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General topics / Re: The nature of Jnana
« on: March 11, 2013, 03:04:42 PM »
have not really followed these discussions much... but i felt to share one thought that occurred on the subject of stealing etc.

Even if not completely, if we realise to a certain extant, what really there really to claim as ours? absolutely nothing! Even, we cannot claim our own body as ours, it does not listens to us, it gets tired, it gets diseases etc... what belongs to us? only if something belongs to us, is there some possibility of stealing, or being stolen from. Suppose realizing that nothing really is ours, and if we steal from others with aspiration to make it ours, still it does not become ours.

We are absolutely hopelessly helpless, we got to just repose, resign!


General topics / Re: The nature of Jnana
« on: March 11, 2013, 10:25:34 AM »
Seeking answers is samsara, surrendering all the questions is wisdom. Remaining calm and quiet in uncertainty as it is, is peaceful.

General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana
« on: March 06, 2013, 05:47:44 PM »
सत्यं ज्ञानमनंतं नित्यमनाकाशं परमाकाशम् 
गोष्ठप्राङ्गणरिङ्खणलोलमनायासं परमायासम्  ।
मायाकल्पितनानाकारमनाकारं भुवनाकारम् 
क्ष्माया नाथमनाथं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥१॥

Sathyam jnanam anantham nithyamanakasam paramakasam,
Goshta prangana ringana lolam anayasam paramayasam,
Maya kalpitha nanakara manakaram bhuvanakaram,
Kshmama nadha manadham, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 1

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who is the eternal truth,
Who is knowledge, Who is eternal, Who is beyond the skies,
Who is the final limit, Who roams in the courtyard of cowshed in Vraja,
Who needs no effort, Who is the final effort, Who is assuming various
forms in the form of Māyā, Who is without form, Who is the form of the universe,
Who is Lord [incarnated] on the earth, and Who has no Lord.

मृत्स्नामत्सीहेति यशोदाताडनशैशव संत्रासम् 
व्यदितवक्त्रालोकितलोकालोकचतुर्दशलोकालिम्  ।
लोकत्रयपुरमूलस्तंभं लोकालोकमनालोकम् 
लोकेशं परमेशं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥२॥

Mruth sanamathsihethi yasodha thadana shaisava sam thrasam,
Vyadhitha vakthralokitha lokaloka chathurdasa lokaleem,
Loka thrayapura moola sthambham, lokalokamanalokam,
Lokesam paramesam, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 2

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who ran away with the fear
of caning from Yaśodā who said thus ‘‘Were You eating soil here?’’,
Who then showed the world, the world beyond and the swarm of
fourteen planes of existence in His open mouth [to His mother],
Who is the basis or pillar of the existence of the three worlds,
Who is the light of the world, Who needs no world to in,
Who is the Lord of the world, and Who is the supreme Lord.

त्रैविष्टपरिपुवीरघ्नं क्षितिभारघ्नं भवरोगघ्नम्
कैवल्यं नवनीताहारमनाहारं भुवनाहारम् ।
शैवं केवलशांतं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥३॥

Trivishta paripuveeragnam, kshithi bharagnam, bhava rogagnam,
Kaivalyam nava neethaa haara manaahaaram bhuvanaharam,
Vaimalya sphuta chetho vruthi viseshabhaasa manabhasam,
Saivam kevala santham, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 3

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who destroys the strength of
the enemies of demi-gods, Who destroys the weight present on the earth,
Who destroys the disease of metempsychosis, Who is the only one,
Who eats freshly prepared butter, Who requires no food, Who is the
food of the universe, Who is observed in the special consciousness
state of spotless blossmed mind, Who cannot be [fully] observed,
Who adores Śiva, and Who is always at rest.

