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Humour / Re: Today's Date is Unqiue : 20-12-2012
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:02:51 PM »
nice :D

what fun date it is today.

See to whom and what Bhagavan is saying. He is telling a devotee and not to a realized person.

He is neither telling it to the devotee in the book or the case or to a realized personl, he is telling it to you - who ever is reading it at that moment. This must be clear.

It is important to note the view of the devotee in the question -

Devotee: Is solitude helpful for practice?
Maharshi: What do you mean by solitude?
Devotee: To keep away from others.

The whole point is to bring to light the flaw of generalizing the wisdom. Each person is different, with different background, what holds true for one need not be true for the others.

Let me bring into light Talks 107, Swami Paramahamsa Yogananda:

Later the Yogi asked: How is the spiritual uplift of the people to be
effected? What are the instructions to be given them?

M.: They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and
according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds. There cannot be
any instruction

Solitude, if it comes, it comes.
If there is no solitude its fine too.
A person who tries to change the circumstances is not meditating.
A meditating person is he who sees HimSelf in all circumstances.
When i try to change the "External", its not meditation.
Because Circumstances get so popped up that the circumstances will go againt the person!
Here , Now... Be.
Thats all one can do.

In your above thoughts, you are talking about yourself, that is how it is to you. To take that it is the same for others too, so to tell repeatedly to do the same as you, is the mistake in your approach here.

For you, it may be so that Here Now, you Be, thats all you see, you can possibly do. Similarly, when you say -

A person who tries to change the circumstances is not meditating.
A meditating person is he who sees HimSelf in all circumstances.
When i try to change the "External", its not meditation.
Because Circumstances get so popped up that the circumstances will go againt the person!

That other person, you are referring to in your reflection is verily yourself. This ought to be realised. When this is discerned, you wouldn't strive so much to put across your view with rather a push. You let things be, and allow the nature to takes its course in everybody.

The above observations are your own self, who has seen it. Where from is this push your own reflection on others has arisen?

Here , Now... Be.
Thats all one can do.

When that is all it is one can do, does it not strike to you, each time, when you come about and push your discernment on others, you are ceasing from Being, and pouring water in sky? to fall back on yourself? aren't you doing it on avidya?

why can't you just be with your reflection? This ought to be reflected and contemplated upon, that has to be sought.

One who is in such a solitude beyond place and time, will have no reason to come up to say, that physical solitude is not mandatory. What is non - solitude for him? Therefore it is meaningless to say, physical solitude is not necessary, for what is necessary or non necessary for such a one? To say so, is simply a pleasure of expression, that is all!

For one who is unable to get solitude, it is said so to encourage him that physical solitude is not a hurdle to yoga, at the same, for one who is able to get soitude, it is makes no sense to say to him that physical solitude is not mandatory.

The issue is neither with the two persons mentioned in the above cases, but the onlooker who interprets if it is necessary or not necessary, He has to be sought. He is the bottom-line. He has broken from tapas, as that is nan udiyaadulla nilai, naam aduvai ulla nilai, any interpretation occurs only when there is the emergence of the 'I'.

General Discussion / Re: jIva samAdhi
« on: December 20, 2012, 11:32:39 AM »

But at the same time,  my mind will sometimes get upset because he did not have high opinion on Shiva.

Ramanujar saw every Gods in Vishnu itself, look at the brief essence of the word Vishnu -

Vishnuh -The term Vishnu is dissolved as Veveshti Vyaapnoti iti Vishnuh - That which pervades everywhere is Vishnu. That which has the nature of pervasiveness is Vishnu. He is the one who pervades all and nothing ever pervades Him.

‘Eesaavaasyam Idam Sarvam’ - All this is indwelt, pervaded by the Lord.

Vishnu Purana (3-1) says: The root Vis means ‘to enter’. The entire world of things and beings is pervaded by Him and the Upanishad emphatically insists in its mantra ‘whatever that is there is the world of change’. Hence it means that He is not limited by space (Desa), time (Kaala) or substance (Vastu).

In the Narayanopanishat, you will find Shivashca Narayanah, meaning, Shiva is also Narayana.

At the same, if you look deeply in to the tatva of Shiva, you will find the same essence.

