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General Discussion / Re: Giri Pradakshina MAin temple to IShanya Lingam
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:38:54 PM »
Sri Anand, the very fact that he was pulled to Arunachala is itself a Wonderful grace. rationally, yes, it may not be a complete circumambulation, but is it ever possible to circumambulate that which is infinity? Perhaps Arunachala deemed that it is enough for your father to complete the circumambulation only till Esanya Lingam. He is Thoroughly Blessed.

Here is what i found on Esanya Lingam on the first go, which i consider as His voice:

Easanya Lingam is for Peace of mind (source: [i believe, myself finding this is no accident, these are truly the voice of God, and this is faith, there is no co-incidence]

What more circumambulation is required over peace of mind? your father is truly blessed and has truly reached His abode that is Peace.

My heartfelt prayers,

General Discussion / Re: Christian quotes
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:30:55 PM »

Let not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand
of the wicked remove me.

(Psalms 37.1)

General Discussion / Re: Christian quotes
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:26:15 PM »

O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy
righteousness to the upright in heart.

(Psalms 36.10)

May this need never arise!May Sri Bhagavan's blessings be ever with Graham and his family.

Sri Ravi,

This reminded me a conversation in Ramayana, where Rama is so deeply moved at the selfless service of Hanuman, that he says to him that he never get an opportunity to repay the debt he owes to him, meaning may never an instance arise for Hanuman, that he may require his help.

i have expressed not very lucidly, but i guess the essence is clear. i shall try and trace this particular conversation from the Ramayana.

Wonderful. yes, May any such need never arise.


अञ्जना गन्धिं सुरभिं बहु अन्नम् अकृषीवलाम् ।
प्राहं मृगाणां मातरम् अरण्यानिम् अशंसिषम् ॥

O' Aranyani, Goddess of the Forest, you are fragrant, filled with balm,
mother of all creatures, you do ot till the soil, yet you have such stores of food,
I salute you.

(Rig Veda 146.6)

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: December 30, 2012, 03:54:22 PM »
Think carefully before advising

It is all right for elders to give advice to others. But it must be done under appropriate circumstances and at the appropriate time. Otherwise their words will have no value.

While the Pandavas were undergoing vanavasa, Arjuna, on the instruction of sage Vyasa, sat for tapas to gain the Pasupatastra, keeping hid bow and arrow by his side.

At that time an elderly Brahmin came to Arjuna and started advising him: "it is all right for you to do tapas. But it is is not proper to keep the bow nad arrow by your side. Tapas does not require them. On the other hand, it needs qualities, such as equanimity and forbearance (sama, dama). The bow and arrow are symbols of anger (krodha). These two will not match.

"Hence, set aside both of these and do penance for mukti (salvation)."
Arjuna replied: "Sir, Whatever you say is right. But you are saying all these without knowing about my situation. Our cousins have unjustly snatched our kingdom and driven us into the forests. We have to regain our kingdom from them. Hence, by the instructions of sage Veda Vyasa, I have sat for tapas to secure the Pasupatastra, and not for attaining mukti.. So I am not in a position to take your advice. Even if Brihaspati says something without understanding the situation, his words will be futile."

Therefore one must carefully think before giving advice.

(Bharati Theertha Swamigal)

General Discussion / Re: Srinivasa Ramanujan
« on: December 30, 2012, 12:55:32 PM »
London: Indian maths genius Srinivasa Ramanujan's cryptic deathbed theory, which he claimed was conceived in his dreams-has finally been proven correct, almost 100 years after he died.

In 1920, while on his death-bed, Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor, English mathematician GH Hardy, outlining several new mathematical functions never before heard of, along with a hunch about how they worked.

Researchers say they've proved he was right and that the formula could explain the behaviour of black holes, the 'Daily Mail' reported. "We have solved the problems from his last mysterious letters. For people who work in this area of math, the problem has been open for 90 years" Emory University mathematician Ken Ono said.

Born in a rural village in south India, Ramanujan, a self-taught mathematician, spent so much time thinking about mathematics that he flunked out of college twice, Ono said. The maths genius's letter described several new functions that behaved differently from known theta functions, or modular forms, and yet closely mimicked them.

Functions are equations that can be drawn as graphs on an axis, like a sine wave, and produce an output when computed for any chosen input or value, the report said. Ramanujan conjectured that his mock modular forms corresponded to the ordinary modular forms earlier identified by Carl Jacobi, and that both would wind up with similar outputs for roots of 1.
"It wasn't until 2002, through the work of Sander Zwegers, that we had a description of the functions that Ramanujan was writing about in 1920," Ono said. Ono and colleagues drew on modern mathematical tools that had not been developed before Ramanujan's death to prove this theory was correct.

"We proved that Ramanujan was right. We found the formula explaining one of the visions that he believed came from his goddess," Ono said. Researchers were also stunned to find the function could be used even today.
"No one was talking about black holes back in the 1920s when Ramanujan first came up with mock modular forms, and yet, his work may unlock secrets about them," Ono said.

