrying themselves for want of cashew nuts!" With that, the cashew nuts which should have gone to payasam went into the stomachs of the squirrels and also into the tin by the side for future feeding of the squirrels.

The same evening Dr. Ananthanarayana Rao, a devotee of Bhagavan brought from Madras 2 viss (about 2.7 kg) of cashew nuts, saying he had brought them for the squirrels. With a smile, Bhagavan said to Krishnaswami, the attendant, "Look at this! They are earning whatever they want. There is no need to beg anybody. These cashew nuts are squirrel's property. Keep them carefully. Note that they should not be given to the store room"

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Bhagavan & Squirrels 2
« on: August 21, 2010, 03:39:43 PM »
Once when Nagamma was talking to Bhagavan about squirrel, Bhagavan remarked about the baby squirrels. He narrated:

There is a big story about the squirrels. Sometime back they used to have a nest near and above me. They had children, grand children and thus members of their family grew very large.

The babies and the adults used to play about on this sofa in whatever way they liked. When I went out for my usual walk, some little squirrels used to hide under my pillows and when on my return, I reclined on my pillow, they used to get crushed. We could not bear the sight of this, and so Madhava drove the squirrels out of the nest and sealed it by nailing some wooden board over it. There are lots of incidents about them if one cared to write about them.

As Bhagavan was narrating this, his voice choked.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Bhagavan & Squirrels
« on: August 21, 2010, 03:30:41 PM »
One early morning in April 1942, when Bhagavan was returning from his walk on the hill after breakfast, he had a nasty accident. One of his favourite squirrels ran across his path as he was descending the stone steps near the Ashram despensary. This squirrel was chased by the Ashram dog that was in full pursuit. Bhagavan immediately pursued forward. He put stick in front of the dog to stop it and to protect the squirrel. The squirrel escaped and ran away as the dog was distracted. But Bhagavan lost his balance, slipped and fell down the steps which caused a lot of pain. He had broken his collar bone.

Bhagavan did not care for his own safety while protecting his devotee. It may be just a squirrel, but for him, the primary concern was to protect his friend, the squirrel, His own safety was secondary.

I personally like squirrels, because they are very innocent to look at, and quick and very satvic. Bhagavan has said that even if you give squirrels a lot of food, they will only take what they want at that moment and will not even bother to take the balance for storing for future needs. And secondly, squirrel is also associated with Lord Sri Rama, who is my favourite and it is also associated Sri Ramana and this makes it very special.

There are some squirrels in my terrace, I have been trying to befriend them for some time, I often go and leave some cashews, in some time, they would have eaten away the cashews. Hopefully, one day, It may come and play with me  :)

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: White peacock reappears after 50 years
« on: August 21, 2010, 03:18:39 PM »
They are such an integral part of the Ashramam. This time, in the old hall, i noticed that the windows were covered with a net to prevent insects such as mosquitoes etc.. from entering the old hall. I also noticed the roof, where many birds used to come and build nest and not to forget the playful squirrels that used to play with Bhagavan and used to bite Bhagavan's fingers. I noticed that today, no such entry is possible in the old hall.

Then, Bhagavan was there to fight for their rights, now who is there to fight for their rights? infact, i felt it would be difficult to protect them properly.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,
Yes , Thank you , Sir. As far as I could, I performed the Giri Pradskshina  meditatively.
 However, I wished to know from you that is it right to attend to natural calls  while one is performing Giri
 Pradakshina ?.Besides, I also wished to know that is it necessary to perform Puja in all the temples
 that are on the Girivalam Path ? 

I personally see nothing wrong in attending to natural calls! Why to put the body into struggle for our spiritual sadhana? Let the body do it's job and let us be focused in ours - Self. Infact, when some people came to Ramanashramam from burial ground after performing rites for a dead body and asked for some food, and when the Ashramites asked them to go have bath and then have their food, Bhagavan insisted them to serve food immediately and that such formal bath is not required. Why give so much importance to body and its activities.

The body is an inert thing. It is only 'I' that matters.

