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Humour / Running
« on: August 26, 2010, 10:25:28 AM »
In a way, we are all running like this, but actually going no where -

We are not even able to put brakes, for if you do, then the world would move ahead of you!

Points to ponder -

- Most of what we are doing are actually not required at all for a simple peace
- If we do stop to think about why we are running, then our peers push us ahead saying don't stop
- Why not let the world run by and why not I relax

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Thiruvaiyaaru is known as the Dakshina Kailasa. I still remember the temple very well, when I visited a couple of years back.

View of Thiruvaiyaru temple's Rajagopuram from inside the temple, the abode of Sri Panchanatheswarar (also called as Aiyarappar) and Sri Aram Valartta Nayaki (also called as Dharma Samvardhini) Amman

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The ways of mystics and beyond grasp, they leave behind nectar drops, which is divine food.

Like in marriages, when the plantain leaves are thrown out with some food, the dogs come and eat it with great relish. Similarly, these songs of the poet Jnani's are those plantain leaves, which are left behind, for us so that we can relish the divine food of Jnana and Bhakti

Salutations to Sri Ramana

These verses are very high in spirit, devotion, and emotions and longing, a sense of desperation, very close to Sharanagati.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Bhagavan's Compassion
« on: August 23, 2010, 04:52:08 PM »
Sri. R. Sivaraman was the brother of Vishwanatha Swami. Sivaraman was nine years old when in 1923 he visited the Ashramam for the first time and had the darshan of Bhagavan.

One morning Sivaraman was sitting in the kitchen in front of Bhagavan who was sitting in the kitchen in front of Bhagavan who was cutting vegetables, when Chinnaswami came from the town with a basket on his head. Sivaraman asked Bhagavan what he was carrying and he replied, "Last night one of the dogs was badly mauled by an angry pig. He had taken the wounded dog to the veterinary hospital."

Then Bhagavan and Sivaraman went to the hall. In the hall along with other devotees were the three dogs - Kamala, Karuppan II, and another dog. There was a conch that was lying there. Sivaraman took it and blew it. The dogs got scared and started howling. Bhagavan was concerned and advised Sivaraman to stop blowing the conch, as it irritated the dogs. The concern and compassion, he had for animals got imprinted in Sivaraman's heart.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Irangal - to show mercy
« on: August 23, 2010, 12:34:40 PM »
This is one of the most moving hymns of Muruganar. He addresses his master thus:

"O Ramana, residing at Tiruvannamalai, Your fame has spread all over the world, In Your compassion You came and claimed me, but alas this sinner left your shade of protection and now I suffer in fiery anguish. O Boundless ocean of joy, recall me to your feet.

I have once again been caught in the maya of this world having left Your protection. Having once more fallen into the ocean of samsara, I beg You to save me. You forgave all my faults but once again I fell into the abyss of illusion. Now I cry out to You in anguish and fear. O Ramana who shines in the hearts of the wise, redeem me and give me refuge by saving me now!"

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Vendal - to ask
« on: August 23, 2010, 12:25:15 PM »
In this hymn, Muruganar says,

"I want to have the pleasure of worshiping Him, seeing Him, being always in the company of His devotees and hearing the devotees praise Him. O grant me this only: that I should worship you with great devotion and that you should grant me refuge saying, 'Fear not!' May I always abide at Your feet without any sense of duality , O Ramana, my father and mother, these are my prayers to You. In your Asramam may there be eternal puja. Long live Your fame, long live Your sweet words, long live Your sacred feet."

Salutations to Sri Ramana

"I do not need my relatives nor any place on earth, nor fame, nor friends, I need only Your Feet, thinking of which my mind melts. Grant me this blessing O, Lord who resides at Kutralam."


"I reject even golden hill; I do not desire any pleasure. I shun all the sastras and learning. I wish only to abide by you, my master Ramana, who destroys the Karma of your devotees and show them the path to realization."

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Here the poet offers himself to the Lord.

"O Lord, all my mountainous vices You took as virtues. You know what I need to pray for, You know all my needs. You, of Your own accord, brought me to Your sacred feet. So if there is any boon that I should ask of You, that is also Your will."

From this hymn we learn that the Lord Knows what the needs of His devotees are, hence there is no need to ask Him for anything. Bhagavan often said that since the Lord bears the burden of the world, we must recognize that He knows all our requirements. In another verse, Manickavachakar says,

"O my Lord with three eyes, you have taken away my ego, my body and all my possessions. Thus is there anything that I lack?"


