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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:14:29 PM »
Dear Subramanian Sir

very nice Bhgavan Stories

Ashrams / Re: Ramanasramam visit
« on: September 14, 2013, 01:51:14 PM »
Ramanashramam  Kitchen Chapathis

Kitchen News
Yogiraja Sri Ramana Maharshi was an incarnation of Peace. In His Divine Presence dogs, cows and even wild animals like cheetah calmed down. A question may be asked as to whether there is anything in the world which could disturb His peace. Surprisingly the answer is yes, He did appear to be upset sometimes. What made Him upset? Conduct that didn’t respect “Samatva” or “equality” troubled Him. For example, if He saw or even imagined that a dish was not served equally to everyone in the kitchen He would show His disapproval. Such is the glory of His spiritual attainment!

In recent times, because of limited resources, ashram was serving Chappati only to a limited number of visitors on restricted diet. Happily ashram has now relaxed this rule by acquiring a special machine which makes Chappatis very fast. Now everyone can enjoy Chappati for dinner!!

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 12, 2013, 06:30:54 PM »
Below is another interesting anecdote sent to us by Sri A.Viswanathan of Chennai. His 93 year old mother lived with Bhagavan during her childhood.
WHEN I took my mother to a relatives’ house yesterday, we observed that this old relative was using a fountain pen with a nib, which since the arrival of the ball point pen is a rare commodity. On seeing that nib pen my mother recalled an interesting event with Bhagavan from her childhood. She used to attend Sanskrit classes in the Arunachaleswar Temple and one day on the way to the temple she found a bird’s feather lying on the road. She picked it up and showed it to Bhagavan when she visited the Ashram the next day. Bhagavan sharpened the edge of the thick end of the feather and showed my mother how it could be used as a pen for writing. My mother said that she used it for quite some time until the edge got blunted or damaged.

from the newsletters of Sri Ramana

2-1-46 Afternoon
Another visitor asked Bhagavan if it was not necessary that the varnasrama differences should go if the nation was to progress.
Bhagavan: “How can one say whether it is necessary or not necessary? I never say anything on such subjects. People often come and ask me for my opinion on varnasrama. If I say anything they will at once go and publish in the papers, ‘So and so also is of such and such an opinion.’ The same scriptures which have laid down varnasrama dharma have also proclaimed the oneness of all life and abheda buddhi as the only reality. Is it possible for anyone to teach a higher truth than the Unity or oneness of all life? There is no need for anyone to start reforming the country or the nation before reforming himself. Each man’s first duty is to realise his true nature. If after doing it, he feels like reforming the country or nation, by all means let him take up such reform. Ram Tirtha advertised, ‘Wanted reformers — but reformers who will reform themselves first.’ No two persons in the world can be alike or can act alike. External differences are bound to persist, however hard we may try to obliterate them. The attempts of so-called social reformers to do away with such classes or divisions as varnasrama have not succeeded, but have only created new divisions and added a few more castes or classes to the already existing ones, such as the Brahmo-Samajists and the Arya Samajists. The only solution is for each man to realise his true nature.”

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:37:40 PM »
Maha Kumbabishekam photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:36:13 PM »
Maha Kumbabishekam photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:34:20 PM »
Maha Kumbabishekam photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:32:23 PM »
Maha kumbabhishekam photo

Health & Welfare Issues / Re: Kind request for your prayers please...
« on: September 09, 2013, 04:05:34 PM »
Dear Sanjay Ganesh

Vazhga Vallamudan your Son

Om Namo Bagavathe Sri Ramanaya

Sunramanian Sir

Very nice story about devotee Nagarajan

Sri Ramana´s Wondrous Grace.
7 août 2013, 19:19

From Golden Jubilee Souvenir (September 1946): An impressive story of a devotee:

We received the following article very late in August (1946).In the covering letter, the “self-styled devotee” vouches for the truth of his writing. To save himself from some embarrassment,he has tried to hide himself behind an assumed title. We know him well. But we do not want to embarrass him either. This much, however, we must say, he is one of the contributors to this Souvenir and his article stands along with those of other devotees in the previous pages of this Volume. Really, the writer of “Sri Ramana’s Wondrous Grace” is a true devotee of Sri Bhagavan. Below is his letter and then comes his article which, we are sure,will deeply interest the reader, who is the final judge for deciding things for himself.— [Ed.]


