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General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:16:04 PM »
Sri Ravi,

yes, we have to strive to first be that 'earnest seeker' thank you. That is the aspiration, and we have to ask ourselves if we are honestly striving for it, mostly we will be far from it.

What i meant originally was only that yes, whether a householder or not, all have to master all passions.

What are the disciplines of a householder.
What are the disciples of a person who is yet to get married.
What are the disciples of a person who is choosing not to get married.
What are the points one has to consider if one is uncertain of his life.

Again going back,

We are only just looking back on Dharma of a Householder, brahmacharya. But it is important we get acquainted with this, at least i am very much interested.

Again, i feel we have to distinguish between 'Duty' and 'Dharma' We may fulfil our duty on dot for our ashrama but, what are we all have to achieve (master of all passions), and the means, i felt a need to look into it.

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:57:58 PM »
Except for the outer lifestyle,there is no difference inwardly!

Sri Ravi, true, ultimately, this is the final conclusion, but most often this discernment does not really help persons of all all stations in practical day to day affairs, unless one exercises pure will with a steadfast mind.

But, truly we cannot deny that the external lifestyles does have an impact inwardly, unless one is truly Ramana himself. There arises a perhaps requirement of discipline, which is most necessary.

For instance, we are generally over influenced with spiritual ideas and ignore the aspect of changing ones external lifestyle for the betterment believing that everything is internal, and this continues for years without proper progress or may be with just some good feelers in between.

For a serious pursuit of God, certain disciplines are truly necessary, and external modifications and disciplines may be only incidental for inner upliftment, but what i felt strongly is the real need for one to realise that yes, change is necessary, not everything is internal, external lifestyles discipline is essential.

We may be spending hours together in spiritual topics, reading, contemplating etc... but that may not really mean anything.

I truly felt, discipline is very essential. For all stations of life. What should be the discipline is the subject in question, for each station of life.

General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:38:09 PM »
Master's prayer

To my Divine Mother I prayed only for pure love. I offered flowers at Her Lotus Feet and prayed to Her:

'Mother, here is Thy virtue, here is Thy vice. Take them both and grant me only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy knowledge, here is Thy ignorance. Take them both and grant me only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy purity, here is Thy impurity. Take them both, Mother, and grant me only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy dharma, here is Thy adharma. Take them both, Mother, and grant me only pure love for Thee.'

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

Whatever thoughts arise as obstacles to one's sadhana (spiritual discipline), the mind should not be allowed to go in their direction, but should be made to rest in one's self which is the Atman; one should remain as witness to whatever happens, adopting the attitude “Let whatever strange things happen, happen; let us see!” This should be one's practice. In other words, one should not identify oneself with appearances; one should never relinquish one's self. This is the proper means for destruction of the mind (manonasa) which is of the nature of seeing the body as self, and which is the cause of all the aforesaid obstacles.

(Self Enquiry)

General Discussion / Re: sandhyA vandanam - Discussion
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:28:36 PM »
Dear Sri Krishnan,

So what is required out of everybody is to feel the futility of this worldly life and start getting detached from all its affairs.

While i see the reasons generally in todays times men are unable to even perform sandhya, but i am simply choosing not to respond to that as each ones life path holds various things. but i believe with total conviction that these things should not be thrusted on somebody and force somebody to perform. Ultimately it has to come from within.

However on the other hand, the above quote of yours is generally over used in spiritual texts which keep conveying that we should feel uselessness of this world and one should get vairagya and so on. But that is a completely different perspective and is subject to special context and a particular person.

I reason on the other hand that, one should experience the world well adhering to the ethics. One has to follow the protcol, dharmaarthakamamoksha, the sprout of vairagyam has to sprout again naturally and not self thrusted in the name of Atma Jnana or religion or moksha or desires.

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:11:03 PM »
Thanks Sri Ravi,

yes, my communication is not that good, i generally face this issues and end up having to explain in a better manner.

My objective is to basically bring a clear perspecitive, we all need to plan and address our problems for the betterment.

I have noticed generally, sometimes (not all times) that a married persons perspective some times does not match with a person who is unmarried yet. The spiritual requirement and nourishment of both are actually differing and the reality is truly we do not have direct access to a genuine Guru on hand. The point of view of an already married person in his experience may not match with the point of view of a person who perhaps is thinking seriously in maybe not to get married at all (such ones may have their reasons).

