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General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 08:59:44 PM »
Stray thoughts...

None should have an ill luck of wasting an entire life time in quest for truth!


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 08:52:13 PM »
Stray thoughts...

Two illustrous children of mind - ignorance and knowledge claim you as their father and you are not married at all!


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 08:22:48 PM »
Stray thoughts...

You can only renounce that which is truly not yours &
You can never renounce that which is truly yours!


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 08:17:01 PM »
Stray thoughts...

Only when the mind is renounced, does everything gets renounced and only then the beatitude of that which is - the Self can shine forth! And, how does one renounce the mind? By disregarding its contents, mind gets renounced.

In other words, *never mind the mind* !
* Bhagawan


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 09:50:30 AM »
Truth is your Birth-Right.
Assert it and be master of universe.
Truth is "Tat-Tvam-Asi" - "That Thou Art"

 ~ Rama

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 09:46:28 AM »
An inspiring talk by Swami Rama Tirtha.

At  one  time  God  had  a  rival  Satan,  and  God  had some  angels  and  servants  to  limit  His  being.  He created  the  world  in  seven  days.  When  was  it?  It was  when  Moses  wrote  his  Books.  You  know several  thousand  years  have  passed  since  the  days of  Moses.  The  world  has  undergone  a  revolution. What  kind  of  God  is  He  Who  does  not  grow? Everything  must  grow  and  evolve.  By  this  time your  God  should  have  no  rival  like  Satan  beside Him.  There  should  be  nothing  else  to  limit  His being.  He  should  be  above  the  profession  of  an architect,  world-builder  or  maker.  It  is  high  time for  the  whole  world  to  take  up  Vedanta.  It  is  high time  for  the  whole  world  to  dare  to  take  up  and grasp  this  hissing  serpent  of  Truth.  Absolute  Truth comes  to  you  and  tells  you  that  you  are  God;  that God  is  not  separate  from  you;  that  God  is  not  in this  heaven  or  that  hell,  but  in  your  own  Self.  Here in  the  realization  of  this  idea  you  have  absolute freedom.

Why  depress  your  brains  through  fears  and  why raise  up  your  energies  in  supplications?  Represent your  inner  nature;  crush  not  the  truth,  come  out boldly;  cry  fearlessly  at  the  top  of  your  voice  ―I  am God, I am God. That is your birthright.

Ordinary  people  are  in  the  same  state  of  mind  in which  Moses  was  when  he  heard  the  voice.  Moses was  in  a  state  of  slavery,  and  when  he  saw  the serpent  he  trembled.  So  it  is  with  the  people  when they  hear  this  sound  ―I  am,  this  pure  knowledge, the  pure  truth  OM.  When  they  hear  this,  they tremble  and  hesitate,  they  dare  not  catch  hold  of  it. Words  like  the  following  sound  like  a  hissing serpent  to  the  people:  Ye  are  Divinity  Itself,  the Holy  of  holies;  the  World  is  No  World;  You  are  the All  in  All,  the  Supreme  Power,  the  Power  which  no words  can  describe,  no  body  or  mind,  ye  are  the pure ―I am that you are.

Throw  aside  this  little  yellow,  red,  or  black  piece  of paper  from  beside  the  crystal,  wake  up  in  your reality  and  realize  ―I  am  He, ―I  am  the  All  in All. People  want  to  shun  it.  The fear  the  serpent. O!  do  catch  hold  of  the  snake,  and  then,  O  wonder of  wonders,  this  snake  will  become  the  staff  of royalty  in  your  hands.  The  hissing  serpent  will feed  you  when  you  are  hungry,  will  quench  your thirst  when  you  are  thirsty,  will  sweep  off  all difficulties and sorrows from your way.

When  in  the  woods,  Moses  touched  a  rock  with this  staff,  and  bubbling,  sparkling  water  came  out from  the  rock.  When  the  Israelites  were  fleeing  for safety,  they  had  to  cross  the  lied  Sea.  There  this terrible  sea  stood  before  them  as  a  gaping  grave  to devour  them.  Moses  touched  the  lied  Sea  with  this staff  and  the  waters  spilt  in  twain,  dry  land appeared and the Israelites passed over it.