गोपालं प्रभुलीलाविग्रहगोपालं कुलगोपालम् 
गोपीखेलनगोवर्धनधृतिलीलालालितगोपालम् ।
गोभिर्निगदित गोविंदस्फुतनामानं बहुनामानम् 
गोपीगोचरपथिकं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥४॥

Gopalam Leela vigraha gopalam Kula gopalam,
Gopi khelana govardhana dhruthi leela laalitha gopalam,
Gopir nigaditha govinda sphuta naamaanam bahu namananam,
Gopi gochara dhooram, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 4

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who is known as Gopāla,
Who took the form of a cow-rearer for the sake of sport,
Who incarnated in the lineage of a cow-rearer,
Who did spectacular sport by playing with Gopīs and lifting the
Govardhana mountain, Who was given a stainless name of Govinda
by the cows (Kāmadhenu), Who has many names, and Who is beyond
the scope of perception of the Gopīs.

गोपीमंडलगोष्ठिभेदं भेदावस्थमभेदाभम् 
शश्वद्गोखुरनिर्घूतोद्धतधूलीधूसरसौभाग्यम्  ।
श्रद्धाभक्तिगृहीतानंदमचिन्त्यं चिंतितसद्भावम् 
चिंतामणिमहिमानं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥५॥

Gopi mandala goshtee bedham, bhedavastha bhedhabham,
Saswath gokhura nirdhathothkrutha dhooli sara soubhagyam,
Sradha bhakthi grahithananda chinthyam chinthida sadhbhavam,
Chinthamani mahimanam, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 5

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who enters the meeting
place of the group of Gopīs, Who remains like an un-entered enlightenment
in the state of being present at the meeting place, Whose beauty is added
by the continuous association with the dust risen from the striking of cow-hooves
at the ground, Who accepts devotion with happiness, Who is beyond reason,
Who is reasoned with nice emotions, and Who is as great as the jewel of thought.

व्यदित्संतिरथ दिग्वस्त्रा ह्युपुदातुमुपाकर्षंतम् ।
निर्धूतद्वयशोकविमोहं बुद्धं बुद्धेरंतस्थम् 
सत्तामात्रशरीरं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥६॥

Snana kula yoshid vasthra mupadhayaga muparoodam,
Vyadhitsantheeradha digvasthradhy upadathu mupakarshantham,
Nirdhootha dhwaya soka vimoham budham budheranthastham,
Saththa mathra sareeram, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 6

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who sits on a tree having
collected the clothes of the Vraja maidens bathing in the river,
Who asked the Gopīs to come closer to get the clothes back,
Who is bereft of both unhappiness and passion, Who is wise,
Who is situated inside the hearts of wise, and Who body is mere existence.

कांतं कारणकारणमादिमनादिं कालमनाभासम् 
कालिंदीगतकालियशिरसि मुहुर्नृत्यंतं नृत्यंतम्  ।
कालं कालकलातीतं कलिताशेषं कलिदोषघ्नम् 
कालत्रयगतिहेतुं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥७॥

Kantham karana makarana adhi manadhim, kala manabhasam,
Kalindi gatha kaliya sirasi muhur nruthyantham sunruthyantham,
Kalam kalamanatheetham kalithasesham kalidoshagyam,
Kala thraya gatha hethum, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 7

Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss, Who is resplendent,
Who is the reason behind reason, Who is the beginning of the universe,
Who is without a beginning, Who is the passage of time, Who is without
luminosity, Who at once started dancing after entering the water of Kālindī,
Who is death, Who is beyond the play of death, Who is made of nothing [formless],
Who destroys the malice of Kaliyuga, and Who is the reason for the existence of past,
present and future.

