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Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: May 02, 2013, 11:02:06 AM »

   Rama entered his mother’s abode, unaccompanied by any kind of royal fanfare or pomp. Kausalya, who had spent a night of meditation and prayer, was in the temple of Visnu, invoking his blessings upon her son. Rama beheld his mother clad in soft silks, radiant as a celestial, as she hurried to embrace him and softly touched her lips to his forehead saying,

“My son! May you become a Rajarshi, illustrious and famous as befits your race. Go to your father, the honorable king, who waits to coronate you king of Kosala".

Rama with head bowed in an attitude of reverence prepared himself to tell Kausalya that he was not to be king. Gathering his courage to take leave and dreading the pain it would cause her Rama gently said,

“Mother, Bharata will be crowned ruler of Ayodhya and I am to dwell in the forest for fourteen years, leading the life of a mendicant.”

Kausalya looked at Rama in disbelief. The blow dealt by those words was almost physical and she was thrown to the ground where she lay stunned. Recovering slowly she said,

“My son, if I had not borne you I would have been spared this grief. Without you my life has no meaning, I will follow you like a cow follows. Even at the height of the king’s glory I have never enjoyed the privileges that should have been mine. Slighted by him, dominated by Kaikeyi who is spiteful and full of anger, I have led a life of insignificance. Tormented by such agony, why does not my heart break? Disciplining myself with prayer and meditation I brought you up. My efforts cannot go waste like this,” lamented Kausalya. Overwhelmed by the pathos of the situation, fighting a losing battle with her grief, the noble queen broke down sobbing without restraint.

Consoling Kausalya, Lakshmana said that he saw no reason for Rama to go the forests, forsaking the throne merely on an order passed by a woman.

“Goaded by Kaikeyi, enslaved by his passion for her, with a mind rendered feeble with age, what will not Dasaratha say? What trespasses has Rama committed to warrant his banishment? There is none in this world that dare confront him with an accusation. God-like, guiless, impeccably disciplined by great masters, dear even to his enemies, Rama is an embodiment of nobility. How can a father beholding a son so immaculate, exile him without cause or compunction? Before word of this banishment spreads, let us together take over the kingdom. With me by your side, no man will dare face you. If the wicked king, our father, infatuated and instigated by Kaikeyi chooses to turn our enemy, I will not hesitate to capture him, nor will I hesitate to even slay him. If a father, who is also the guru, goes beyond the barriers of justice in his arrogance, he is punishable. What authorizes the king to bestow this realm on Kaikeyi, which is your inheritance? What gives him the courage to alienate and distance us, so as to crown Bharata?”

Lakshmana turned to mother Kausalya assuring her,

“I pledge my allegiance to my brother in every way. Any forest or fires that Rama enters consider it done that I will enter it first. I will dispel your grief like the Sun dispels the dark of night.”

Kausalya pleaded with Rama to act upon Lakshmana’s advice.

“Can you leave me to the mercy of Kaikeyi, a woman so full of spite and malice? You speak of righteousness and that righteousness says a mother is as sacred to man as his father, and that both are his Gurus. Be righteous Rama! I command you not to go. Stay by my side and serve me. I cannot live without you! If you do not heed me, I shall fast unto death.”

Neither Kausalya's tears nor Lakshmana's anger swayed the noble son of Dasaratha, from his resolve, as he said,

“I do not have the strength to defy my father. In the days of yore, Rishi Kandu accrued the sin of slaying a cow in discharging his filial duty. The sons of Sagara destroyed many lives in fulfilling their father’s wishes. Parasurama executing the orders of his father Jamadagni axed his mother to death. Many a man of might and honor had obeyed his sire and so will I. Am I establishing a new code of honour that had not existed earlier?

“The king, all his life, has been famed for his virtue, knowledge and righteousness. If such a man commands me, I will not ask the reason why. I shall only obey and so shall you. It is up to me to help him keep his promise to Kaikeyi. Kshatriya dharma does not permit disobedience to the word of a father, mother or a Brahmin even if they arise out of anger, passion or desire. It is by the order of the king that Kaikeyi banishes me. Perish your thoughts of violence and honour your duty!