There is no special rules for anything as to it is only this way it has to be done. The intention only matters. Many soldiers in the Mahabharata war realized during the war, right in the battle field whilst killing others and merged into Krishna.

I also feel that it is only the body that is doing Girivalam and not really 'You'. So to torture our bodies from its natural activities is also violence. We have first practice Ahimsa with our own self.

Any activity or puja which result in uplifting ourselves can be performed, for some it may be performance of Puja in temple, For some it may be helping the needy on the way, for some it may be doing Parayana on the way, and different for different people. If you are inclined in going into temple and performing puja and if you feel grace penetrating from what you do, then why not?

I feel fully complete just by visiting Ramanashramam and I am never impelled to go to the main temple and have the darshan of lord specially!

I follow a very simple scale, if what I am going to do, if it will give me happiness and also the others, without troubling anybody, then I will go ahead and do it.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / What enlightenment is like & what it isn't
« on: August 21, 2010, 12:01:28 PM »
I found this interesting article - just a tea time refresher reading.

Like one of those Management studies, when the specialization is "Enlightenment"

Its a good read though, I felt!

What Enlightenment is like

- With enlightenment, you move beyond mere relaxation techniques or positive thinking. Enlightenment is a complete shift of perception, in which you flow with absolute inner freedom in an awareness that reaches deeply into the unseen realms. With the blessing of enlightenment

- You have no more fear, no more greed, and no more aggression.

- Your love becomes unconditional and untainted by mundane expectations.

- You’re able to let things happen naturally rather than trying to force them to happen.

- Every action you perform springs forth from the flow of universal energy through and as you.

- To experience enlightenment, you have to be willing and able to let go of who you thought you were so that you can paradoxically become that which you have always really been.

Giving up all you think you are is a big sacrifice to make. But remember that if you don’t do it now, Father Time will come and do it for you one day. Therefore, the Sufi sages gave the command to “Die before you die!” Die to your small self before the small self dies. Loosen your identification with the leaf and remember that you are the great tree. Then, when that particular leaf turns brown and falls to the ground, dissolving particle by particle into the elements of the earth, you will still be here in all your grand and divine glory.

What Enlightenment isn’t

Along with “finger-points” toward what enlightenment is, here I share a few “thumbs down” about what it isn’t:

- Enlightenment is not about stuffing more and more information into your head.

- Enlightenment is not about feeling superior and going around pronouncing judgments about who is or isn’t enlightened.

- Enlightenment is not about changing external appearances or looking more spiritual, but is a shift of awareness that may or may not be visible to others.

- Enlightenment doesn’t mean that a person will only act in nice or pre-approved ways. Even an enlightened person can appear to act like a jerk sometimes!

- Enlightenment isn’t something that you pay a certain amount of money to acquire during a course that ends with you walking away with a certificate of enlightenment. Enlightenment is not that cheap (even though it’s technically free)!

You know how big the whole physical universe is, with endless blankets of stars, galaxies, and unfathomable distances and warps of time and space? Surely, you’ve seen the Hubble telescope images, and on clear nights have looked up to see planets and stars sparkling across the dark sky.

Well, enlightenment is like going through all the day-to-day events of your life – including brushing your teeth, feeding your pet, working at the office, taking a walk, and buying groceries – while remaining constantly and completely aware that you are a speck within this huge blanket of massive universe. Imagine walking through your day being as aware of the universe filled with stars as you are when you look into the nighttime sky. Except with spiritual enlightenment, you’re not only aware of the immensity of the physical universe, but of its spiritual breadth as well.