There are so many hidden tatva rasas in every name of God. they say Lotus eyed Lord, one aspect of it describes the beauty but the other aspect denotes the nature of Lotus that does not get wet being in water, such is the Lord, whose is untouched, who is the eternal seer like the lotus.

By churning the chitta within, we can derive the rasa as He reveals Himself.

in Lalita Sahasranaama, it is चिदग्नि कुन्ड संभूता chidangnikundasambhUtA (split as Chit Agni Kunda sambUtA - "That" (Tatva rasa, clarity, Thelivu) coming out of the Homa Kunda of the burning of Chit of Mind) - "Who came out of the fire [churning of chit - intellect] of Pure Consciousness"

No Bheda Bhavam (differences) at all, Cow colours are different all over but the colour of milk is white everywhere.

One of the name in Shivastottaram is Vishnu Vallabhaaya namaha - He who is the darling/favourite of Lord Vishnu. The 600th name in Vishnu sahasranaama is Sivah - Lord Narayana is adored here as Sivah and, at the same time, all Vaishnavites repeat Vishnu- sahasranaama. Human prejudices have no logic or reason. Sri Narayana is Siva (auspiciousness) and there is no difference between the two. “I am the dweller of Vaikuntha, Vishnu. Between us there is no difference,” so says Lord Siva Himself. Vishnu is the “Purifier” (Siva), as His names, when chanted, and His form-divine, when meditated upon, become a means of quietening the mind and sharpening our perceptions of the subtler and the transcendental.

General Discussion / Re: sandhyA vandanam - Discussion
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:53:58 AM »
Sri Sanjay,

I will be fine tuning and updating past posts as well, it requires a lot of work :) some posts are still to be fine tuned. so keep tuned.

General Discussion / Re: sandhyA vandanam - Discussion
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:31:03 AM »
This is Yajur veda sandhya vandhana vidhi OR rig veda vidhi? Just wanted to know.

Sri Sanjay,

I am presenting Yajur Veda vidhi, if required, Rig variations can be provided.

General Discussion / Sandhyaa upasthaanam - Procedure
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:17:31 AM »
praatah sandhyaa upasthaanam (Morning)

Chant the below mantra facing East in the morning, with folded hands, namaste mudra.

मि॒त्रस्य॑ चर्षणी॒धृतः॒ श्रवो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ सान॒सिम् । स॒त्यं चि॒त्रश्र॑वस्तमम् ।।
मि॒त्रो जना॑न्यातयति प्रजा॒नन्मि॒त्रो दा॑धार पृथि॒वीमु॒त द्याम् । मि॒त्रः कृ॒ष्टीरनि॑मिषा॒भि च॑ष्टे स॒त्याय॑ ह॒व्यं घृ॒तव॑द्विधेम ।।
प्र स मि॑त्र॒ मर्तो॑ अस्तु॒ प्रय॑स्वा॒न्यस्त॑ आदित्य॒ शिक्ष॑ति व्र॒तेन॑ । न ह॑न्यते॒ न जी॑यते॒ त्वोतो नैन॒मंहो॑ अश्नो॒त्यन्ति॑तो॒ न दू॒रात् ।।
यत् ।।

oṃ mitrasya’ carṣaṇī dhṛta śravo’ devasya’ sāna sim | satyaṃ citraśra’ vastamam | mitro janān’ yātayati prajānan-mitro dā’dhāra pṛthivī mutadyām | mitraḥ kṛṣṭī rani’miṣā‌உbhi ca’ṣṭe satyāya’ havyaṃ ghṛtava’dvidhema | prasami’ttra martyo’ astu praya’svā nyasta’ āditya śikṣa’ti vratena’ | na ha’nyate na jī’yate tvotonaina magṃho’ aśno tyanti’to na dūrāt ||

aaditya upasthaanam - maadhyahne (Noon) - Facing East or North as the time case may be

