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Who is this doer?
 A thought ?

Can we get at how this is happening really ?

plz tell me who is the person who is getting hit / thouched ?

Dear i,

i discern, and question myself, is it really necessary? to know who is getting hit? not really, the moment when you have recognised this.

The moment, you recognised, you are no longer being hit. This is the important thing. The other things are really sundry details... lets leave them :)

i recognise now. I am. is constant recognition.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear i,

i discern, it is because, we still have desires, like i contemplated in some other post, we need to look within and discern, whether the bliss of Self greater than the happiness derived out of worldly materials enjoyed by the senses.

As for this moment, we have not yet tapped that source with absolute conviction, as we have not tasted the nectar of the bliss without the help of our senses.

Hence, even though we know the supreme bliss off self, we are not able to abide as that, because, we are only contradicting ourselves as of now, by imposing on ourselves that Self is supreme than eating nice idly vada :) which is not so, but we want to force onto ourselves that the Self is supreme, when we are not there yet.

Which is why, Bhakthi becomes important, we need to be stripped, we need to be shaken by the grace of a Guru, God, Self, shaken by some supreme power.

Only when we are touched by that which cannot be touched, can we abide as Self.

Untill then all our efforts to free ourselves of desires, trying to curtail our vasanas, etc.. will be of less avail.

We need to be constantly on the look out of that which is beyond experienced the senses. We are quite used to experience something only through the senses alone, and because of that, we fail to look beyond the senses. we need to tap that which is infinite times greater than the senses. Once, even if a fraction of that is seen, one is closed :D with for ever... Goner!

Salutations to Bhagavan

our desire, for fruits of action, that is touched.

the doer gets touched.

(Phala Apekhsa) desire for fruits of action. So, naturally, when something happens or not happens, one either enjoys the fruits or regrets the non occurrence of desired fruits (results) of actions

Salutations to Bhagavan

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: April 16, 2012, 04:53:55 PM »
Dear i,

Thanks for the references. i do have a couple of volumes of Deivathin Kural, i guess, every family, which had some connection with Maha Periyava, would definitely have this 'pokkisham'. i am now impelled to get all the other volumes as well :)

When i make my next trip to Ramakrishna math, i shall surely look for these books. though i prefer english books, as i only known basic tamil, in depth, reading, would be very difficult for me. having all my schooling in bangalore, i never got opportunity to learn tamil academically (which i regret so much) but, over the years, i have some how managed to learn tamil to a decent extent where by i am able to read essential articles.

I have got myself the gospel of Sri Ramakrishnar :) as of now.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear i,

If some object makes us happy or unhappy, both are fine. What matters is indifference to both happiness and unhappiness. If this is clear, that the aim of 'jnana' is achieved. I felt, no need to worry, about whether, it is the object that makes us unhappy or happy.

That is to be untouched by both happiness and unhappiness. accepting both as it comes and goes.

If you are peaceful, calm, at both, then, there is nothing more to discern.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear i,

This is the fundamental Truth that no seeker should forget.When this is there ,the presence will be there.It is this Presence which will then do the Sadhana for us.

There is a very beautiful and poignant word in sanskrit, which you have just mentioned as above.

संनिधानं - Sannidhanam

Which literally means, "Presence" divine presence, Ulladu, "Pra" root word of Telugu.

There is a tradition to refer Gurus as SANNIDHANAM. And, we refer to those places as Sannidhi, Ramanar Sannidhi, Ramakrishnar Sannidhi, etc..