This  apparent  hissing  snake,  this  Truth,  appears  to be  awful,  but  you  hire  only  to  dare  to  pick  it  up and  hold  it  fast.  To  your  wonder  you  will  find yourself  the  Monarch  of  the  Universe,  the  Master of  the  elements,  the Ruler  of  the  stars,  the  Governor of  skies,  you  will  find  yourself  to  be  the  all.  People have  a  shyness  in  applying  this  truth  and embracing  thai  divine  principle.  Come  up,  hesitate not.  Take  hold  of  this  truth  fearlessly.  Make  bold  to hug  it  to  your  bosom  and  make  it  yourself.  Realize the Truth and the Truth will make you free.

It  is  a  sin  not  to  say  ―I  am  God. It  is  the  worst  theft to steal  the  Atma.  It  is  falsehood  and  atheism  to say ―I  am  a  man  or  woman or  to  call  yourself  a  poor crawling  creature.  Do  not  play  the  miser's  part.  The miser  has  all  the  treasures  in  his  house,  but  does not  want  to  part  with  a  single  cent.  You  have  the whole  world  within  you,  the  whole  universe  is your  own.  Why  hide  it?  Why  not  bring  it  into  use? Put  it  into  practice;  drink  deep  of  the  nectar  of  your own  Self!  Why  not  gain  your  own  natural  intrinsic kingship?

The  people  in  India  call  this  Realization  of  the Absolute  Truth,  regaining  of  the  forgotten necklace.  There  was  a  man  who  wore  around  his neck  a  most  precious  and  long  necklace  or  garland. It  slipped  down  the  back  of  his  body  by  some means,  and  he  forgot  it.  Not  finding  it  dangling there  on  his  breast,  he  began  to  search  for  it.  The search  was  all  in  vain.  He  shed  tears  and  bewailed the  loss  of  his  priceless  necklace.  He  asked someone  to  find  it  for  him,  if  possible.  ―Well,  said someone  to  him,  ―if  I  find  the  necklace  for  you, what  will  you  give  me?  ―The  man  answered,  ―I will  give  you  anything  you  ask. The  man  reaching his  hand  to  the  neck  of  his  friend,  and  touching  the necklace  said,  ―Here  is  the  necklace.  It  was  not  lost, it  was  still  around  your  neck  but  you  had  forgotten it.‖What  a  pleasant  surprise!  Similarly,  your Godhead  is  not  outside  yourself,  you  are  already God,  you  are  the  same.  It  is  strange  oblivion  that makes  you  forgetful  of  your  real  Self,  your  real God-head.  Remove  this  ignorance,  dispel  this darkness,  away  with  it,  and  von  are  God  already.

By  your  nature  you  are  free;  you  have  forgotten yourself in your state of slavery.

A  king  may  fall  asleep  and  find  himself  a  beggar; he  may  dream  that  he  is  a  beggar,  but  that  can  in no way interfere with his real sovereignty.

O  King  of  kings,  my  dear  Self  in  all  these  bodies, absolute  monarch,  quintessence  of  blessing,  O  dear one,  make  not  a  slave  of  yourself  in  the  dream  of ignorance.  Arise  and  rule  in  your  supreme  majesty, ye  are  God,  ye  could  be  nothing  else.  With  full force  from  within,  casting  away  all  hesitation, feebleness  and  weakness,  jump  right  into  the  pure ―I  am,  or  Self.  You  are  God;  He  and  I  are  one. What  a  balmy  thought,  what  a  blessed  idea.  It takes  away  all  misery  and  unloads  all  our  burdens. Wander  not  outside  yourself.  Keep  your  own centre.  Archimedes  said,  ―If  I  can  find  a  fixed fulcrum,  a  standpoint,  I  can  more  the  world, but he  could  not  find  the  fixed  point,  poor  fellow.  The fixed point  is  within  you. It  is  your  Self.  Get  hold of it and the whole universe is moved by you.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2016, 09:26:47 AM »
A  cultured  lady,  daughter  of  a  well-known  solicitor  of  Madras  asked:

What  should  one  do  in  order  to  remain  free  from  thoughts  as  advised by you? Is it only the enquiry ?Who am I??

M.:  Only to remain still. Do it and see.

D.:  It is impossible.