आदित्य उपस्थानम् - माध्याद्णे

आस॒त्येन॒ रज॑सा॒ वर्त॑मानो निवे॒शय॑न्न॒मृतं॒ मर्त्यं॑ च। हि॒र॒ण्यये॑न सवि॒ता रथे॒नाऽऽदे॒वो या॑ति॒ भुव॑ना वि॒पश्यन्॑।
उद्व॒यं तम॑स॒स्परि॒ ज्योति॒ष्पश्य॑न्त॒ उत्त॑रम् । दे॒वं दे॑व॒त्रा सूर्य॒मग॑न्म॒ ज्योति॑रुत्त॒मम् ॥
उदु॒त्यं जा॒तवे॑दसं दे॒वं व॑हन्ति के॒तवः॑ । दृ॒शे विश्वा॑ य॒ सूर्य॓म् ॥ चि॒त्रं दे॒वाना॒ मुद॑गा॒ दनी॑कं॒ चक्षु॑र्-मि॒त्रस्य॒ वरु॑ण स्या॒ग्नेः । अप्रा॒ द्यावा॑ पृथि॒वी अन्त॒रि॑क्ष॒ग्ं सूर्य॑ आ॒त्मा जग॑त स्त॒स्थुष॑श्च ॥
तच्चक्षु॑र्-दे॒वहि॑तं पु॒रस्ता॓च्चु॒क्र मु॒च्चर॑त् । पश्ये॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तं जीवे॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तं नन्दा॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तं मोदा॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तं भवा॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तगं शृ॒णवा॑म श॒रद॑श्श॒तं पब्र॑वाम श॒रद॑श्श॒तमजी॑तास्याम श॒रद॑श्श॒तं जोक्च॒ सूर्यं॑ दृ॒षे ॥ य उद॑गान्मह॒तो‌ऽर्णवा॓ द्वि॒भ्राज॑मान स्सरि॒रस्य॒ मध्या॒थ्समा॑ वृष॒भो लो॑हिता॒क्षसूर्यो॑ विप॒श्चिन्मन॑सा पुनातु ॥

oṃ ā satyena raja’sā varta’māno niveśa’ya nnamṛtaṃ martya’ñca | hiraṇyaye’na savitā rathenā‌உdevo yā’ti bhuva’nā nipaśyan’ ||
udvaya ntama’sa spari paśya’nto jyoti rutta’ram | devan-de’vatrā sūrya maga’nma jyoti’ ruttamam ||
udutyaṃ jātave’dasaṃ devaṃ va’hanti ketava’ḥ | dṛśe viśvā’ ya sūrya”m || citraṃ devānā muda’gā danī’kaṃ cakṣu’r-mitrasya varu’ṇa syāgneḥ | aprā dyāvā’ pṛthivī antari’kṣagṃ sūrya’ ātmā jaga’ta stasthuṣa’śca ||
taccakṣu’r-devahi’taṃ purastā”ccukra muccara’t | paśye’ma śarada’śśataṃ jīve’ma śarada’śśataṃ nandā’ma śarada’śśataṃ modā’ma śarada’śśataṃ bhavā’ma śarada’śśatagṃ śṛṇavā’ma śarada’śśataṃ pabra’vāma śarada’śśatamajī’tāsyāma śarada’śśataṃ jokca sūrya’ṃ dṛṣe || ya uda’gānmahato‌உrṇavā” dvibhrāja’māna ssarirasya madhyāthsamā’ vṛṣabho lo’hitākṣasūryo’ vipaścinmana’sā punātu ||

saayam sandhya upasthaanam (Evening) - Facing West

सायं सन्ध्या उपस्थानम्

ॐ इ॒मम्मे॑ वरुण शृधी॒ हव॑ म॒द्या च॑ मृडय । त्वा म॑व॒स्यु राच॑के ॥ तत्वा॑ यामि॒ ब्रह्म॑णा॒ वन्द॑मान॒ स्त दाशा॓॑॑स्ते॒ यज॑मानो ह॒विर्भिः॑ । अहे॑डमानो वरुणे॒ह बो॒ध्युरु॑श॒गं॒ समा॑न॒ आयुः॒ प्रमो॑षीः ॥
यच्चि॒द्धिते॒ विशो॑यथा॒ प्रदे॑व वरुणव्र॒तम् । मि॒नी॒मसि॒द्य वि॑द्यवि । यत्किञ्चे॒दं व॑रुण॒दैव्ये॒ जने॑ऽभिद्रो॒हं म॑नुष्या॑॑श्चरा॑मसि । अचि॑त्ती॒यत्तव॒ धर्मा॑युयोपि॒ ममान॒स्तस्मा॒ देन॑सो देवरीरिषः । कि॒त॒वासो॒ यद्रि॑रि॒पुर्नदी॒वि यद्वा॑घा स॒त्यमु॒तयन्न वि॒द्म । सर्वा॒ताविष्य॑ शिथि॒रेव॑ दे॒वाथा॑तेस्याम वरुण प्रि॒यासः ॥

