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Dear Anand,

to your observation as follows:

Further , I do wonder how this perception like dream can be self enquiry or aid to self enquiry

Do we have any answer? unfortunately no, there is always, finally, an element of faith, that can never be discarded. Even the most sharp sadhaka too experiences this at some stage, where faith takes over our intelligence. We have no way from here, but just hold the divine Lotus feet of Bhagavan.

We all are just doing our enquiries and sadhana with an element of trust and faith that what we are doing is correct and right, who can verify for us? At most, we could exchange our views with somebody or here, just like how we do :)

In one instance a devotee during his conversations with Bhagavan on the subject of Self Enquiry asked thus -

D: Even so, I do not understand. “I”, you say, is the wrong “I” now. How to eliminate this wrong “I”?

M: You need not eliminate the wrong “I” How can “I” eliminate itself? All that you need to do is to find out its origin and abide there. Your efforts can extend only thus far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it.

No answer, dear friend!

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Discussion on Horoscope
« on: March 17, 2012, 11:29:36 AM »

I open this thread to discuss about Horoscope and ones destiny.

Almost all the Jnanis' that have been and are, people have interpreted their Horoscopes and they have claimed that the Horoscope speaks of the stages where the Jnani attains Jnana.

Some are of opinion that if the Horoscope does not says so, no matter how much one may try, he may not attain it. Horoscopes of Bhagavan, Kanchi Maha Periyava, Sringeri Maha Periyava, all of them do convey with clarity their life, their renouncement, etc...

I am sure, most of our Horoscopes do not have such pronouncement. No matter how much excellent understandings and discernments and beautiful posts we may come up with, if it is not there, it is not there.

I wish members to share their thoughts on this.

Salutations to Bhagavan

This is a much longer panel discussion involving Rajiv Malhotra and Subramanya Swamy. If you have time and interest you can go through it. Certainly it is worth listening between 20th minute and 65th minute if you want to be selective.

Click Here

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Udai,

Simple, yet, the story illustrates the highest truth beautifully  :)

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: Handling samsaric problems
« on: March 17, 2012, 08:18:56 AM »
The divine life [of abiding as Self] alone is the life of supreme reality. On the other hand, life in the world which is seen, is a life of delusion. What an illusion [maya] it is to live a life of fear [fearing death]. Is not that [life of fear] merely [one's] drowning in the play of the mind-illusion?

(Guru Vachaka Kovai, 1095)

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Anand Sundaram,

There is of course the Madhura Bhakthi leelas of Gopikas and Krishna Kanhaiyya.

The stories of Gopis is unparalleled. It is this Madhura Bhakthi that got Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu intoxicated in ecstasy. Joy Inexplicable! No worries about Jnana, Advaita, Dvaita, Visishtadvaita, realisation, all else, Just Lord and just the Lord alone, Balakrishna!

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: The Siva Linga
« on: March 16, 2012, 04:04:38 PM »
Dear Subramanian Sir,

The esoteric significance of Linga, and the rituals of bathing the lingam with various special items is such a thing of joy.

They say, Shiva is Abhisheka Priya - It is absurdity and ignorance to think Shiva is Abhisheka Priya, for it is not that external Shiva that enjoys the joy of Abhisheka, but onself  :) It is oneself who enjoys the bathing of Shiva, ones soul is perceived, which is the Atma Linga. You are yourself that Shiva, say the Sages and the Gods!

Similarly, it is said Vishnu is Alankaara Priya, and it is actually oneself who enjoys the beautiful alankara on Vishnu and not that external Vishnu! You are yourself that Vishnu say the Sages and the Gods!

People go about saying, Shiva is Abhisheka Priya, I propitiated the Lord Rudra with special items today to make the Lord happy. it is such an avidya to believe that one, by doing some ritual, appeases some external Shiva,  :D such is the ignorance ridden rituals, people are doing so blindly.

Shiva is Abhisheka Priya, Vishnu is Alankara Priya.

Both Shiva and Vishnu is oneself. Who enjoys the act of the ritual  :)

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Udai,

I am jumping a step further in your excellent analyses. While the discussions may carry on.

I am exploring or contemplating, the beyond 'this' - what has been beautifully expressed in this excellent verses of Sri Shankara.

You are stripped naked, absolutely alone, independent, it is a 'state' of perplexity, or, amazement, or, the expanse of unlimitedness, of, something, that is inexplicable. What are you left with in the end? even to say 'nothing' is really not correct. that expansive-ness is thoroughly the feeling of seeing the Vishwaroopam as said by Krishna in BG. Even seeing a fraction of this expansiveness, the infinity, one is shaken to the tip of every cell in one self. it is awe shattering feeling or experience, at the same time, it is neither experience or feeling as well!

only your are left, or, only I am left, which cannot be stripped at all! There is nothing for that one to discard anymore. There is no more discernments necessary in this. It itself is not knowable but still not exactly 'not knowable' as well, it is in explicable, but still not exactly 'inexcplicable' as well.

