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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Little Sister
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:31:23 AM »
Little Sister

Venkataraman's only sister AlamElu was a little girl. Being the only female child, she was pampered by the family. It is said that she used to cry to see her grandfather living in Pasalai, a village a few kilometers from Tiruchizhi. Once she was taken there she at once would want to go back to her mother. Sometimes Venkataraman would accompany her. While returning seeing his sister's tender feet getting blisters walking on the rough path, Venkataraman would cut off the wild vines growing on the way side and tie round her little feet which will serve as slippers. Such was his concern for his sister.

(ABOG I,29)

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: October 28, 2012, 09:24:39 PM »
I will be too happy to take you and introduce you to TGN.TGN is utterly simple and unassuming and does not expect or permit any formalities like namaskaram,garland,etc.He treats others as equal even though he should be in his late seventies.Truly a Great soul.

Thank you Sri Ravi, :) Bhagavan willing...  would be very happy and glad to meet you as well!

General Discussion / Limitless Beauty of God
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:47:38 PM »
An old Hindi film song, poetry unmatched, the protagonist sings this poetic song to his beloved, which is as good as the Soundarya Lahari written by Adi Shankara on Goddess!

जीवन से भरी तेरी आँखें
मजबूर करे जीने के लिये
सागर भी तरसते रहते हैं
तेरे रूप का रस पीने के लिये
जीवन से भरी तेरी आँखें ...

तस्वीर बनाये क्या कोई
क्या कोई लिखे तुझपे कविता
रंगों छंदों में समाएगी
किस तरह से इतनी सुंदरता
एक धड़कन है तू दिल के लिये
एक जान है तू जीने के लिये
जीवन से भरी तेरी आँखें ...

मधुबन कि सुगंध है साँसों में
बाहों में कंवल की कोमलता
किरणों का तेज है चेहरे पे
हिरनों की है तुझ में चंचलता
आंचल का तेरे एक तार बहुत
कोई छाक जिगर सीने के लिये
जीवन से भरी तेरी आँखें ...

  Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen
Majboor Karen Jeene Ke Liye
Saagar Bhi Taraste Rehte Hain
Tere Hoth Ka Ras Peene Ke Liye

Tasveer Banaye Kya Koi
Kya Koi Likhe Tujh Pe Kavita
Rangon Chhandon Mein Samayegi
Kis Tarah Se Itni Sundarta
Ek Dhadkan Hai Tu Dil Ke Liye
Ek Jaan Hai Tu Jeene Ke Liye
Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen...

Madhuban Ki Sugandh Hai Saanson Mein
Baahon Mein Kamal Ki Komalta
Kirnon Ka Tej Hai Chehre Pe
Hirnon Si Hai Tujh Mein Chanchalta
Aanchal Ka Tere Hai Saar Bahut
Koi Chaak Jigar Seene Ke Liye
Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen...

  Your eyes, so full of life,
Force me to keep on living.
Even the seas are thirsting
To get a drink from (the essence) your form.

How can anyone paint your picture?
Or write a poem on you?
Colours and words are not enough,
To capture so much beauty.
You are the heart-beat for my heart.
You are the life that helps me live.

The scent of a blooming garden is in your breath,
The softness of lotuses is in your arms.
The brightness of sunrays on your face,
You are as graceful as the deer.
Your scarf has enough threads
to stitch up any torn heart.

(Shyamalal Babu Rai)

Click on the picture to make it big!

General Discussion / Touching Story!
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:22:28 PM »
24 year Old boy seeing out from the Train's window

Shouted, "Dad, look the trees are going behind!".
Dad smiled and a young Couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year Old's Childish behavior with Pity.

Suddenly he again Exclaimed. "Dad look the clouds are running with Us!" .
The couple couldn't resist & said to the old Man. "why don't you take your Son to a good Doctor?"
The Old man smiled & Said "I did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today."

Every Single Person On The Planet Has a Story!