वृंदावनभुवि वृंदारकगणवृन्दाराध्यं वंदेऽहम् 
कुंदाभामलमंदस्मेरसुधानंदं सुहृदानंदम्  ।
वंद्याशेषगुणाब्धिं प्रणमत गोविंदं परमानंदम् ॥८॥

Vrundavana bhuvi vrundharaka gana vrundharadhitha vandeham,
Kundhabamala mandasmera sudhanandam suhrud anandam,
Vandhya sesha maha muni manasa vandhyananda pada dwandwam,
Vandhya sesha gunabdheem, pranamatha govindam paramanandham. 8

I adore Govinda, Who is prayed by the group of Vraja maidens in
the territory of Vṛndāvana, Who is prayed by demi-gods and Vṛndā (a maiden),
Who has a beautiful spotless smile like jasmine which gives the pleasure of
divine nectar, and Who is the pleasure of friends. Praise Govinda,
Whose dual-feet is worth of reverence by the minds of great sages and
rest alike. Praise Govinda, Who is the abode of all the qualities.
Extol Govinda, Who is the eternal bliss.

गोविंदाष्टकमेतदधीते गोविंदार्पितचेता यो 
गोविंदाच्युत माधव विष्णो गोकुलनायक कृष्णेति  ।
गोविंदं परमानंदामृतमंतःस्थं स तमभ्येति ॥९॥

Govindashtakamethad adheeta govindarpitha chethayo,
Govindachyutha madhava vishno, gokula nayaka krushnethi,
Govindangri saroja dhyana sudha jala dhoutha samasthago,
Govindam paramanandam amruthamathastham sa samabhyethi. 9

That who submits his (or her) mind to Govinda, chants the name of
Govinda, Acyuta, Mādhava, Viṣṇu, Gokulanāyaka, Kṛṣṇa and thus,
washes all the sins by meditating on the lotus-feet of Govinda, and
sings this Govindāṣṭakam — he (or she) internalizes the divine nectar
like eternally blissful Govinda.

(Govindaashtakam, Adi Shankaracharya)

General topics / Re: Bhajana Dhyana
« on: March 04, 2013, 05:28:58 PM »
Gopika Geetham - The Song of Gopikas

जयति तेऽधिकं जन्मना व्रजः
श्रयत इन्दिरा शश्वदत्र हि ।
दयित दृश्यतां दिक्षु तावकाः
त्वयि धृतासवः त्वां विचिन्वते ॥ १ ॥

शरदुदाशये साधुजातसत्-
सरसिजोदरश्रीमुषा दृशा ।
सुरतनाथ तेऽशुल्क दासिकाः ॥ २ ॥
वरद निघ्नतो नेह किं वधः

विषजलाप्ययात् व्यालराक्षसात्
वर्षमारुतात् वैद्युतानलात् ।
वृषमयात्मजात् विश्वतो भयात्
ऋषभ ते वयं रक्षिताः मुहुः ॥ ३ ॥

न खलु गोपिकानन्दनो भवान्
अखिल देहिनां अन्तरात्मदृक् ।
विखनसार्थितो विश्वगुप्तये
सख उदेयिवान् सात्वतां कुले ॥ ४ ॥

विरचिताभयं वृष्णिधुर्य ते
चरणमीयुषां संसृतेर्भयात् ।
करसरोरुहं कान्त कामदम्
शिरसि धेहि नः श्रीकरग्रहम् ॥ ५ ॥

व्रजजनार्तिहन् वीर योषिताम्
निजजनस्मय ध्वंसनस्मित ।
भज सखे भवत् किङ्करीः स्म नो
जलरुहाननं चारु दर्शय ॥ ६ ॥

प्रणतदेहिनां पापकर्शनम्
तृणचरानुगं श्रीनिकेतनम् ।
फणिफणार्पितं ते पदांबुजम्
कृणु कुचेषु नः कृन्धि हृच्छयम् ॥ ७ ॥

मधुरया गिरा वल्गु वाक्यया
बुधमनोज्ञया पुष्करेक्षण ।
विधिकरीरिमाः वीर मुह्यतीः
अधरसीधुनाऽऽप्यायस्व नः ॥ ८ ॥