Salutations to Bhagavan

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: April 16, 2012, 09:00:08 AM »
you stir the deepest chord in me by posing those questions.Yes,I have been to Kamarpukur,Birth place of Sri Ramakrishna and jayarambAti,birth place of our Holy Mother Sri Saradamani Devi.It was in 1979 when I was in calcutta on official work for a duration of 3 Months.On weekends I will be mostly in Dakshineswar and thAkur's small room used to be my favourite haunt after paying obeisance to Divine Mother KAli.An absolutely charming Place,although crowded and the path leading to the temple is as dusty and dirty and crowded as well.Yet who cares about all that -to sit in the place haloed by the feet of the Great Master is a Great boon.It was during that time I decided to visit Kamarpukur and Jayarambati.I boarded a Rickety bus that took me to kamarpukur -what a privilege to see the Master's birthplace and his parental house!After spending 2 hours in that place I proceeded to Jayarambati reaching there around 18:30 hrs when the evening Arati(vespers)was going on.I just sat in front of the Mother's temple after the vespers were over and decided to spend the night there.Jayarambati and kamarpukur are small villages with mud houses.
The Swamiji who was in charge of the Ramakrishna Mutt noticed my sitting there and asked me about my whereabouts.I simply told him that I have come to visist Holy Mother's birthplace and do not mind spending the Night in the temple.I told him that I would return the next day.The Swamiji was all kindness and took me inside the ashram opposite the Shrine and gave me a room and I took it as Holy Mother's blessing .The swamiji gave me some fruits and sweets and that was my dinner.In the Morning ,after a bath I asked to be shown Holy Mother's hut made of clay and Haystack!What a magical place and what a joy to visit the Birthplace of our Simple and Beloved Holy Mother!One of her Great grand nephew was there and how lovingly he touched my chin and kissed.This is how Our Holy Mother would greet her children.What a simple setting and how blessed is that place!I Returned to calcutta after this wonderful trip.
Yes I have visisted Belur Math and Dakshineswar .As you say,the very remembrance is purifying and in itself is sadhana.My earliest recollection of Thakur goes back to 1960 when I was a boy of 5 and my father was posted in Calcutta and had taken me to Dakshineswar and Belur Mutt.We were in calcutta for 2 years then.

What a benediction! how truly blessed Sir, you are! Just to read, from here, gives such immense peace. How really wonderful.

Gratitude, gratitude, once again..

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Ramana,

Yes, Love, is the scarcest article today. Everybody in the world is deprived of love. All hate only springs only out of lack of love, out of not being loved, not being listened to.

The easiest commodity available today is advise. Free Advise, is the worst thing one can do to anybody. Instead, if we can hold hands of the desperate ones, just the silence of concern, love is enough to heal the world.

(LOVE seeks no reward; LOVE is its own reward) The more love we give out, the more love we become ourselves. Love itself is Self.

(Note: Love, may not be referred to baser love here, love represents the highest compassion, Ananda, Love itself is Self)

Anbe Sivam - Love/Compassion itself is Siva, Self, God

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Child of Ramana,

The best option would be to check with the Ashram office itself. May be you could speak to fellow devotees who are from other country.

There could be different ways to deal with this, Either speak to him directly and sort out the issue, ask him to not disturb you. If he could be spoken with, ask him what he wants, provide if you could, else, settle the matter with him. If this also does not work, just stop paying any attention to him. The lesser you pay attention, the farther he would get, just be careless towards him, use the situation to abide as Self. Just be silent at him, convincingly, your silence would dismiss him off.

The other side would be, who knows, we never know who comes in what form, he could be hanging around you, perhaps for you to discern some new teaching through him.

Do not worry, Bhagavan is just beside, nothing could happen.

Conquer with love and wisdom.

(these are my views, second opinion is sure worth it)

Salutations to Bhagavan

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: April 16, 2012, 08:04:41 AM »
Dear Ravi Sir,

So beautiful. wish some day, i would be able to go there. I wonder in amazement, for I have been to Ramanshramam, i felt, i have been there before, it looked so familiar. The same, I felt, when I first went to Sringeri, Narasimhavanam, it felt so familiar, again, i felt, as though, I had already been there before, and, again, when I see the thatched hut of Sri Ramakrishnar, it looks all familiar, i am able to sense the vibes of the environment, the air, the breeze, the touch of the soil.

They are all One.


Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Subramanian Sir, Ravi Sir, Sri Anil,

What is the best way to seek grace? what is the best way to make our cups bigger? it is by praying. It is only through regular constant sincere prayers, we would be able to experience the grace of the Guru.

Over all these cycles of various conversations, discussions, it all finally takes us back to where we started it all. The very system as laid out by our Sages, of Regular prayers daily, is the way.

Intense prayer, with the Bhava (feeling) is the way.

Friends, when times are tough, pray, intensely pray, when all our intellect and discernment are of no use, pray intensely. When you are troubled by worldly problems, when you are not able to abide in 'knowledge' pray intensely. Utter the name of the Lord with full faith and sincerity, for this is the best sure way.

Keep calling your Guru, your God, he would sure come to your rescue. We have seen so many stories of miracles, that have happened repeatedly in all the lives of devotees. Yes, Help is there, Help is there and the way to get that help is through prayers.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: Difficulties and desperation in sadhana
« on: April 15, 2012, 08:41:35 PM »
Dear Sir,

the How ???? remains

we are all helpless! All of what Manickavachagar has conveyed is a daily day day reality today, which we cannot avoid. That which is to be abhorred is the culture and decency of today.

We have to watch the movie in the theater and escape from watching the movie, being in the theater itself.

Again, how insignificant we are...

