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General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:25:04 PM »
Dear Sri Jewel, yes, absolutely uncomplicated... :)

General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:20:04 PM »

It will be all right if you don't feel any egotism, if you don't have the vain feeling: 'I am giving a
lecture. Listen to me.' What begets egotism? Knowledge or ignorance? It is only the
humble man who attains Knowledge. In a low place rain-water collects.
It runs down from a mound.

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

Dear Sri Anil ji,

the above post is merely discernment, still i am not come to the stage such as Muruganar, where i can truly keep away from all these exchanges, but i would like to believe and trust that through this, Bhagavan has laid some seed through these minuscule discernement of ours, and it shall sprout when He wills.


Sri Anil Ji, i can never match the quality of your flawless language delivery in your posts, therefore my communication may be little distorted in language delivery, but i hope the spirit is conveyed.

thank you so much,

Dear Sri Anil ji,

yes, the more we are focused in our sadhana, all other knowledge are mere ramblings of the mind. in "Who am I" Sri Bhagavan says:

"The mind should not be allowed to wander towards worldly objects and what concerns other people. However bad other people may be, one should bear no hatred for them. Both desire and hatred should be eschewed. All that one gives to others one gives to one's self. If this truth is understood who will not give to others? When one's self arises, all arises; when one's self becomes quiescent, all becomes quiescent. To the extent we behave with humility, to that extent there will result good. If the mind is rendered quiescent, one may live anywhere."

Sri Anil ji, like i have mentioned so many times before in this forum in past, i maintain that i am always conversing with myself at all times, therefore by my responses to you here or any body, i am merely responding to my own rambling mind after all! By which i aspire to come to terms of reality.

so many things happen before our eyes, externally, what ever happens can be either categorised as acceptable or not acceptable, correct or incorrect and right or wrong! Truly of what concern should it be to me or us? the Self that is aspired is beyond all dualities of rights and wrongs and my only concern has to be within, there are so many movements externally, so many points of views that provoke us to react and express to make a right point of view, i reflect, to whom am i expressing afterall? perhaps everybody else have to face their inward journey and that journey may include even sticking to something strongly and their karma also may include imposing it on others. From where did it spring from within - that i must express myself inorder to show the correct view to somebody or it could be that by expressing to others I am after all only telling myself but i discern, do i have to go external inorder to discern myself? by going external means attracting more karmas; after all, that i am only responding to myself ultimately and if i do respond, then i am also making a stand on Bhagavan's teaching which also ends up becoming just another scripture after all. Sri Bhagavan said "If you go the way of your thoughts you will be carried away by them and you will find yourself in an endless maze"

Like What Buddha completely had done about with, ie, religion, practices, has today become exactly what he might have truly wanted to be done with.

Sri Anil ji, i am responding to myself through you, by constant effort and practice, we must be done with going externally completely, as by going external we merely become preacher ourselves, Bhagavan himself did not consider himself a preacher or a Guru as well nor did he have any disciple or any legacy to really carry forward, he left his expressions out freely to be interpreted by everybody as they see, from where each one were. I realise how really we still have to desire the Self or God more fervently, as when that desire is so strong, we will not really care what any body is really saying out there, i am remembering Muruganar:

"Muruganar's devotion to Sri Bhagavan was total. He was his Guru, God, and everything.  He once said: I have seen the Sun of Jnana [meaning Sri Bhagavan]. And my eyes have become blind. To  whom can I see any more?  In fact, he never met any other Guru who came to the Asramam and never visited any Temples after coming to Sri Bhagavan.  Once Rajeswarananda who was also Sri Bhagavan's devotee, wanted to meet some other guru living in the giri pradakshina route. Since Sri Rajeswarananda was polio affected, he could not  walk the girivalam route. He used to go by car. He once took Muruganar  and he said that in the girivalam route, we shall also meet that other guru, whom I told you before, Muruganar said in a stern voice: Please stop the car, I shall get down. I do not want to see any pther guru!"

when such yearning really takes us over, we will really care less or even take any notice of how any body is interpreting Bhagavan's expressions.

Sri Anil, through your expressions, i have ended up with a very important discernment myself, thanks so much. And at all times, i am always responding to you (others) and never at you (others).

Nothing out there must concern us, that must be our aspiration, they are mithya, and any of our efforts, expressing etc, is as good as wanting to edit or change a movie sequence being seen by us in a cinema hall.

thanks so much for this opportunity.

Dear Sri Ani ji,

Your points are absolutely thought provoking and so very true. A person of honest conscience surely would resonate with these thoughts instantaneously. However my ego has risen in order to present its knowledge view, unfortunately.

Sri Anil ji, you observed:

Dear devotees, I do not wish to say anything to anyone of us who thinks and believes that mere scholarship  in Vedanta Sastra OR POTHA PUNDITRY can bestow JNANA AND BHAKTI AND THEREBY CONFER SELF-REALISATION.

but, you have already said what has to be said by quoting Sri Ganapati Muni and Sri Bhagavan dialogue.

when slightly kindered by views that are in difference to our ego's, it rises forth like a volcano lava that is curtailed within the covers of the mountain of Self Restraint.

So sorry, i could not resist from posting, it is of mutual benefit. I believe you would appreciate as a sincere follower of Bhagavan.

Thanks so much.

General Discussion / Re: Quotes from Sri Aurobindo and Mother
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:42:49 AM »


Why this bad feeling? I am feeling all bad today.

When in difficulties always remain as quiet within as possible
and call the Mother.

