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87.    மௌனியாய்க் கற்போன் மலரா திருந்தால்
           மௌனமி தாமோ வருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala , if you remain silent like a stone without responding
         (in spite of my having entreated You so much), will this silence befit You?

88.    யவனென் வாயின் மண்ணினை யட்டி
           யென்பிழைப் பொழித்த தருணாசலா.
        O Arunachala, who ( was it but You that)  ruined my living by putting mud in my mouth?

Note:   Putting mud in one's mouth is a Tamil idiom meaning to deprive one of one's means of livelihood.   Since the five senses are the mouth through  which the mind or ego feeds upon sense objects, putting mud in my mouth here means preventing the mind from feeding upon sense objects, second and third persons that the mind lives.   When the Grace of Arunachala prevents the mind from feeding upon sense objects, the mind loses its means of livelihood and dies.

85.   மொட்டை யடித்தெனை வெட்ட வெளியினீ
           நட்டமா டினையென்  னருணாசலா.

        O  Arunachala, having shaved me (of all my deeply rooted tendencies of vasanas),
        you danced your dance (as 'I-I') in the open space ( of self).  What a wonder this  is !

86.   மோகந் தவிர்த்துன் மோகமா வைத்துமென்
            மோகந்தீ ராயென் னருணாசலா.
       O my Arunachala, fulfil my desire, dispelling my desire
       ( for the body and world) and making me desirous of You.

Explanatory Note:  O Arunachala, my real Self, fulfil these two desires of mine:
remove my delusion of attachment to the body and world and grant me even increasing love for you.

83.      மேன்மேற் றாழ்ந்திடு மெல்லியர்ச் சேர்ந்துநீ
                   மேன்மையுற் றனையென் னருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala, by uniting with tender-natured devotees who are more and more humble,
          You have attained exaltation.  What a wonder this is!

Note:   Arunachala does not unite with those who are proud of their worldly greatness. 
 His greatness is such that by his immense compassion He unites only with those who are pure and
humble in heart due to the complete subsidence of their ego.

84.       மைமய னீத்தருண் மையினா லுனதுண்
                   மைவச மாக்கினை யருணாசலா.

           O Arunachala removing my dense delusion with the magic paste of Your grace,
           You have brought me under sway of Your Reality.

Note:  The clause " You have brought me under the sway of Your Reality", (unadu unmai vasamakkinai)
 means, You have established me so firmly in Self, Your Reality, that I can never again turn to attend to any second
 or third person object.


81.   மூக்கிலன் முன்காட்டு முகுரமா காதெனைத்
          தூக்கி யணைந்தரு ளருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala, instead of being (like) a mirror held before a noseless man,
         graciously lift and embrace me.

Note:  A mirror can only show the ugliness of a noseless man, but cannot improve his  appearance and make him beautiful.  Therefore Arunachala should not merely be like a mirror and expose the devotee's defects;  He should uplift the devotee by removing his defects and should make him One with Himself.

82.    மெய்யகத் தின்மன மென்மல ரணையினா
           மெய்கலந் திடவரு ளருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala, bestow your grace so that we may unite as the Reality on the
         soft floral bed of the (pure) mind in the house of the body.

General topics / Re: A Word To All Members of the Forum
« on: April 05, 2014, 12:35:23 PM »
Dear Vinod

Very nice appreciation about Sri Subramanian Sir

79.  மீகாம னில்லாமன் மாகாற் றலைகல
         மாகாற் காத்தரு ளருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala, graciously protect me (and be the helmsman of my life),
        so that I may not be (like) a ship tossing in a great storm without a helmsman.

Note:   The great storm mentioned in this verse is the storm of thoughts and worldly desires which toss the mind.   Without the protecting and guiding Grace of the Guru,  the mind will be overwhelmed and carried   away by this great storm, and will never be able to reach the safe  harbour of Liberation.

80.  முடியடி காணா முடிவிடுத் தனைநேர்
          முடிவிடக் கடனிலை யருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala,  like a mother, is it not your duty to place me  In the final goal
       ( the state of Self) having untied the knot (the, I am the body? ?identification),
       the beginning and end of which are not known?

Note: The knot mentioned in this verse is the chit jada-granthi, the knot between the conscious self and the insentient body.   Refer to verse 24 of Ulladu  Narpadu, where Sri Bhagavan defines the exact nature of the knot.