Dear Sir,I am sending you herewith an article. If it meets with your approval, it may be included in the Souvenir Volume. As I have described here some experiences which should not be divulged to anybody else, I cannot publish my name. Kindly excuse me for this. I declare that the statements made are all true to my knowledge. Whether you publish it or not, I request you to kindly place the article before Sri Bhagavan, so that He may remember me and take thought of me.*

With Pranams to Sri Bhagavan,

Yours sincerely

A self-styled devotee.

* Sri Bhagavan is expected to identify the “me” without the writer revealing it himself ! (Ed.)



It was on a cold afternoon of December that I found myself boarding the Madras Mail with a view to visit Sri Ramanasramam. For a couple of years previous to this, the intention of going on a pilgrimage to Sri Ramanasramam had been lurking in my mind now and then. A few months back, a strong urge came, and I made all arrangements for starting for the Ashram. Suddenly the news came that the East Coast was being bombed by the Japanese. I was dissuaded from going there at that time. A sense of frustration came over me, and the desire to go there sank within, leaving a vague resolve to visit the Ashram in December.

December came, the expectation again floated in my mind but there was no agitation in it, as previous frustrations had made the mind somewhat resigned. However, a day was fixed and all arrangements were made for my departure. I was undecided and left everything to circumstances, and circumstances so moulded themselves that I found myself boarding the train for Madras on the next day. The journey was uneventful. Though there was the usual war-time congestion in the trains, I was comfortably seated and also found sleeping accommodation at night. On the afternoon of the second day of the journey I picked up a companion; he expressed his intention to visit Ramanasramam to pay his respects to Maharshi and so we travelled together. We reached Madras on the afternoon of the third day. On enquiry we were informed that a train would be just leaving the Egmore station for Villupuram, from where we would have to change for Tiruvannamalai, our destination. It was about midnight when we alighted at Villupuram. After some time the train came. It was not crowded at all and we two occupied one small compartment in it. Ever since I came to know of Maharshi the thought of Arunachala had always been in my mind but it did not give rise to any strong emotion up till now. Only, the mind was in a gloomy mood. When we were a few stations from Tiruvannamalai the thought of a rebuff at the Ashram became very strong and roused a correspondingly strong emotion in me. As I was unobserved, my one companion being fast asleep and there being nobody else in the compartment, I gave free vent to my emotion.*

* I have used the first person only as a matter of convention. As a matter of fact, this and the other states of mind and body, described later as experienced by me, were simply produced in me and I had no hand in their production. I tried to reproduce these states afterwards but could not do so.


After some time it spent itself and the mind became resigned. The train now stopped at Tiruvannamalai. I roused my companion, who was still sleeping and we set our feet on the sacred soil of Tiruvannamalai. It was already dawn and we came out of the station. The Hill of Arunachala now caught our eyes. Silent and majestic it stood there, as if immersed in deep meditation. We saluted the Jyotir lingam and drove direct to the Ashram.

