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General Discussion / Re: Carnivore animal
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:33:39 PM »
Sri Hari,

I forgot to mention the thread I asked you to refer which may be of interest to you. Here it is:

General Discussion / Re: Carnivore animal
« on: October 30, 2012, 08:47:09 PM »
Sri Hari, it is the frog's dharma to eat other insects, but the same is not our dharma. its a tricky situation :) If you feel awful, the i feel, just heed to your heart.

I would let things be as they are, would give up the idea to pet any being. everybody deserves freedom as we do.

Please see this topic thread, it may be of interest to you, in line with your query!

:) Hope you find peace

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: October 30, 2012, 08:38:57 PM »
cguru, prabhu, my prostrations to you, i was walking pass this road, and could feel sense immense peace surging out from within, hence that has pulled me here to you, to this big banyan tree, i sit silently.

Dear Sir,

What you have said is true, but that is the mukti, there is no attainment of mukti, therefore, only through a quiet mind, can we be able to respond thoughtfully, which alone, truly expends our prArabdha karmA, which paves way for mukti, or thoughtless mind, all those descriptions of brahman! What matters for a mukta, if it is quiet mind or an unquiet mind? who has, and is oneself (gone) beyond mind! Therefore, in this context, a quiet mind is referred to (sAdhakA), that still and steady and composed and cool state of mind, that is able to exercise (yOgah) karmasukaushalam, (yoga is) skill in action, the right action, this is truly the God's will, such actions are truly the actions of God. And, it is only with a calm and composed and quiet mind can one truly bring out from the depths within oneself, true wisdom, one can tap or connect to this source only when one is able to respond and not react due to an agitated state of mind, that usually results in inviting newer karmAs.

Sri Ivac,

a stray thought passed my head, that suits this thread:

Quiet mind....  to respond and not react!

Just being made to play nAraDa i guess  :D


A devotee asked, “Can anyone get any benefit by repeating sacred syllables (mantras) picked up casually?” Sri Bhagavan replied, “No. He must be competent and initiated in such mantras.” To illustrate this he told the following story.

A KING VISITED his minister in his residence. There he was told that the minister was engaged in repetition of sacred syllables (japa). The king waited for him and, on meeting him, asked what the japa was. The minister said that it was the holiest of all, Gayatri. The king desired to be initiated by the minister but the minister confessed his inability to initiate him. Therefore the king learned it from someone else, and meeting the minister later he repeated the Gayatri and wanted to know if it was right. The minister said that the mantra was correct, but it was not proper for him to say it. When pressed for an explanation the minister called to a page close by and ordered him to take hold of the king. The order was not obeyed. The order was often repeated, and still not obeyed. The king flew into a rage and ordered the same man to hold the minister, and it was immediately done. The minister laughed and said that the incident was the explanation required by the king. “How?” asked the king. The minister replied, “The order was the same and the executor also, but the authority was different. When I ordered, the effect was nil whereas, when you ordered, there was immediate effect. Similarly with mantras.”


General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: October 29, 2012, 05:45:55 PM »
Sri Ravi,

Indeed gratitude to that Lord, that, through you, who are here, to be able to present these wonderful facts behind the picture, or where else could we get to know such wonderful details? It was truly exhilarating to all that transpired before being successfully able to take a picture of the Lord. Swami Vivekananda and other disciples seem so much like little children praying all their little pranks with their grandfather, spreads so much warmth in just reading the same. Swami Vivekananda reminds me of shAmA, from Shirdi Sai Sat Charitra, it was Shama, to whom all devotees came and addressed their wishes as only he could somehow get things done from Baba, Shama was very dear to Baba. When the devotees could not directly approach Baba or make him accede to somethings. Like How we approach Shiva through Nandi. what a joy, Thank you!

General Discussion / Re: Holy Feet
« on: October 29, 2012, 05:33:07 PM »
Subramanian Sri, Sri Jewel,

Sometimes we do not have anything to respond when we come across something that is so profound (the verses of manickavAcakar) and Sri Jewel, what beautiful pictures, I admire your selection of pictures in all your posts, your selections are always highly aesthetic in nature.

with prayers,

General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana -discussions
« on: October 29, 2012, 05:29:51 PM »
Sri Ravi, Subramanian Sir,

Yes,this is what Sri Ramakrishna says:
"Sometimes God becomes the magnet and the devotee the needle, and sometimes the
devotee becomes the magnet and God the needle. The devotee attracts God to him. God is
the Beloved of His devotee and is under his control

what a beautiful expression, only Sages can express from their direct jnyAna driShti

Thank you, my sister in law is my reference point for anything related to tamil. Thanks for your wishes, shall surely pass it on to her.

with prayers,

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: October 29, 2012, 05:25:26 PM »
Sri Silentgreen,

So nice to see you back :) Looking forward for a good satsang with you in your simple and insightful posts!

with prayers,

General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: October 29, 2012, 03:16:08 PM »
Thanks for such beautiful picture too, Sri Jewel! one of the most beautiful pictures of the Master. Thank you. This is special for me, because, I grasp more through picture than words. This picture conveys a lot!