With an enlightened perspective, you know that you are a speck of nothingness in the grand scheme of things and you also know that you are greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Yes. Even we think to do girivalam,it isnot possible unless Bhagavan calls us. It is my experience. I could not go to Annamalai for various reasons. At that time I used to motivate others to do girivalam. I feel satisfaction when they narrate their experiences.
At last Bhagavan called me and I did 5 times. It took 3.30 hours. Before going there I practiced to walk without slipper whenever I leave my house to market. I took the outer path only. Each time it was a new experience. I was thinking I never have a chance to go there but still to day how I did.. it is His grace only. Bhagavan said each stone and pebbles on the path is like a diamond and gems. He said many siddhas may pass in various forms. We should not disturb them. It is individual's faith that is all. As the experiences are still with me as fresh as it is.  Once we reached at 8 p.m. It was an ordinary day and we were 3 people wanted to go for girivalam.
When we were talking ourselves inside Arunachala temple one gurukkal told suddenly, why do you want to go to night. You have darshan of swami now and tomorrow you can do. We thought, as if Bhagavan is giving some instructions so we dropped the idea.
Before we came out of temple, suddenly there was a thunder bolt, and started raining. But it was not a rainy season. It was unespected. We thought it was good we did not go for girivalam. It rained whole night. And electricisty was cut. Next day morning the sky was so clear  and we took our giri valam at  4.30. a.m. After few miles in middle of the road one big tree uprooted and blocked the whole road. We told ourselves, it was Bhagavan only gave the instruction through the gurukkal. In that was He only
calls us, gives grace.
The corporation people were finding difficult to remove the trunk with cranes. We told ourselves,

We never know in what way Bhagavan graces us. Truly blessed event, Ramanaduliji. We can't grasp these things, they last as impressions of grace of Bhagavan. These memories, when we recollect them, we are closer to Bhagavan and we can feel His presence and those beautiful eyes.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Your post is thought provoking! Completely agree with all your words sir. Infact, I would go to the extent of saying one should be even able to see God/Self and holiness even in dirt, filth, excreta, and all the other worst things the mind can grasp. Basically, when one gets attached to one place, he is identifying the Self with one of the Pancha Bhutas, as Air, Water, Ether, Fire and Earth in a very subconscious level. Basically it’s an intuition of the Self which cannot be measured or understood.

 :) I too belong to the North Arcot district, and I usually do the circumambulation any day and I don't attach any special significance to Purnima or Karthigai deepam day or any other day. The day I am there is sum all special days out together, I feel.   

Initially, certain 'places' or 'objects' trigger this intuition which ‘leads’ one to an extreme attachment to that 'place' or 'object'. After all even if one claims of not knowing the Self, even then Self cannot be an object of not knowing one-Self, and hence such intuitions which are called as ‘grace’ is initially triggered. I believe such intuition would slowly begin to 'manifest' itself in every 'places' or 'objects' Seemingly-different from self, for in reality, 'every place(s)' is the ‘same-place' or every 'object is the ''same-object' till finally it 'leads' to the understanding of being Self in all 'place' – ‘as being that place’ or 'object' as ‘being that object’. Those places or objects, filth, dirt, excreta, holiness, God, beauty, etc... Are all the same-Self, one-Self.

.....Is also still only the knowledge of mind.

Like how the same women we address as Mother, Aunt, Friend, names, in the end, we are addressing our Self as the other, That other is I-itself. When I talk to you, I talk to myself, and when you talk to me, I talk to myself,  When I say something to you, I say it to myself and when you say something to me, I say it to myself only.

Sir, in the end, don't you think, we, in the end have to only talk what they(myself) wants to hear, and they(myself) only talk what they(myself) want to talk, and we(myself) only hear what we(myself) want to hear.

When I love somebody, I am loving myself and when I hate somebody, I am hating only myself. When I am irritated or frustrated with something or somebody, that subject of irritation of Frustration - Somebody or something is just myself!

Sir, in a different post, you had mentioned, JK says..., actually, don't you think, it is only you that is saying and not even JK? and eventually it is I who is telling that! But we have to say 'JK says, or Sri Ramana says, Krishna says' because that is what they(Self) want to hear!

This again is just the mind!

But, the intuition is great. This intuition is the only power or grace by which the mind is able to melt or realise its True nature - Its limitedness and therefore humbled.



Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / White peacock reappears after 50 years
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:40:27 PM »
The albino gene reasserts itself in Sri Ramanasramam with the birth of a white peacock more than 50 years after the first one was gifted to Sri Ramana Maharshi by the Maharani of Baroda in the 1940s. Tiruvannamalai, India. 02/08/2010

The handsome young bird is beginning to grow his feathered plumage and is an attractive and unusual contrast to the other peacocks who roam freely about the ashram premises. The Ramana Maharshi ashram draws visitors from all over India and abroad. It is one of the few places where humans and peacocks share the same space in close proximity and in an a safe and peaceful environment.

This white peacock born a few years ago has since been followed by a few other albino chicks, part of the growing population of peacocks on the premises, thanks to a successful breeding programme by the ashram management. Many of the birds have, in fact, adopted gardens and neighbourhoods as far as six kilometers distant, happily adding to the biodiversity of the rapidly expanding town.

The original gift was immortalized in a black-and-white photograph by the legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, when he visited Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1947. He ‘shot’ the white peacock at the peak moment of its mating dance, its long white plumage spread in a wide fan, with the holy mountain Arunachala rising in the background.

Source -

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: South indian temple view
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:08:43 PM »
I guess, many of you may be aware of the 360 degree view of Arunachaleshwara temple. However, for the advantage of those who have not yet got hold of it, here it is -

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

           :) Very Nice pictures! Really wonderful.

Thank you.

Now sir, I wish to know what are the proper ways to perform it ?  

Dear Anilkumarsinhaji, I shall say a few words of the very little I know. To what extant Bhagavan takes care of his devotees is unfathomable, I have done girivalam several times on the outer road. Usually I make sure that I don't fail to visit Adi Annamalai Temple to have the darshan of Arunachala. Somehow, the incompleteness in having a proper darshan at the main Arunachala temple gets fulfilled here as the main temple is always very crowded. Here one can have darshan of Arunachala to our heart's content!

Coming back to Bhagavan and his unfathomable care to his devotees, during one of my girivalam (I usually do it alone) I too was faced with this problem of attending to natures call, but what to do, it was very early in the morning, the sun was still just rising. I was wondering where in the heavens would I find a public toilet here! So thinking, I kept praying to Arunachala Ramana... "O Lord, what is not here in this Arunachala? there is said to be a celestial city inside the Hill and a place with so many sages, saints and Siddhars... But there is no public toilet here!" I asked and kept mum!

I was praying... there were no autos coming that way. It was also during a waning phase of the moon, and usually people prefer doing it during waxing phase! And after some time, in the left side, I came across a public toilet. It was a miracle to me! I never expected to find a public toilet in the girivalam road! I have never shared this incident with anybody so far but, I could not stop myself from posting here to share with all devotees. To what extent Bhagavan cares for his devotees! His love and kindness is unfathomable! He is really (Ashuthosha – Easily pleased) and (Bholenath - Innocent) Everybody would pray for Moksha or good life or wisdom, and that day I prayed to Bhagavan for a toilet  ;D

Actually, if we delve deep into the core of doing girivalam properly, all say the same thing. In Arunachala Mahatmyam, it is said that one should do the Girivalam like a pregnant woman walking slowly with small and tender steps on the mother earth and so that the baby inside the womb is not disturbed, thus focusing inside, looking at the Self, one should perform the Valam or circumabulation . There are several stone markings on the road, where Nandi and Padukas are present, those are special places to have the darshan of Arunachala. The basic thing is to be as alive as possible. Not just do girivalam thinking about something else in our mind. The Lord is Pratyaksha there. Shiva is there Really, that Hill is Him. This Bhaavam should be there.

It is said, that one who prefers Moksham, Vairaghyam, one should do Girivalam during Amavaysa (no moon day) and one who prays for all Aishwaryams of Loukika (wordly duties, wisdom etc...) one should perform the girivalam on the Purnima day (Full moon day) And infact Each Thithi (of Waxing and Waning phases of the moon) or days have their special benefits (which details I am not aware)  

I usually prefer doing it in normal days, I avoid purnima, as there would be tooooo much crowd.

