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General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: October 11, 2014, 05:42:59 PM »
On The Bhagavad Gita by Swami Krishnananda

The whole gospel of the Bhagavadgita is nothing but the technique of the blending of knowledge and activity. We usually think that knowledge means not doing anything and activity means working without knowledge. Sri Krishna tells us that knowledge does not mean understanding without work, nor work means activity without knowledge. It is very difficult to understand what knowledge and action are. Action is the outward expression of knowledge, and knowledge is the inner reality of action. This may be said to be the central theme of the Bhagavadgita.- Swami Krishnananda

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: October 06, 2014, 07:48:51 AM »
Dear Surbramaniam Sir

Thanks for writing about the demise of Arutselvar Sri N Mahalingam .  A great noble soul who inspite of being a great Industrialist was always simple and very spiritual at heart . Though he respected all saints , he was very keen on 2 great saints - one Ramalinga Swamigal and second Mahatma Gandhi and he published the complete works of both these saints in subsidized forms . One of my keen interest on Saint Ramalinga Swamigal was due to reading articles of Vallalar and Arutpa in his spiritual magazine Sakthi . Sri N Mahalingam used to  conduct Gandhi Vallar Festival every year for 10 days starting /concluding on 2nd October . No wonder Sri N Mahalingam passed away on 2nd October on Gandhi Jayanthi day while participating in the Gandhi Vallar  function . What else proof you need to know that the divinity that you are foucssedd day in and out in your heart will absorb you at the most auspicious day /time at the time of death . In recent times we saw how Smt Kanakammal merged with Bhagavan Ramana on 1 Jan 2010 on his Jayanti day at the Ashram .

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 28, 2014, 10:28:48 AM »
Law of Retribution

by Swami Sivananda

Every wrong action or crime brings its own punishment, in accordance with the law of retribution. The law of causation, the law of action and reaction, the law of compensation and the law of retribution-all these operate together. He who robs another man robs himself. He who hurts another man hurts himself first. He who cheats another cheats himself first. Every wrong action causes punishment first in the inner nature or soul and externally in circumstances in the form of pain, misery, loss, failure, misfortune, disease, etc.

Man is ignorant. He is swayed by impulses, wrath, passion, attachment, pride and repulsion. He does various sorts of wicked actions. His intellect becomes perverted. He loses his memory. His understanding gets clouded by selfishness and greed. He does not know what he is exactly doing. Later on he repents. Discipline of the Indriyas is necessary. He should remember the law of causation, the law of action and reaction, and the law of retribution at every step, at every moment of his daily life. He should control his emotions and impulses through the practice of Pranayama and meditation. Then only will he not do any wrong action.

Remember that God is neither partial nor unjust. You suffer on account of your own wicked actions.
Sow the seeds which will bring pleasant fruits and which will make you happy herein and hereafter. Do not sow the seeds which will bring unpleasant fruits and which will make you miserable and unhappy in this life or hereafter. Be cautious in doing your daily duties. Watch every thought, word and action. Go to the root and purify the thoughts first. Prayer, Japa, meditation, study of philosophical books, pure food, Vichara and Satsanga will purify your mind and eradicate ignoble and wicked thoughts. Observe the vow of silence, you will then be able to control your speech. Practise Yama and Niyama, Ahimsa, Satyam, Asteyam, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha. Develop Sattvic qualities. Slowly eradicate negative qualities. By these practices you will not be able to do any wrong action. The force of Sattvic habits will goad you on to do virtuous actions only.