Arulum Venume, Anbu punume, inbam thonume

True, Grace is needed; Love is added. Bliss wells up.

Salutations to Bhagavan

General topics / Re: Difficulties and desperation in sadhana
« on: April 15, 2012, 07:40:23 PM »
Dear selves,

reading about Brother Lawrence, i only remembered one aphorism from Narada Bhakti Sutras:

कण्ठावरोधरोमाञ्चाश्रुभिः परस्परं लपमानाः पावयन्ति कुलानि पृथिवीं च ॥

Conversing among one another with throats choked, and tears flowing, talking to one another in faltering tones attended with thrill and tears of joy, they sanctify their race and the wide earth.

I am reminded the great song of Sri Thyagaraja Swamgal:

Endaro Mahanubhavulu Andariki Vandanamulu
My prostrations to all those great men who have attained dizzy heights in their spiritual experience and who have lived in all the ages.

These great men keep the shape and form of the lord, who has attained bliss and power of the yoga in their lotus like heart and derive great happiness.

Oh Lord! Thou art very interested in Sama veda gana. All devotees who have meditated on you with devotion

Are great men. These men have been able to control the monkey like senses and think of lord Rama clearly

These are the great men who place the andhakarna like lotus flower at the feet of Sri Rama without any hesitation

These are the great men who sing the praise of the great lord who uplifts and purifies the poorest of the poor with devotion. These are the men who know the oneness of swara , raga and laya through constant discussions.

These are the great men who protect the world through their kind light. These are the followers who represent the collection of gem like divinely qualities which radiates with wisdom, friendship and kindness.

These are the great men who appreciate the majestic bravery walk of Shri Rama whose darshan is always in their eyes. They are filled with joy on his darshan. They are renowned for having drowned in the ocean of paramananda/ eternal happiness.

Amongst the great bhaktas of yours, great gains, the moon, the sun, sanakasanandas, dikeeshakas, devas, kimpurushas, prahalada, Narada, Thumburu, Anjaneya, Siva, Sukha, Maharishi, Brahma, Great Brahmins, great Saints, Famous men, immortal men are all enjoying eternal bliss

These are the great men who knowing your greatness & happily sing your praises and derive great pleasure. The gem of Raghukula, your devotees have been fascinated by your divinely form, the greatness of your divine namas, your peaceful mind, your bravery, your generosity, your quality of practising what is preached and the quality which you have proved the greatness of true bhakthi. You have also made it amply clear that religion devoid of bhakti is meaningless.

These are the great men who have derived boundless happiness by gathering the ocean of knowledge contained in Bhagvatam, Ramayana, Geeta, Vedas, Shastras by pondering over the secrets of the six religions orders under the class Sauram and Koumaram, by understanding the mind of the countless devas, by living a full life through the joy derived from music based on bhava, raga and laya

The people who through bhakti which crystallizes due to concentrated meditation, think of your name become true devotees of Sri Rama who is worshipped by his devotee Thyagaraja.

Salutations to Bhagavan

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: April 15, 2012, 07:10:52 PM »
Dear sri Ravi,

I have begun to visualise Thakur and his disciples, in that environments. How nice feeling it is. It is a great boon to be with a Guru. I wonder would we find True Guru these days.

Have you been to Belur math? have you seen Sri Ramakrishna's place, house, where he lived? It must be such wonderful feeling, i can imagine, having been to Bhagavan's ashramam, in old hall, skandashramam, virupaksha cave, etc...

May we all be blessed by the Guru Paramparas.

The very remembrance of these places in my mind makes me feel purified.

Salutations to Bhagavan

Dear Sri Ravi,

This story was amazingly inspiring. In all our quest, we should not forget our duties to Mother earth, nature. According to the recent studies, there will not be any drinking water available in some 2 or 3 decades. the natural resources are in dire straits. the soils are losing minerals, getting eroded. Trees are being cut in the name of economy and infrastructural development. There is not enough oxygen available.

When i was young, i used to wake up listening to the chirping of birds, especially, sparrows, but there are no sparrows to be seen anywhere today. I have always been close to nature, as young child, dogs were well behaved, friendly, open. Today dogs are shit scared, they too are bewildered by the behavior of us human species. What sort of species are we? we are eating away everything of mother nature just for ourselves.

It pains to see the world today, Sri Ravi. What sort of direction are we headed to? We all need to be punished and taught good lesson. The talk of every mouth is money, money, money.

Social Networks are the way, people maintain relationships. Mobile phones, laptops, are eating away the innocence in us.

I could continue my lament for long. But I stop here  :)


Salutations to Bhagavan

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