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General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 29, 2010, 04:20:56 PM »
these verses show that even in those days too, there were bogus Gurus, cheating people and deluding people.

We usually say that this is Kali Yuga and that this is the worst yuga among all previous yugas, but a person of discrimination will never say that because, all yugas are the same, even in all previous yugas there were the same amount of goods and evils. It is never so that this yuga is worst and other yugas were better.

One thing is that in previous yugas the Asuras were separate people, who used to create trouble in being union with God, but in Kali Yuga, the Asuras and Suras are together as a single human being.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the Asuras, Devas and Suras(humans) were very dissatisfied even though they had everything in abundance, the Devas had lot of money and enjoyments, the Asuras were doing good winning a lot of kingdoms, and the Suras(humans) were also harvesting nice crops. They all felt discontent and representatives of Asura, Devas and Suras went to Brahma and prayed for salvation from their wretchedness and then Brahma uttered three letters Da, Da, Da and vanished. The Asuras, Suras and Devas were confused as to what the words of Brahma meant! Then they returned back to their homes and began to ponder and contemplate on the Holy words of Brahma. And then finally they understood what it meant.

For Asuras, 'Da' meant Daya - to show Compassion and stop harassing people
For Suras, 'Da' meant 'Daana' - to give, to share what they have amongst fellow human beings
For Devas, 'Da' menat 'Daama' - to be content(to show restraint) - to be happy with what ever they have and not crave for more of the same luxuries.

Asuras, Suras and Devas had grown discontent because, they became greedy, inhuman and full of pride. and by this they realised the truth of their nature.

Those days, we have read in puranas that Asuras used to drop meat in yajnas and homas and spoil the tapas of Sadhus. Today it is our minds that drop in the fowl thoughts and desires that stop us from our performance of Tapas.

In these days,

Asuras, Suras and Devas are not separate as they were in the previous yugas, but they all reside within ourselves. In those days, Devas and Asuras used to fight against each other, but today, the Devas (goodness) and Asuras(Badness) are within ourselves and all the good and bad fight within ourselves, we Suras, should be wise and follow all the three upadesa of Brahma - Da Da Da - Daya, Daana and Daama

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Sri Ramakrishna Quotes on Truth
« on: August 29, 2010, 01:10:07 PM »
Dear I,

This itself speaks the entire Vedanta and all teachings put together -

It is said that truthfulness alone constitutes the spiritual discipline of the Kaliyuga. If a man clings tenaciously to truth he ultimately realizes God. Without this regard for truth, one gradually loses everything. If by chance I say that I will go to the pine-grove, I must go there even if there is no further need of it, lest I lose my attachment to truth.


Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 29, 2010, 01:08:20 PM »
quite complicated..

I too have a thirumandiram book with english translation, and even with english translation, it is difficult! First one is very clear and nice...

Second one is amazing actually(complicated though). Its a tantra code or a formula, lot of mathematics also seem to be involved...

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:08:59 PM »
Yet again another beautiful song from Kannadasan -

Mayakkama kalakkama
Manadhile kuzhappama
Vaazhkayil nadukkama?

(Confused? Stressed?
Indecisionin your heart?
Is there trembling in life? ( Meaning is there fear?)

Vaazhkai endral aayiram irukkum
Vaasal thorum vedhanai irukkum
Vandha thunbam edhuvendraalum
Vaadi nindral oduvadhillai
Edhayum thaangum idhayam irundhal
Irudhi varaikkum amaidhi nilakkum

There are thousands of things in life (that’s life)
At every door step there will be worries
Whatever problems that may come to you
They won’t go away of you sit there wilting (in hoplessness)
If you have a strong heart
There will be peace till the end

Ezhai manadhai maaligai aaki
Iravum pagalum kaaaviyam padi
Naalai pozhudhai iravanukku alithu
Nadakkum vaazhvil amadhiyai thedu
Unakkum keezhe ullavar kodi
Ninaithu paarhu nimmadhi naadu

Transform your poor heart
Into a huge mansion
Sing epic songs every day
Leave tomorrow to God
And seek peace in today’ life
There are millions of people worse off than you
Think about it and seek peace

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:34:34 AM »
On the same subject, I am reminded another beautiful story. Once Krishna and Arjuna were walking around and they saw some thousands of carts moving in line one after another with full of flowers. Arjuna began wondering, who would want so much flower and for what purpose are they going|? and he began wondering, could it be that some body is performing some big Yajna or something?

Actually this was enacted by the yogic powers of Krishna to remove the ego in Arjuna! Arjuna was proud about his close association with Krishna, and it had built up quantities of pride in him about how great he must have been, his bhakti, devotion and love to Krishna. Other pandavas never spoke to Krishna as freely as Arjuna.

Arjuna and Krishna kept walking, but the carts full of flowers were never ending, and because of the flowers overloaded in it, it even began to fall. Looking at this Arjuna was perplexed, he wanted to know about this so badly and then he asked Krishna about the details, who is the All knower. Krishna said, "O that? it is Bheema who performing puja for me, he is the one who is offering me all these flowers, and it is only for his puja that so many carts are going"

Arjuna was shocked, he never knew his own brother was performing such big Puja! he felt so little and ashamed about himself. Krishna had said to him, that though Bheema outwardly looked only building his muscles and eating food always, he continuesly meditates only on me.