Humour / Re: Zen Humour
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:18:48 PM »
Dear Sir,

Chandrasekhara Bharati Swamigal is conmsidered as an avadhUtA saint. His life is filled with lots of mysteries. Some time, people regarded his as a mad man, and the Mutt people were getting scared and began to worry at his indifference to the world. He was a great saint. AR Natarajan of RMCL has compiled a few books on him.

Forum advice, news & etiquette / Re: Tolerance
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:14:01 PM »
Sri Graham,

Its a wonder in itself, how this incident from the Vidya Gita of Sri Tripura Rahasya, has been inspired and presented through you! Very true! Most appropriate post! This is a proof of the presence of Supreme Guru, here in this forum. Thank you!

with prayers,

Humour / Re: Zen Humour
« on: October 28, 2012, 06:23:15 PM »
A young Zen monk was recognized by his teacher as having experienced an initial breakthrough enlightenment (Japanese: satori, kensho). His teacher then told the young man that, for realizing complete, irreversible enlightenment (Sanskrit: anuttara-samyak-sambodhi), he would need to study under a certain wise old master whose small temple was situated in another part of the country. And so the young man set off to meet the old master. After several weeks of travel, he finally arrived at the remote temple. The sentry told him that all the other monks were working at their daily chores, and sent the young man straightaway to the meditation hall to meet the venerable master.

Entering the meditation hall, the young monk espied an old man doing repeated prostrations to a simple statue of the Buddha, softly chanting the name of Buddha Amida (who saves all sentient beings from suffering). The young man was shocked. Having realized from his teacher the basic truth that the Self or Buddha-nature is formless openness-emptiness, utterly transcendent and all-pervasive, he was a bit disturbed to see the old man apparently still caught up in such “dualistic” practices—ritually bowing to an idol and chanting with devotion to a mythical Buddha.

And so he came up to the aged monk, introduced himself, and, from his “truly enlightened” perspective, proceeded to lecture the old man on the futility and stupidity of worshipping mere forms. Finally, his brief rant over, he realized that, having traveled such a long way to meet the “master,” he should probably ask the old monk for whatever wisdom he had to share. “So, old man, what can you tell me about full enlightenment?”

In response, the master smiled, said nothing, and resumed sincerely bowing in gratitude before the statue of the Buddha, gently invoking the Name of Amida on behalf of all beings….

And, in a flash, the young man fully understood the way of true spirituality, and he, too, began spontaneously to bow alongside the old master.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Discussion thread
« on: October 28, 2012, 04:53:23 PM »
Total guru bhakti was evident with Sri Bhagavan's many devotees of inner circle, Whether it is Kunju Swami, or Viswantha
Swami, Muruganar, Suri Nagamma, Smt, T.R. kanakammal, Arthur Osborne, Major Chadwick, Annamalai Swami ,S.S. Cohen- all had
total faith in Sri Bhagvan's teachings and concentrated on self inquiry. Only Kavya  kanta Ganapati Muni had scattered interest
in life and he went in for various things, like freedom movement, teaching mantras to Harijans etc.,

All the above had self realization at the end of their lives. This is evident from Moments Remembered of Sri Ganesan.     

Dear Sir,

You reminded me Smt. kanakammAl's aikyam (union) with Bhagavan in the samAshi hall!

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Did you have a nice swim?
« on: October 28, 2012, 04:49:48 PM »
"Once when I was a young boy, a friend and I were in the Arunachala Temple.
As it was very hot we went to the tank in the temple and began splashing and
playing in the water. I inadvertently went into the water over my head and began
sinking. I came to the surface a few times but was unable to stay afloat. My friend
got scared seeing me in distress and ran off. Just before I went under for the last
time I remember distinctly seeing Bhagavan's face, and then everything went
blank - I became unconscious.