It happened to be the annual Birthday of Maharshi. Bhaktas were preparing to celebrate the day on a large scale. Huge preparations were being made for feeding a few thousand people and a big pandal was erected for the purpose. At the farther end of the first quadrangle a small enclosure was erected and a seat was arranged there for Maharshi. Leaving a small space in front of the enclosure for the passage of pilgrims, the whole of the quadrangle and the adjoining verandah were crowded with visitors. Maharshi took his seat within the enclosure. Pilgrims came in a line, prostrated themselves before him, paid their respects and then passed out of the quadrangle. A continuous stream of people passed in this way for a couple of hours. I was all along anxious to catch his eyes but could not do so. When the crowd became thinner, I got up, walked up to the enclosure and took my stand just outside it, towards the right of Maharshi. With folded hands and tearful eyes I stood there, eagerly expecting to catch his eyes. Though some people were asked to pass on to make room for others, I was fortunately not disturbed. I continued standing there, allowing ample room for the free passage of other pilgrims who still continued to pass on. I waited and waited. Mixed emotions pulsated through the body and tears flowed down the cheeks, (I know not why). My whole being was irresistibly being drawn towards him. At last he was turning his head towards his right, that is, in my direction. Expectation rose high, but, alas, his gaze passed on without falling on me!. Frustration further intensified my sense of helplessness and my whole being poured forth silent entreaty in convulsive sobs. Ah! now, immediately after, I seemed to obtain a side glance from his eyes, while a sweet smile beamed on his face. A peculiar sensation passed through my body and my whole being seemed to be churned. A minute later I passed out of the quadrangle.The next morning I got up early, and after finishing my bath, attended the morning prayers in the hall. Well-versed Brahmins recited Vedic Hymns. Some slokas offering homage to Maharshi were also recited. All these were done as routinework every morning and evening. After the prayers are over, all assemble in the dining hall and take their breakfast with Maharshi. Maharshi also takes the two principal meals along with all the guests. The same food as is served to Maharshi is also served to one and all present, and he does not allow any discrimination in this matter. I was eager to put my case before Maharshi and tried to find out somebody who would introduce me to him and speak to him on my behalf. I approached some inmates of the Ashram but every one of them told me that no introduction or intermediary was necessary here, any one could personally approach Maharshi and speak to him directly. But I could not muster sufficient courage to speak to him or rather I did not know what to speak to him. Thus the second day also passed away without my being able to make any contact with him. I had only a few days at my disposal, and two days had already gone. Would this journey, so much trouble and such a cost, would all these be for nothing?. These thoughts overwhelmed me and goaded me to offer most earnest prayers. Next morning I entreated another inmate of the Ashram to put my case before Maharshi. He looked at me for a moment, and then advised me to write down whatever I intended to say on a piece of paper and to place it before Sri Bhagavan. He also gave me a piece of paper. Write down!. What should I write down?. But I was not in a thinking mood then. I wrote down whatever came to my mind. He very kindly took the piece of paper, went to the hall, followed by me, and placed the paper before Maharshi, speaking something to him in Tamil. Maharshi read it and smiled, and smiling he turned towards me. I was sitting there, with folded hands and eyes filled with tears. As he looked at me I was overwhelmed and a violent emotion convulsed my body which set Maharshi laughing.

He laughed merrily for some time and then silently folded the paper and left it on a book-shelf which stood nearby. He did not speak to me nor did he seem to pay any further attention to me. The mind can not remain in a tense state for long; sheer exhaustion calms it down. My mind calmed down after some time. The bell rang summoning us to dinner and we followed Maharshi to the dining hall. I had placed my case before Maharshi. He did not even speak to me; rather he laughed at me!. There was nothing more to be done. I must return home and be a laughing-stock also to my friends and relatives. What could be done?. He could not be forced to bestow Grace. With these thoughts the mind became resigned. After the night meal they used to spend half an hour in meditation in the hall in Maharshi’s presence. Mechanically I followed them and sat with them in the hall. A few minutes passed. Then suddenly I felt a pleasant coolness inundating me. It seemed to emanate from the very bones, cooling the whole being. Is this the spiritual fragrance spoken of as emanating from Maharshi?. Whatever it might be, I had no doubt that it came from Maharshi and at his will. This was on the night of the third day of my visit. On the next day, while sitting before Maharshi, I experienced a sudden pull in the region of the heart. I was astonished and, as I sought to observe it, it passed away. Nothing like the experience of the previous night was repeated. The remainder of the day passed in keen expectation, but nothing happened, even during the meditation period after the night meal. Perhaps expectation obstructed its manifestation. Next morning, i.e., on the fifth day of my stay at the Ashram news came of further heavy bombing of the Eastern Coast-line by the Japanese, and I naturally became anxious for my family. Moreover, as I did not experience anything unusual during the meditation periods of the previous night and of that morning, I thought that I had obtained what I deserved and that nothing more would be gained by a further stay at the Ashram. So I decided to return home. In the afternoon I wrote out my intention to go home on a piece of paper and placed it before Maharshi.

He read it, silently folded the paper and left it on the shelf. He spoke nothing and did not even look at me. Another rebuff. I made preparations for my departure, packed up my small belongings and after taking my evening meal requested an inmate of the Ashram to kindly get a carriage for me; but I was told that no carriage would be available at that hour, that I should have informed him earlier so that one might have been fetched from the town. I was thus compelled to stay at the Ashram for another day. Next morning I attended the usual prayers. I did not experience anything abnormal during the meditation period. Discussions generally take place when they assemble in the hall after breakfast. Maharshi also answers questions from earnest seekers.

