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General Discussion / Re: Swami Sivananda's Teachings and Quotes
« on: November 10, 2015, 06:52:24 PM »
Deepavali Greetings to All - "Many Deepavali festivals have come and gone. Yet the hearts of the vast majority are as dark as the night of the new moon. The house is lit with lamps, but the heart is full of the darkness of ignorance. O man! wake up from the slumber of ignorance. Realise the constant and eternal light of the Soul which neither rises nor sets, through meditation and deep enquiry."- SIVANANDA

Today ( Tue 10 Nov 2015 ) being Deepavali Wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali and sharing below Bhagavan's verses on Deepavali

Bhagavan's verse on Deepavali
1. The demon Naraka (ego) who rules hell,
(has) The notion ?I am this body?,
?Where is this demon?? enquiring thus
With the discus of wisdom, Narayana
Destroys the demon. And this day
Is Naraka-Chaturdasi.

2. Shining as the Self in glory
After slaying Naraka
The sinner vile who suffered much
Because he deemed as ?I? the wretched
Home of pains, the body of flesh ?
this is the festival of light, Dipavali.

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: November 07, 2015, 01:04:54 PM »
Recent Pic of Arunachala that I found in FB


Joy and pain are the attributes of the ego. When, by atma vichara, you realize that you are not that sheath (the ego), where is the pleasure or pain for you?

Your real nature transcends all such feelings. So the benefit of atma vichara is tangible in the shape of escape from all the ills and sorrows of life. What more could one want?

One who is always stationed in the Atman will not be disturbed, even in the midst of a crowd. Such a one has no need or desire for solitude.

One who knows the Self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts. From then on, the infinite power will carry out all further actions that may be necessary for him.

Peace is the inner nature of humankind. If you find it within yourself, you will then find it everywhere.

The peace that you discovered in your temporary spiritual experiences was found in your Self. It was not imposed upon you. A time will come when we shall have to laugh at our own efforts to realize, for we shall find that what we were before and after is the same.

- p 156

General topics / Re: Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
« on: November 03, 2015, 09:00:46 PM »

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