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some of my humble discernments. There is nothing called mind, Mind never exists, There is no waking for mind or death of mind, and there is no experience for mind.

All this is just illusion! Mind itself never exists! The existence of Mind is like the existence of snake in snake-rope phenomenon!

Even, if anybody comes back as Avatar or great soul, who still remains to witness that avatar? is it you (us), that Self, I must be the only reality!

There is no going and coming back! Bhagavan sings in Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai 74 -

பொக்கும் வரவும்இல் பொதுவெளியினில் அருட்
பொராட் டங்காட்டு  அருணாசலா

In the wide open space of pure being, where there is
no going and no coming, reveal to me the joy of wrestling
with your Grace, O Arunachala.

There is no death of anything! One can never know ones birth or death! It is only perceived idea out of avidya!

There is no Jiva to Die!

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Ramana,

No matter how much we look into and see, it is absolutely sure that there are no 2 selves, i.e. an ajnani and a Self. There is but one, only one and that is Self alone!

and, when we look in deeply and discern, there is really no Sub Consciousness, Substratum of everything, Super Consciousness, etc... these are just terms used at various instances only for the purposes of discernment. There is just Consciousness alone, which the Vedas call Brahman, Atma, Tat, Aham.

And, moreover, the Moon derives its light from Sun only, can we say that the moon has its own light? therefore, these relative terms that are used are as good as the moon light, which itself derives its light from Sun only!

So long, one thinks he is individual, he suffers. When he realises that there is no individual, that, the individuality existed only like the thought that the moon has its own light, or, like the existence of darkness, or like the horns of a rabbit!

There is no individuality! This are the words of all the Sages of the Yore! But until we are able to see this, they say it is all karma!

Karma ends the same way as darkness! Every day, when the Sun rises, where does darkness go? there is no place to even hide! Where is the snake, in the Snake-Rope phenomenon? The existence of Karma and Individuality exists the same way as the belief of existence of a snake and karma also is just a product of that non existent snake only!

It really is not!

Salutations to Bhagavan

We are not bearing these fruits Ramana, its like Bhagavan says, like the statue seen in big temples, which seem as though it is carrying the huge and heavy stone roof's, where as it is only sculpted, where as, really it is the pillar which takes the load of the the heavy stone roof's.

My mistake, we feel as though we are bearing the fruits of Karmas! Karma relates to only body and not the Self. Since we have imagined and have developed strong identification with Body, it seems as though we are bearing all the fruits of karmas.

Don't bear the fruits, surrender completely and remain at peace! that is Sharanagati. So long we have identification with body, and imaging the body as I, Mine, My, so long Karma will be burden, we will have to bear the fruits like the sculpted statue (in effect, even then, it is only ignorance to think that we are bearing the fruits of karmas)

In a hurry will look into this in some time

Salutations to Bhagavan

yes, we can keep it that way. The aim of "Jnanam" or "Ultimate Truth" or "Vedas" or "Upanishad" is only Tat Tvam Asi only.

The Vedas or Upanisshads and scriptures really do not intend at all at the least to even discuss anything about creation, preservation or destruction etc... but you see, these are normal inquisitiveness of every soul. The Scriptures feed the seeker with such stories, so that, it may lead the seeker to true light eventually.

Its like a mother, telling a fancy adventurous story to her child, some how to make the child eat its food!

In the same, way "Truth" is slowly taking us within, by all these!

Yes, Bhagavan's answer is just for the Ajnanis only! ;) but are ajnani's really there? that is the trick in it! Is Darkness really there?

That's why he throws his Brahmaasthram, pushing us back to source, Who am I, Source to "I", If it for ajnani, who is an Ajnani? Am I an Ajnani or Jnani, who am I...

Back to source - :)

Salutations to Bhagavan

The Jnani seems to have or not have Prarabhda so long you(we) are ajnani.

The bottom line is, we have to realise. we have to be a jnani to know a jnani.

Can ajnani ever know a jnani? can Sun ever know Darkness or can Darkness ever know the Sun?

The Darkness can never see the Sun, and also, the Sun can never see Darkness too!

In the same lines, any answer to your question will never be satisfactory because, fundamentally, we (darkness) can never know the Jnani (Sun)

When Darkness can never see the Sun, it is like darkness questioning the prarabhda of a Sun, which it can never see!

Ramana, relating to the Snake Rope example, its also like, asking, enquiring about the colour and features of the Snake, which is mistakenly seen, which really is not there at all! Its like asking about the Prarabhda karma of a snake, but there is no snake, there is only rope (you)

Only a jnani can see a jnani. we, as ajnani, can never know a jnani! What to say about jnani or his prarabhda, then? :)

Salutations to Bhagavan

Thirumoolar sings:

theLivu guruvin thirumEni kANDal
theLivu guruvin thirunAmam ceppal
theLivu guruvin thiruvArththai kETTal
theLivu guruvuru cinthiththal thAnE.