(Please excuse my poor naration)

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Dasopadesham - The Ten Commandments
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:11:43 AM »
Where there was Rama, there was Ravana, where there was Krishna there was Kamsa, where there was Prahallad, there was Hiranyakasipu, similarly even in our Sanathana Dharma, where we have had great knowledge, there have been such customs...

It is true that in ancient India, Sati was practiced with full spirit, i.e. especially in the Rajput cult, the widow jumped into the fire without any hesitation or pain, they were able to do it with the spirit of union with their expired husbands.

But people began imposing such acts on others as well to prove their pathivratham. It is only the half baked knowledge people who have created such bad practices, which spread like virus all over India.

For example, nobody understood the real essence of untouchability; when yogis were practicing Raja Yoga, they emanated extreme energies in their bodies, and touching them proved disastrous for others, its like touching a electric wire! Do we ever go and touch a live wire? a person could even die or get paralyzed. Thats why through discrimination, this untouching the great yogis came about.

But again, half bake knowledge people in ancient times began to impose it on others posing themselves as a great yogi, tapasvi, etc... which inturn became into a great Brahman, etc...

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:03:29 AM »
Dear I,

The same is reflected even in the Vedas... we chant this manthram during performance of all pujas:

Deho Devayala Prokto Jivo-Deva Sanatanah
Tyajet Ajnana Nirmalyam Soham Bhavena Pujayet

The body is said to be a temple and the indweller is the eternal master.
Discard the withered flowers of ignorance and worship with the understanding “I am That.”

Two hours of your search amounts to great meditation. We forget everything else in finding the "paramporul"  :)

Also your post reminds me of Poosalar Naayanar, in whose memory the Siva temple at Thirunindraoor stands.

Rajasimha Pallava King and Poosalar Naayanar

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 28, 2010, 08:32:36 PM »
Kannadasan was a genius -

Here is another very very beautiful song. I always listen to this at times of despair what more do we need, when it is coupled with a great voice of PB Srinivas -

Ninaippadhellam nadandhu vital
Deiyvam edhumillai
Nadandhadhaye ninaithirundhaal
Amaidhi engum illai
Mudindha kadhai Thodarvadhillai
Iraivan ettinile
Thodarndha kadhai mudivadhillai
Manidhan veetinile

If all your dreams come true, there’s no God
If you keep worrying about what’s happened, there’s no peace
A story that’s finished doesn’t continue in God’s books
A story that continues doesn’t end in Man’s house.

Aayiram vaaasal idhayam
Adhil aayiram ennangal udhayam
Idhil yaaro varuvar yaaro iruppar
Varuvadhum povadhum theriyadhu
Oruvar mattum kudi irundhal thunbam yedhumillai
Ondrirukkak ondru vandhaal endrum amaidhi illai

Specially in this verse, Advaita Bhaavam is illustrated very beautifully... excellent, its really wonderful...

The thousand gated heart
In it there are thousands of thoughts arise
In it someone will come, someone will stay
No one knows who comes and who leaves
If only one stays, there is no sorrow,
If one comes in when someone is already there, there is no peace

Enge vaazhkai thodangum
Adhu enge evvidham mudiyum
Idhu dhaan paadhai idhu dhaan payanam
Enbadhu yaarukkumtheiryadhu
Paadhai ellam maarividum
Payanam mudindhu vidum
Maaruvadhai purindhu kondal
Mayakkam thelindhu vidum

Where does life start
Where does it end,
Is this the path? Is this the journey?
No one knows
The paths will change, the journey will end
If you understand the change, the confusion will be clarified

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 28, 2010, 08:30:42 PM »
the verses are really wonderful, There is always some sarcasm in their (Siddhar) Jnana Upandesam - that sarcasm is wonderful....  :)

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 28, 2010, 10:45:27 AM »
Dear Subramanian Sir, Siddhar words keeps one thinking, makes one bewildered and what they say really really Hits you. They have a very special way. They are mysterious, beyond the grasp of our minds.

excellent words are these -

Natta kallum pesumo?  Nathan uL irukkaiyil,
Sutta kari suvai than sattuvam ariumo?

When the Self is within, how can the installed  stone [lingam] speak to you?
The taste of the curries, how can the ladle know?

The curries are enjoyed by the person.  The ladle does not know
its taste.  So, the Lingam outside, shall not speak you, only the
Self [Sivam] should speak to you!
Arunachala Siva.   

The sayings of Siddhar break the you in us  -  Ego/mind/false I.

I request you to kindly post such sayings of Siddhars as and when you can

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:53:30 PM »
Dear Ramanaduliji, I was thinking about the Chatti Suttathada, Kai Vittahada.... thats also wonderful song, but I found translating it into english very difficult! Another song that I like very much is Vanda naal mudal, inda naal varai, vaanam maara villai.. Such a great song, Exemplifies Vairagyam. I'l try and get this song and translate it here one of these days. Tamizh saints like Pattinathaar, Vallalaar, Thaayumanvar are great, we are so, so fortunate to know about these saints...