That is              (I pause, as it does not allow anything to attribute to itself, therefore, the sentence is complete with this phrase - "That is")

Like an onion, as you keep peeling off the skin, one by one, in the end, there is nothing, but still it is not exactly 'nothing'

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / The Siva Linga
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:40:17 AM »
A Symbol Which Points To An Inference

The popular belief among foreigners is that the Siva-Linga represents the phallus or the virile organ, the emblem of the generative power or principle in nature. This is not only a serious mistake, but a grave blunder. In the post-Vedic period, the Linga became symbolical of the generative power of Lord Siva. Linga is the differentiating mark. It is certainly not the sex mark. You will find in the Linga Purana:

Pradhanam Prakritim Tatcha Yadahur-lingamuttamam
Gandhavarnarasairhinam Sabda-sparsadi-varjitam.

The foremost Linga which is primary and is devoid of smell, colour, taste, hearing, touch, etc., is spoken of as Prakriti (Nature).

Linga means a mark, in Sanskrit. It is a symbol which points to an inference. When you see a big flood in a river, you infer that there had been heavy rains the previous day. When you see smoke, you infer that there is fire. This vast world of countless forms is a Linga of the omnipotent Lord. The Siva-Linga is a symbol of Lord Siva. When you look at the Linga, your mind is at once elevated and you begin to think of the Lord.

Lord Siva is really formless. He has no form of His own; and yet, all forms are His forms. All forms are pervaded by Lord Siva. Every form is the form or Linga of Lord Siva.

A Powerful Aid To Concentration

There is a mysterious power or indescribable Sakti in the Linga to induce concentration of the mind. Just as the mind is focussed easily in crystal gazing, so also the mind attains one-pointedness when it looks at the Linga. That is the reason why the ancient Rishis of India and the seers have prescribed Linga for being installed in the temples of Lord Siva.

Linga Represents The Formless Siva

Siva-Linga speaks to you in unmistakable language of silence: “I am one without a second. I am formless.” Pure, pious souls only can understand this language. A curious, passionate, impure person of little understanding or intelligence says sarcastically: “Oh! The Hindus worship the phallus or sex-organ. They are ignorant people. They have no philosophy.” When a impure person tries to learn the Tamil or Hindi language, he first tries to pick up some vulgar words. This is his curiosity-nature. Even so, the curious person tries to find out some defect in the worship of symbols. Linga is only the outward symbol of the formless being, Lord Siva, who is the indivisible, all-pervading, eternal, auspicious, ever-pure, immortal essence of this vast universe, who is the undying soul seated in the chambers of your heart, who is your Indweller, innermost Self or Atman and who is identical with the Supreme Brahman.

Sphatikalinga—A Symbol Of The Nirguna Brahman

Sphatikalinga is also a symbol of Lord-Siva. This is prescribed for Aradhana or worship of Lord Siva. It is made up of quartz. It has no colour of its own, but takes on the colour of the substances which come in contact with it. It represents the Nirguna Brahman or the attribute-less Supreme Self, or the formless and attributeless Siva.

The Mystic Sakti In The Block Of Stone

For a sincere devotee, the Linga is not a block of stone. It is all radiant Tejas or Chaitanya. The Linga talks to him, makes him shed profuse tears, produces horripilation and melting of heart, raises him above body-consciousness, and helps to commune with the Lord and attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Lord Rama worshipped the Siva-Linga at Ramesvar. Ravana, a learned scholar, worshipped the golden Linga. What a lot of mystic Sakti there should be in the Linga!

May you all attain the formless Siva through the worship of the Linga, the symbol of Lord Siva which helps concentration of mind and which serves as a prop for the mind to lean upon, in the beginning, for the neophytes.

Salutations to Bhagavan

General Discussion / Re: extreme tendencies sometimes
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:15:39 AM »
Dear Krishnan,

This happens when your are being really hit by realities of the declaration of Truth.

Everybody knows and is aware of the golden words of Shankara, Brahma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Bhagavan also has repeatedly kept telling us that we are not the body, etc...

At some point, it really hits you, when you begin to see things AS THEY ARE, for what they really are. It HITS you. It is really a shock, I would say.

Then, even though you may have heard the words, Brahma Satya Jaganmithya number of times, it hits you really hard, when you see it for yourself without support of any words or Bhashya, independently.