oṃ imamme’ varuṇa śṛdhī hava’ madyā ca’ mṛḍaya | tvā ma’vasyu rāca’ke || tatvā’ yāmi brahma’ṇā vanda’māna sta dāśā”ste yaja’māno havirbhi’ḥ | ahe’ḍamāno varuṇeha bodhyuru’śagṃ samā’na āyuḥ pramo’ṣīḥ ||
yacciddhite viśoyathā pradeva varuṇavratam | minīmasidya vidyavi | yatkiñcedaṃ varuṇadaivye jane‌உbhidroha mmanuṣyāścarāmasi | acitte yattava dharmāyuyopi mamāna stasmā denaso devarīriṣaḥ | kitavāso yadriripurnadīvi yadvāghā satyamutayanna vidma | sarvātāviṣya śidhirevadevā thātesyāma varuṇa priyāsaḥ ||

General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana
« on: December 20, 2012, 09:34:34 AM »

భక్తి బిచ్చమియ్యవే భావుకమగు సాత్వీక


ముక్తికఖిల శక్తికి త్రిమూర్తులకతి మేల్మి రామ (భక్తి)


ప్రాణము లేని వానికి బంగారు పాగ3 చుట్టి
ఆణి వజ్ర భూషణమురమందు పెట్టు రీతి
జాణలకు పురాణాగమ శాస్త్ర వేద జప ప్రసంగ
త్రాణ గల్గియేమి భక్త త్యాగరాజనుత రామ (భక్తి)


bhakti biccamiyyavē bhāvukamagu sātvīka


muktikakhila śaktiki trimūrtulakati mēlmi rāma (bhakti)


prāṇamu lēni vāniki baṅgāru pāga cuṭṭi
āṇi vajra bhūṣaṇamuramandu peṭṭu rīti
jāṇalaku purāṇāgama śāstra vēda japa prasaṅga
trāṇa galgiyēmi bhakta tyāgarājanuta rāma (bhakti)



Grant me alms of pure devotion,
which is a fortune.


(Grant me…) Rama-bhakti that is much superior to emancipation,
all kinds of powers and even the Trinity.


In the same manner as tying a golden turban to a corpse
and decorating the chest with exquisite diamond ornaments,
of what avail is the ability to chant and
lecture on epics, Agama, sciences and Veda
accrue to the cunning? One praised by Tyagaraja! Rama (bhakti)


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: December 20, 2012, 04:10:25 AM »
The waves belong to the Ganges, not the Ganges to the waves.
A man cannot realize God unless he gets rid of all such egotistic ideas as
'I am such an important man' or 'I am so and so'. Level the mound
of 'I' to the ground by dissolving it with tears of devotion.

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Each seeker after God should be allowed to go his own way, the way for which he alone may be built (meant). It will not do to convert him to another path by violence. The Guru will go with the disciple in his own path and then gradually turn him onto the Supreme path at the ripe moment. Suppose a car is going at top speed. To stop it at once or to turn it at once would be attended with disastrous consequences.

(Gems from Bhagavan)


"The thought of God is divine favour, is by nature prasad or arul.
It is by God's grace that you think of God."

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 19, 2012, 08:53:45 PM »
So nice, the sum and substance of vedanta, reminds me of Avvaiyaar's Aathichudi, so simple and yet so very profound, easily digestible.

I am again and again being smitten by the beauty that is tamil.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 19, 2012, 08:00:53 PM »
Sri Ravi,

The Himalayan academy website is wonderful, infact it was very inspiring to see Shaivism flourish in foreign soil with great fervor, i was reading about Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. They are all great inspiration! I have already been highly inspired by Thayumanavar verses, but this time, it is like, He has captured me by those verses, தந்தை தாயுநீ என்னுயிர்த் துணையுநீ....

I request yourself and Subramanian Sir to provide your insights wherever you may feel like that many enhance a devotee's perspective and fervor.