तव कथामृतं तप्तजीवनम्
कविभिरीडितं कल्मषापहम् ।
श्रवणमङ्गलं श्रीमदाततम्
भुवि गृणन्ति ये भूरिदा जनाः ॥ ९ ॥

प्रहसितं प्रिय प्रेम वीक्षणम्
विहरणं च ते ध्यानमङ्गलम् ।
रहसि संविदो या हृदिस्पृहः
कुहक नो मनः क्षोभयन्ति हि ॥ १० ॥

चलसि यद्व्रजात् चारयन् पशून्
नलिन सुन्दरं नाथ ते पदं ।
शिलतृणाङ्कुरैः सीदतीति नः
कलिलतां मनः कान्त गच्छति ॥ ११ ॥

दिनपरिक्षये नीलकुन्तलैः
वनरुहाननं बिभ्रदावृतम्  ।
घनरजस्वलं दर्शयन् मुहुः
मनसि नः स्मरं वीर यच्छसि ॥ १२ ॥

प्रणतकामदं पद्मजार्चितम्
धरणिमण्डनं ध्येयमापदि ।
चरणपङ्कजं शन्तमं च ते
रमण नः स्तनेष्वर्पयाधिहन् ॥ १३ ॥
सुरतवर्धनं शोकनाशनम्
स्वरितवेणुना सुष्ठुचुम्बितम् ।
इतररागविस्मारणं नृणाम्
वितर वीर नस्तेऽधरामृतम् ॥ १४ ॥

अटति यत् भवान् अह्नि काननम्
त्रुटिर्युगायते त्वामपश्यताम् ।
कुटिलकुन्तलं श्रीमुखं च ते
जड उदीक्षतां पक्ष्मकृत् दृशाम् ॥ १५ ॥

पतिसुतान्वय भ्रातृबान्धवान्
अतिविलङ्घ्य तेऽन्त्यच्युतागताः ।
कितव योषितः कस्त्यजेन्निशि ॥ १६ ॥

रहसि संविदं हृच्छयोदयम्
प्रहसिताननं प्रेमवीक्षणम् ।
बृहदुरः श्रियो वीक्ष्य धाम ते
मुहुरतिस्पृहा मुह्यते मनः ॥ १७ ॥

व्रजवनौकसां व्यक्तिरङ्ग ते
वृजिनहन्त्र्यलं विश्वमङ्गलम् ।
त्यज मनाक् च नः त्वत्स्पृहात्मनाम्
स्वजनहृत्रुजां यन्निषूदनम् ॥ १८ ॥

यस्ते सुजातचरणाम्बुरुहं स्तनेषु
भीताः शनैः प्रिय दधीमहि कर्कशेषु ।
तेनाटवीमटसि तत् व्यथते न किंस्वित्
कूर्पादिभिर्भ्रमति धीर्भवदायुषां नः ॥ १९ ॥


This Vruja land of ours, oh Krishna,
Has always been rich, oh Krishna,
For Lakshmi is here, oh Krishna,
Because of your birth, oh Krishna,
When all the people are happy, Oh Krishna,
We the gopis who love you, Oh Krishna,
Search for you in all places, Oh Krishna,
So be pleased to come before us, Oh darling Krishna.
With your eyes which can win, oh Krishna,
The luster inside the lotus flower, Oh Krishna,
Which is in a clear pond, oh Krishna,
In the season of spring, Oh Krishna,
You kill us who are your lowly maids, oh king of love,
Don’t you think, it is a murder, Oh benefactor of all.
From the poisonous fumes, Oh Krishna,
Of the serpent Kalinga, Oh Krishna,
From the storm, the thunder and the rain, Oh Krishna,
From the asura who came as a bull, Oh Krishna,
From Vyoma the son of Maya, Oh Krishna,
And from all such great fears , Oh  Krishna,
You have saved us several times, Oh our God.
You are not the baby of gopis, Oh Krishna,
You are the soul of all beings, Oh Krishna,
By the request of Lord Brahma, Oh Krishna,
You have appeared in our clan, Oh Krishna,
To save the world, Oh Lord who is our friend.

