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In samadhi there is only the feeling ‘I AM’ and no
thoughts. The experience ‘I AM’ is being still.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: February 22, 2013, 11:12:21 AM »
boy of eight and a half years sat in the hall at about five in the evening, when Sri Bhagavan went up the Hill. During His absence, the boy spoke on yoga and Vedanta in pure, simple and literary Tamil, quoting freely from the sayings of saints and the sacred scriptures. When Sri Bhagavan entered the hall, after nearly three-quarters of an hour, only silence prevailed. For the twenty minutes the boy sat in Sri Bhagavan’s presence, he spoke not a word but was merely gazing at Him. Then tears flowed from his eyes. He wiped them with his left hand and soon after left the place saying that he still awaits Self-realization.



General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 21, 2013, 05:41:37 PM »

Dear Silentgreen,

yes, you have so clearly conveyed in most simplest way possible -

d: Then what after all is being still?
cguru: For that you need to insert the "i" between "st" and "ll".

d: Where is that "i"?
cguru: "i" is deep inside the "i"

thank you.


Dear Sri Ravi,

Thanks so much for Sri Aurobindo's quote. it has provided the requisite light and clarity, upon further reflwction. thank you.


Dear Sri Anil ji,

Thank you for an excellent post, it was an eye opener arising from some drowsy sleep. i am spontaneously remembered this wonderful story:

Story on Vishnumaya

Once Sri Narada Rishi, the great devotee of Narayana, went to Dvaraka to see Lord Krishna. After talking for some time, they went out for a walk. During the course of the walk, they spoke about a lot of topics. At this juncture, Narada said to Vasudeva, "Narayana, Krishna, Govinda, Mahavishnoh, great sages speak of your shakthi called Vishnumaya, by which the whole universe is deluded into thinking of "I and mine" and by the operation of which there is forgetfulness of You. May I know, Vasudeva, what that Vishnumaya is, if
you are pleased to reveal that to me, your servant's servant." Recalling to His mind a similar request made by the sage Markandeya to Himself in the form of Nara-Narayana, Govinda said "Sure, you are my dear devotee. My devotees' desires will never be unfulfilled. I will fulfill your desire." Satisified with the reply of Madhusudhana, Narada continued the walk.

Having walked a long distance, they almost came to a suburb of Dvaraka. At this juncture, Lord Krishna felt thirsty. He told Narada, "Dear  Narada, I feel quite thirsty. We have come a long way from our home. We cannot go back home to quench my thirst. Can you do Me a favour?". Narada replied, "Prabho, your wish is my order. Command me, your servant, what I should do". Narayana replied, "At a short distance from here, there is a village. Please go to that village and fetch water for Me. Till that time, I will be sitting beneath that tree. Don't miss Me."

  Glad to be of service to Vishnu, which is the only business of the soul, Narada rushed to the said village. On reaching the first house, he knocked the door, anxious to quickly procure water for Govinda, whose feet-washings constitute the perennial Ganga. The door was opened by a young girl whose beauty stupefied the mind of Narada, stopping for a moment his incessant chant of "Narayana, Narayana". Forgetting both Krishna and His thirst - the very purpose of his coming there - he enquired the girl "Dear, who are you? Who is your father? I would consider myself most fortunate if I can marry you." The girl replied, "My father is inside. You can talk to him." Narada went inside and spoke to the girl's father, "Respected Sir, you may know me to be Narada, Narayana's servant. Attracted by the beauty and modesty of your daughter, I propose to marry her. I would consider it Hari's grace if you consent to it." The father readily agreed to the proposal.

A few days later, the wedding happened. Time, the power of Vishnu that crushes into oblivion those turned away from Hari's feet, rolled on. Narada begot several children in this period of 12 years and considered his life most happy. But how can anything other than the service of Padmanabha be permanent?

One day the clouds turned very grey foreboding terrible rains. Soon it started raining heavily with powerful thunderclaps accompanied by  a furious wind. In a few hours, the whole village where Narada lived was flooded and many people started moving out of the village. To save himself and his family, Narada too made preparations for exiting the village. He took a small set of necessary household articles, clutched the hands of his wife and elder children, took his younger ones on his shoulders and slowly waded through the waters. With powerful rains and thunder from above, whirling water below and furious winds in all directions, Narada could not understand where he was going. The whirling pull of the waters was so high that the bag of household articles that Narada was clutching in his hands slipped away from him. Narada began to lament the loss of his cherished items, just like a householder attached to his wealth. While thus lamenting, a powerful whirlpool snatched away one of his sons. Weeping to the extreme and bemoaning the loss of his beloved son, Narada said "O Narayana, what is this that is happening to me. Please look at your sorrow-stricken servant. How can he live without his son?" Soon the powerful waves of the waters snatched or drowned all his children one by one. Suffering to the extreme, unable to bear the heavy loss, Narada clung to his wife and pathetically cried, "Govinda, why should I live anymore. Why does not Death snatch me? Why don't you protect me? Do you lack either mercy or power? If you don't protect me any further, you will lose your good name as the `Protector of the Devotees' ". Narada now held his wife's hands very tightly as she was his only remaining meaning in life. But, as if to smear salt on a wound, a powerful whirlpool snatched away his dearest wife from his hands. Losing everything without exception, suffering to the extreme and losing all meaning in life, Narada cried out at the top of his voice, "O Narayana, is this what you do to your servants, you merciless rogue."