When I later regained consciousness I found that I was lying on a step just near
the tank. I asked someone nearby how I got out of the water. I was told that an
old man had come and pulled me out, laid me down on the step and then went
away. Somehow I survived the ordeal. After nearly drowning, I went to the
ashram and sat in the hall without telling anyone what had just happened.
Bhagavan turned in my direction and said with a gentle smile on his lips,
"Did you have a nice swim?" I put my head down, as I felt extremely guilty and
thought that everyone was watching me. Who else was it than Bhagavan
who saved me?"

(story told by K. V. Mama)

Put Full Faith in the Guru

Once a visitor said: "I have been coming to you, Swami, many times, hoping that
something will happen and I shall be changed. So far I do not see any change in
me. I am as I was: a weakling of a man, an inveterate sinner." And he started
weeping piteously.

"On this road there are no milestones, How can you know which
direction you are going? Why don't you do what the first-class
railway passenger does? He tells the guard his destination, locks
the doors and goes to sleep. The rest is done by the guard,
If you could trust your guru as much as you trust the railway
guard, it would be quite enough to make you reach your
destination. Your business is to shut the door and windows
and sleep. The guard will wake you up at your destination."

(Krishna Bhikshu, Sri Ramana Leelas)

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: October 28, 2012, 04:31:28 PM »
पापान्धकारार्क परम्पराभ्यां तापत्रयाहीन्द्र खगेश्र्वराभ्याम् ।
जाड्याब्धि संशोषण वाडवाभ्यां नमो नमः श्रीगुरुपादुकाभ्याम् ॥ 6 ॥

pApAndhakArArka paramparAbhyAm tApatrayAhIndra khagEshvarAbhyAm .
jAdyAbdhi samshOShaNa vAdavAbhyAm namO namah shrI gurupAdukAbhyAm ..6..

My prostrations to the holy sandals of my Guru, which serve as the Sun smashing all the illusions of darkness (sins), which are like garuda birds in front of the serpents of the three pains of Samsara; and which are like the terrific fire that dries away the ocean of jadata or insentience.

(HH shrI sacCidAnanda shivAbhinava nRusimha bhAratI swAmigal)

General Discussion / Re: Lalitha Sahasranama
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:32:04 PM »
Sri Atmavichar,

i just saw your post here, just wanted to say that my post in "My Musings" about initiation (Master TGN) is no related to your post :) just that you should not mistake it as an indirect response to this. Only now, I am happening to see your post here! Friend, kindly proceed with your chanting, your earnestness is automatically initiated :)

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:21:40 PM »
Yes,you can buy them in that address.No,they will not be available at any other place.I need to inform you that you may find the CDs expensive.There is a valid reason why it is so.I suggest that you may visit the place one sunday and listen to the talk(Recorded)by TGN;you may also get to see him and hear his preamble.I think currently the talks on Tirukkural are on,and all are welcome.
I suggest that you listen to his talk and see if you are interested;He will speak quite fast and it may take a while to get tuned to him.This is deliberate on his part,and designed so that the mind of the listener is under pressure to listen more keenly and not go on its own errands!Once this is learned,it will be quite a purposeful sadhana.The Other thing that I need to inform you is that it will be more like a html type of a presentation,with many threads of thought and people who are used to a linear presentation may find it distracting  until they get used to it.

If you need it for listening,I will lend you my copy of AndAl's TiruppAvai.You may listen and return it to me.I lend it to others for listening.Master has permitted this,and at the same time it is expected that unauthorised copies are not made.This is purely a matter of self discipline.If you find it useful,then you may decide to buy it;then we would realize that all the money in this world is not enough to get this treasure!It is truly priceless.

Otherwise,if someone says that the set of CDs cost RS10,000 or so,one would be put off or wonder why it should be so expensive,etc.Then they will start doubting whether TGN is avaricious!He lives a simple life and is taken care of by two sisters who have dedicated themselves to this work and in his service.They are wonderful people.

Sri Ravi,

This in essence is, all about initiation, the importance, the value is commitment. Otherwise, we not really care much if there is no fear, respect, discipline, responsibility to oneself. i (pray) hope to get opportunity to visit chennai soon, and desire to visit His place, Bhagavan willing!