“Only two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge:
those who are not encumbered at all with learning,
that is to say, whose minds are not over-crowded
with thoughts borrowed from others; and those who,
after studying all the scriptures and sciences,
have come to realise that they know nothing.”

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana
« on: October 29, 2012, 02:18:44 PM »
Sri Ravi, friends,

I got this written by my sister in law Sharada. My Thanks to her! :)

They demand great wages, forget all that you give,
When you have work pending, that is the day they choose to stay at home
Ask them - why did you not turn up yesterday?
And they say - 'the scorpion from inside the pot, bit me with its teeth hot'!
'My wife was possessed by an evil spirit at home'!!

'It was the twelfth day of my grandmother's passing'
They spout such unceasing lies and do something when they are asked to do something else
They collude with our own relatives, in stealth
Spread rumours about our home and family all thro' town
Propagate it very well even if sesame is in lack  (meaning that when there is any lack / problem in the house, they blow it out of proportion and broadcast it)

There are untold difficulties we face with servants, see my good men
But to do without them is impossible, life does not move
When I was caught in this difficult situation, and suffering
He came from nowhere; Said, 'I belong to the Idayar (cowherd) clan'
'I will herd the cows and their calves, will take care of the children'

I will sweep the house, light the lamps
Take all instructions and obey them to the letter, take care of the clothes
Will sing dainty ditties to the darling children,
Play games with them, and keep them from crying.
Through a forest path, or the fear of dacoits,

Whether it be day or night
I will not get worn out, with you
I shall be, I shall protect you from all difficulty.
There is no art that I am formally trained in, I am a forest dweller
(line left out .... line 25) ஆனபொழுதுங்கோலடி குத்துப்போர் மற்போ

'I know no treason'
So much he said of himself. 'Tell me your name', I said
'Nothing specific, but people in town called me Kannan' he said
A well built body, soulful eyes which reflected a good heart
Endearing, affectionate words - with these

Concluding that he was the right man, happily,
'You speak so much and so highly of yourself
What wages do you want?', I asked. 'Sir
There is no woman I have wedded, no children have I,
I am a lone man. Even if you cannot see me gray,

There is no counting my age. If you
Take me in, it is enough. The heart's
love is important to me, not monetary recompense', he said

An old mad coot from the times of yore,
Thinking thus, delightfully, from then I

Took him as my man. From that day on
With every passing day, Kannan's attachment
To us * increases ...It is impossible
To describe in mere words the benefits that we obtain from Kannan
Like the two eyelids protecting the eyes, my family

He thoughtfully protects. Without so much as a murmur
He sweeps the yards, cleans the house
Supervises the maids and keeps them in check
A teacher, foster mother, doctor to the children
He plays all roles, without anything missing

He keeps all things intact, buys milk and curds
He offers tender loving support to the womenfolk, like the very mother who begot them
A friend, a minister, an exemplary teacher
A cultured God, a humble servant
He came from somewhere, called himself as belonging to the 'Idai' caste

To attain him here, what penance did I do!
From the day Kannan set foot into my house
He took charge of our thought and pondering
Prosperity, wealth, well being and fame
Education, Intellect, Poetry, Sivayogam

Sivagnanam, which is the epitome of Absolute Clarity
And all that is good, grows manifold, see!
I have taken possession of Kannan, I have him, I have him
There are reasons why I possess him, you know!!

(* Us is used as the royal pronoun - it was usual for the royalty / wealthy / cultured people to refer to themselves in the plural and not singular)

Commentary -

Many are the relationships that devotees have had with God, but this poem is a beautiful example of one man's mad intoxicated love of the divine. What depth of love, what great feeling to even refer to God as his own servant! As is usual with most of Bharathiyar's poetry, this is a totally avant-garde depiction of his relationship with God. The bold, audacious and yet beautiful descriptions are signatures of this great Mahakavi.

