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Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:32:47 AM »

  A son who considers the excellently performed act
of his father as a rightoeus act is a true son.
On the contrary (if he delights at an unrighteous act),
he is not a son.

Therefore, become such a worthy son.
Let not the sinful act committed by your father and
condemned by men of wisdom, overpower you.

Bharata to Rama, while urging him to return back to kingdom from the forest.

(2.106.15 & 16 Valmiki Ramayana)


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:24:21 AM »

"A lover of God prays to the Divine Mother: 'O Mother, I am very much afraid of selfish actions. Such actions
have desires behind them, and if I perform them I shall have to reap their fruit. But it is very difficult to work
in a detached spirit. I shall certainly forget Thee, O Mother, if I involve myself in selfish actions. Therefore I
have no use for them. May my actions, O Divine Mother, be fewer every day till I attain Thee. May I perform,
without attachment to the results, only what action is absolutely necessary for me. May I have great love for
Thee as I go on with my few duties. May I not entangle myself in new work so long as I do not realize Thee.
But I shall perform it if I receive Thy command. Otherwise not.' "

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)


i have no intention to bring in debate on this topic. but i am just prompted to respond as to how easily we frame views without knowledge of proper facts.

There have always been groups in the entire mankind in the earth, who were fighting each other for their supremacy.

It is said more wars are fought in the name of God and religion than some non believer.


On the contrary,

I would beg to differ and really feel Kamal Haasan is much more theistic than most claimants of believers.

Infact, what is shown is the movie is actually one of the many violent methods by which the fanatic believers of Shiva or Vishnu killed the fanatic persons who refused to accept other faith. It is no secret that the kind of punishments made is worst!! it is called Kazhuvetram in tamil. It is no secret thousands of jains buddhists were killed in cruelest manner.

One needs to really watch his movies more than once to understand him and his views. He has never hurt any sensible sentiments of any faith. He is a champion of Vichara Maraga (if it has to be said)

Many do not understand his movies as they are too intelligent for general masses who are more infused in only satire comedies or action movies that are brainless.

In todays times, he is surely one actor who promotes values is movies, which you will never find in spiritual movies. His movies are more spiritual than any other blind brainless spiritual movies!


General topics / Re: Sri Subramanya Bharati:
« on: April 08, 2013, 11:42:42 AM »
Dear Krishnan,

Suit yourself, whichever helps you in your inner journey towards Truth, Let that prevail. However, i would like to reproduce the following talks of Bhagavan. WRT Ganapati Muni's emancipation and Bhagavan's comment, doesn't mean anything to me. I am not sure, if Bhagavan did say that or even if Bhagavan did say, it still is irrelevant for me. If he did say, the context and the person to whom it was said, also ought to be considered, Bhagavan teaches and removes the ego-thorn of every bhakta is the most unprecedented manner. He would have even said, He Himself is the greatest Ajnani to somebody only inorder to help them. This is how I see it. But, please take time to read the following, it may be of value to us:

Guru Tatvam

Talks 499

The Swami of Sri Ramakrishna Mission had more questions to ask:

Swamiji, I went up the hill to see the asramas in which you lived in your youth. I have also read your life. May I know if you did not then feel that there is God to whom you should pray or that you should practise something in order to reach this state?

M.: Read the life and you will understand. Jnana and ajnana are of the same degree of truth; that is, both are imagined by the ignorant; that is not true from the standpoint of the Jnani.

D.: Is a Jnani capable or likely to commit sins?

M.: An ajnani sees someone as a Jnani and identifies him with the body. Because he does not know the Self and, mistakes his body for the Self, he extends the same mistake to the state of the Jnani. The Jnani is therefore considered to be the physical frame.

Again since the ajnani, though he is not the doer, yet imagines himself to be the doer and considers the actions of the body his own, he thinks the Jnani to be similarly acting when the body is active. But the Jnani himself knows the Truth and is not confounded. The state of a Jnani cannot be determined by the ajnani and therefore the question troubles only the ajnani and never does it arise for the Jnani. If he is a doer he must determine the nature of the actions. The Self cannot be the doer. Find out who is the doer and the Self is revealed.

D.: There could be no advaita in actions. That is how the questions arose.

M.: But the stanza says there should be. This ‘do’ is applicable only to the practiser and not the accomplished ones.

D.: Yes. I quite see it. Moreover, advaita cannot be practised in one’s dealings with the Guru. For, consistently with it, he cannot receive instructions.