There are many surprises ahead. All that we held close, believed in, put our trust in, everything is just as transient as you have just observed in your observation.

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: Handling samsaric problems
« on: March 15, 2012, 04:21:21 PM »
Dear Achalam,

I take some liberty to go through your very valid points for mutual contemplation :) for everybody.

you said,

"Can we tell the wife who is crying for her husband's death that life is a dream, so you dont worry, however much you convince yourself, unless the mind subsides in self enquiry it offers little help."

I contemplate, do we need to remind the wife that all is dream, or do we need to remind ourselves? The discernment is that, it is us who needs the reminder that all is dream, it would be grave mistake on our part to advise some 'other' that this is all dream, it is perhaps like trying to tell a sleeping person that all is dream. One of the biggest impediments in spiritual sadhana is wanting our loved ones also to realise along with us, we have to discern that this requirement is impossible. This is Bandham, bondage. Discern that the wife crying for her husband's death is dream, so that oneself, ie. you don't get carried away by emotions seeing the death of a person who happens to be the husband of the crying woman. We need to strengthen ourselves first and foremost, before we get carried away  by the sway of huge drama that is going on on the screen of dream. Affirm ourselves that this is dream, yet, let me console the lady, offer her what ever help I can, what ever prayers I could do. Do Dharma, do your Swadharma, knowing it to be dream. By this discernment, we automatically, involuntarily are acting as per the dictum of Sri Krishna in BG, to just act and not bother about the fruits of your action.

Once we affirm and strengthen ourselves, that this is dream, you will just act, to console the lady, and help her, but not worry about what happens, whether your helping the lady and the family will be of any use, you will not worry, for inwardly you will keep affirming that this dream, it doesn't matter what happens, for this is all just dream, but I just act, as per the Dharmic injunctions.

The point of focus is just oneself. There is no place for an other here! Sure, we just know that all is dream, and, it is not the end, we just know that it is a mirage. Know that all is dream and just fulfil your duties. Know that it is dream and console the wife who has just lost her husband. In this awareness, knowing everything to be just dream, we will recognise and just speak those words that the other want, words of consoling. If the demand from nature is to arrange for food, just arrange for it, and so on. This is only just doing your duty, doing ones swadharma. Even knowing everything to be just dream, still function, just for the sake of Karma alone. Because, you happen to be there, in this dream, you don't know why and what am I doing here in this dream. But any which way since I am present, Let me act now, and, later I need to contemplate on this - "What am I here for? if this is dream? Who am I" reserve this question for a later, and just act now - Constant reflection! This way one remains untouched, even though in midst of life full of karmas and bondages.

Discerning all is just dream, doesn't mean that one should stop feeling hungry, stop getting angry, stop getting pain caused by diseases. These are just our own making! It becomes, further a bigger reason to keep affirming that this pain that I am feeling is also dream, the feel the pain is also a dream, I can feel the hunger, and this feel of hunger also is dream, yet again, just act, feed your body with food, when the body asks, treat the wound when the body is hurt with requisite medication. But by being aware that all is dream, and you are just acting once again, rather being made to act. Do not take doership here, that I feed my body, I nourish by body, I care my body. Your action is natural, when the wind blows the leaves move. when you feel hungry, eat. Remember your eating is also a dream. Affirm, that this body, that I am seeing is not me, this body is just dream. when it demands some thing, consider it just like the lady who cries for the loss of her husband, when body asks for food, provide it with food, when it is in need of something, take care of it. Your body is also dream, which demands food. when the body cries for food, provide food, in the same spirit as you have consoled the lady who lost her husband. with complete awareness that all is dream!

When one acts like this, one can never do anything wrong. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatah. Dharma helps those who follow it.

Act, with awareness as how Bhagavan says in Ulladu Naarpadu Anubandham 27:

Seeming to have enthusiasm and delight, seeming to have excitement and aversion, seeming to exercise initiative and perseverance, and yet without attachment, play, O hero, in the world. Released from all bonds of attachment and with equanimity of mind, acting outwardly in all situations in accordance with the part you have assumed, play as you please, O hero, in the world.

At the end, when the mind calms down, from all the above drama, after fulfilling all your Karmas, reflect, enquire deep, what is all this, who am I? Where is all the action that took place some time back now? it is all over, the lady who cried for her husband is tired and sleeping, and she does not remember about the death of her husband while sleeping, what is all this? that happens when not in deep sleep, who is all this, and, who am I?