I am not sure if i have been clear enough but hope you have got atleast a jist of what i am trying to bring into light.

based on the results (maybe) depending on the interest of fellow-members, we can open a thread and bring about into light seriously who is truly eligible to remain unmarried if one is qualified so, what steps such a person has to take etc...

on the other hand, it is also noticed the point of view of an unmarried person does not really cater to the spiritual requirement of a married person.

And those who are undecided about their lives, and those who are planning to get married and what they should plan etc...

These are the general points that i wished to take this poll further to.

General Discussion / Sarpa Raksha mantra - Discussion
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:56:41 PM »
Sarpa Raksha mantra

Astika, the brahmana boy of tender years, persuaded King Janamejaya to end his snake sacrifice. The King had earlier initiated the sacrifice to avenge the death of his father Parikshit by Takshaka, the poisonous snake.

After crores of snakes perished in the fire, the young lad intervened on behalf of the snakes, and convinced the king to cease the yagna. The delighted snakes offered Astika a boon in return for saving their lives. Astika said, “Let the brahmanas, who recite my account in the morning and evening, have nothing to fear from you”.

The snakes acceded to his request and said, “He who recites the following need not have any fear from us:

‘I call to mind the famous Astika born of Jaratkaru, that Astika who saved the snakes from the snake-sacrifice. Therefore it behoves you not to bite me. O snakes of virulent poison, remember the words of Astika after the snake sacrifice of Janamejaya. You shall be blessed‘.

That snake who does not cease from biting even after hearing such mention of Astika, shall have his hood divided a hundredfold like the fruit of Sinsa tree”.

(Source: Adi Parva, Chapter 58 -


General Discussion / Sarpa Raksha mantra - Procedure
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:42:51 PM »
Sarpa Raksha mantra

सर्प रक्षा मन्त्रः ॥

नर्मदायै नमः प्रातः नर्मदायै नमो निशि
नमोऽस्तु नर्मदे तुभ्यं त्राहि मां विषसर्पदः
सर्पापसर्प भद्रं त गच्छ सर्प महाविष।
जनमेजयस्य यज्ञान्ते आस्तीकवचं स्मर॥
जरत्कार्वोर्जरत्कर्वां समुत्पन्न महायशाः
अस्तीक सत्यसन्धो मां पन्नगेभ्यो अभिरक्षतु
पन्नगेभोभिरक्षतु नम ॐ नम इति ॥

Narmadaayai namah praatah narmadaayai namo nishi
namoastu narmade tubhyam traahi maam vishasarpadah
sarpaapsarpa bhadran te gaccha sarpa mahavishah
janamejayasya yajnyante aastikavacaham smara
jaratkaarvojaratkarvaam samutpann mahaayashah
astika satyasandho maam pannagebhyoabhi rakshatu
pannagebhyoabhirakshatu nama on nama iti

The above mantra is chanted facing North, generally, this is chanted by the Vadama group, remembering the Narmada river, where from they really are. Vadama literally means from north. Also in this mantra is a prayer remembering the words of Sage Astika. Below i produce the meaning as it is from a website:

O Narmada, I offer you salutations in the morning & night (during sandhya vandana); Protect me from poisonous snakes
नर्मदायै = To Goddess (river) Narmada;नमः = my salutations; प्रातः = in the morning; निशि = during the night; नमोऽस्तु = I bow and give you my salutations; नर्मदे = Oh! Narmada; तुभ्यं = to you; त्राहि = Protect; मां = me; विषसर्पदः = from the poisonous snakes;
O virulent snake, recollecting the words of Astika at the end of King Janamejaya’s sacrifice, may you go away.
सर्पापसर्प – O snake (sarpa & asarpa), भद्रं त गच्छ – may you go away , सर्प महाविष – snake endowed with virulent poison जनमेजयस्य – Janamejaya, यज्ञान्ते – at the end of sacrifice, आस्तीकवचं – the words of Astika, स्मर – remind
Astika, born of muni Jaratkaru and his wife of the same name, was a great soul. He, the protector of the truth, will protect me from the serpents.

