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General Discussion / Re: Glimpses from Complete works of Swami Vivekananda
« on: February 09, 2016, 07:36:52 PM »
I know what God is ? I cannot speak Him to you. I know not what God is ? how can I speak Him to you? But seest thou not, my brother, that thou art He, thou art; He? Why go seeking God here and there? Seek not, and that is God. Be your own Self.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 09, 2016, 08:04:55 AM »
Stray thoughts...

"Investigating where from the 'I' emerges is like investigating
where from the child of a barren woman has emerged."


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 07, 2016, 02:21:44 PM »
Stray thoughts...

Inorder to abide as Self, abidance has to cease.
Where abidance ceases, abidance shines!

The need to abide has to end to result in
the end of the abider for the real abidance!

So long there is still a need for abidance,
so long you will continue to remain!
Only where this need for abidance ceases,
only there you cease and abidance results!

Abidance is Self, Self is abidance.
There is no self to abide, But only the very Self!

As Bhagawan said, to abide as Self is to be the Self.
We can't 'be' the Self as we are the Self!

So long there is Self to abide, you are apart from it,
Where the self to abide is no longer apart from you,
only there you truly abide!

The subtle essence gets lost in words, so we ought to
look beyond words to discover and know the truth.


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 07, 2016, 10:48:30 AM »
Stray thoughts...

'I' exists just as:

As a ring in gold
As a mirage in desert
As a wave in sea
As time in clock
As forms in mind
As colour in sky
As meanings in words
As sorrow & happiness in peace
As sound in silence
As you in Him
As ignorance in knowledge
As knowledge in that
As that in That


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 07, 2016, 10:06:43 AM »
Stray thoughts...

As a human being, one may live as much or slighltly more than a hundred years, but wonder of wonders, in ones mind, one lives countless numbers of years and experience  innumerable births and deaths!

In one minute of a general space and time, one can experience thousands of minutes of experiences!


Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Stories
« on: February 07, 2016, 05:53:35 AM »
It  is  said  in  one  of  the  Hindu  scriptures  that  Sri Rama  Chandra,  the  greatest  hero  of  the  world,  or  at least  of  India,  when  he  went  to  search  out  Truth,  to discover  or  regain  Truth,  all  nature  offered  him  her services.  It  is  said  that  monkeys  formed  his  army, and  squirrels  helped  him  building  a  bridge  over  the gulf.  It  is  said  that  even  geese  came  up  on  his  side  to assist  him  in  overcoming  his  foes.  It  is  said  that  the stones  offered him  their  services.  The  stones  forgot their  nature;  the  stones,  when  thrown  into  water, instead  of  sinking,  said,  "We  shall  float  in  order  that the  cause  of  Truth  be  advanced."  It  is  said  that  air, the  atmosphere,  was  on  his  side,  fire  helped  him, winds  and  storms  were  on  his  side.  There  is  a  saying in  the  English  language  that  the  wind  and  wave  are always for the brave.

All  Nature  stands  up  on  your  side  when  you  persist, when  you  overcome  the  primitive  seeming difficulties.  If  you  overcome  the  struggles  or temptations  in  the  beginning,  the  whole  of  Nature must  serve  you.  Persist  in  standing  by  the  Truth,  and you  will  find  that  you  live  in  no  ordinary  world.  The world  will  be  a  world  of  miracles  for  you.  You  will be  the  master  of  the  Universe,  the  husband  of  the whole world, if you persist by the Truth. MORAL: The  whole  Nature  is  bound  to  co-operate with and  serve one  -who stands by Truth.

Swami Rama Tirtha

General Discussion / Re: Glimpses from Complete works of Swami Vivekananda
« on: February 07, 2016, 05:35:56 AM »

As we cannot know except through effects that we have eyes, so we cannot see the Self except by Its effects. It cannot be brought down to the low plane of sense-perception. It is the condition of everything in the universe, though Itself unconditioned. When we know that we are the Self, then we are free. The Self can never change. It cannot be acted on by a cause, because It is Itself the cause. It is self-caused. If we can find in ourself something that is not acted on by any cause, then we have known the Self.

Freedom is inseparably connected with immortality. To be free one must be above the laws of nature. Law exists so long as we are ignorant. When knowledge comes, then we find that law nothing but freedom in ourselves. The will can never be free, because it is the slave of cause and effect. But the "I" behind the will is free; and this is the Self. "I am free" ? that is the basis on which to build and live. And freedom means immortality.

~ Swami Vivekananda

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: February 07, 2016, 05:35:03 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi, thanks for the information of the background information. It is indeed very inspiring to think about the austire days of Baranagore muttand how Swami Vivekananda in divine inspiration went around India and world. He was truly a karaka purusha. Our modern Adi Shankara. This Arati song has always captivated me each time i listen to it.

This is what Swami had to say of their days at Baranagore math:

"We underwent a lot of religious practice at the Baranagar Math. We used to get up at 3:00 am and become absorbed in japa and meditation. What a strong spirit of detachment we had in those days! We had no thought even as to whether the world existed or not."

I always enjoy being at Mylapore math whenever i am there. The place radiates with peace.


General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:55:09 PM »
This is the enthralling Aratrika hymn composed by Swami Vivekananda to Sri Ramakrishna, usually sung during the evening prayer, arati.

This is truly mesmerising and soaked with love for the Guru.