General Discussion / Amazing darshan of Hanumanji
« on: December 30, 2012, 10:00:56 AM »
i received this wonderful mail from Sri Ramanaduliji, sharing the same joy with you all -

This happened in Kalika Mata temple in Ratlam,M.P., last month. Pictures tell the true story. The Saint was telling the story of Ramayana and "Hanumanji" appeared in the form of langur !! The langur first went and sat near the singers and listened to the kirtan, held the mic of the mahantji, got blessed by him, then "blessed" the saints and then sat in front of Shri Ramji's photo and took some of the flowers (note similar position to Shri Hanumanji in the framed picture) and left quietly.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 29, 2012, 08:23:20 PM »

Think of you, I think, in the
stillnesses between breaths.
(Clouds, ah, pines and birches,
slopes white ice to the light)
Meditate on you, around you,
through stone tree silences.
(Brown paths, misted hills,
snow like foam in the air)
Contemplate, in the space
beyond words, you, and you.
(Hedges, boughs frosted silver
their light, white smoke breath)

(A. S. Kline)

General topics / Re: Thayumanavar - Blessings
« on: December 29, 2012, 08:09:20 PM »
சும்மா இருத்தல்

Sir, I found this expression of Thayumanavar on சும்மா இருத்தல் [from 28-52 - உடல்பொய்யுறவு Unreal Attachment to the Body] useful in the context of proceeding with the current study.

சும்மா இருக்கச் சுகமுதய மாகுமே
இம்மாயா யோகமினி ஏனடா-தம்மறிவின்
சுட்டாலே யாகுமோ சொல்லவேண் டாங்கன்ம
நிட்டா சிறுபிள்ளாய் நீ

In quiescence dawneth Bliss.
Why this alluring yoga now?
Will it (Bliss) ever be
From the I-ness of thy little knowledge?
Seek to answer not,
Ye, that is a rigorous practioner of karma,
A child thou art, yet.

General topics / Re: Thayumanavar - Blessings
« on: December 29, 2012, 08:00:09 PM »
From Verse 10 of Mouna Guru VaNakkam:

மற்றெனக் கையநீ சொன்னவொரு வார்த்தையினை
       மலையிலக் கெனநம்பினேன்

Yet, my Master!
I held my faith in that one Word you taught me
As the beacon light on top of hill.

that one Word you taught me

சிந்தையற நில்லென்று - be (be aware) without thoughts
சும்மா இருத்தல் - (without any volition) be

General topics / Re: What is this Ego?
« on: December 29, 2012, 07:53:59 PM »
Verse 9 of Mouna Guru VaNakkam:

ஆங்கார மானகுல வேடவெம் பேய்பாழ்த்த
       ஆணவத் தினும்வலிதுகாண்

    அறிவினை மயக்கிடும் நடுவறிய வொட்டாது
       யாதொன்று தொடினும் அதுவாய்த்

தாங்காது மொழிபேசும் அரிகரப் பிரமாதி
       தம்மொடு சமானமென்னுந்

    தடையற்ற தேரிலஞ் சுருவாணி போலவே
       தன்னிலசை யாதுநிற்கும்

ஈங்காரெ னக்குநிகர் என்னப்ர தாபித்
       திராவணா காரமாகி

    இதயவெளி யெங்கணுந் தன்னரசு நாடுசெய்
       திருக்கும்இத னொடெந்நேரமும்

வாங்காநி லாஅடிமை போராட முடியுமோ
       மௌனோப தேசகுருவே

    மந்த்ரகுரு வேயோக தந்த்ரகுரு வேமூலன்
       மரபில்வரு மௌன குருவே

    Know ye, mightier far than accursed anava,
Is ahankara, the murderous hunter devil.
It will befog reason,
It will not let you know the right.
Whatever it touches
It identifies the self with that
And will say unbearable things.
It will claim that it is equal to
Hari, Hara, Brahma and the rest of the Gods.
It will stand like the axle pin
Of a moving car,
Itself immobile in the center of things.
It will proclaim itself:
''Who is here equal to me?''
And filled with Ravana like spirit
It will establish its tyrannous rule
In the domain of the heart.
How can this poor slave
Be contending with it all the time?

Oh! Guru that instructs in silentness!
Oh! Mantra Guru! Oh, Yoga Tantra Guru!
Mauna Guru that comes in the line of Mula the Holy!

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 29, 2012, 07:37:29 PM »
stray thought...

Path itself is myth (Maya), and naming those path as bhakti jnana karma etc..,  becomes myth of myth (Maya of Maya) - double myth (Double Maya) :D

and seeing them as different, would be the Triple myth (Maya) - myth of myth of myth (Maya of Maya of Maya) :D

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 29, 2012, 07:17:52 PM »

To stand there
on the up-slope
of milky rock
and bent fir.
To be there alone
in a caul of thought
break, from the quick
life, to ancient space:
and there be consumed.

(A. S. Kline)

i am so happy that you are thinking about this
i will be just as happy when you stop

Beloved Abstract,

What has to stop, when nothing has been started? such expectations have to be traced back to 'I' and thereafter its source.

Being [i humbly feel] is effortless. Neither stopping nor starting or even acknowledging.

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