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D.: How is restlessness removed from the mind? M.: External contacts - contacts with objects other than itself - make the mind restless. Loss of interest in non-Self, (vairagya) is the first step. Then the habits of introspection and concentration follow. They are characterized by control of external senses, internal faculties, ending in samadhi (undistracted mind). D.: How are they practised?

 M.: An examination of the ephemeral nature of external phenomena leads to vairagya. Hence enquiry (vichara) is the first and foremost step to be taken. When vichara continues automatically, it results in a contempt for wealth, fame, ease, pleasure, etc. The ‘I’ thought becomes clearer for inspection. The source of ‘I’ is the Heart - the final goal. If, however, the aspirant is not temperamentally suited to Vichara Marga, to the introspective analytical method, he must develop bhakti, devotion to an ideal - may be God, Guru, humanity in general, ethical laws, or even the idea of beauty. When one of these takes possession of the individual, other attachments grow weaker, i.e., dispassion (vairagya) develops. Attachment for the ideal simultaneously grows and finally holds the field. Thus ekagrata (concentration) grows simultaneously and imperceptibly - with or without visions and direct aids. Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi nos 26 and 27

ராமரும், லட்சுமணரும் சீதையும் தாண்டகாரண்யத்தில் தங்கியிருந்த போது, ஒரு ஆஸ்ரமத்திலிருந்து மற்றொரு ஆஸ்ரமத்திற்கு சென்றனர். அப்படி கிளம்பும்போது, ராமனின் வயதில் ஒத்த சில இளைஞர்களும் அவர்களுடன் கிளம்பிவிட்டார்கள். இப்படி ராமர் தொடர்ந்து சொல்லும் போது கூடவே பல ரிஷிகுமாரர்களும் தோற்றத்தில் மரவுரி தரித்து ராமலட்சுமணர்களைப் போலவே தோற்றம் அளித்தனர். தொடர்ந்து காட்டுவழியில் செல்லும் போது சில பெண்கள் ராமசீதா வருகையை அறிந்தனர். ராமலட்சுமணர் மற்றும் சீதையைப் பார்க்கும் ஆவலில் ஓடிவந்தவர்களுக்கு ஓர் ஆச்சர்யம் காத்திருந்தது. சீதையை மட்டுமே அப்பெண்களால் அடையாளம் காணமுடிந்தது. பெண்கள் சீதையை சூழ்ந்து கொண்டு நின்று ஒவ்வொரு இளைஞராக ""இவர் ராமரா அல்லது இவர் ராமரா''? என்று கேள்வி கேட்டனர். ஒவ்வொரு இளைஞரையும் கண்ட சீதை "இவர் ராமர் இல்லை, இவர் ராமர் இல்லை' என்று பதில் சொல்லிக்கொண்டிருந்தாள். கடைசியாக லட்சுமணரை காட்டி, இவர் ராமரா என்று அப்பெண்கள் கேட்டனர். சீதை அதற்கும் இல்லை என்று மறுத்தாள். கடைசியாக ராமரையே சுட்டிக்காட்டி கேட்டபோது மவுனம் சாதித்தாள் சீதை. மவுனம் சம்மதம் அல்லவா?
பக்தனுக்கும் இது தான். கடவுளைக் காணும் வரை அவரைப் பற்றிய கேள்விகள் எழும். பரம்பொருளை தரிசித்தபின் பேசத் தோன்றாமல் மவுனம் வந்துவிடும். மவுனம் என்பது முழுமை. அதுவே பூரண ஞானம் ஆகும்.

from Dinamalar Daily News paper

General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« on: October 08, 2013, 03:22:56 PM »
Very nice picture of Arunachala HIll Mr Jewell

Ashrams / Re: Ramana Ashram
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:42:31 PM »
NavaRatri Celebrations

October 7th 2013


Live Webcasting..

Deceptive Appearances

One afternoon in 1944, when devotees were conversing about sundry matters in Bhagavan’s presence, the topic of deceptive appearances and talks came up for discussion. Addressing Bhagavan, a devotee said, “Some people put on all sorts of false appearances to deceive the world.”