Like this Sort out the issues one by one. The point is when we keep reminding ourselves that all is dream, end of the day, instead of reflecting like this, we will be worrying about the Lady, "Oh, poor lady, how is she going to manage her life, how is she going to bring her daughter up, how can she provide for her family, her brothers are so bad, she has no money, etc..." such thoughts are futile, such thoughts spring from ignorance and believing the happenings to be true. But if we have genuinely affirmed with reflection as we did our Swadharma, then end of the day, the mind would be calm and poised in quietness which becomes an ideal platform for you to reflect deeply.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Udai,

this poem, when it really HITS you, it is a nuclear bomb. It becomes virtually impossible to function normally like before in the world.

perhaps this is why elders in orthodox families do not advise young people to read or learn certain shlokas such as Nirvana Shatkam, etc...

when it HITS, it hits like thunder bolt. I am one victim. We keep asking Bhagavan, God, please give me jnana, please reveal thy light, but, when Bhagavan reveals the truth, that is his Vishwaroopam, it is said, one cant handle God's Vishwaroopam.

The poems may be beautiful for its content, the poetry is very beautiful, it is excellent for philosophical discussions. But These are all verily Nuclear Bomb!

Salutations to Bhagavan

Friends, I would like to share my thoughts again which I have posted some time back in the following link:

Please feel free to assimilate what ever is acceptable to your school of thought and your way. The whole idea is to look beyond the thresh hold of mere concepts. We are mostly bogged by various concepts. Concepts are the real Maya, illusions, that we mostly get trapped into!

In this way, we are trying to achieve some impossible concept of Surrender, mostly imaginative. When one truly sees the light of truth, he will realise that there is nothing to surrender really. All talk of surrendering is only maya, illusion. He will see very clearly the Mirage/Maya/Illusion of Surrendering.

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: Handling samsaric problems
« on: March 14, 2012, 07:11:20 AM »
Dear Friends,

Affirming the world and happenings to be just a dream is not simply mere words. It is reminding oneself again, about the nature of the world. It reminds one to enquire, pause for a moment and brings you to reflect for a moment. The reflection that all is but a dream should free you from the strangle hold of Samsara, this reflection should free you from stranglehold of various bondages, from strangle hold of various doerships and free you from the grip of ownership of I, Me, mine, etc..

We are all running here and there madly in our life, in the name of various duties and responsibilities and unrealistic goals, unrealistic relationships and we are seeking happiness from transient world and materials.

Even though the world continues to appear, if one truly knows it is just a dream, he will remain at poise, so when one sees a water body, he remains quiet patiently knowing it to be just a mirage.

This way, one does not get bound by illusion, but continues to act like a lotus in water. Like this, knowing it to be just a dream, just respond, it does not matter what happens in dream, whether you suffer or see somebody suffering, or whether you are being squeezed by somebody, burden of life and karma, etc,, what ever happens, i am fine with it, its all just dream, what maters what happens or not? I will just stick to my Dharma. This much I can act. After all, it is just dream, let hell fall down or let heavens come to my lap, I am not going to take it as real, for a dream is just a dream, it can never be real!

We who get affected by various problems in our day to day affairs, get lost, and get agitated and disturbed and constantly worry about what is to happen or not to happen, what to do or not to do, etc...

But to worry about not being able to abide in peace is good, but the same worry about worldly affairs is bad. When you worry about not being able to be at peace will take you upwards, but worrying about worldly affairs will only bring you down.

Be troubled that you are unable to realise your self, not able to feel the ambrosia of the Almight, this is Bhakti but, do not be troubled what happens around you in the world, this is Vibhakti.

Lets recollect Bhagavans words once again "The waking state also is equivalent to a dream, only that the Waking is long and a dream is short; other than this there is no difference. Just as waking happenings seem real while awake, so do those in a dream while dreaming"

In the end, when one truly discerns all to be just a dream, it is only Self Enquiry. At least begin in some way or the other. Let the agitations drop, if it helps by affirming that all that you are seeing and experiencing is just a dream, it is very good, Let the hot water which is disturbed cool down, when it is cooled, then one may go deeper. But, when the water itself is so hot, what deep enquiry is possible?

In day to day affairs, one can possibly not do pranayama in midst of crises, therefore, employ ways by which you may uplift yourself, Uddharet Atmanaatmanam (you are your own friend, uplift yourself by your own self) We all get into situations, not knowing what to do, we press panic button, no matter how much we have read and learnt about Bhagavan and his teachings. It is because somewhere, deep within, you believe the external world and the problems of life, samsara to be so real, and get lost or go astray. It is wise to therefore affirm again and again and once again, that all is dream, no matter, what you do, what you don't do, no matter what happens or not happens, etc...