“Mother! So noble and so god fearing is Dasaratha, that he is the image of dharma. When such a man is alive, how can you say you will follow me into the forest? Never shall I sacrifice my duty, even if it be to inherit the earth, nor shall I accept an inheritance which is not impeccably just. In a life so impermanent, I do not wish to rule a world equally impermanent for which I have little use. The rewards of kingship are so paltry and inferior, compared to the immortal fame gained by strict adherence to righteousness.”

Rama then bade an affectionate and reverential farewell to his mother.

(Excerpts from Ayodhyakanda Sarga 20 & 21)


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General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:44:15 PM »
Dear sri Jewel, I am reminded this wonderful expression of Bharathiyar.

எத்தனை கோடி இன்பம் வைத்தாய்
எங்கள் இறைவா! இறைவா! இறைவா!


சித்தினை அசித்துடன் இணைத்தாய் - அங்கு
சேரும் ஐம்பூதத்து வியனுலகமைத்தாய்!
அத்தனை உலகமும் வர்ணக் களஞ்சியமாகப்
பல பல நல்லழகுகள் சமைத்தாய்!


முக்தியென்றொரு நிலை சமைத்தாய் - அங்கு
முழுதினையும் உணரும் உணர்வமைத்தாய்
பக்தியென்றொரு நிலை வகுத்தாய் - எங்கள்
பரமா! பரமா! பரமா!

           Yethanai kodi inbam vaithay
Iraiva, Iraiva, Iraiva


Chithudan Achithinai inaithai-Angu
Cherum iym bhothathu viyanula chamaithay
Athanani ulagamum varna kalanchiya.
Maka pala pala nal azhagugal Chamithay

Mukthi yendru oru nilai chamythay - Angu,
Muzhudinayum unarum unaruv amaithai,
Bhakthi yendru oru nilai vaguthai,
Parama, Parama, Parama

How many billions of pleasures, have you made,
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God


1. You joined the divine with the non divine,
And mixed the five elements and made this world,
And that word is a treasure of colours,
Which you made with several pretty, pretty things.

2. You made a stage called salvation and there,
Made the ability to know all things to be known,
You made a stage called devotion,
Oh primeval God, Oh primeval God, Oh primeval God.


General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:27:02 PM »
Dear Sri Jewel,

Yes very true, these expressions of all poets (your wonderful thread on poems as well) are soaked with abundant grace and love.


Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: May 01, 2013, 04:47:46 PM »

   Kaikeyi then had the audacity to tell that most righteous of men, “If you desire your father and yourself to be known as men of honor in this world Rama, listen to me. As vowed by the king you are to be exiled. All that has been procured for your coronation shall be used to install Bharata as king. Forsaking the throne of Kosala, you will live in the Dandaka forest for a period of fourteen years, clad in robes of bark. Bharata will rule the kingdom of Kosala from its capital city of Ayodhya, which abounds in gems, jewelry, horses, chariots and elephants. This is the reason for the king’s grief. A breach of promise is a grave transgression, save your father from committing that ignominy and save him from perjury.”

Struck at the misfortune that had befallen his beloved son, Dasaratha’s soul writhed in agony. His eyes were unable to see beyond the veil of tears, and his voice choked with emotion was rendered speechless. But Rama the most noble and virtuous of men, betrayed no sign of sorrow.

Rama was unmoved by Kaikeyi’s merciless tirade. It brought no sadness upon him to know that her dishonourable wishes would only bring distressing results. In all humility, gracious to the core, he said,

“Why did my father himself not tell me of Bharata’s coronation when I would have willingly given up all that I possess, for the asking, to my brother Bharata. How much more will I not relinquish for my king, who is also my father, my ‘Guru’ and my god. To honor his vows I shall go into exile. Let messengers ride swift-footed horses, to escort Bharata back to Ayodhya.”

Rama’s words thrilled Kaikeyi. Not wanting to jeopardize her moment of triumph, she wished Rama away that very instant urging him to tarry no further. She even tried to convince him that it was of no concern if the king, shamed and confused did not speak to Rama his beloved son. She then dealt the ultimate blow by announcing to Rama that the king may not even bathe or eat until he left. Aghast at the blatant lie, Dasaratha’s dwindling strength and tolerance crumbled. His battered mind succumbed to the havoc created by Kaikeyi’s wiles and the great king fell unconscious on his golden couch.