Dear Friends

I met  15 days  before  Mr Vaidyanathan, at  Ramanashramam, computer room, who is incharge of Voice of Arunachala, Radio.  He said that some of the Sanskrit slokas broadcasting  in the Radio are available in cds at New York Raman Kendra.

I bought a cd Ramana Noon malai at Ramanashramam , by Prabakar Phoneix Groups.  Some of the songs from this cd also are broadcasting  in the Radio.  Sri Dakshinamoorthy Sthothram  is excellent in this cd both in Sanskrit and Tamil.

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Dear Mr Subramanian Sir

Your posting Annamalai Venba of Guhai Namasivayar is excellent .

77.   மானங்கொண் டுறுபவர் மானத்தை யழித்தபி
          மானமில் லாதொளி ரருணாசலா.

       O  Arunachala, who shine devoid of attachment (abhimana)
       destroying the attachment of those  who come to you with attachment (graciously
       destroy my  dehabhimana or attachment to the body as'I').

78.   மிஞ்சிடிற் கெஞ்சிடுங் கொஞ்ச வறிவனியான்
          வஞ்சியா தருளெனை யருணாசலா .

        O Arunachala, I am a person of little intelligence who  prays to
        You whenever overwhelmed (by sufferings). Therefore, bestow Your grace upon me
        without cheating me.

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: March 30, 2014, 11:00:11 PM »
Sri Ramanashramam Hall
Ladies singing songs

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: March 30, 2014, 10:58:21 PM »
Sri Ramanaashramam Hall

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: March 30, 2014, 10:51:25 PM »
Dear Ravi Sir

I never heard of Ramana Geetham 8 set of cds.   Next time I ask about this cds at Ramanashramam.  Thank you very much regarding the  information about  Sri Sadhu Om and Sri Muruganar swami .

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:22:20 PM »
Dear Ravi Sir

I heard Arunachala Akshramanamalai song by RMCl, Bangalore  , very nice .

75.  பௌதிக மாமுடற் பற்றற்று நாளுமுன்
           பவிசுகண் டுறவரு ளருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala, bestow your grace so that I may see and be united
       with your splendour for ever, having given up the attachment to the physical body (as 'I' and 'mine').

76.  மலைமருந் திடநீ மலைத்திட வோவருண்
          மலைமருந் தாயொளி ரருணாசலா.

O Arunachala,who shine as the Hill of the medicine of Grace, need You hesitate to give the medicine for confusion (the medicine to remove the confusion of identifying the body as 'I')?

Note:  In this verse Sri Bhagavan praises Arunachala as  malai marundu  ( the Hill of medicine), which is one of the names of Arunachala mentioned in verse 160 of Sri Arunachala Puranam, where it is said( this Hill ) is the excellent medicine which puts an end to death and birth;(hence) malai marundu is one name for It'.

73.  பொடியான்  மயக்கியென் போதத்தைப் பறித்துன்
          போதத்தைக்  காட்டினை யருணாசலா.

      O Arunachala, having enchanted me with the magic powder (of your grace)
      and having(there by) robbed me of my bodha you revealed to me your bodha.

Explanatory note:The words my bodha denote the jiva bodha or unreal sense of individuality, while the words Your bodha denote the atma bodha or Real Knowledge of Self.

74.  போக்கும் வரவுமில் பொதுவெளி யினிலருட்
        போராட் டங்காட் டருணாசலா.

       O Arunachal, show me the war-play of grace in the common space
       which is devoid of going and coming.

Explanatory note: The common space which is devoid of going and  coming is the unlimited and all pervading space of self or Atma-akasa, which is devoid of all changes such as coming (creation or birth) and going (destruction of death).

Even in the midst of seeming changes such as the creation, sustenance and destruction of this universe, Arunachala exists and shines as the common space of self, which is completely unaffected by such seeming changes.  In other words, Arunachala is the natural state of self, which is in truth ever ajata or devoid of change.  This skilful play of this existing and shining without change even in the midst of so many seeming changes, is the play of grace,  when this play of grace is seen or experienced, all the seeming changes will cease to exist and the play of grace alone will remain shining victoriously as the sole reality.   Since the play of grace thus conquers and destroys all the seeming changes of coming and going, Sri Bhagavan describes it as the war play of grace (arul-porattam). Thus the prayer " show me the war play of grace"  means bestow upon me the experience of the ever unchanging state of Self.  The same experience is also prayed for the next verse, where Sri Bhagavan uses the words " your splendour"   to denote the ever unchanging state of Self.

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