That morning also discussions were going on. As they were talking mostly in Tamil (a language not known to me) my attention was not attracted till I found some people turning their heads and laughing at me. On enquiry I learnt that they were discussing the subject-matter of my first letter to Maharshi. Evidently, he had spoken something to them regarding this letter. Though made a laughing-stock, I was still glad to find that he had at last taken notice of me. I took part in the discussions and, as I was in the back row, some distance away from them, they asked me to come nearer so that there might not be any difficulty in following each other, and I obeyed.

I was thus brought very near Maharshi’s seat. Our discussions over, I heard Maharshi say:

“He is concentrating on the reflection and complains that he cannot see the original.”


It struck me forcefully. What did he mean by reflection and what was the original?.

I shut my eyes and tried to find out the meaning. Immediately after, I felt a pull in the region of the heart, similar to what I felt two days previously but much stronger in intensity. My mind was completely arrested stilled, but I was wide awake. Suddenly, without any break in my consciousness, the “I” flashed forth!. It was self-awareness, pure and simple, steady, unbroken and intensely bright, as much brighter than ordinary consciousness as is sunlight brighter than the dim light of a lamp. In ordinary consciousness the “I” -sense dimly remains in the background, as a matter of inference or intuition,the whole of the consciousness being occupied by the object. Here, “I” came to the foreground, occupied, or rather became, the whole consciousness and intensely existed as pure consciousness, displacing all objects. I was, but I was neither the subject nor the object of this consciousness. I WAS this consciousness, which alone existed. There were no objects. The world was not, neither the body nor the mind, no thought, no motion; time also ceased to exist. I alone existed and that I was consciousness itself, selfluminous and alone, without a second.... Suddenly, and again without any break in my consciousness, I was brought back to my normal, ordinary consciousness. A great miracle had been performed in broad daylight in the presence of so many people, without their knowing it. No argument of the greatest philosophers and scientists of the world will now make me doubt the possibility of experiencing the “I” in its pure state or pure consciousness, without any subject object relationship. Of course, I myself had not the least inkling of such a state even a second earlier, and I never expected to get such an experience. I, an insignificant creature, wallowing in the mud of mundane existence, and without any sadhana, being granted this supreme experience, an experience which is rarely obtained even by great Yogis after austere spiritual practices strenuously performed for ages together. Such is the wonder of His Grace!. Immeasurable and unfathomable Grace!.

Truly has it been said  ” Unasked Thou givest, this is Thy imperishable fame.”

As soon as I was brought to my normal consciousness, I opened my eyes and looked at Maharshi. I knew from the heart of my heart that it was Maharshi who had very graciously granted me this experience, but he appeared to be quite unconcerned, as if nothing had happened!. He was not even looking at me!. How could he have performed this miracle?. Was it by his Silence?. Is this then what is meant by – Through Silence is revealed the nature of Parabrhama by the Guru – ?.

Who can comprehend?. The experience so much amazed me that I even forgot to express my heart-felt gratitude to Maharshi. I could not at that time even properly evaluate this supreme experience. I looked at my comrades. They did not seem to notice me, and so were ignorant of what had happened. In like manner, unknown to others, to how many people has he graciously granted this and even higher experiences?. He only knows. I looked at the clock, it was 20 minutes past ten. But as I did not look at the clock before this state supervened, I cannot say for how long I was in this wonderful state. A little later we followed Maharshi to the dining hall and took our meal. The experience left a very cheerful mood in me. I felt completely carefree. The thought of home or of bombing did not trouble me any further and I thought of staying in the Ashram for a few days more. But man only proposes. Just after the night meal was over a certain gentleman came to me and said that he had already arranged a conveyance for me and a carriage was waiting for me at the gate to take me to the station!. I was a little offended. Who asked him to bring a carriage?. I had given up the idea of leaving the Ashram today. But why should I blame him?. He was present on the previous night when I asked for a carriage and saw my plight at not being able to start home for want of a carriage. In order that the same thing might nor happen again he had very kindly taken upon himself the duty of helping me by arranging for a carriage. How could he be aware of the change which had come over me?. Moreover,he was only an instrument. I therefore said nothing to him. He took me to Maharshi, introduced me to him and explained to him that I was leaving for home. I prostrated myself before Maharshi, took leave of him and started for the station. The previous day I had decided to go but was compelled to stay; this day I decided to stay but was compelled to go!. Mysterious are His ways!.