Thanks for bringing in occasionally the wonderful insights of Master TGN, it is deeply penetrating!

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / I am a sinner
« on: October 28, 2012, 11:56:15 AM »
I am a sinner

D.: I am a sinner and do not perform any religious duties. Shall I have a painful rebirth because of that?

B.: Why do you say you are a sinner? Faith in God is enough to save you from rebirth. Cast all your burden on Him. In the Tiruvachakam it is said: ‘Though I am worse than a dog, You have graciously undertaken to protect me. The delusion of death and birth is maintained by You. Is it for me to sit and judge? Am I the Lord here? Almighty God, it is for You to roll me through many bodies, or keep me fixed at Your feet.’ Therefore have faith and that will save you.

General Discussion / Re: sandhyA vandanam - Discussion
« on: October 28, 2012, 11:06:30 AM »
5. mArjanam

We have already seen in the procedure thread itself the essence of this step. mArjanA means cleansing. It is a purificatory discipline, this is primarily for internal cleansing. When one is internally cleansed, it purifies even externally as well. Let us look into the meaning of each verse.

ओं श्री केशवाय नमः ॥

आपो॒ हि ष्ठा म॑यो॒ भुवः॒ ।
ता न ऊ॒र्जे द॑धातन ।
महे रणा॑य॒ चक्षसे ।
यो वः॑ शि॒वत॑मो॒ रसः ।
तस्य॑ भाजयते॒ह नः॑ ।
उ॒श॒तीरि॑व मा॒तरः॑ ।
तस्मा॒ अरं॑ गमाम वः ।

यस्यक्षया॑य॒ जिन्व॑थ ।

आपो॑ ज॒नय॑था च नः ।

ओं भूर्भुव॒स्सुवः॑ ।

             Om shrI kEshavAya namah .

Apo hi ShTA mayO bhuvah .
tA na Urje dadhAtana .
mahe raNAya cakSasE .
yO vah shivatamO rasah .
tasya bhAjayatEha nah .
ushatIriva mAtarah .
tasmA aran gamAma vah .

yasyakShayAya jinvatha .

ApO janayathA ca nah .

Om bhUrbhuvassuvah .

Om shrI kEshavAya namah - ओं श्री केशवाय नमः ॥

Salutations to kEshavA

Apo hi ShTA mayO bhuvah - आपो॒ हि ष्ठा म॑यो॒ भुवः॒ ।

Apo: the Supreme God, in the form of water
hi ShTA: (Thou verily) art
mayO bhuvah: (cause for) movement of atmosphere (represents the intellect)

O' Water (the Supreme Truth, in the form of water), (Thou verily) art the (cause for) movement (in) atmosphere (intellect)

tA na Urje dadhAtana - ता न ऊ॒र्जे द॑धातन ।

tA - Thou (who art as above[verse])
na - (for) us
Urje - vigour, strength, happy, food, vitality, life
dadhAtana - grant us , bless us, grace us

(O' Water), Thou (who art as above[verse]), (please) grant us (bless us, grace us) vigor (strength, happy, food, vitality, life)

mahe raNAya cakSasE - महे रणा॑य॒ चक्षसे ।

mahe - Great (one)
raNAya = raNa+aya - be pleased, be satisfied with (our prayers)
cakSasE - (Thou art) the spiritual instructor, teacher, the spiritual eye, radiance

O' Great one, (Thou) please be pleased with (our prayers), (Thou art) the spiritual instructor, teacher, the spiritual eye, radiance

yO vah shivatamO rasah - यो वः॑ शि॒वत॑मो॒ रसः ।

yO - which,
vah - That, Thou, (respectfully addressing [that])
shivatamO - (Art) most prosperous, most ausupicious
rasah - Essence

which (as above[verse]) art Thou, the most ausupicious (prosperous) essence

tasya bhAjayatEha nah - तस्य॑ भाजयते॒ह नः॑ ।

tasya - who (there-of), which (there-of)
bhAjayatEha - cause one to partake, or assimilate, or enjoy,
nah - us