Clarity is seeing the holy Body of Guru;
Clarity is saying the holy Name of Guru;
Clarity is listening to the holy Words of Guru;
Clarity is contemplating on the holy Form of Guru.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Ramana,

This very elucidating light is found in Adi Shankara's Vivekachoodamani, verse 110:

शुद्धद्वयब्रह्मविभोधनाश्या सर्पभ्रमो रज्जुविवेकतो यथा ।
रजस्तमःसत्वम् इति प्रसिद्धा गुणास्तदीयाः प्रथितैः स्वकार्यै ॥११०॥

By realisation of pure, non-dual Brahman, Maya can be destroyed, just as the illusion of the snake is removed by the discriminative knowledge of the rope. Its Gunas are Tajas, Tamas and Sattwa, distinguished by their respective functions.

The mighty power of delusion only exists like the snake in the snake-rope phenomenon. The illusion of the serpant can be destroyed by the knowledge of the rope, which is the reality behind the delusion.

Salutations to Bhagavan
Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Getting rid of wrong opinion about oneself
« on: December 02, 2011, 12:06:54 PM »
ज्ञात्वा स्वं प्रत्यगात्मानं बुद्धितद्वृत्तिसाक्षिणम् ।
सोहम् इत्येव सद्वृत्त्यानात्मन्यात्ममतिं जहि ॥२६९॥

Recognising ones true inner self, the witness
of the mind and its operations, and reflecting
on the truth of "I am That", get rid of this
wrong opinion about oneself.

Vivekachoodamani 269)

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Surrender
« on: December 02, 2011, 11:25:39 AM »
I must go. . . with God as my only guide. He is a jealous Lord.
He will allow no one to share His authority. One has, therefore,
to appear before Him in all one’s weakness, empty-handed and
in a spirit of full surrender, and then He enables you to stand
before a whole world and protects you from all harm.

Not until we have reduced ourselves to nothingness can we
conquer the evil in us. God demands nothing less than complete
self-surrender as the price for the only real freedom that is worth
having. And when a man thus loses himself he immediately finds
himself in the service of all that lives. It becomes his delight and
his recreation. He is a new man, never weary of spending himself
in the service of God’s creation.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Purging away of Passion
« on: December 02, 2011, 11:21:04 AM »
मोक्षैकसक्त्या विषयेषु रागं
निर्मूल्य संन्यस्य च सर्वकर्म ।
सच्छद्धया यः श्रवणादिनिष्ठो
रजःस्वभावं स धुनोति बुद्धे ॥१८२॥

Completely rooting out desire for the senses
and abandoning all activity by one pointed
devotion to liberation, he who is established
with true faith in study etc., purges away
the passion from his understanding.

(Vivekachoodamani 182)

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Senses & Control
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:38:57 AM »

उभयेषाम् इन्द्रियाणां स दमः परिकीर्तित्तः ।
बाह्यानालम्बनं वृत्तेर् एषोपरतिर् उत्तमा ॥ २३ ॥

The establishment of the senses each
in its own source by means of turning
away from their objects is known as control.
The supreme restraint is in the mind function
not being involved in anything external. (23)


Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Mind and Peace
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:18:11 AM »
विरज्य विषयव्राताद् दोषदृष्ट्या मुहुर् मुहुः ।
स्वलक्ष्ये नियतावस्था मनसः शम उच्यते ॥ २२

The settling of the mind in its goal, by turning
away from the mass of objects by repeatedly
observing their drawbacks, is known as peace.

(Vivekachoodamani 22)

Salutations to Bhagavan

When we become/realise the Sun,, which we already are! Wherever we go, there is only light! There is no darkness anywhere.

For, the Sun has never seen Darkness. It can never see the Darkness. Darkness never exists for the Sun. Is it even possible to convince the Sun, that there is Darkness? that the darkness is like this, like that? Where is darkness for the Sun?

the same way, Jiva is like the darkness which never really exists.

Can we request the darkness to stay a little longer till the Sun comes?  Is it possible even?

Jiva never really is!

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear ramana

The question about what happens after the death of Ego is like asking, what happens after the death of a person who acted as Ravana. Does he really die as Ravana? Did Ravana, really exist in first place?

Or, it is like asking, what happens after the death of the child of a barren woman which was never born at all!

(note: Can a barren woman have a child at all?)

If somebody, swings his sword and cut your reflection in water, can you really die? so, the question is like asking what happens what happens after the sword is swung and cut your reflection in water!

It is like asking, what will happen to me after I am killed in my dream! Even though, we exist in our dream, do we really exist?

When somebody, with an intention to kill you, breaks the mirror, which has your reflection, really kills you?

Salutations to Bhagavan

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