"ஞானியும் யோகியும்"

இது பகவான் ரமணர் சொன்ன குட்டிகதை.

( சிவப்ரகாச சுவாமிகள் எழுதிய "பிரபுலிங்க லீலா" விலிருந்து)

கர்நாடகாவில் லிங்கயத்களின் குருவான பிரபுலிங்கா ஆன்மீக பிரசாரத்தில் ஈடுபட்டு கோகர்ணம் சென்றபோது அங்கு கோரக்நாத் என்ற ஒரு யோகியை சந்தித்தார்.

கோரக்நாத் தன்னுடைய யோக சக்தியால் அகிலத்தையே ஆட்டி படைக்க முடியும் என்று நம்புபவர். பிரபுலிங்கா தனக்கு சமமானவரா என்ற சம்சயமும் உண்டு. நேரில் பார்த்ததில்லை. எனவே அவரை சந்தித்தபோது "தாங்கள் யார்?" என்று பிரபுலிங்காவை கேட்டார்.

"எவனொருவன் உடல் நினைவின்றி தனது ஆன்மாவே தான் என்ற நினைப்பில் திளைக்கிறானோ, அவன் எவ்வாறு உடலே தான் என்ற உணர்வு உள்ளவனுக்கு தன்னை அறிமுகபடுத்திகொள்ள முடியும்? என்றார் பிரபுலிங்கா.

கோரக்நாத் சிரித்தார். "நான் சிவபக்தன் இந்த உடல் அழியாதது. சிவனருளால் காயகல்பம் உண்ணும் என் உடல் அழிவற்றது" என்றார். ஒருபடி மேலே போய் " இதோ என் உடலை அழித்து பாருங்கள்" என்று சொல்லி ஒரு கூரான கத்தியையும் அருகில் இருந்த ஒரு ஆசாமியிடம் கொடுத்தார்.

"பயப்படாதே எனக்கு ஒன்றும் ஆகாது. என் மீது இந்த கத்தியை செருகு " என்றார் கோரக்நாத்.

என்ன ஆச்சர்யம். கத்தி கோரக்நாத் உடலில் பட்டு மழுங்கியதே தவிர உள்ளே செருக முடியவில்லை. கோரக்நாத் வெற்றி புன்னகையுடன் பிரபு லிங்காவை பார்த்தார்.

அவர் அமைதியாக “என் உடலிலும் இந்த கத்தியை செருகுங்களேன்” என்றார். அந்த ஆசாமி பிரபுலிங்காவின் உடலில் கத்தியை பாய்ச்சினான். பிரபுலிங்காவின் உடலில் நுழைந்த கத்தி மறுபக்கம் வெளிவந்தது. ஏதோ காற்றில் நுழைவது போல் தோன்றியதே தவிர பிரபுலிங்காவின் உடலில் எந்த மாறுதலும் இல்லை. கோரக்நாத் நெடும்சாண் கிடையாக பிரபுலிங்காவின் பாதத்தில் விழுந்து "என்னை மன்னித்து அருளவேண்டும் என்றார்.

பிரபுலிங்கா அமைதியாக " உடல் நீயல்ல. உன் உள்ளே இருக்கும் ஆன்மா தான் நீ. அவனை உணர்ந்தால் பிறப்பு இறப்பு கிடையாது. மனம் ஒரு குகை அதில் வாசம் புரியும் இறைவனும் நீயே என உணர்வாய். " என்றார்.

கோரக்நாத் அடியோடு மாறி அழியா புகழ் பெற்றார் என்பது சரித்திரம்


Abayashtakam and Prabthiayashtakam posted by Mr Gopalsamy Ramagopal,Madurai

if anyone wants this book they can get by sending a self addressed, stamped cover - big size - to my address..'Arunachala House, 3/374 Surveyor Colony, K.Pudur, Madurai 625 007.The book has Sanskrit, Tamil Transliteration, English Transliteration and also Tamil meaning of these two Ashtakams...

Prabthiayashtakam posted by Mr Gopalsamy Ramagopal,Madurai


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