Surely the Mother’s force is there to transform you and it
will prevail.

You must progress to a point at which there is always something
within which in spite of any surface disturbance is always
quiet, unshaken, holding on to the Mother—then these things
will no longer be able to cloud the inner consciousness as now.

General Discussion / Re: Quotes from Sri Aurobindo and Mother
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:32:25 AM »

The Mother’s help is always there for those who are willing
to receive it. But you must be conscious of your vital nature,
and the vital nature must consent to change. It is no use merely
observing that it is unwilling and that, when thwarted, it creates
depression in you. Always the vital nature is not at first willing
and always when it is thwarted or asked to change, it creates this
depression by its revolt or refusal of consent. You have to insist
till it recognises the truth and is willing to be transformed and
to accept the Mother’s help and grace. If the mind is sincere and
the psychic aspiration complete and true, the vital can always
be made to change.


General Discussion / Re: Quotes from Sri Aurobindo and Mother
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:24:53 AM »
The sense of sadness and depression does not want to go — it comes and goes as it likes. Tell me what to do.

When the habit of these moods (depression or revolt) has been formed, they cannot be got rid of at once.
There are three ways of doing it:
  • to strengthen your own will, so that nothing can come or stay as it likes but only as you like;
  • to think of something else, plunge the mind in some healthy activity;
  • to turn to theMother and call in her force. One can do any of these or all, but even in doing them, it will take a little time to get rid of the habit.


General Discussion / Re: Quotes from Sri Aurobindo and Mother
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:15:44 AM »
So long as one is not conscious of the Force working through one, one is moved by the Prakriti. The Prakriti may be used sometimes by the Divine for some work to be done, but that is not what is meant in the Yoga by being an “instrument”. I do not know to what you refer as regards X,—his poetry was inspired by us and he felt it and it certainly helped several people; to that extent he was an effective instrument  for the work so long as he was in the right attitude. Naturally, it is for the work that one can be an instrument, not for things like sex which have nothing to do with the Yoga or the work. But the real instrumentality begins when the consciousness of the Force working begins within.


*What is meant by being an instrument or being used by the Mother’s Force? When one acts on impulse, often it is a wrong movement—how can that be a case of being an instrument? When you wrote to X, “You are being used as an effective instrument”, did you write it as a temporary encouragement?

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:35:08 AM »

Sri Ravi, you have rekindled my spirits to revisit Srimad Bhagavatam once again, thank you.

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:17:42 AM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

yes, truly wonderful assurances, it resonates so well from within... Those who have a little exposure in worshiping the Supreme with rituals will truly experience the assurances as conveyed by Lady AnDAL. Thanks so much...

தூயோமாய் வந்து நாம் தூமலர் தூவித் தொழுது
தூயோமாய் வந்து thooyOmai vandhu Having purified ourselves (Please see verse 2)if we approach

தூமலர் தூவித் தொழுது thoomalar thoovith thozhudhu if we sprinkle fresh flowers and worship

Flowers are symbolic of freshness and purity-Like this,our thoughts of devotion are pure and Fresh and not just  an act of Routine ritual.Our act of worship should be an expression of this Devotion.

வாயினால் பாடி மனத்தினால் சிந்திக்கப் vAyinAl pAdi manathinAl sindhikka singing with our mouths paens spontaneous,with our minds steady in contemplation

This may be either in our words or the wonderful compositions of The Great ones-The Key thing is that it should come from deep within us.This keeps the mind in Steady contemplation.

Our Lady AnDAL is giving a wonderful and simple method that is accessible to one and all-It is to harmonize our act,words and thoughts in the act of worshipping the Divine whose very Nature is Love.

போய பிழையும் புகுதருவான் நின்றனவும்  தீயினில் தூசாகும் pOya pizhaiyum pugutharuvAn ninRanavum theeyinil thoosAgum
then the sins of our past and those yet in store for us would be reduced to nothing,even as dust-specs  are annihilated in the Blazing fire

This is AnDAL's assurance to the earnest seeker.

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:27:00 PM »
The medicine of Grace to wipe out our sorrows is to develop unshakable faith in God and tolerance is the medicine of Grace to wipe out our sorrows. Bhakti alone can give us the capacity to put up with sorrows. 

Kanchi Maha Swamigal

Good and bad are found eventually to be only relative terms.
Self-enquiry is found to be no more than the discarding of Vasanas .
So long as one single Vasana remains, good or bad, so long must we remain unrealized.

(Sadhu Arunachala [A.W. Chadwick], A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi)

Subramanian Sir,

Bhakti is Jnana Matha - can be understood as follows:

1. that Bhakti is the mother of Jnana
2. that Bhakti is mother Jnana herself

It goes to prove the indifference between the two.

One may have knowledge but still may not be master.
Then why do we say he has knowledge. That means knowledge is not there.

Yes, truly that is not knowledge. But it had to be conveyed to come to conclusion that that is not perfect knowledge.

The purpose of knowledge is only to light darkness of ignorance.

But if itvis true knowledge then knowledge also goes along with ignorance. If knowledge remains then ignorance also remains.
There, there will be no necessity to either get identified or not get identified with thoughts.

When there is no identification, no need to get unidentify.
when there is a tendency to identify, detachment is practised to get rid of the identification... until both identificaiton and detachment cease and person reamins as he is.

So long there is something for knowledge to either identify or not identify then it is not 100% complete.

When you say there is no identification then there must be something  with which there is no identification. Therefore its not complete yet.

Knowledge continues along with corresponding ignorance.

True knowledge goes along with ignorance

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