Unaffected by the queen’s jarring words, Rama, the virtuous son of a virtuous father, neither lost his his composure nor his grace. Beyond reach of all emotions he lifted his father tenderly, urged all the while by Kaikeyi to start on the journey. Impervious of Kaikeyi’s frantic efforts, Rama, tranquil as ever told her with utmost courtesy,

“Mother I have no ambitions. Know me to be an equal of the rishis. In dharma alone I take refuge. If fulfilling my father’s wishes brings upon me my very death, so be it! If there be a greater virtue than that of serving my father, I am not aware of it. Even if my father does not say so I will still exile myself, so as to honor your wishes. Did you doubt my nature and my obedience towards you so much that you had to make your desire sound like a royal decree? I now take leave of you. Rest assured that I would not remain a moment more than it would take to bid farewell to my mother Kausalya and not a moment more than necessary to appease Sita.”

Witness to all this, Dasaratha’s tears flowed unchecked. A king broken and defeated agonized helplessly over his son. Once again he fought a losing battle with his consciousness and once again did it betray him. Rama took silent leave of his father who lay unconscious by worshipfully touching his feet. Kaikeyi’s wickedness did not prevent Rama’s nobility from paying her an equally reverential farewell. He then joined his friends followed by Lakshmana whose eyes streamed with tears of anger.

Relinquishing the kingdom did not mar Rama’s serenity nor did it diminish his glory. Like a great sage whose heart was ever devoid of turmoil, Rama set out. Renouncing the throne and being banished from the country cast no shadow over him. Bidding an affectionate farewell to all those around him he went to see Kausalya with no trace of emotion. His only concern was of the distress that the fateful changes would cause, where supreme joy had prevailed. In relinquishing the kingdom Rama gave up the entire fanfare and trappings that went with it. Abandoning the royal canopy, the beautifully ornate fans and the chariot, he walked to his mother’s apartments, his face radiating a divine glow.

(Excerpts from Ayodhyakanda Sarga 18 & 19)

पिबरे राम रसम् रसने
पिबरे राम रसम् ॥

दूरीकृत पातक  संसर्गम् 
पूरित नानाविध फल वर्गम् ॥१॥

           Drink the nectar of rAmA,
Drink the nectar of rAmA

it removes the sins and bestows
various type fruits (of life and jnyAnA)

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: April 30, 2013, 07:21:06 AM »
"One afternoon, Nasruddin and his friend were sitting in a cafe, drinking tea and talking about life and love.  His friend asked: 'How come you never married?'

'Well,' said Nasruddin, 'to tell you the truth, I spend my youth looking for the perfect woman. In Cairo I met a beautiful and intelligent woman, but she was unkind. Then in Baghdad, I met a woman who was a wonderful and generous soul, but we had no common interests. One woman after another would seem just right, but there would always be something missing. Then one day, I met her; beautiful, intelligent, generous and kind. We had very much in common. In fact, she was perfect!'

'So, what happened?' asked Nasruddin's friend, 'Why didn't you marry her?'

Nasruddin sipped his tea reflectively. 'Well,' he replied, 'it's really the sad story of my life.... It seemed that she was looking for the perfect man...'

"To summarise: our own projections, selfish expectations and exaggerations are the foundations of attachment and the unavoidable disappointment.

We want to get love, rather than give love.We seek understanding, rather than trying to understand. 
We seek self-confidence, rather than respecting others. 
We seek praise and encouragement, rather than giving praise and encouragement. We don't like criticism, but like to criticise others.