जरत्कार्वोर्जरत्कर्वां = Jaratkaru muni, and his wife who also has the name of Jaratkaru; समुत्पन्न = born महायशाः = of great renown; अस्तीक = Sage Astika; सत्यसन्धो = One bound to speak or defend the truth; मां = me; पन्नगेभ्यो = to or from serpents or snakes; अभिरक्षतु = Let one protect me.

Note: i will check if there is any corrections to be made in the above mantra, i am doubtful about the 3rd line specifically.

General Discussion / Subject of Marriage
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:20:21 PM »

It just occurred to me to bring this topic in order to find out how many are already married and how many are unmarried and how many are thinking of remaining unmarried in-order to lead a spiritual life. May be, the above groups may be able to think and progress on the lines of the group they belong and discuss, maybe, on how to really go from here.

I know, we are all here and we do get some good satsang, but sometimes, it becomes a routine exercise as a part of our daily lives. its also perhaps we can say, an alarm for ourselves, are we really serious about our quest? and if so how to really proceed from where we are. i proposed to raise such topics from the results of this poll.

Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Expecting each one of you to exercise your vote.

General Discussion / Re: sandhyA vandanam - Discussion
« on: February 08, 2013, 10:02:42 AM »
Dear Sri Deepa,

Its really nice to see your interest in our traditions. There are two ways, one is this, if your are genuinely interested in carrying over our traditions to the posterity of your family, slowly you can inspire and motivate your family members to return back to India and settle down here. Because, our Shastras first declare that upon crossing the oceans none of the karma kanda really apply, even if you do them the shastras do not recognise them as they do not permit crossing the oceans for the very reasons as mentioned by you. Shastras have said Bharata COuntry alone is Karma Bhoomi, so even if you perform any karma karya outside of karma bhoomi, it is invalid. So even the performance of sandhya or pithru karya etc... become invalid. but we can keep them going for personal benefit.

Secondly, there are no such barriers for Bhakti or Jnana sadhanas, you may engage in these sadhana that does the necessary for chitta shuddhi. So we may presume minus the prescribed karmas, one may reside in foreign land and pursue his sadhana, But Hindu way of life is, for atleast first 3 varnashramas is enjoined with karma kanda, the hindu way towards salvation uses rituals hand in hand in taking the sadhaka towards moksha. So even this becomes invalid upon deeper analyses. Also, does going abroad satisfy all conditions of Shastras, ie., taking care of ones parents is utmost duties of a person as prescribed by Shastras, then he has duty towards his family, extended family, brothers, sisters, kula Guru. So going out of country means, going against the principles of Shastras. Upon analyses if we subtly look deeply, our samskaras are really wonderful, if we truly follow the spirit of it, as the Constitution says, Hindu is not a religion but a way of living, (inclusive living) and towards salvation (Updated later - Nagaraj)

Now, why Shastras say all these become invalid upon crossing ocean? because, our Seers did not not want to be a cause of intrusion into the Dharma of other foreign country. That would result in clash of ideology, and may cause friction. Hence, if you cross the ocean and go to foreign country, you cease to be a Hindu, unsaid, it is assumed you adopt the foreign land's Dharma for the benefit of the person as well as his dharma to follow the respective Land's Dharma. (Updated later - Nagaraj)

Acharyas have said, we have no authority to change the Shastras to fit our needs rather, it is us who have to change and adopt as per the injunctions of Shastras.

and as regards to the woman performing Sandhya vandanam, yes in the days of yore women were initiated into Gayathri but, that was even before the Krishna Yuga, in treyta yuga. Kanchi Mahaswami has said somewhere that marriage itself is a upanayanam for a woman. The Sages have said, for a woman her duty towards her husband and family is more important than praying for loka kshemam. Guiding the husband subtly in remaining in the tenets of Dharma Shastras whenever the husband is found to deviating from it, and taking good care of the husband and family is the True Gayatri for a woman.

Woman is said to be a pillar of a family, she is given the privilege to light the light the lamp of the house, which signifies lighting the lamp of knowledge of Dharma always shining in the home, which is the guiding light for the family.