Who (as above[verse]) (is the sole inspiration, power) causes us to partake, assimilate

ushatIriva mAtarah - उ॒श॒तीरि॑व मा॒तरः॑ ।

ushatIriva - like a zealous
mAtarah - Mother

like a zealous mother (who feeds, takes care the babe)

tasmA aran gamAma vah - तस्मा॒ अरं॑ गमाम वः ।

tasmA - for that reason, therefore, hence
aram - serve, worship (with great fervor)
gamAma - come (to Thou), near (to thou), approach (to thou)
vah - That, Thou, (respectfully addressing [that])

Therefore (as above[verses]) (we) worship (serve) Thou (with great fervor and zeal) and approach (Thou)

yasyakShayAya jinvatha - यस्यक्षया॑य॒ जिन्व॑थ ।

yasya - endeavoured or to be killed
kShayAya - kShayA is that which decays
jinvatha - incite (that) help, impel

(Thou please be pleased and) impel (in us) that endeavour (to kill or destroy) that which causes decay.

ApO janayathA ca nah - आपो॑ ज॒नय॑था च नः ।

Apo - the Supreme God, in the form of water
janayathA - cause to be born, create, procure, beget
ca nah - (bless us as thus in) us

O' Water (the Supreme Truth, in the form of water), Who Art the cause for the birth (of akShayA - undecaying spirit) (bless us, as thus in) us.

Note: The usual translation offered in books is the blessings of conferring good spiritual children (and grand-children) and i have interpreted it as the birth of wisdom, birth of immortality!

O' Water (the Supreme Truth, who art in the form of water), (Thou verily) art the (cause for all) movements (in the) atmosphere (our intellect, mind) (please) grant us (bless us, grace us) vigor (strength, happy, food, vitality, life) O' Great one, (Thou) please be pleased with (our prayers!) (Thou art) the spiritual instructor, teacher, the spiritual eye, radiance, Thou verily art the most auspicious  (prosperous) essence and art the sole inspiration which (alone) causes us to partake, assimilate (the essence and) like a zealous mother (who feeds with her bosom, takes care of the babe!) Therefore (we) worship (serve) Thou (with great fervor and zeal and love) and (we) approach (Thou!) (Thou please be pleased and) impel (in us) that endeavour (to kill or destroy) that which causes decay. O' Water (the Supreme Truth, in the form of water), Who Art the cause for the birth (of akShayA - undecaying spirit) (bless us, as thus in) us.

पुनर्माजनम् - punarmArjanam

In the punarmArjanam, only the following two lines are additional, the rest are as given above.

द॒धि॒क्राव्ण्णो॑ अकार्षं जि॒ष्णोरश्व॑स्य वा॒जिनः॑ ।
सु॒र॒भि नो॒ मुखा॑कर॒त्प्रण॒ आयू ँ्॑ षि तारिषत् ॥

dadhikrAvNNO akarSham jiShNO rashvasya vAjinah .
surabhi nO mukhAkaratpraNa AyugumShitAriShat ..

dadhikrAvNNO - That which supports and is the substratum of everything (commonly it is understood as a deity who loves Cured, it could also mean that which is present in the curds as ghee, that essence tatva)
akarSham - I worship, meditate
jiShNO - (make) win
ashvasya - represents the Horse, (hayaghrIvA - viShNu avatAr, the horse represents knowledge)
vAjinah - swiftness and elegance (The process or technique of emulating That - [dadhikrAvNNO])
surabhi - (doing) Good
na - os (we)
mukhA - face (represents the 5 faces ie., the senses)
karat - make
praNa - life
AyuSh - duration of life
tAriShat - without any hindrance

May That Lord, who art the substratum and the sole supporter of everything, may that bring victory to us, who art the personification of knowledge, and who is very subtle and swift, we pray to Thou, may Thou please be pleased and make our senses do good, May our lives be without any hindrance.

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