To those who are afraid of this life, Oh Krishna,
And who seek protection of your feet, Oh Krishna,
You grant them protection, Oh Krishna,
And you give them all that they ask, Oh Krishna,
We request you to place your hand, Oh Krishna,
Which is like lotus on our head, Oh Darling.
You destroy the sorrows of us in Vruja, Oh Krishna,
You are a great hero, Oh Krishna,
Your captivating smile, Oh Krishna,
Destroys the pride of your own people, Oh Krishna,
Please obey us, your slaves, Oh our friend,
And shows your lotus like face, Oh Krishna.

You who destroy the sins, Oh Krishna,
Of those who bow before you, Oh, Krishna,
Please keep those lotus feet of yours, Oh Krishna,
Which accompanies the cows, Oh Krishna,
Which is storehouse of beauty, Oh Krishna,
And which danced on the head of a snake, Oh Krishna,
On our pretty breasts, Oh Krishna,
And satisfy our passion for you, Oh Krishna.

Oh Friend with a lotus eye, Oh Krishna,
The words that fall from your mouth, Oh Krishna,
Which made the wise turn in to ecstasy, Oh Krishna,
Have attracted us a lot, Oh Krishna,
Oh friend who is our hero, Oh Krishna,
Feed us the nectar from your lips, Oh Krishna,
And give us our life again, Oh Krishna.

The nectar of your story, Oh Krishna,
Is the antidote for misery, Oh Krishna,
It is sung by very wise people, Oh Krishna,
It solves all their problems, Oh Krishna,
It blesses with all that is good, Oh Krishna,
And those great ones, Oh Krishna,
Who can tell your story in detail, Oh Krishna,
Are really blessed ones, Oh Krishna.

Your look of Love, Oh Krishna,
Gives us pleasure, Oh Sweet heart,
Your playfulness towards us, Oh Krishna,
Your secret gestures, Oh Krishna,
Turn our thoughts in to ecstasy, Oh Krishna,
And turns our mind wildly, Oh Deceiver

When you accompany the cattle of Vruja, Oh Krishna,
Your lotus feet which is pretty and delicate, Oh Lord,
Treads over stones and thorns, Oh Krishna,
And gives you great pain, Oh Krishna,
And this makes our mind, Oh Krishna,
Restless and worried, Oh Krishna.

To test poor people like us oh Krishna,
You come with cloud like hair, Oh Krishna,
While coming from the forest, Oh Krishna,
And also face coated with dust, Oh Krishna,
On seeing you like that, oh Krishna,
Our minds become darkly passionate, Oh Krishna,
But you don’t bother about us, Oh Krishna.

Please keep your lotus like feet, Oh darling,
Which grants all the wants of devotees, Oh Krishna,
Which is worshipped by Lord Brahma, Oh Krishna,
Which is the ornament to the world, Oh Krishna,
Which is to be worshipped at times of peril, Oh Krishna,
And which grants pleasure even when it is served, Oh Krishna,
On our breasts dearly and tenderly, Oh Krishna.

Oh heroic one, Please give us, Oh Krishna,
The nectar of your lips, Oh Krishna,
Which increases passion, Oh Krishna,
Which destroys sorrows, Oh Krishna,
Which is being enjoyed, Oh Krishna,
By the flute of yours, Oh Krishna,
And which puts an end, Oh Krishna,
Of the other longings in men, Oh Krishna.

Your going away to the forest, oh Krishna,
During the day time, Oh Krishna,
Makes us feel that every second, Oh Krishna,
Like a never ending age, Oh Krishna,
And seeing you back, Oh Krishna,
Through your flowing frontal curls, Oh Krishna,
Makes us feel that Lord Brahma, Oh Krishna,
Is a very slow witted one, Oh Krishna.
We have left our husbands and son, Oh Achyutha,
And also our families and brothers, Oh, Krishna,
And have come near you, Oh Krishna,
You who know even the path of the dead, Oh Krishna,
Have neglected us at night, Oh Krishna,
Who have come attracted by your song, Oh deceiver.