General topics / Re: Sangeetha Dhyana
« on: April 29, 2013, 05:41:52 PM »
நிலாக் காய்கிறது
நேரம் தேய்கிறது
யாரும் ரசிக்கவில்லையே
இந்தக் கண்கள் மட்டும் உன்னைக் காணும்

Nila kaigirathu
Nirem theigirathu
Yaarum rasikevilaiyea
Intha kangal mattum unnai kaanum

The moon is out, shining
Night time is fading
Nobody is enjoying it
These (my) eyes alone, see you

தென்றல் போகின்றது
சோலை சிரிக்கின்றது
யாரும் சுகிக்கவில்லையே
இந்தக் கைகள் மட்டும் உன்னைத் தீண்டும்

Thendral pogindrathu
Solai sirikindrathu
Yaarum suhikavilaiyea
Chinna kaigal matoom unnai theendoom

The breeze is blowing
The oasis-havens are smiling
No one is enjoying it
Just these (my) small hands will touch you

காற்று வீசும் வெய்யில் காயும் காயும்
அதில் மாற்றம் ஏதும் இல்லையே
ஆஆஆ...வானும் மண்ணும் நம்மை வாழச் சொல்லும்
அந்த வாழ்த்து ஓயவில்லை என்றென்றும் வானில்

Katru veesum veiyil kaayum kaayum
Athil maatram ethum ilaiyea
Ah…Vaanum mannum nammai vazha chollum
Antha vaazhthu oiyavillai enendroom vaanil

The wind will blow, the sun will shine on
There is no change in those things
The sky and earth will tell us to live
Those good wishes will not stop, ever. In the sky

(The moon)

அதோ போகின்றது ஆசை மேகம்
மழையைக் கேட்டுக் கொள்ளுங்கள்
இதோ கேட்கின்றது குயிலின் பாடல்
இசையைக் கேட்டுக் கொள்ளுங்கள்

Atho pogindrathu aasai megam
Mazhayai keatu kolungal
Itho kaetkindradhu kuyilil paadal
Isaiyai keatukolungal

There is passing, a wish-cloud
Ask for the rain
Here, you can hear the cuckoo’s singing
Hear the music of it

இந்த பூமியே பூவனம்
உங்கள் பூக்களைத் தேடுங்கள்
இந்த வாழ்க்கையே சீதனம்
உங்கள் தேவையைத் தேடுங்கள்

This earth is a flower garden
Look for your flowers
This life is a gift
Ask from it what you need

(The moon)



Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: April 29, 2013, 04:49:04 PM »
Rama said,

“Bharata! Man is not independent of divine will nor is he master of his fate, for destiny is inexorable. Wealth amassed can vanish and lofty positions can crumble. Every union ends in separation and life ends in death, just as every fruit that ripens has no other fear except that of falling from the tree. For every man born, there is no other fear than death. The strongest homes built on mighty pillars, fall to ruin, as time passes on and so do those who grow old and perish with age. In this world days and nights pass quickly decreasing the life of all just as the rays of the merciless sun dry up the waters.

To grieve is unwise for whether one stands still or keeps walking, life will continue to ebb. Death walks with man and will sit, if he sits. It will travel to the ends of the world with him if he wishes to travel long miles, and will come back with him when he does. The body wrinkles with age, into the raven black of the hair creeps the white of the snows. Youth fades and vitality diminishes but by what means can man escape these ravages of time? How can he rejuvenate himself and by what mortal power?
Men rejoice every sunrise and sunset, unaware that every passing morning and evening robs them of a day’s life. Oblivious that every season shortens his life span, man looks forward to every new season, enjoying every new experience and the mood that they usher in.”

Inescapable is separation, for just as drifting pieces of wood come together, in the boundless main toss around for a while and then drift apart. So do wives, children, relatives and riches. They remain together for some time to be separated again by the irresistible laws of destiny to which all life must bend and bow. In this changing world the common lot of not one man can ever be neither changed nor averted. Why lament for the dead, whom tears can never bring back. Like a flowing river life can never roll back to its source, and age with time marches onwards, relentlessly. Those who aspire to conquer the higher worlds must lead a life of compassion and obedience to the gurus, seeking only the pleasures that do not contradict the rules of dharma."


(Rama to Bharata Sarga 106, Ayodhyakaanda, who had come all the way to Chitrakuta where Rama was residing inorder to bring Rama back to kingdom)


Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: April 29, 2013, 11:07:15 AM »


After reaching Panchavati, Rama asked Lakshmana to choose a place for their hermitage. But Lakshmana said

“I am your servant and I have not that freedom. The decision shall always be yours.”

Happy with his brother’s faith in him, Rama chose a site close to a lake where soft petaled lotuses filled the air with fragrance.