Bhagavan said, “Yes. Not some, but many. What of that? If people put on false appearances, it is their own minds that get troubled ultimately. They begin to be afraid of what others would think of them and so their minds become their own enemies. If people think of deceiving others by putting on false appearances they themselves get deceived ultimately. They think, ‘We have planned and have deceived others and thereby have shown great cleverness.’ With pride they practice more and more deceptions. The consequences of their actions will be realized only when the deceptions are discovered. When the time comes, they will collapse as a result of their own deceits.”

While all were wondering whom Bhagavan had in mind, Rama Yogi said, “Swami, this reminds me of an incident. I remember to have read somewhere that Bhagavan had once put on Panganamam (distinctive caste mark of a Vaishnavaite). Is it true?”

Bhagavan replied as follows: “Yes. That was during the early days of my life on the hill. At that time some Vaishnavaites used to come to me, and at their pressing request I used to put on the namam, having nothing to lose thereby. Not only that. Do you know what I did once?

Those were the days when a Kalyana Mandapam was constructed in Arunachaleshwara temple. It was Navaratri time (Dasara Festival). A bhajana troupe had arranged in the temple a display of dolls for worship. They pressed me to go with them to see the display. As I was afraid that somebody might recognize me and start doing all sort of services, I put on a dhoti of Palaniswami and covered my body with another cloth, put on a namam like a Vaishnavaite and went with them. The administrators of the temple knew me well. I wanted to avoid them. They however, recognized me at the gate itself, and came after me saying, ‘Swami! Swami! You also have come here to see the Swami? You yourself are a Swami, aren’t you?’ What to do? I felt I was deceiving myself. I somehow managed to evade them and get inside but I felt that everyone was looking at me only. I did not see the Mandapam nor could I see anything else. I turned back intending to return home unnoticed but the chief amongst the Archakas caught me again at the gate. “Swami! Swami! You have come in this dress? Aha! How nice it is, Swami! Please wait.”

So saying he stopped me; and addressing his assistants, he said, ‘You fellow! Bring a garland of flowers. Bring sandal paste. Bring prasadam. Our Brahmanaswami has come here putting on the dress of Lord Sri Krishna. It is our great luck.’ So saying, they began to shower temple honors on me. I somehow managed to escape their attentions and went away. Later on, I tried a number of times to hoodwink them and somehow go to the temple but invariably they used to recognize me and give me all the temple honors. Thereupon I gave up all further attempts and stopped going to the temple altogether. It is the same with everything. You can stay anywhere without fear, if you are in your real form. If you put on a dress to deceive others, you will be afraid every minute that someone might catch you at your deception and so your mind becomes your own enemy and troubles you,” said Bhagavan.

Suri Nagamma
Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam

Ashrams / Re: Ramana Ashram
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:05:18 PM »

Obituary: Sri T. R. Srinivasan

In 1978 while working as a stenographer for the management of a Chennai engine
and valve factory, Sri T. R. Srinivasan got a diagnosis from physicians that he had
only six months to live. Thinking his life was at an end, he took time off and came to Sri
Ramanasramam for a week’s stay. During the visit he found himself called to stay on and
was blessed to begin service in the Ashram office. Meanwhile, in Bhagavan’s Ashram, his
health was restored and ‘TRS’, as he came to be known, faithfully served the Ashram for
the next 32 years. Known for his diligence, TRS was said to be ever mindful of Bhagavan’s
injunction regarding Ashram correspondence: letters should be answered the same day.
TRS was meticulous in his duties and gracious in his service to Ashram devotees.
In 2010, following a fall which left him with an impaired hip, TRS withdrew from
active life. His health was in decline for the last year until the afternoon of the 26th
September, at the age of 78, when he peacefully drew his last breath.

from the saranagathi newsletter oct 2013

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 19, 2013, 06:19:54 PM »
Lord Muruga temple inside Lord Arunachaleswar temple