One does Bhajan, sing Arunachala Shiva, Some do Rudram Chamakam, Vishnu Sahasranaamam, etc... throughout. I have seen Foreign ladies chanting Ganesha Atharva Sheersha with proper Swaras without a help of book and put me into shame!

I personally feel The eight lingams around Arunachala signifies the the 8 stages of our life. If you see the sequence of the Ashta Lingam, it begins with

Indra Lingam Which signifies your Indiriyas (Indra signifies our Indiriyas. Indra is Bhokta of our senses) first we satiate all our wordly desires, by using our Indiriyas in proper manner. Agni Lingam is the Fire, The fire of Knowledge - the wisdom that needs to be nurtured and be lit up through out our journey. Like this Kubera Lingam, Niruthi Lingam, Yama Lingam, Varuna Lingam and finally, Esanya Lingam is merging with the lord. I try and assimilate such essenses thorugh my girivalam. Like this, Bhagavan takes us closer and closer step by step.

Adi Shankaracharya had written in one Arunachala Ashtottara praising Lord Shiva as Giri Pradakshina Priyaaya Namaha. He is pleased when a devotee does Giri Pradakshinam.

Most importantly, whatever agenda we may have, we may plan to do parayanam, sing, talk about Self, etc... finally after some distance, the mind becomes so quiet and focused that it does not think about anything else at all, be it Spiritual topic or otherwise. One always finishes the Girivalam in Silence.

I also request other elders here to shed more light into deeper significances of Girivalam.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Right & Wrong
« on: August 19, 2010, 05:28:49 PM »
Devotee: If it is a question of doing something one considers wrong, and thereby saving some one else from a great wrong, should one do it or refrain from doing it?

Bhagavan: What is right and wrong? There is no standard by which to judge something to be right another to be wrong. Opinions differ according to the nature of the individual and according to the surroundings. They are again ideas and nothing more. Do not worry about them, but get rid of thoughts. If you always remain in the right, then right will prevail in the world.

(The devotee was not satisfied with this answer and asked for further elucidation.)

Sri Bhagavan then pointed out that to see wrong in another is one's own wrong. The discrimination between right and wrong is the origin of sin. One's own sin is reflected outside and the individual in ignorance superimposes it on another. The best course for one is to reach the state in which such discrimination does not arise. Do you see wrong or right in your sleep? Be asleep even in the wakeful state, abide as the Self and remain uncontaminated by what goes on around you. Moreover, however much you might advise them, you hearers may not rectify themselves. Be in the right yourself and remain silent. Your silence will have more effect than your words or deeds. That is the development of will power. Then the world becomes the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within you.

- From Talks

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear I,

Excellent reporting about your girivalam and equally excellent photographs. You must be really fortunate to do that inner girivalam.
People like me, with knee problem, are not able to do even outer
girivalam [by road] completely.  It is a nice remembrance of a wonderful day and event.  Thanks.
Arunachala Siva.

Persons like me, who still have a long way to go in terms of controlling my mind and its vagaries, such tough girivalam is needed to quieten my mind and my ego. Really sir, for persons like you, simply doing the pradakshanam around the Samadhi Mandir of Bhagavan would itself suffice. Its the same old story of Murugan and Vighneshwara trying to win the Mango fruit. Murugan circumbulating the whole world and Vighneshwara simply circumbulating his parents and winning the fruit!

Its ultimately the mind, in the end! You are where your mind is. I learnt and am convinced about this recently...

Actually, if I look back and see my own trip, it is quite surprising as to how I did it and also alone! For most part of my circumbulation, there was no body, absolutely nobody, I just had the sounds of birds chirping all along, and off course the trees dancing with the breeze from Arunachala.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Dear Ramanaduliji, Silentgreenji and Prashant,

It was really very nice, the grirvalam is still so fresh in my mind. Ramanaduliji, I just pray you words are true, that the dog was really some Siddhar, :) and yes Silentgreenji, I have been planning for years, I never knew even couple of days back that I would go to Arunachala, it all happened suddenly and he called me this Tuesday and how much specialer it could get, to do girivalam through the inner path.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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