M.:  Exactly.  For  the  same  reason  the  enquiry  ?Who  am  I??  is  advised.

D.:  Raising the question, no response comes from within.

M.:  What kind of response do you expect? Are you not there? What more?

D.:  Thoughts rise up more and more.

M.:  Then and there raise the same question, ?Who am I??

~ Talks

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Stories
« on: February 14, 2016, 04:47:53 AM »
A PURANIC STORY of Sage Ribhu and his disciple Nidagha, is particularly instructive.

Although Ribhu taught his disciple the Supreme Truth of the One Brahman without a second, Nidagha, in spite of his erudition and understanding, did not get sufficient conviction to adopt and follow the path ofjnana, but settled down in his native town to lead a life devoted to the observance of ceremonial religion.

But the sage loved his disciple as deeply as the latter venerated his Master. In spite of his age, Ribhu would himself go to his disciple in the town, just to see how far the latter had outgrown his ritualism. At times the sage went in disguise, so that he might observe how Nidagha would act when he did not know that he was being observed by his master.

On one such occasion Ribhu, who had put on the disguise of a rustic, found Nidagha intently watching a royal procession.

Unrecognised by the town-dweller Nidagha, the village rustic enquired what the bustle was all about, and was told that the king was going in procession.

?Oh! It is the king. He goes in procession! But where is he?? asked the rustic.

?There, on the elephant,? said Nidagha.

?You say the king is on the elephant. Yes, I see the two,? said the rustic, ?But which is the king and which is the elephant?? ?What!? exclaimed Nidagha. ?You see the two, but do not know that the man above is the king and the animal below is the elephant? What is the use of talking to a man like you?? ?Pray, be not impatient with an ignorant man like me,? begged the rustic. ?But you said ?above? and ?below? - what do they mean??

Nidagha could stand it no more. ?You see the king and the elephant, the one a^bove and the other below. Yet you want to know what is meant by ?above? and ?below??? burst out Nidagha. ?Ifthings seen and words spoken can convey so little to you, action alone can teach you. Bend forward, and you will know it all too well?.

The rustic did as he was told. Nidagha got on his shoulders and said, ?Know it now. I amabove as the king, you are below as the elephant. Is that clear enough??

?No, not yet,? was the rustic?s quiet reply. ?You say you are above like the king, and I am below like the elephant. The ?king?, the ?elephant?, ?above? and ?below? - so far it is clear. But pray, tell me what you mean by ?I?and 'you?'?

When Nidagha was thus confronted all of a sudden with the mighty problem of defining the ?you? apart from the ?I?, light dawned on his mind. At once he jumped down and fell at his Master?s feet saying, ?Who else but my venerable Master, Ribhu, could have thus drawn my mind from the superficialities of physical existence to the true Being of the Self? Oh! Benign Master, I crave thy blessings.?

~ Ribhu Gita, as told by Bhagawan

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 13, 2016, 05:05:59 AM »
The  Law  is  that - a  man  should  be  at  rest,  at  peace, undisturbed,  and  the  body  should  always  be  in motion;  the  mind  to  be  subjected  to  the  Laws  of Statics  and  the  body  subjected  to  the  Laws  of Dynamics;  the  body  at  work  and  the  internal  self always  at  rest.  That  is  the  law.  Be  free.  Let  things  lie as truly  but  as  softly  as  the  landscape  lies  on  the  eyes.  The landscape  lies  on  the  eyes  truly,  fully,  wholly,  but  how softly.  It  does  not  burden  the  eyes.  All  the  landscape lies on  the  eyes,  but  the  eyes  are  free,  not burdened. Just  so  let  your  position  be  in  your  household matters,  in  your  family  or  worldly  life.  You  may  see all  these  phenomena  and  be  unentangled,  free;  and this  freedom  may  be  attained  only  through knowledge  of  the  true  Self,  through  realization  of the  perfect  Truth,  called  the  Vedanta.  Realize  the true  Divinity,  and  all  the  stars  and  planets  will  do your bidding.

~ Swami Rama Tirtha

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 12, 2016, 04:59:07 PM »
Today is Vasant Panchami, is also the Aradhana day of Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha Swamiji, who has visited Bhagawan, the details are available in Letters.