M.: Yes, the Guru is within and not without. A Tamil saint has said, “O Guru! always abiding within me, but manifesting now in human form only to guide and protect me!” What is within as the Self manifests in due course as Guru in human shape.

D.: So it amounts to this. To see a Jnani is not to understand him. You see the jnani’s body and not his jnanam. One must therefore
be a Jnani to know a Jnani.

M.: The Jnani sees no one as an ajnani. All are only jnanis in his sight. In the ignorant state one superimposes his ignorance on a Jnani and mistakes him for a doer. In the state of jnana, the Jnani sees nothing separate from the Self. The Self is all shining and only pure jnana. So there is no ajnana in his sight. There is an illustration for this kind of allusion or super-imposition. Two friends went to sleep side by side. One of them dreamt that both of them had gone on a long journey and had strange experiences. On waking up he recapitulated them and asked his friend if it was not so. The other one simply ridiculed him saying that it was only his dream and could not affect the other.  So it is with the ajnani who superimposes his illusive ideas on others.

Regarding ajnana in early youth and jnana at the present time, Sri Bhagavan said: There is no jnana as it is commonly understood. The ordinary ideas of jnana and ajnana are only relative and false. They are not real and therefore not abiding. The true state is the non-dual Self. It is eternal and abides whether one is aware or not. It is like kanthabharana or the tenth man.

D.: Someone else points it out.

M.: That one is not external. You mistake the body for the Guru. But the Guru does not think himself so. He is the formless Self. That is within you; he appears without only to guide you.


General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: April 06, 2013, 10:42:24 AM »

धीरे धीरे मचल ऐ दिल-ए-बेकरार, कोई आता हैं
यूँ तड़प के ना तडपा मुझे बार बार, कोई आता हैं

Dheere Dheere Machal Aye Dila-ye-bekaraar, Koee Aataa Hain
yoo Tadap Ke Naa Tadapaa Muze Baar Baar, Koee Aataa Hain

be at ease, oh restless heart
be at ease, oh restless heart, some one is coming
being in pain, don't hurt me again and again, some one is coming

उसके दामन की खुशबू हवाओं में हैं
उसके कदमों की आहट पनाहों में हैं
मुझ को करने दे, करने दे सोलह सिंगार
कोई आता हैं

usake Daaman Kee Khushboo Hawaaon Mein Hain
usake Kadamon Kee Aahat Panaahon Mein Hain
muz Ko Karane De Karane De Solah Singaar
Koee Aataa Hain

the fragrance of his presence are in the air
the sound of his footsteps are around
let me please adorn beautify myself

मुझको को छूने लगी उसकी परछईयाँ
दिल के नजदीक बजती हैं शहनाईयां
मेरे सपनों के आँगन में गाता हैं प्यार
कोई आता हैं

muz Ko Chhune Lagee Usakee Parachhaeeyaan
dil Ke Najadik Bajatee Hain Shahanaaeeyaan
mere Sapanon Ke Aangan Mein Gaataa Hain Pyaar
Koee Aataa Hain

his shadows are touching me
the blowpipes are been played close to my heart
in my dreams, love plays a tune
some one is coming

रूठ के पहले जी भर सताऊँगी मैं
जब मनाएंगे वो मान जाऊँगी मैं
दिल पे रहता हैं ऐसे में कब इख्तियार
कोई आता हैं

ruthh Ke Pahale Jee Bhar Sataaoongee Main
jab Manaayenge Wo Man Jaaoongee Main
dil Pe Rahataa Hain Ayese Mein Kab Ikhtiyaar
Koee Aataa Hain

acting angry, i will torture him at first
when he reasons with me, i will compromise
when does one have control of heart in such situation
some one is coming



General topics / Re: Sri Subramanya Bharati:
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:34:00 PM »
I am sorry to write this comment,  but we all are giving overdue importance to Bharathiyar  ( I mean only Subramania Bharathiar)

Dear Krishnan

 :) aren't we giving even more importance to the mind... ??? and shouldn't that which is deciding who is enlightened or not enlightened itself consider superior to conclude somebody as either got it or not got it?

this is the job profile of mind... :)

When we see with mere naked eyes, everybody will be ordinary, when we see with divine eyes, then everybody is a jnani.

Who is a Jnani? Who is Ajnani? Who is Guru, Who is not Guru?

we will fall at all those feet whose grace pushes us within and makes Thy heart cry out of some ecstasy.