But moving just beyond the surface, it is not about a servant-master relationship at all. It masks the concept of total and absolute surrender to the divine whom Bharathiyar epitomises here as Krishna. When the moment of absolute and total surrender happens, God becomes EVERYTHING in the life of the devotee. There is no detail too small for Him to attend to, no task too trivial or menial to do for His devotee. To one who has surrendered himself, body heart and soul, and let God into his life, every single thing is an act of God, His own leela. God nourishes and protects, saves and cures, oversees even mundane work and above all, teaches and loves tenderly like a mother. This is what Kannan does to the poet and his entire household.

The other interesting thing, is the repetition of the phrase 'idai' jathi. The word 'idayan', in addition to referring to a cowherd, also means,  quite literally, the one in the middle. Of the trinity, representing Creation, Preservation and Destruction, the Preserver, Vishnu or Krishna (referred to as Kannan here) is the idayan, or the one in the middle! To one harassed and fraught with worries of worldly existence, God appears, and identifies Himself as the middle-one or the Preserver, and grants Abhayam. This is what is poetically represented by Kannan saying that He has no name, but specifying again and again that he is an 'idayan', which is as explicit a promise of abhayam as can be given to any!

Towards the end of the poem, Bharathiyar mentions that among the things that have flourished in his house since the day Kannan stepped in, is poetry. This explains the importance of poetry in the kavi's life, how the lord has been his muse, and how he considers even his own poetry to be a gift of God. With just one wayward mention, the poet explicates so many personal things. Also, by using the phrases Shivayogam and Shivagnanam, as being granted by Kannan, Bharathiyar has very clearly driven home his faith in the non duality of Shiva and Vishnu.

What starts off as a humourous and light veined poem, on deeper reading, reveals itself to be a soul stirring song of Para Bhakthi. Such is the poetic genius and the depths of devotion of this great poet.

General topics / arghyA - Offering Water
« on: October 29, 2012, 10:41:01 AM »
अनादिकल्पविधृतमूलाज्ञानजलाञ्जलिम् ।
विसृजेदात्मलिङ्गस्य तदेवार्घ्यसमर्पणम् ॥१२॥

anAdikalpaviDhRutamUlAjnyAnajalAnnjalim .
visRujEdAtmalingasya tadEvArghyasamarpaNam ..12..

anAdi - beginningless,
kalpa - measure of time (in aeons),

samvRudDha - grown, accumulated,
mUlAnjnyAna - the original nescience,
jalAnjalim - waters offered by folded hands to the deity;
Atmalingasya - for the Supreme Self,
visRujet - to be offered, Casting off, to be given up, release, discard
tadEva - that indeed,
arghya-samarpaNam - (is worth to be) offered to (the Supreme truth, Self)

The beginning-less original nescience accumulated over the timeless (countless aeons of years, births - metaphorically referred to as water) is (truly) what has to be given up, with folded hands to/before that Supreme Spirit; is alone indeed, the (essence of) offering to the Supreme Truth, that is.

(nirguNa mAnasa pUjA, Adi shankarA)

4 durgA sUktam

विश्वा॑णि नो दु॒गहा॑ जातवेदः॒ सिन्धुं॒ न ना॒वा दुरि॒ताति॑पर्षि ।
अग्ने॑ अत्रि॒वन्मन॑सा गृणा॒नो॑॑ऽस्माकं॑ बोध्यवि॒ता त॒नूना॑॑म् ॥४॥

vishvAni nO durgahA jAtavedah sindhun na nAvA duritAtiparShi .
agnE atrivanmanasA gRuNAnOasmAkam boDhyavitA tanUnAm ..4..

O' jAtavEdas (that which gave birth to vEdAs), Thou art the destroyer of difficulties (durgahA) who (only) art capable of taking (us) across by a boat beyond all evil sins. O' Fire (Effulgence of wisdom, tapas, pure mind), please protect us as desired by atri aatri's law-book) constantly (repeatedly meditating within)

O' jAtavEdas (that which gave birth to vEdAs), Thou art the destroyer of all difficulties and annihilator all all sins, please be pleased and take us across by the boat (of Thy grace!) O' Fire (Effulgence of wisdom, tapas, pure mind) please protect us as willed by Sage Atri (has described in his [law] books, ie., to be able to follow/live the ways prescribed by the Sage) and (help us, bless us) to (be able to) constantly (repeatedly) meditate within Thy (commandment!)

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / tapas
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:39:01 AM »

"If one watches whence this notion I springs, the mind is absorbed into that. That is tapas."

When a mantrA is repeated, if attention is directed to the source whence the mantrA sound is produced, the mind is absorbed in that. That is tapas.

(bhagavan to gaNapati muni)

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