"O my darling, O Wisdom sought by the learned, O Consort of the realized Parvathi, the True medicine who cured me of my illusions, to You, worshiped by the Vedas, I give my heart."

Salutations to Sri Ramana

In this decad the poet (Manickavachakar) swears that he will die if Siva does not show. His form to him:

"O my lord, You pervade earth and heaven, and you enslaved this wicked one. But, alas, I have not held on to Thy sacred feet, praised  by the  whole world. O My Siva, I am terribly frightened. Because of my fearful doubts I have forgotten thy Grace You have shown me. If You do not claim me to bless me, know that I will not live in this world."


"O Becon of Aruna Hill, pray remove my miseries. If You desert me, I will fall into the clutches of my sins and perish. Hence call me to Your feet and bless me. For me there is no other refuge than Your sacred feet. I will not seek anyone's company except that of Your devotees. If You fail to claim me, I will not live, for there is nothing else to live for."

Salutations to Sri Ramana

In this decad, Manickavachakar describes how he yearned to experience his Lord's acts of Grace.

"O' Lord I desire to see You. I have a great desire to receive your blessings. To merge with You and become one with You is my sole desire. Having taken hold of Your feet, I want to shed tears and melt like heated wax. I long to hear your words of Grace, O' Lord."

Muruganar expresses his desire in these verses:

"O my Lord Ramana, O Lord with a forehead shining with sacred ash, I desire to be immersed in Your flood of love. I want to be one of Your devotees. I very much desire that my thoughts and my body-consciousness should be destroyed. Let me consume your boundless nectar of immortality.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Bhagavan on Karma?
« on: August 23, 2010, 11:08:45 AM »
kartur äjïayä präpyate phalam
karma kià paraà karma tajjaòam  (Upadesha Saaram 1)

By the will of the Creator, action bears fruit. Is
action, then, supreme? No, it is inert, unconscious.

This is the fundamental answer to the ultimate question. We cannot perform actions and expect those actions to result in the desired fruits. The Creator, Isvara or Siva, is the Lord of Action and determines what fruits and what subsequent actions will be forthcoming. We not only cannot control the fruits of our behaviour, we cannot even choose the actions themselves since these are influenced by an endless series of past actions. So action is, in itself, inert,
unconscious. It and its fruits are Isvara’s. Do we choose our dream actions? For the Maharshi, waking and dream have the same degree of reality.

In the Yoga Vasishtha the crow-yogin, Bhusunda, was asked why he had survived for so many ages. He replied, “Who will be able to overstep the strict ordinances of Siva (Isvara)? His will was that I should act thus and other yogins should act in the way that they did. As every pre-ordained event should work out its results, such events will inevitably come to pass. Such is the nature of the law.”

The Sanskrit jada is translated ‘inert’. Referring to this opening verse, the Maharshi says, “There is no truth in the insentient (jada). One whole Consciousness prevails over all alone.”3 And, “Karta means Isvara. He is the one who distributes the fruits of action to each person according to his karma. That means that he is the manifest Brahman. The real Brahman is unmanifest and without motion. It is only the manifest Brahman that is named as Isvara.”

Commentary by D.M. Sastry

Salutations to Sri Ramana

How alert Sri Bhagavan was, his alertness is beyond our grasp. How sweet are such memories!

They are wonderful, i too love these squirrels. We have some small garage type area in my terrace and there, some squirrels are living, I leave some cashews some times, they wait for me to leave the place and only then they come and eat it.

It is not so easy to befriend them, I was wondering, how easily Sri Ramana was able to befriend any animal - be it a peacock, snake, dog, monkey, cow, squirrels, etc...

This goes to prove, that He had not identity at all. He is not only the greatest sage of our century, but Greatest throughout our Sanathana Dharma has even beem.

Only Rishi's of the yore, which we have read in puranas, etc... were like Bhagavan, I feel. (just an emotional expression)

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Knoweledge is no man's property
« on: August 23, 2010, 10:48:02 AM »
Very beautiful article and very humbling sir!

This reminds me of the old tamizh proverb -

Kandadhor vindathillai, Vindadhor kandathillai

One who has seen seldom speaks, and one who speaks has never seen

and similarly in the Kena Upanishad, we have -

He who knows, knows not, and he who knows not, knows.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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