Bharathiyar is Ramanar is Ramakrishnar is Vallalar is Baba is - - - - - - - 


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: March 27, 2013, 08:47:15 PM »
"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: March 27, 2013, 05:41:57 PM »
பரமசிவன் கழுத்திலிருந்து பாம்பு கேட்டது
கருடா சௌக்யமா
யாரும் இருக்குமிடத்தில் இருந்து கொண்டால்
எல்லாம் சௌக்யமே கருடன் சொன்னது
அதில் அர்த்தம் உள்ளது!

paramasivan kalzhuthil irundhu paambu kaettadhu, garuda sowkyama,
yaarum irukum idathil irundhukondal ellam sowkyame,
garudan sonnathu, adhil artham ullathu,
From the neck of Lord Shiva, the snake asked the eagle “are you doing fine?”.

(Lord Shiva’s neck is adorned with a snake, here the snake is in a safe place (Shiva’s neck) and is questioning (in a teasing tone) the eagle (traditionally, its arch enemy) about its well-being)

The eagle replies, “If everyone stays in their designated (rightful) place, then everything will be fine”, there is a (deeper) meaning in what the eagle said.



General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:39:38 AM »
The Tongue suddenly felt extremely grateful for Teeth, and said to it, that i was so very grateful for Teeth because, it is a great Karma Yogi,  and it is always working, grinding what ever we eat and because of which the Tongue is able to taste the Rasa of various tasty foods. The Tongue felt very grateful for Teeth and wanted to do something for Teeth and then praised Teeth as a great Karma Yogi and asked it what it could do to it to to make it happy. The Teeth said, Karma Yogi etc.. is all ok, i am happy you want to do something for me. My only request to you is that you always take care of your tongue carefully, because, for what ever you speak, and if it ends up being controversial, everybody only come and shout and threaten as follows: "Palla odachuduven" "I will break your teeth" you see, for what you do, i am having to receive all threats and my life becomes danger, hence i request you to be careful while you speak. The Tongue was pleasantly amused and shameful and realised the essence.



General topics / Re: Tiruppavai.
« on: March 27, 2013, 09:25:55 AM »

O you wanton sprite! Don't you hear the Valian sparrows
Screeching and making converse among themselves?
And don't you hear the noise of curd-churning as the womenfolk
of the cowherd clan(they of fragrant tresses)
operate the churn-staff using both their hands
to the jingling of jewel-pieces in their neck-chains?
O leader among damsels, would you remain in snugly repose,
even as you hear our singing in praise of Lord Narayanan Himself,
Known too as kesavan? You with a dazzling personality.
Do open the door. Listen and ponder, our girl !


(Verse 7)

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: March 26, 2013, 08:12:02 PM »
Sri Ravi,

The beauty is enhanced when we look from ordinary eyes, that is seeing Aandal and Periazhwar as ordinary souls just like any one of us. If we look at them as avatars as divine manifestation, then nothing is impossible for such beings.

The same holds good to Ramayana, Ramar charitam is beautiful as an ordinary layman, without any poetical divine decorations.

How they have lived.

Whose child was Lady Aandal, Periazhwar, what has He infused in Her! He has give away a part of His own Heart.


General topics / Re: Sri Subramanya Bharati:
« on: March 26, 2013, 07:55:16 PM »
Only and only Mahakavi cld express like this.

How fortunate are we to have had Bharathiyar. Tamizh is fortunate to have had Bharathiyar or Tamizh manifested as Mahakavi.

Mahakabi truly brings out the awe filled expression from within... Aaha aho

காக்கை குருவி எங்கள் ஜாதி-நீள்கடலும் மலையும் எங்கள் கூட்டம்;நோக்குந் திசையெலாம் நாமன்றி வேறில்லை;நோக்க நோக்கக் களியாட்டம். [ஐய பேரிகை)

The crows and sparrows are our caste. The long oceans and mountains are our tribe. Wherever we see there is no oneother than we. As we see and see, there is splendid happiness and dance!

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: March 26, 2013, 07:46:21 PM »
sri Ravi

How they have lived... If we can live just even miniscule such as them our lives will be purposefully lived. Isnt this the way life ought to be lived....

What is there in anything else. Just we cant even fathom the kind of love that cld have been shown on Aandaal by periyaazhwar.

Bhakti prasaadam jnaanam.

General topics / Re: Sri Subramanya Bharati:
« on: March 26, 2013, 07:40:35 PM »
Dear Sir,

Really very happy you are keeping this thread active on Bharathiyar. Mahakavi awakens the heart current so easily... What powerful grace in his expressions. Again am just so grateful to atleast experience the ambroisa of Tamizh the language.

Tamuzhukku amudendru per... So true.


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