Soon a cottage took shape, built ever so lovingly by one adoring brother for another. Rama loved the cottage and he loved Lakshmana for his affection, embracing whom he said, and

“Dutiful dharmic, and ever aware of my needs, you are like a father to me. Dasaratha is not dead but lives through you.”

(From Aranya Kanda Sarga 15)


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: April 28, 2013, 04:49:44 PM »

Cry to your Mother Syama with a real cry, O mind!
And how can She hold Herself from you?
How can Syama stay away?..

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: April 28, 2013, 04:39:30 PM »

Sri Ramakrishna's slippers, M.'s house

"I used to pray to Her in this way: 'O Mother! O Blissful One! Reveal Thyself to me. Thou must!'
Again, I would say to Her: 'O Lord of the lowly! O Lord of the universe! Surely I am not outside Thy universe.
I am bereft of knowledge. I am without discipline. I have no devotion. I know nothing. Thou must be
gracious and reveal Thyself to me.' "

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)


General Discussion / Re: Christian quotes
« on: April 27, 2013, 08:37:12 PM »

the LORD is my defence; and my God [is] the rock of my refuge. Hear my prayer, O LORD,
and let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day [when] I am in trouble;
incline thine ear unto me: in the day [when] I call answer me

(Psalam 94.22) & (102.2-3)


General Discussion / Re: Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna
« on: April 27, 2013, 08:26:57 PM »
"From a distance a burnt string lying on the ground may look like a real one; but if you come near and blow
at it, it disappears altogether. The anger and egotism of a Jnāni are mere appearances; they are not real."

(The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:13:03 PM »
The minute you learn to respect and see both sides of the coin as equally good, you can enjoy both. You never hate anything. It is only a matter of your understanding and acceptance. Then you enjoy everything in life. Everything! There is nothing that is terrible, bad or negative in this life.

Let us have that light of understanding. Accept things as they are, people as they are. Don't demand anything. Don't put conditions: "Only when you do this does it prove that you love me." Rise above all this. Our attitude, our approach, our love should be unconditional. Simply accept people for what they are, as they are. Learn to love everyone and everyone will love you, no doubt. Then, life is worth living. The world becomes a heaven on earth for you.

When we stop expecting people to be perfect, we can like them for who they are.

(misc. Multiple sources)

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / ANGER: Nectar from rAmAyanA
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:26:22 AM »

(Sundara Kanda Sarga 55)

   "Blessed is he who like controlling fire with water can control his anger with awareness."

While the citizens of Lanka looked in stunned disbelief at the ruin that was once their beautiful city and their pride, Hanuman dipped his still burning tail into the ocean. Just then a sudden terror gripped him and he gasped, ‘I have burnt Lanka! What a wicked thing to do. Blessed is he who like controlling fire with water can control his anger with awareness. Which angry man will not commit a sin? He will not only deny the wisdom of the wise but can even kill his own guru. To him who is possessed by a great rage no evil is beyond him and no blasphemy beyond utterance. He alone is man who can patiently shed his anger like a snake silently sheds its slough. I have incinerated Lanka without thinking of Sita, who may have perished in the fire. May I too go up in flames for I am a traitor!’

Unwilling to forgive himself Hanuman blamed his anger for the havoc it had created, perhaps causing the destruction of Sita and the doom of Rama’s mission. Scolding himself he said, ‘I have once again proven to the world the truth about the much ridiculed traits of the monkey. Though capable of saving Sita, I have lost her to my unbound freedom and to the whims of my capricious mind. How can I ever face my king, Rama and Lakshmana? Death is my only salvation! Should I burn, drown or be food to the creatures of the sea? Rama shall never survive news of Sita’s death, Lakshmana will not live without Rama. Bharata and Satrughna will follow them and the very race of the Ikshvakus will cease to exist. Sugriva too will pass on. Suddenly a ray of hope flashed into Hanuman’s anguished mind, ‘How can Sita who is pure as fire perish? How can fire burn fire?’ With that his fear grew faint, his hope grew strong and Hanuman reverted back to his brave indomitable self. It was also then, that he heard voices from the sky say that though Hanuman had achieved the impossible by burning Lanka with its towers, turrets and gates, Sita was safe and unharmed! Relieved, he sped away happily to meet Sita once again.


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