Many rationalists of today say that our Shastras belittle woman by keeping her in home etc... today woman are matching men in all spheres, but day by day the home becomes smaller and smaller, the lamp that shines has slowly flickering to the low.

Modern Rationalists talk of equality of women and men in a way that women match men, that is the definition of equality of modern day rationalists, with woman slowly turning into a man as in matching him in every way and even better than man itself. But our Sages were not rationalists, they were seers, they knew the importance of women and their caliber and where are they most essential, they are the back bone of every man, they are the guiding mother for every husband and children, and eventually guiding them the woman guides herself.

a Woman is much more than Gayatri and sandhya upasana, she does not need these rituals, a chaste woman is she who is devoted in shining the lamp of the house. she who is ever focussed in the spirit of Dharma is truly a chaste woman.

personal musings, any points of disagreements, please feel free to ignore these humble thoughts of mine and beg your forgiveness for the same.

with prayers,

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 06, 2013, 09:46:05 AM »
Dear Friends,

Thanks so much, all your words of reassurances and prayers. They mean a lot to me as i realise that the members here are definitely intense and  all your prayers mean a lot, my only wish being in some way, be of some help to the family so that they are able to pass through this tough time to the better. I realised the best thing one could possibly do is to just pray. I thank each and every member from my heart as the doctors confirmed that the tumor is non cancerous, which itself is half a battle won, which was greatly feared and prayerfully hoped it be not that!

Thank you so much friends, pray, i am sure, with your prayers and wishes, that the surgery goes well without creating any aftereffects and successfully.

with prayers,

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:01:28 PM »
One should pray to God with a longing heart.
God certainly listens to prayer if it is sincere.
There is no doubt about it.

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

Friends, a cousin of mine has been diagnosed with brain tumor and is scheduled to undergo a surgery over the next week. He is just about 32/33 years old and has a small child of just about 5/6 years old. The family is going through a tough time, and i lay this, what is there in my mind at the Lord's feet, by these expressions, to grant my cousin, his wife and the family the strength, courage, patience and wisdom at this critical time and that he may have a successful surgery.

I deeply thank you all in advance and grateful for any of your heart felt responses acknowledgements and prayers.

Ashrams / Re: travel to Thiruvannamalai
« on: January 24, 2013, 10:32:08 AM »
Sri Sanjay,

is there anything specific that one can perform while in Thiruvannamalai that can help reduce the burden of Prarabdha Karma?

Just go without any agenda, with the spirit, "ninnishtam ennishtam"

Don't worry or even think about reducing prarabdha karma, or anything, just go, he has already planned your trip...

Have a blessed one :)

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: January 23, 2013, 11:05:37 AM »
Stray thought...


We should like God or Self the most. We should like God or Self more than anything else.

Hence it follows, as our scriptures have advised, that in-order to nurture this liking, engage in worship:

  • shravanam - Listening to the Lord's stories, Leelas and Mahimas.
  • kIrtanam - Singing the glories of the Lord's Name.
  • smaranam - Remembrance of Lord's Name.
  • pAda sEvanam - Service to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.
  • archanam - Worship of the Lord.
  • vandanam - Salutation of the Lord.
  • dAsyam - Master and Servant Relationship like the one between Sri Rama and Hanuman.
  • sakhyam - Companionship of the Lord.
  • Atma nivEdanam - Offering oneself to the Lord in complete self-surrender.

All secret lies in the steadfastness. Nurture that sincerity-spirit, to get immersed completely, these acts nurture the desire for God and Self quickly and exactly to the proportion of our steadfastness.

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: January 23, 2013, 10:58:55 AM »
One needs life's experiences so long one truly gets true understanding. Only when one has gained [dawned] steady knowledge of [yathaartham] reality, one can can truly engage in the sadhana of [becoming] the [understanding].

The Yathartham, the true understanding here is the absolute conviction of the supremacy of God or Self over every other things. This understanding is that attainment [dawn] that it is only the desire of experience Self (or the surrender to God) that is permanent and absolutely nothing else. It is that understanding which gives birth to the absolute conviction of desire of Self, over every other desires.

In that understanidng, the desire of Self or God stands at the top, before every other desires.

Quote from Bhagavan :

Unless intellectually known, how to practice it? Learn it
intellectually first, then do not stop with that. Practise it.

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