Orthodox Christians and theologians believe that God settles and fixes the destiny of a man before his birth. This is not logical and tenable. The hypothesis falls to the ground on account of its unsound nature. Man becomes like a piece of straw that is tossed about hither and thither in the wind. He has no independence and freedom. This makes God partial, unjust and whimsical. The moral responsibility and liberty of a man are destroyed. The man becomes like a prisoner whose hands and legs are tied with chains. Why should God make one happy and another unhappy? Is He so whimsical and eccentric? Why should one get His Grace before he is born? Is he so biased? If God is all-merciful why can He not make all equally noble, virtuous, happy, good, moral and spiritual? Why is one born blind? Why should a sinner be responsible for his actions? Is he pre-ordained to sin? Why should he suffer owing to the whim of such a Creator? Questions like these remain a puzzle if you accept the theory of 'pre-ordination and Grace'. The doctrine of Karma alone will give satisfaction. It is sound. It appeals to reason. It throws a flood of dear light. Everyone reaps the fruits of his own actions. Man can do and undo his destiny by his own thoughts and character. He is a free agent. He may be a bad man in this birth, but he can change his thoughts, habits, tendencies and character and can become a good man or a saint in the next birth. He has free will. He can choose between two alternatives at every step. The theory of 'preordination and Grace' cannot be accepted. It falls to the ground as it is unsound and untenable.

The doctrine of Karma only can explain the mysterious problem of good and evil in this world. The doctrine of Karma only can bring solace, contentment and strength to the afflicted and the desperate. It solves our difficulties and problems of life. It gives encouragement to the hopeless and the forlorn. It pushes a man to right thinking, right speech and right action. It brings a brilliant future for that man who lives according to this universal law. If all people understand this law correctly and discharge their daily duties carefully they would rise to sublime heights in the ladder of spirituality. They will be moral and virtuous and have a happy, peaceful and contented life. They can bear the burden of Samsara with patience, endurance and strength of mind. There will not be any room for complaint when they see inequalities in birth, fortune, intelligence and capacities. There will be heaven on earth. All will rejoice even in suffering. Greed, jealousy, hatred, anger and passion will vanish. Virtue will reign supreme everywhere. We will have a glorious Satyayuga now with peace and plenty everywhere. Blessed is the man who understands and lives in the law, for he will soon attain God-consciousness and become one with the Law-giver. Then the law will no longer operate on him.

Health & Welfare Issues / Re: Health and Fitness related articles
« on: September 27, 2014, 10:21:07 AM »
Rejoice, One Less Worry
The secret is that there is no secret ingredient to health, well-being and happiness.
by Rujuta Diwekar

B.K.S. Iyengar, the acclaimed yoga guru, was known not just for the precision in asana practice but also for his no-nonsense approach to health. We have to look at the body as a whole, not in parts, he repeatedly stressed. Do not perform an asana for the back, or the arms or the stomach but for the entire body, mind and being.

That is exactly how ayu?r?veda and yoga des?cribed hea?lth?life as a whole and not in parts. The modern app?roach to health and fitness is, however, data-driven. Body parts get isolated, measured as disjointed units and some of them gain popularity as health markers. This is a dangerous trend; case in point is the obsession with the size of one?s paunch.

Pills, powders, gadgets, even surgical procedures, are now sold on the promise of getting rid of the bulge in the middle. The truth, though, is that if you wake up fresh, sleep soundly, can hold the weight of your body comfortably while sitting and standing without slouching then that paunch of yours is just adding to your personality. Really, there is no standard formula that a human being needs to comply with to be disease-free. You have a paunch, but if you have the enthusiasm to plan for a holiday, enjoy your work, live with people you love, then you have cracked the form?ula. Or to take from the Panda movie, the secret is that there is no secret ingredient to health, well-being and happiness.

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:50:17 AM »
Bhakthi alone gives the power of endurance - Kanchi Paramacharya

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 26, 2014, 11:32:36 AM »

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 26, 2014, 11:30:08 AM »

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:24:12 PM »

In the beginning we see God's Grace working behind a veil and understand it vaguely. As we become purified and our faith in Him increases, we see clearly how His Grace works. Then our losses, failures and sorrows have little meaning. We see them as opportunities for making our contact with God more intimate.

?Sri Swami Sivananda

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:28:05 PM »
Osho on Response  v/s Reaction

"Watch, become alert, observe, and go on dropping all the reactive patterns in you. Each moment try to respond to the reality - not according to the ready-made idea in you but according to the reality as it is there outside. Respond to the reality! Respond with your total consciousness but not with your mind.