As if the heavens heard this cry, a very powerful flash of lightning lighted the sky blinding the eyes of Narada for a few seconds. When he opened his eyes, what he saw stupefied him. Neither the rains nor the thunder, neither the floods nor the storm, could Narada see. Instead Narada saw a four-handed beauty sitting beneath a tree, as if anxiously waiting for something. Distressed by the horrible events and surprised by the enigmatic vision of Vishnu, Narada found himself thoroughly confused and disoriented.

Trying to get this clear, Narada approached the Presence which spoke in a sonorous voice.

"Dear Narada, I was thirsty and asked you to get some water for Me. I have been waiting for almost half an hour. Have you brought Me the water?", said the `rogue' with a mischievous smile playing on His lips.

In a flash, Narada understood everything; and like a mad man, he rushed to the Lord, clasped the feet of the Lord extremely tight and cried bitterly like a child. Bathing the feet of the Lord with his tears, he could not come to normalcy for a long time. Then he regained himself and said, "Today, Narayana, You have revealed to me Your Vishnumaya shakti. I, your servant, have been thoroughly confounded by your Vishnumaya with the false notion of I, mine, my family, my wife, my child, my wealth etc. Taking this impermanent world as the source of happiness, I wandered about in the dense darkness of household life, totally forgetting your lotus feet. In the end, I underwent extreme sorrow as the fruit of my self-centred household life and the consequent forgetfulness of You. This much is clear to me, Lord, that those who serve Your lotus feet are immune to Vishnumaya, while those who are turned away from Your service are repeatedly going round and round in this Samsara chakra. Let me ask this one boon from you, Govinda: may I have unabating love for your lotus feet and let me never again be affected by Vishnumaya."

Granting his request gladly, Hari thought of the experiences that Narada endured in Vishnumaya. Pitying him for his pains, Krishna caressed Narada with supreme affection, while Narada found himself transported to the highest realms of Supreme Love.

Thanks so very much.


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: February 21, 2013, 03:11:31 PM »
The milk in the pot hisses and swells as long as
there is heat under it. Take away the heat, and
the milk will quiet down as before.

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

Each seeker after God should be allowed to go his own way, the way for which he alone may be built (meant). It will not do to convert him to another path by violence. The Guru will go with the disciple in his own path and then gradually turn him onto the Supreme path at the ripe moment. Suppose a car is going at top speed. To stop it at once or to turn it at once would be attended with disastrous consequences.

(Gems from Bhagavan)


General Discussion / Re: Are priests rogues?
« on: February 21, 2013, 11:11:37 AM »
you are always free Udai :D ... you are ever untouched... LOL what could You, after all be identified with? you are ever free... LOL

General Discussion / Re: Are priests rogues?
« on: February 21, 2013, 11:00:49 AM »

thank God, atleast i am intelligent enough not to tell you where i live. i am saved!



General Discussion / Re: Are priests rogues?
« on: February 21, 2013, 10:54:37 AM »
Dear Udai,

Unfortunately, i can't stop myself from doubting if you are responding to yourself!



LOL! I knew you would not state what I claim!

it would be of help if you could trace back to the source the 'I' that claims.




you please be happy in your well!

In recent times, your conduct has been quite distasteful and the only reason that motivates me to endure them is only that it is the ego-mind, hence i do not mind your gibberish.

Please look yourself in a mirror, so many things will be known to you.


One needs to have the courage to face the Truth

Udai, you should also have the same courage to face the truth  ;)

Udai, your sermon here seems like the ministries that strive to garner more.

You never answer to questions to asked to you and you persist in giving sermons at various occasions. You are stuck in a delusion, which i can clearly see, and you are unwilling to walk out of it as delusion seems heaven to you at this moment. Like they say, when teenager is in love, they forget whole world.

There is flaw in your claim, and you have consistently refused participate in a discussion. I am not interested, i only pray you do not become another "Dattaswami" God Bless you.


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