खण्डन भव बन्धन जग वन्दन वन्दि तोमाय।
निरञ्जन नर-रूप-धर निर्गुण गुणमय॥
मोचन अघदूषण जगभूषण चिद्घनकाय।
ज्ञानाञ्जन-विमल-नयन वीक्षणे मोह जाय॥
भास्वर भाव-सागर चिर-उन्मद प्रेम-पाथार।
भक्तार्जन-युगल चरण तारण-भव-पार॥
जृम्भित-युग-ईश्वर जगदीश्वर योगसहाय।
निरोधन समाहितमन निरखि तव कृपाय॥
भञ्जन-दुःखगञ्जन करुणाघन कर्म-कठोर।
प्राणार्पण जगत-तारण कृन्तन-कलिडोर॥
वञ्चन-कामकाञ्चन अतिनिन्दित-इन्द्रियराग।
त्यागीश्वर हे नरवर देहपदे अनुराग॥
निर्भय गतसंशय दृढ़निश्चय-मानसवान।
निष्कारण-भकत-शरण त्यजि जाति-कुल-मान॥
सम्पद तव श्रीपद भव-गोष्पद-वारि यथाय।
प्रेमार्पण समदरशन जगजन-दुःख जाय॥
नमो नमो प्रभु वाक्य-मनातीत मनोवचनैकाधार।
ज्योतिर ज्योति उजल-हृदिकन्दर तुमि तमो-भञ्जन हार॥
धे धे धे लङ्ग रङ्ग भङ्ग बाजे अङ्ग सङ्ग मृदङ्ग
गाहिछे छन्द भकतवृन्द आरति तोमार॥
जय जय आरति तोमार हर हर आरति तोमार
शिव शिव आरति तोमार॥
खण्डन भव बन्धन जग वन्दन वन्दि तोमाय॥
जय श्रीगुरुमहाराज्जि कि जय॥

Poetic translation by Swami Prabhavananda and
Christopher Isherwood

Breaker of this world?s chain,
We adore Thee, whom all men love.
Spotless, taking man?s form, O Purifier,
Thou art above the gunas three,
Knowledge divine, not flesh;
Thou whom the cosmos wears,
A diamond at its heart.
Let us look deep in Thine eyes;
They are bright with the wisdom of God,
That can wake us from Maya?s spell.
Let us hold fast to Thy feet,
Treading the waves of the world to safety.
Oh, drunk with love, God-drunken Lover,
In Thee all paths of all yogas meet.
Lord of the worlds, Thou art ours,
Who wert born a child of our time;
Easy of access to us.
O Merciful, if we take any hold
Upon God in our prayer,
It is by Thy grace alone,
Since all Thine austerities
Were practiced for our sake.
How great was Thy sacrifice,
Freely choosing Thy birth,
In this prison, our Iron Age,
To unchain us and set us free.
Perfect, whom lust could not taint,
Nor passion nor gold draw near,
O Master of all who renounce,
Fill our hearts full of love for Thee.
Thou hast finished with fear and with doubt,
Standing firm in the vision of God;
Refuge to all who have cast
Fame, fortune, and friends away.
Without question Thou shelterest us,
And the world?s great sea in its wrath
Seems shrunk to the puddle
That fills the hoofprint in the clay.
Speech cannot hold Thee, nor mind,
Yet without Thee we think not nor speak.
Love, who art partial to none,
We are equal before Thy sight.
Taker-away of our pain,
We salute Thee, though we are blind.
Come to the heart?s black cave, and illumine,
Thou light of the light.

General Discussion / Re: Wise Quotes
« on: February 06, 2016, 12:02:22 PM »
"be humble you could be wrong."

~ Unknown

General Discussion / Re: Wise Quotes
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:39:40 PM »
 "It is not truth that makes man great;
but man that makes truth great."

~ Confucius

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:38:54 PM »
"It is not truth that makes man great;
but man that makes truth great."

~ Confucius

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Stories
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:32:14 AM »
Once a disciple saw at a distance of about a hundred feet a young couple under a tree. Probably, they were on their honeymoon trip just after the marriage and they were lost in their own world. The Guru asked the disciple,

'What do you feel on seeing them.'

It was a very unexpected situation for the disciple and he blurted out,

'Guru, I feel disgusted!'

'Can you not see a spiritual symbolism in that scene?'

'Can you not see Radha and Krishna in them? Do they not symbolise Prakriti and Purusha?'

The disciple could just bend his head in silence with a heart of understanding.

Then the Guru said to the disciple: "the ultimate goal of spiritual path is to experience God in every being and every atom of the universe. That is what is meant by "sarvam Khalu Idam Brahma", "Vasudevah Sarvamidam", "Vishwam Vishnu Swaroopam".

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:03:09 PM »
Vidura had put several questions to Maitreya, but even by the time he received answers for a few of them he developed unswerving and one-pointed devotion to the Lord. Having thus achieved the end of all human endeavours, he was not interested any more in answers to his other questions.

~ (Sage Suta about Vidura, Srimad Bhagawatam)

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:01:37 PM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

Wonderful to know about Sri Dhruvan and his memories with Bhagawan as a young child. Just cant believe that 66 years have passed since Bhagawan left his form, it feels as though he is still around and will ever be.

Was nice to see Hanuman enjoying in Asramam.  :-) and his little leela!


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