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Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 09, 2013, 10:52:17 PM »
Ardhanareeswarar Arunachala

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:59:57 PM »
Praying for association with devotees

Will You not make me to live among Your real golden devotees instead of wasting my life by living among worst people, O Lord Sonachala Ramana, will You not look at my state with Your compassionate eyes ?.

Help me so that I may sprinkle the dust on me of the divine Feet of Your disciples who attained Atma Siddhi by performing tapas at Your Feet discarding all delusions, the dream of waking and all anxieties there in.

Dissolve and retain me in the experience of Your devotees who melted away even their bones in You, who immersed in the Heart by the well ripened sweet love which has never been seen before.

ஈயென்று நானொருவரிட நின்று கேளாத
        இயல்பு மென்னிட மொருவரீ
        திடுவென்ற போதவர்க் கிலையென்று சொல்லாம
        லிடுகின்ற திறமும் இறையாம்
    நீயென்று மெனைவிடா நிலையும் நானென்று முன்
        னினை விடா நெறியு மயலார்
        நிதியொன்று நயவாத மனமு மெய்ந்நிலை நின்று
        நெகிழாத திடமு முலகில்
    சீயென்று பேயென்று நாயென்று பிறர்தமைத்
        தீங்கு சொல்லாத தெளிவும்
        திரமொன்று வாய்மையும் தூய்மையும் தந்துநின்
        திருவடிக் காளாக்கு வாய்
    தாயொன்று சென்னையிற் கந்தகோட்டத்துள் வளர்
        தலமோங்கு கந்த வேளே
        தண்முகத் துய்யமணி யுண்முகச் சைவமணி
        சண்முகத் தெய்வ மணியே.

I copied from the internet site

Dear Jwell

Thank you very much for the herbal medicines.

Dear Anand Sundaram

As I am a diabetic for the past 10 years, I take Metformine 850 mg 3 times and Amarel 2mg morning ,  daily.  Often I take some herbal medicines like Chakkari Kolli and Vendhayam sprouts powder (fenugrec or methi)to reduce sugar level . I do no know about blood pressure. I told Mr krishnan to contact a good Diabetologist and follow his advice .

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:48:47 AM »
Pl click the photos to see large size

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:46:19 AM »
Homam at Ramanashramam

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:43:13 AM »

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:37:19 AM »
One of the Life magazine Photos

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:36:13 AM »
Bhagavan doing Giri Valam with devotees

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:34:58 AM »
Navagraha Sannidhi at Sri Matrubhuteswarari temple

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:31:26 AM »
Young Bhagavan

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:30:14 AM »
Bhagavan walks in the Arunachala Hill

Dear Friend

Immediately I replied to your email on November 30th.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: December 01, 2013, 09:54:38 PM »

At 3 o’clock this afternoon, in Bhagavan’s presence they were again talking about Lakshmi when a devotee said, “It seems Arunachalam Pillai purchased Lakshmi, not at Kannamangalam but at Gudiyatham.” Hearing that Bhagavan said, “This was also Keerapatti’s* town.” That devotee asked, “When exactly did she come to this place?” With a smile Bhagavan began telling us her history:

“I myself do not know. Even when I was in Arunachaleswara Temple she was staying on the hill and was visiting me now and then. But it was only after I went to the Virupaksha Cave she began coming to me frequently. She was then living in the Guha Namasivaya Mandap. At that time the Mandap was not as well maintained as at present. It had only a wooden door and wooden latch. She had no other articles than an earthen pot. She used first to prepare hot water in it to bathe and then cook vegetables and food in it. She had only one pot for preparing whatever she wanted. She used to go out before sunrise, wander about the hill and bring back some special leaves useful for cooking as vegetables. She used to cook them tastefully, bring me about a handful and persuade me to eat. She never failed to do so even once. Sometimes I used to help her in cooking by going to her place and cutting the vegetables. She had great confidence in me. She used to go to town daily, obtain rice, flour, dhal and the like by begging at various houses and store them in a big open- mouthed earthen jar. Once in a way she used to prepare gruel with that flour and dhal and bring it with the vegetable curry, saying, ‘Sami, Sami, yesterday one good lady gave me a little flour. I have made some gruel, Sami.’ She believed that I knew nothing. When she was not there, I used to open the doors of that Mandap and find several varieties of foodstuffs in the jar. But then she had absolute confidence in me. She did not allow anyone else into that Mandap. When she could not find any vegetables she used to sit there depressed. On such occasions I used to climb the tamarind tree, pluck some tender leaves and give them to her. She was thus somehow supplying me food every day. She never used to take anything herself. She used to bring all sorts of curries, saying, ‘Sami likes that.’ She had great devotion and attention. Even at eighty years of age she used to wander about all over the hill. She was living there on the hill even before I went there.”

“Was she not afraid of anything?” I asked.

Bhagavan said, “No. What had she to be afraid of? You know what happened one day? I went to the Skandasramam and stayed there for the night. Palaniswami was in the Virupaksha Cave. At midnight a thief got into her place and was trying to get away with things, when she woke up and cried out, ‘Who is that?’ The thief put his hand over her mouth but she somehow managed to shout at the top of her voice, ‘Oh, Annamalai! Thief! Thief!’ Her cries could be heard even at Skandasramam where I was. I shouted back saying, ‘Here I am! I am coming. Who is that?’ So saying I ran down in hot haste. On the way, at the Virupaksha Cave, I asked Palaniswami about it and he said, ‘I heard some shouting from the cave of the old woman, but I thought she was mumbling something.’ Some people were living at the Mango Cave and the Jataswami Cave but no one appears to have heard her cries.

“The cries were heard by the one that had to hear them and Arunachala himself responded to her call,” I said. Nodding his head in assent, Bhagavan said, “Hearing my shouting, the thief ran away. We both went to her, asked her where the thief was and as there was no one, we laughed away saying it was all imagination. She said, ‘No Sami. When he was removing things I challenged him and so he put his hands over my mouth to prevent me from shouting. I somehow managed to shout at the top of my voice. It was perhaps you that said you were coming. He heard that and ran away.’ There was no light there and so we lighted a piece of firewood and searched the whole place when we found the jar and around it several small odds and ends scattered about, we then realised that it was a fact.”

I said, “Her belief in God was profound. Hers is not an ordinary birth, but a birth with a purpose.” Bhagavan merely nodded his head and was silent.

When Gajendra sent out his appeal to Lord Vishnu the latter heard it in Vaikunta and immediately rushed to relieve the distress of Gajendra without telling Lakshmi and without bearing his arms, viz., Conch and the Disc. In the same manner Bhagavan ran to the rescue of his devotee. See the solicitude towards devotees!

- 'Letters from Sri Ramanasramam', Letter 197 (25th July, 1948).

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