During his last days he was admitted to hospital in Bombay and he was himself an Ayurvedic expert and he diagnosed himself even before the doctor could check and provide details. One of his disciple, admired, adored him so much and that he asked him if there was anything that Swamiji did not know! Swamiji asked him what was Goddess Saraswati holding in her hands, the disciple replied she holds some palm leaves! What do they mean, asked Swamiji! It represents the Vedas or knowledge. Is that all? Asked Swamiji. The disciple was unable to ponder further and requested Swamiji to enlighten. Swamiji said The palm leaves in Her hands not only represents knowledge but it means the Goddess of knowledge is still learning!

Swamiji was great soul, humble to the core, very learned, he considered Bhagawan also as his Guru.

Swamiji was also present on the day Sri Chakra puja was first performed and guided the performance in accordance with the Shastras.

Humble pranams to the great Soul.


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 12, 2016, 03:45:24 PM »
Realize the Truth, feel that, live that, and when you feel it in its full intensity, nothing, nothing will move you. Let millions of suns be hurled into annihilation, let an infinite number of moons be melted into nothingness, a man of realization, a man of light stands immovable like a rock. What harm can come to him? What is there that can bring suffering to him?

~ Swami Rama Tirtha

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 10, 2016, 10:22:31 PM »
Stray thoughts...

You can pound the wheat only till it gets finely powdered. If we continue to pound, still further, the wheat continues to remains the same, it cannot become more finer, than what is.


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:49:46 PM »
Devotee: ?If it is said that Ananda is the Self itself, then who is it that experiences it??

Bhagavan: ?That is the point. So long as there is one who experiences, it shall have to be stated that Ananda is the Self itself. When there is no one to experience, where is the question of a form for Ananda? It is only that which ?IS? remains. That IS is ?Ananda? That is the Self. So long as the feeling that the Self is different from oneself there will be one who enquires and experiences, but when one realises the Self there will be no one to experience. Who is there to ask? What is there to say? In common parlance, however, we shall have to say that Bliss is the Self or is our Real Nature (Swarupa)?.

Devotee: ?That is all right, Swami. But, however much we try, this mind does not get under control and envelopes the Swarupa so that it is not perceptible to us. What is to be done??

Bhagavan with a smile placed his little finger over his eye and said, ?Look. This little finger covers the eye and prevents the whole world from being seen. In the same way this small mind covers the whole universe and prevents the Brahman from being seen. See how powerful it is!?

~ Letters

General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:40:24 PM »
Go beyond knowledge and ignorance

"Lakshmana said, 'O Rāma, even a sage like Vasishthadeva was overcome with grief on account of the death of his sons!' 'Brother,' replied Rāma, 'whoever has knowledge has ignorance also. Whoever is conscious of light is also conscious of darkness. Therefore go beyond knowledge and ignorance.' One attains that state through an intimate knowledge of God. This knowledge is called vijnāna .

"When a thorn enters the sole of your foot you have to get another thorn. You then remove the first thorn with the help of the second Afterwards you throwaway both. Likewise, after removing the thorn of ignorance with the help of the thorn of knowledge, you should throwaway the thorns of both knowledge and ignorance.

"There are signs of Perfect Knowledge. One is that reasoning comes to an end. As I have just said, the butter sizzles and crackles as long as it is not thoroughly boiled."

Doctor: "But can one retain Perfect Knowledge permanently? You say that all is God. Then why have you taken up this profession of a paramahamsa? And why do these people attend on you? Why don't you keep silent?"

MASTER (smiling): "Water is water whether it is still or moves or breaks into waves.


General Discussion / Re: Glimpses from Complete works of Swami Vivekananda
« on: February 09, 2016, 09:40:11 PM »
What a great expression is this!! One needs to look deeply, it is not just another Tat Tvam Asi expression!!

Swami says:

" But seest thou not, my brother, that thou art He, thou art; He? "

He says Do not even see that Thou art He!

Thou Art! Thou Art by your own glory!! Why lessen yourself by saying thou arrt HE? why you should be He?

You Are!!! Why He? Be as you are!!

What a splendid expression! This line is verily a sutra, if we may take a liberty to do so!!

"Why go seeking God here and there? Seek not, and that is God. Be your own Self."


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