And then when you respond spontaneously and you don't react, action is born. Action is beautiful, reaction is ugly. Only a man of awareness acts, the man of unawareness REACTS. Action liberates.

Reaction goes on creating the same chains, goes on making them thicker and harder and stronger.

Live a life of response and not of reaction." ~ Osho

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 25, 2014, 12:34:04 PM »
Disciples of Swami Sivananda .

Swami Sivananda had many disciples but beauty of Swami Sivananda was that he shaped some of his disciples to become powerful spiritual lights the world over guiding many people  .Many of the disciples of Swami Sivananda went all over the world and set up institutions carrying his message indifferent forms . Some of his notable disciples are :

1) Swami Krishnananda ( a great Vedantic speaker , spiritual writer  and spiritual guide and who too took over the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh after Swami Sivananda's Samadhi )
2) Swami Chidananda ( a great Saint  and a spiritual guide to many people and who also took charge of the Divine Life Society after Swami Sivananda's MahaSamadhi ) .

3) Swami Chinmayanada ( a great Vedantic Teacher who started the Chinmaya Missions world over . Swami Sivananda was his diksha guru but then later Swami Sivananda sent him to Swami Tapovan for Vedantic studies ) .

4) Swami Venkatesananda - a great teacher , speaker and write of spiritual books . He is popular for his book on Yoga Vashishta .

5) Swami Satyananda -
again a great Yogi and who started the Bihar School of Yoga . He reviewed the Kriya Yoga Sadhana and Many Yoga Sadhana . Bihar School of Yoga has published many books on Yoga Sadhana .

6) Swami Satchidananda - a great Yogi who started the Integral Yoga Institute in America  .His book on Patanjali Yoga Sutra is quite popular .   Dr.Dean Ornish who wrote the book "Reversing the Heart Disease " was a student of Swami Satchidananda and that book deals with how to reverse heart disease through the science of Yoga .

7) Swami Vishnu devananda - a great Yogi who founded the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres world over with Head Quarters in Quebec , Canada . He was a master of Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga and famous for his books "Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga " , "Meditation & Mantras ", & commentary on Hatha Yoga Pradipika .He was the first one to structure the Yoga Teachings in the ancient Gurukula method of learning through his Yoga Teachers Training Courses ,Advanced Yoga Taechers Training Courses ,Sadhana Intensives etc  . He did not believe much in giving lectures or writing books and wanted people to get immersed in Yoga Sadhana practically . He is my Yoga Guru .Even though I have not met him personally I went through all the levels of Yoga training in his institute and was fortunate to be trained and guided by his direct disciples . The Practical Yoga  training that I received at the Sivananda Ashrams of Swami Vishnu devananda was the best thing that happened in my life .

8 Swami Chaitanyananda - a great Vedantic Teacher who remained quite reclusive in the Himalayas in his Uttar Kashi Ashram .He was one of the few people ( along with Swami Chinmayananda )  selected by Swami Sivananda to undergo Vedantic studies under Swami Tapovan . Though very reclusive he was well known among the spiritual community in Himalayas and was also called as Uttar Kashi Swami . I was blessed to have his darshan when he came down from the Himalayas after many decades of stay there and had wonderful conversations with him . He cleared many of my spiritual doubts , knocked out all the stupid and wrong opinions I had about the Vedantic Tradition and other matters pertaining to spirituality  and made be aware that Yoga Sadhana without Vedantic Study is incomplete and I understood the same after I started attending the Vedantic Classes of Swami Paramarthananda , a great Vedantic Teacher ( belonging to the Arsha Vidya Group of Teachers ) .

The list goes on but these are the most popular ones that I am aware of .