Subramanin Sir, you are right, any translation cannot be good enough, but a basic translation at least opens up the gates into the deep realms of ones own heart, which the rasa of bhakti can be tasted, upon the churning of our intellect on His contemplation.

General topics / Re: Thayumanavar - Blessings
« on: December 19, 2012, 06:07:05 PM »
அங்கிங் கெனாதபடி  எங்கும் ப்ரகாசமாய்
      ஆனந்த பூர்த்தியாகி
  அருளடு  நிறைந்ததெது தன்னருள் வெளிக்குளே
      அகிலாண்ட கோடியெல்லாந்
தங்கும் படிக்கிச்சை வைத்துயிர்க் குயிராய்த்
       தழைத்ததெது மனவாக்கினில்
  தட்டாமல் நின்றதெது சமயகோ டிகளெலாந்
       தந்தெய்வம் எந்தெய்வமென்
றெங்குந் தொடர்ந்தெதிர் வழக்கிடவும் நின்றதெது
       எங்கணும் பெருவழக்காய்
  யாதினும் வல்லவொரு சித்தாகி இன்பமாய்
       என்றைக்கு முள்ள தெதுஅது
கங்குல்பக லறநின்ற எல்லையுள தெதுஅது
       கருத்திற் கிசைந்ததுவே
  கண்டன வெலாமோன வுருவெளிய தாகவுங்
       கருதிஅஞ் சலிசெய்குவாம்.     1.

      angking kenAthapadi  engkum prakAsamAy
      Anan-tha pUrththiyAki
  aruLadu  n-iRain-thathethu thannaruL veLikkuLE
      akilANda kOdiyellAn-
thangkum padikkissai vaiththuyirk kuyirAyth
       thazaiththathethu manavAkkinil
  thaddAmal n-inRathethu samayakO dikaLelAn-
       than-theyvam en-theyvamen
Rengkun- thodarn-thethir vazakkidavum n-inRathethu
       engkaNum peruvazakkAy
  yAthinum vallavoru siththAki inpamAy
       enRaikku muLLa thethuathu
kangkulpaka laRan-inRa ellaiyuLa thethuathu
       karuththiR kisain-thathuvE
  kaNdana velAmOna vuruveLiya thAkavung
       karuthianj saliseykuvAm.     1.

What is it, which is
Uncircumscribed Effulgence,
Perfect Bliss,
Divine-Love Filled --

What is it, which willed
To contain the countless universes
In boundless space
And there flourishes as Life of life, -

What is it, which stood
Transcending thought and word,

What is it, which remained
As the ever contentious object
Of countless faiths claiming,
''This, my God,'' ''This, our God''--

What is it, which exists as
and Eternal -

What is it, which knows
No limits of
Night and day -

That indeed is what is agreeable to thought,
That indeed is what fills all space in silentness.

That indeed is what we in meekness worship.

(pannirusIr Asiriya viruththam - 1)

General topics / Thayumanavar - Blessings
« on: December 19, 2012, 05:58:42 PM »
I am urged to open a thread dedicated to Saint Thayumanavar,
to post verses from his works. Bhagavan has often quoted from his expressions.

தந்தை தாயுநீ என்னுயிர்த் துணையுநீ சஞ்சல மதுதீர்க்க
வந்த தேசிக வடிவுநீ உனையலால் மற்றொரு துணைகாணேன்
அந்தம் ஆதியும் அளப்பருஞ் சோதியே ஆதியே அடியார்தஞ்
சிந்தை மேவிய தாயுமா னவனெனுஞ் சிரகிரிப் பெருமானே. 10.

than-thai thAyun-I ennuyirth thuNaiyun-I sanjsala mathuthIrkka
van-tha thEsika vadivun-I unaiyalAl maRRoru thuNaikANEn
an-tham Athiyum aLapparunj sOthiyE AthiyE adiyArthanj
sin-thai mEviya thAyumA navanenunj sirakirip perumAnE. 10.

Thou art father and mother!
Thou art the support of my life.
Thou art the Guru Form
That came to relieve my distress.
None other support do I see but Thee.
Thou art the immeasurable Light
Without beginning and end.
Thou, the Primal Being!
Thou, Thayumanava! Lord of Sivagiri
That is seated in the thoughts of devotees true!

Salutations to the Great Guru.

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