But unfotunately, here in the city, there are very less tamizh resources regarding these saints.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Re: Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:51:04 AM »
Dear I,

Kannadasan's songs have intrigued me a lot. Infact, Karunanidhi had once given him a book of Bhagavad Gita to him, asking him to do research in the work to find out all the loopholes in the Gita and defame it, and hinduism. But Muttaiah read, re read again and again and was lost in love with Krishna and his leelas, he came to be known as "Kannadasan" He became a staunch believer from a declared atheist earlier by himself.

In his early days, The poetry of Thiruppaavai had captured him, its beauty and content, was the earliest works that inspired him.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

General topics / Where the eye goes, can your legs follow it?
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:32:09 AM »
This is a beautiful song from Kannadasan, is an excellent song with depth of meaning into reality. I have attempted a very basic translation of the song into english. Hope my translation makes some sense.

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa
Manam Pona Pokkilay Manidhan Pogalaamaa
Manidhan Pona Paadhayai Marandhu Pogalaamaa

Where the eye goes, can your legs simply follow it?
Where the legs goes, can your mind simply follow it?
Where your mind goes, can a man simply follow it?
Where such man go, can you forget yourself and follow him?

Nee Paartha Paarvaigal Kanavodu Pogum
Nee Sonna Vaarthaigal Kaatrodu Pogum
Oor Paartha Unmaigal Unakkaaga Vaazhum
Unaraamal Povorkku Udhavaamal Pogum, Kan Pona ....

What ever you have seen goes only as dreams
What ever words you have uttered goes only as air
the truth that the world has seen will only live for you
If you don’t realize, you will remain helpless

Poyyaana Sila Paerkku Pudhu Naagareegam
Puriyaadha Pala Paerkku Idhu Naagareegam
Murayaaga Vaazhvorkku Edhu Naagareegam
Munnorgal Sonnaargal Adhu Naagareegam ,Kan Pona ....

For some false people, this is new culture
For the many under delusion, this is the culture
But for the ones who live with righteousness, what is culture
Elders of the yore have said, this is culture

Thirundhaadha Ullangal Irundhenna Laabam
Varundhaadha Uruvangal Pirandhenna Laabam
Irundhaalum Maraindhaalum Paer Solla Vendum
Ivar Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vendum , Kan Pona …

For the ones who don’t change, what’s the point in living?
What is the use of being born if you don’t reform
Whether you live or die, your name lives
None like him, the world should appreciate!

Salutations to Sri Ramana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Ashtavakra Gita
« on: August 26, 2010, 06:11:58 PM »
For elimination of the dirt in us, we exercise some sort of restraint, which are of different methods, we do Bhajan, japa, homa, Yoga, meditation, pranayama, etc... Be it what ever we do, Vidyaranya says:

Control is of two kinds: violent and gradual control. The first of them is done by blockading the knowledge-organs such as eye, ear etc. and the action-organs such as larynx, hands etc. at their respective seats by force. A deluded man, by this instance, wrongly thinks that in this manner he shall control the mind also. But the mind cannot be controlled in that way, since its centre - the lotus-like heart is impossible to control. Therefore, gradual control is justified.

The means to gradual are the study of the knowledge of the Self and others. This science of the Self gives rise to the conviction of the unreality of all knowable things and the Knower as the Self-evident Reality. Having been convinced thus, the mind finds knowable things, that are within its purview, are useless, and realizes that the Knower, although an useful thing (Reality), is beyond its grasp, and dissolves of its own, like the fire without fuel - (Bhagavan says Camphor).

Some of us are blessed with determination of doing some sadhana and stick to it without having any need to look for a different sadhana. Some are endowed by way of family and traditions and cultures and thereby stick to what the family has been doing. Some do Bhajans, some do Pujas, some meditations, etc... There are second set of people who are not said to be not endowed with such family traditions, etc... They come into the spiritual world by the grace or pull of a Guru, and they begin doing bhajan, and they may find that Bhajan doesn't seem to help them and then they shift to meditation, and for some days they will be inclined to meditation, and then again they change their sadhana to Yoga, dhyana, tapa, vichara marga etc...

Vidyaranya advises us a gradual and holistic movement in our sadhana with determination. Some are blessed by virtue of their past lives and hence they do not have any need to change their sadhanas, but some are required to experiment each ways until they are blessed in their path.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

Humour / Re: Running
« on: August 26, 2010, 11:04:55 AM »
Dear I,

Thats a wonderful quote, So true to our times.

We all would have heard about this small story, a person sees a bunch of people running fiercely, a perplexed person who watched the group run by asked them, "Where are you guys running to, like this?" and one of the persons who was running said, "I don't know, I saw them running and I also started running behind them!, Com you also join us!"  :o

A very basic question we need to ask ourselves is that are we able to live the teachings that we have read, re-read, mastered so far? Are we able to? Do we have a genuine peace of mind? without a pinch of doubt?

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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