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: September 25, 2014, 08:42:05 AM »
Kanchi Paramacharya in front of Sri Kamakshi Amman

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: September 25, 2014, 08:39:07 AM »
தீபத்தின் ஒளி எப்படி வித்தியாசம் பார்க்காமல் பிராமணன், பஞ்சமன், புழு, கொசு, மரம், நீர்வாழ் ? நிலம் வாழ் விலங்கினங்கள் மீது படுகிறதோ அப்படியே நம் மனதிலிருந்து அன்பு, ஒரு தீபமாக, எல்லோரையும் தழுவுவதாக பிராகாசிக்க வேண்டும். இந்த உத்தம்மான சிந்தனையில் தான் சொக்கப்பானை, அண்ணாமலை தீபம் என்றெல்லாம் நம் பூர்வகர்கள் ஏற்பாடு பண்ணியிருக்கிறார்கள். - மஹா பெரியவா

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: September 24, 2014, 08:34:26 PM »
Sharing this Pic as Navarathri is starting from today

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:13:37 PM »
This is the Mother River Ganga in Rishikesh , Ram Jhula area . The Sivananda Ghat is visible . The Sivananda Ashram is much above this  .Just like you cant separate Arunachala from Bhagavan Ramana , you cant separate Mother Ganga from Swami Sivananda . Swami Sivananda's  room was on the banks of River Ganga adjoining the Ghat . He did not stay in the Ashram but used to go from his room up to the Ashram only to Give Talks , Satsangh and supervise the works . This is my favorite spot to sit silently during my annual trips to Rishikesh .

General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: September 24, 2014, 09:49:21 AM »

Note : Most  of the messages of Swami Sivananda  here will be directed to the Mind ,Body and not to Atma ( which is what Bhagavan Ramana always points to ) .This should not be seen as a contradiction as Swami Sivananda's advise to aspirants is  to first prepare the mind and body before you focus on Atma and the reasons are given below  .

When it comes to Swami Sivananda's Teachings ,I wish to point out that his teachings will be a combination of Yoga and Vedanta . He combined the teachings of both Yoga and Vedanta and in fact he started the first Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh to train spiritual aspirants in the Science of Yoga & Vedanta . He used the Science of Hatha Yoga , Raja Yoga and also Bhakti Yoga  to basically  prepare the body , mind & heart to make it fit to receive the Atma Jnana i.e preparing the body ( Hatha Yoga ) ,mind ( Raja Yoga ) and heart( Bhakthi Yoga )  . In fact his entire mission was to prepare a spiritual aspirant fit enough for Atma Jnana .In traditional terminology this qualification is called "Sadhana Chatusthaya- Four Fold Qualifications " .
But at the same time Swami Sivananda knew that few aspirants are very ripe and they do not need this preliminary steps and are fully qualified for Atma Jnana and he used to pick those people and send them to Swami Tapovan for receiving Atma Jnana .In his book "Sadhana Chatushtaya " , Swami Sivananda has mentioned in the end of the book that there are few  people who may feel that going through all these preliminary disciplines are too time consuming and they just want to go ahead with the direct path and Swami Sivananda has welcomed that approach also .He considered such aspirants to be highly mature and they are fit for the direct path from the start itself .
This is what Swami Sivananda has said in conclusion :
"A first class student can adopt this method , because he had cultivated the four means in his previous birth .A mediocre student will not be able to think of Brahman at the very outset .How can one think of Brahman when the mind is filled with impurities , when it is turbulent and the senses are jumping and revolting ? Absolutely impossible .He may sit for thinking on the Self , but he will be building castles in the air and thinking of other objects .He will mistake deep sleep for samadhi .Many are delued in this manner .They do not have any spiritual progress . They can have no idea of Brahman .It is only the mind that is rendered pure by the practice of Viveka , Vairagya , Sama , Dama etc that can have the definite conception of Brahman .Ideas of Brahman cannot be lodged in a restless , impure mind ."- Swami Sivananda

The reason why I am sharing the above message is that I have myself gone through the  Yoga Training of Swami Sivananda through the institution of one of his senior disciple  by name Swami Vishnu devananda who was the founder of the International Sivananada Yoga Vedanta Centres worldwide (  and this institution should should not be confused with the Divine Life Society / Sivananda Ashram at Rishikesh whose website is ) I did get lot of benefit from the same and sharing here some of the good things that I learned from those Yoga Sadhanas .

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