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Thank you very much Mr Subramanian Sir

107.   பொறுமையாம் பூதர புன்சொலை நன்சொலாப்
                பொறுத்தரு ளிஷ்டம்பின் னருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala, Hill of forbearance, forbearing with my poor words as good praises,
         hereafter graciously bestow  upon me whatever You wish.

Explanatory Note:  O Arunachala, the very embodiment of patience and forbearance in the form of a Hill, bear with my unworthy prayers, regarding them as worthy praises, an d then bestow Your grace  upon me in whatever way You wish.

108.    மாலை யளித்தரு ணாசல ரமணவென்
                மாலை யணிந்தரு ளருணாசலா.
           O Arunachalaramana, having bestowed upon me the garland ( of your grace), graciously
           wear my garland ( this Bridal Garland of Letters), O Arunachala.

அருணா  சலசிவ  அருணா  சலசிவ
 அருணா  சலசிவ அருணாசலா!

அருணா  சலசிவ  அருணா  சலசிவ
 அருணா  சலசிவ அருணாசலா!


அருணா சலம்வாழி யன்பர்களும் வாழி
    அக்ஷர மணமாலை வாழி.

[Glory to Arunachala!  Glory to (His) devotees!  Glory to (this) Bridal Garland of Letters (Aksharamana Malai).

பக்திக் கடலிற் படிந்து திளைத்தவருட்
சித்திக் கடலான சீரமணன் துய்த்தபர
மானுபவம் பொங்க வளித்தமண மாலைசிவ
ஞானசுகம் நல்க நமக்கு.

May ( this) Bridal Garland ( mana-malai), which, due to the surging up of the supreme experience enjoyed ( by him), was composed by Sri Ramana, who is the ocean of the attainment of grace ( arul-siddhi) and who was immersed and rejoicing in the ocean of love (bhakti), bestow upon us the Bliss of Absolute knowledge ( Siva,Jnana ,Sukha).

Note:  In his footnote to this verse Sri Muruganar explains that the word bhakti here means the supreme love ( para-bhakti), which is the form of true knowledge (jnana).

105.   என்போலுந் தீனரை யின்புறக் காத்துநீ
               யெந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்தரு ளருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala! Graciously live for ever protecting helpless devotees like
          ( in such a way) that they  attain Bliss.

106.   என்புரு கன்பர்த மின்சொற்கொள் செவியுமென்
               புன்மொழி கொளவரு ளருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala! May even ( Your) ears, which have received (with joy) the sweet words
         of ( Your true) devotees whose bones melted ( due to their intense love for
         You) graciously accept (even) my poor ( unworthy) words.

103.   சிந்தித் தருட்படச் சிலந்திபோற் கட்டிச்
              சிறையிட் டுண்டனை அருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala!  Like a spider (which spins a web, catches its prey and feeds upon it),
          having ( once) decided that I should be  trapped in ( the web of Your)grace, You  entwined
          (me), imprisoned ( me) and fed ( upon me).

104.   அன்பொடுன் னாமங்கே ளன்பர்த மன்பருக்
               கன்பனா யிடவரு ளருணாசாலா.

          O Arunachala!  Bestow (Your) grace so that I may graciously become a devotee of the
          devotees who hear Your name with love.


101.   அம்புவி லாலிபோ லன்புரு வுனிலெனை
             யன்பாக் கரைத்தரு ளருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala! like ice in water , graciously melt me as love in You, the form of love.

Note:  The solid form of a piece of ice is merely an unreal adjunct or upadhi, for its reality or substance is nothing but water; likewise , the mind or individuality of the devotee is merely an unreal adjunct, for his reality is nothing but Arunachala, the self, which is the unlimited form of love.   When ice melts in water, it loses all individuality or separateness  and becomes one with the water; likewise, when the mind merges in Self it loses its individuality and becomes one with the Self.   Thus in this verse the devotee prays directly for the state of non dual union with Self, the Reality.

102.   அருணையென் றெண்ணயா னருட்கண்ணி பட்டேனுன்
             னருள்வலை தப்புமோ வருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala! As soon as I thought of  Arunai ( the holy place Arunachala),
          I was caught in the trap of ( Your) grace .  Can the net of Your grace (ever ) fail?