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 17, 2013, 03:57:56 PM »
Bhagawan used to have two pieces of small clothes with him. He used to use these for covering very little part of his body, irrespective of the season. He would store one cloth in a small hole in a tree and sometime later, he would actually wash it and dry it and then use it. One day one of his followers became curious and wanted to know what he was hiding in that hole of the tree. He went there and pulled the cloth out of that. He was shocked to see that the cloth had more holes than the cloth itself. He asked Bhagawan, "Bhagawan! You have so many followers and many of them are stinkingly rich. Cant they get u a simple untorn loin cloth for you to wear?" Bhagawan responded, "Who said I am poor and I needed a untorn loin cloth? Dont u see this? This has so many holes in it like Sahasraaksha (One with 1000s of eyes). Indra is also known as Sahasraaksha. In Rudraadhyaayam (Namakam recited during Rudrabhshekham), Sahasraaksha is one name used to address the Lord. I feel as if Indra is wrapping me. What more privilege a human being can have in a life?" But he never took any money or anything from any body because Bhagwan never had to touch money (only once after ran away from home).

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:14:29 PM »
Dear Subramanian Sir

very nice Bhgavan Stories

Ashrams / Re: Ramanasramam visit
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Ramanashramam  Kitchen Chapathis

Kitchen News
Yogiraja Sri Ramana Maharshi was an incarnation of Peace. In His Divine Presence dogs, cows and even wild animals like cheetah calmed down. A question may be asked as to whether there is anything in the world which could disturb His peace. Surprisingly the answer is yes, He did appear to be upset sometimes. What made Him upset? Conduct that didn’t respect “Samatva” or “equality” troubled Him. For example, if He saw or even imagined that a dish was not served equally to everyone in the kitchen He would show His disapproval. Such is the glory of His spiritual attainment!

In recent times, because of limited resources, ashram was serving Chappati only to a limited number of visitors on restricted diet. Happily ashram has now relaxed this rule by acquiring a special machine which makes Chappatis very fast. Now everyone can enjoy Chappati for dinner!!

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 12, 2013, 06:30:54 PM »
Below is another interesting anecdote sent to us by Sri A.Viswanathan of Chennai. His 93 year old mother lived with Bhagavan during her childhood.
WHEN I took my mother to a relatives’ house yesterday, we observed that this old relative was using a fountain pen with a nib, which since the arrival of the ball point pen is a rare commodity. On seeing that nib pen my mother recalled an interesting event with Bhagavan from her childhood. She used to attend Sanskrit classes in the Arunachaleswar Temple and one day on the way to the temple she found a bird’s feather lying on the road. She picked it up and showed it to Bhagavan when she visited the Ashram the next day. Bhagavan sharpened the edge of the thick end of the feather and showed my mother how it could be used as a pen for writing. My mother said that she used it for quite some time until the edge got blunted or damaged.

from the newsletters of Sri Ramana

2-1-46 Afternoon
Another visitor asked Bhagavan if it was not necessary that the varnasrama differences should go if the nation was to progress.
Bhagavan: “How can one say whether it is necessary or not necessary? I never say anything on such subjects. People often come and ask me for my opinion on varnasrama. If I say anything they will at once go and publish in the papers, ‘So and so also is of such and such an opinion.’ The same scriptures which have laid down varnasrama dharma have also proclaimed the oneness of all life and abheda buddhi as the only reality. Is it possible for anyone to teach a higher truth than the Unity or oneness of all life? There is no need for anyone to start reforming the country or the nation before reforming himself. Each man’s first duty is to realise his true nature. If after doing it, he feels like reforming the country or nation, by all means let him take up such reform. Ram Tirtha advertised, ‘Wanted reformers — but reformers who will reform themselves first.’ No two persons in the world can be alike or can act alike. External differences are bound to persist, however hard we may try to obliterate them. The attempts of so-called social reformers to do away with such classes or divisions as varnasrama have not succeeded, but have only created new divisions and added a few more castes or classes to the already existing ones, such as the Brahmo-Samajists and the Arya Samajists. The only solution is for each man to realise his true nature.”

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
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Maha Kumbabishekam photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:36:13 PM »
Maha Kumbabishekam photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:34:20 PM »
Maha Kumbabishekam photos

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