Whether you believe it yet or not, all is just dream. Our believing or realising is not going to change the reality, the world is still illusion, unreal. Illusion doesn't become real simply because we believe it to be real. Therefore, friends, realise this discernment and affirm again and again, with confidence that all is just a dream. Relax

I would like to convey that this has, is helped me very much.

Shankara roared, Brahma Satyam, Jagan Mithya.

So this is after all nothing new.

We have to remind ourselves that Maya is truly Maya  ;) ironical! But so True!

We say everything is maya, agreed, but.......

We have to remove the BUT in between, this but is only Maya.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Subramanian Sir, Krishnan,

It is interesting to know about Sri Tulsidas as well in this regard:

Tulsidas’s life story itself is a very well known and celebrated tale. He became an orphan at a very young age, and spent much time as a homeless wanderer. One day a sage gave him an image of Lord Rama and told him to make his home the holy name of Rama. Some local pandits believed that he had stolen the image and were angry with him, forcing him to flee. While fleeing the wrath of the locallers, a learned wondering Brahmin, named Guru Narahari Das protects Tulsidas and invited him to come live at his ashram on the banks of the river Ganga.

There Tulsidas began his extensive religious learning and soon excelled. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and promised that he would make the story of Rama and Sita accessible in the common tongue of the people. Tulsidas left his ashram, with the blessings of his Guru and protector, and continued his study in Varanasi. He became one of the most learned and widely respected young men in the land.

In time, he married a wise and beautiful lady by the name of Ratnavali. After a time, however, Tulsidas becomes so infatuated with his beautiful wife he could hardly think about anything else! Even in meditation, his mind rested not on Ram, but on his wife’s lovely form. Ratnavali herself is a great devotee of Ram was upset by this. One day she went to her brother’s house for a length of time. Tulsidas could not bear any separation from his wife began to go mad.

One night he decided he just had to see her, even though there was a violent storm going on. On his way he tried to cross a river, he is swept along in a fierce flood. Catching hold of a log, he manages to struggle ashore. Barely surviving the journey to Ratnavali’s brother’s house, Tulsidas climbs a rope onto her balcony. She is so shocked to see him there. A girl today would be pleased at such romance, but Ratnavali was disgusted. Ratnavali implores Tulsidas to focus his love not on her but on the Lord.

She said that if you let your peace of mind rest of Rama rather than on my body which is just after all a modification of flesh and fat which will soon go old then you might actually the peace of mind that you apparently are so learned in.

Her words hit Tulsidas like a Thunder. With these words, Tulsidas realizes that in his mad infatuation for his wife, he has indeed forsaken Rama. Tulsidas left home and took to a life trying to spread spiritual values amongst the people. He fulfilled his childhood promise of making the story of Rama and Sita available to the people in the common tongue. He traveled through North India, spending long periods of time in Varanasi and Ayodhya. It is believed he had mystic communion with Hanuman, who led him to Rama. His works have had such an effect of the lives of the people that it is difficult to describe. As Ram Chandra Prasad, who translated the Ramcharitmanas into English has said of Tulsidas “To many of his readers in India he has been a lamp of guidance, a star of good fortune shining from the horizons of shining from the horizons of humankind, and a fountain of life for such as lie buried in the muir of ignorance and delusion. To those who find themselves wandering in the wasteland of their defilements and sins he has been a clear, sacred spring of perfections, a strong citadel of faith in the graciousness of God, and an impregnable sanctuary of love and peace for the sorely distressed.”

Another instance is that of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra:

Sadasiva Brahmendra lived in a village near Trichy, on the banks of Kaveri River. His father was a Vaishnavite and his mother was a worshipper of Siva. Hence his parents named him Sivaramakrishnan. He became Sadasiva Brahmendra when he took to the life of an ascetic. He was married when he was 12, his bride being just 5. When Siva’s wife came of age, the day for his nuptials was fixed. That afternoon Siva was feeling hungry and went to the kitchen. His mother-in-law cried from within, ‘Do not enter, stay there’. (with intention of madi acharams I presume, Cleanliness aspect)The young boy, who was deeply religious, interpreted it as ‘do not enter grihastasram’ and took this as a cue to renounce family life. He left his house and started wandering, always in a state of trance. Once, when he was standing in Kaveri River and meditating, he was swept by floods. People on the banks saw him go under and concluded that he was drowned. A few days later, when some farmers were digging on the river bank, they discovered Sadasiva buried, but alive and in a trance. Sadasiva Brahmendra was a great yogi and a believer in Adhvaita philosophy.

(Internet Sources)

Salutations to Bhagavan

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