Your secret glances, Oh Krishna,
Your face that increases passion, Oh Krishna,
With an ever pretty smile, Oh Krishna,
Your look with love, Oh Krishna,
Your broad chest where Lakshmi resides, Oh Krishna,
Makes us long to attain you, Oh Krishna,
And our mind also gets enchanted, Oh Krishna.

You who are the friend of people of Vruja, Oh Krishna,
Are capable of destroying all their sins, Oh Krishna,
And also you do good to the entire universe, Oh Krishna,
So give us that medicine, to cure our aching heart, Oh Krishna,
To us who are in love with you, Oh Krishna.
We keep your lotus like tender feet, Oh darling,
Very tenderly on our very hard breasts, Oh Krishna,
With lot of care so that they do not pain, Oh Krishna,
But you travel with those tender feet, Oh Krishna,
In forests over sharp thorns and stones, oh Krishna,
And thinking of the pain those feet would suffer, Oh Krishna,
The brain of ours who have given our life to you, Oh Krishna,
Gets rattled and worried, Oh Krishna.

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its very imporant to stay wit the current of clarity when it comes as it can be very easily lost due to lack of tapaa or deligence.

You have to ask yourself the question,Who am I? This investigation will leadin the end to the discovery of somethingwithin you which is behind the mind.Solve that great problem, and you willsolve all other problems thereby. 

A Search in Secret India

"Pursue the inquiry 'Who am I' relentlessly. Analyse your entire personality. Try to find out where the I-thought begins. Go on with your meditations. Keep turning your attention within. One day the wheel of thought will slow down and an intuition will mysteriously arise. Follow that intuition, let your thinking stop, and it will lead eventually to the goal."

 'In Days of Great Peace' by Mouni Sadhu

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...yearning of a guru is greatly killing, sometimes it is always best to yearn for God as he will not come in physical form and leave impressions... you just don't want a Guru.

Without giving room even to the thought which occurs in the form of doubt, whether it is possible to stay merely as the very Self, whether all the vasanas can be destroyed, one should firmly and unceasingly carry on meditation on the Self.

(Who am I)


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Very true Sir

complete abandonment!

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The truth remains quiet,
Vedas came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
Sramana came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
Jina came to describe it, it Truth remained quiet
Buddha came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
Sages came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
scriptures were written to describe it, Truth remained quiet
charvakas came to denounce it, Truth remained quiet
Christ came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
Prophet came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
They all thought supremacy of their description, Truth remained quiet
others came to describe it, Truth remained quiet
some did not believe, Truth remained quiet
some loved the Truth, Truth remained quiet
some did not mind the Truth, Truth remained quiet
some claimed attainment, Truth remained quiet
some do not claim attainment, Truth remained quiet
and I sang Truth remains quiet, Truth remained quiet,

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if freedom is acknowledged, so also is bondage, along with it.


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« on: February 23, 2013, 09:52:47 AM »
 :) yes, very true Sri Sanjay.




Oh Lord! Hill of my refuge, who curest the ills of
recurrent births, it is for Thee to cure my mother’s fever.

Oh God who slayest death! Reveal Thy feet in the
Heart-Lotus of her who bore me to take refuge at Thy Lotus-
Feet, and shield her from death. What is death if scrutinised?

Arunachala, Thou blazing fire of Knowledge! Enfold
my mother in Thy Light and make her one with Thee.
What need then for cremation?

Arunachala, Dispeller of illusion! Why dost Thou
delay to dispel my mother’s delirium? Is there any but Thee
to watch as a Mother over one who has sought refuge in
Thee and to rescue from the tyranny of karma?


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