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 18, 2014, 12:33:17 AM »
Major Chadwick samadhi

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 18, 2014, 12:30:56 AM »
Major Chadwick with Bhagavan

99.   வெதாந் தத்தே வேறற விளங்கும்
          வேதப் பொருளரு ளருணாசலா.

        O Arunachala! Graciously bestow (upon me the experience of )
        the reality of the Vedas, which shines ( as one ) without another in Vedanta.

Note :  In this verse Sri Bhagavan reveals that the Veda porul ( the reality, import or essence of the Vedas) is only that which shines as one without another in Vedanta ( the conclusion or end of the Vedas).  In other words, the essential import of the Vedas is only the non dual supreme reality, which is revealed in Vedanta to be the real Self, which shines one without another as the one and only truth.

100.    வைதலை வாழ்த்தா வைத்தருட் குடியா
                  வைத்தெனை விடாதரு ளருணாசலா.

          O Arunachala! Taking (all my words of ) abuse as praise, and taking ( me ) as a subject
          ( of Your kingdom of ) grace, graciously do not ( ever) forsake me.

97.   வீடுவிட் டீர்த்துள வீடுபுக்குப் பையவுன்
               வீடுகாட் டினையரு ளருணாசலா.

       O  Arunachala!  Entering (my) heart abode stealthily (unknown to anyone) 
       and dragging ( me) out of (my) home, you revealed Your (true) home ( the state of liberation).
       (Such is your ) grace.

Note:  The Tamil word veedu which used three times in this verse can mean house, home, abode or Liberation.

98.   வெளிவிட்டே னுன்செயல் வெறுத்திடா துன்னருள்
               வெளிவிட் டெனைக்கா வருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala!  I have thus openly disclosed Your (secret) act ( of grace).  Without resenting
       ( me for having done so), openly shower Your grace and save me.


95.   வாவென் றகம்புக்குன் வாழ்வரு ளன்றேயென்
             வாழ்விழந் தேனரு ளருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala !  The very moment  that (selecting me by) 'come saying come , (You) enter (my) heart and bestow
       (upon me)  Your life ( Your state of Self), I have lost my life ( my individuality). 
       Therefore bestow   (Your) grace (upon me in this manner).

Note:  This verse may also be taken to be an expression of attainment:  O Arunachala! 
 The very moment that, saying come, (You) entered (my) heart and bestowed (upon me) Your life.  I lost my life.(such is Your)grace!

96.    விட்டிடிற் கட்டமாம் விட்டிடா துனையுயிர்
             விட்டிட வருள்புரி யருணாசலா.

         O Arunachala! if (you) leave  (me); it will be a (terrible) affliction ( for me). 
         Therefore bestow (Your) grace(upon me) so that (my) life may leave ( the body) without (my) leaving you.

93.   லாபநீ யிகபர லாபமி லெனையுற்று
            லாபமென் னுற்றனை யருணாசலா.

       O Arunachala, You are the (supreme) gain.(when it is so) what gain
       did You obtain by obtaining me, who has no gain here or hereafter.

94.   வரும்படி சொலிலை வந்தென்  படியள
           வருந்திடுன் றலைவிதி யருணாசலா.

       O  Arunachala!  Did You not tell (me) to come ( to You)? (Therefore,
       now that I have come to You) come and give (me) my measure ( all that I need).  Suffer (thus for me ).
       (This is ) Your fate.

Note:  Having once called the devotee to Him, it is the duty and fate of the Lord to suffer for him
by providing all his needs, both spirtually and materially.

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 13, 2014, 05:26:03 PM »
Bhagavan with western friends Sri Cohen

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 13, 2014, 05:24:23 PM »
Ramanashramam New Hall

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 13, 2014, 04:55:01 PM »
Sri Vidya Homam some fifty years ago

Arunachala / Re: Photos of Bhagavan and Arunchala Temples
« on: April 13, 2014, 04:48:40 PM »
Sri Ramana Bhagavan

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